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Steps Taken To Celebrate Your Diwali

It is five day celebration ton honor the triumph of good over evil and also the new beginnings. Celebrating the Diwali means decking your house with lights and colors, also to spending time with your loved ones.

Here we are going to discuss few steps of celebrating the Diwali:

  1. Your house must be clean on or before the first day of Diwali

As this is the Hindu's New Year and it comes from the celebration of new beginnings.You must be sure to clean your home and business before the first day of Diwali as this is a kind of cleansing ritual,preparing yourself for a fresh new start.

2. Draw footprints to scatter your home on the first day

Though that may be the first day of Diwali and that day is to be celebrate with goddess Lakshmi, also known as the goddess of wealth.One must sprinkle a mixture of rice flour and also the vermillion powder put on the floor.

3. Try to shop the new clothes , jewellery and utensils

Though it is one of the another tradition at the beginning of Diwali which is used to shop for new clothes and some other household items, like say for instance kitchen utensils and decorations.

4. Decorate your homes and doorways with rangoli

The term used Narak Chaturdashi, second day of Diwali found typically when the people adorn their homes with bright, colorful rangoli designs.

5. Light your diyas and candles around your home

Everyone knows diyas are the small oil lamps which is shaped like cups with cottons, candle-like wicks. If you want to welcome Lakshmi in your home, so traditionally you must light 4-6 diyas in a row near the doorways.

Unbelievable Diwali Night EntertainOMania

Unbelievable Diwali Night

This is story of a Bengali family who lived in Delhi somewhere around 2006. They were already planned to visit their hometown after the Diwali celebration.

In their family, having a two daughters Risha and Isha as they were studying in the Govt. school so their holiday is too long till Chatt Puja. Her father Manish decided and told to their mother Arushi "As you know Kali Puja is of two days and last night is Amavasya also our train timing is 23:30PM I don't think it's good to stay outside on Amavasya night it's better to see any other option". Isha "No dad only few holidays are left and since it has been more than one year I haven't met with my grandmother" and like this Risha also started the same. So finally her father decided to move on Diwali night.

It was Sat, 21st October 2006 Arushi is already on fasting due to Kali Pooja that's why she decided to take some food to eat after 12:00AM. They booked a taxi and move towards station. Manish told the driver "To take a shorcut through Delhi Cant. Road as we need to reach the station early". The driver replied "Sir I heard many incident on that road and I think that's not the safe route to choose". Manish "Stop your stupidity and choose that road".

The driver takes a turn and choose the Delhi Cant. Road. They were travelling few distance and don't find the presence of anyone. The fully black night with clouds chances of rain, Isha seen outside through the taxi window and saw a white lady in the jungle and told to her parents. They doesn't believe on Isha and move forward.

After sometime they heard some horrible sound and suddenly their tyre gets punctured also the rain had started. The driver say "You all need to stay here and don't move out of the car I will come soon as I want to see if their any help". They heard the same horrible sound and unfortunately someone try to hit their car from the top, all were getting scared. They saw the driver came back with a tyre and also fit the tyre. Manish asked "How you can get a tyre in this dark night?". Driver replied "You don't need to worry as I already promise you to reach the station on time."

They reached the station and driver gets out from the car where seen a group of people gather at one place. Arushi told Manish "What is happening over there?". Manish visited over there and find the dead body of their driver. They all get scared as that was the unbelievable incident for them and also find that tyre were still punctured.

Moral: Very few people gives a true promises like their driver, he gave his life to save them.

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Items Not Buy Until Black Friday

So Black Friday is coming and you must be sure not till at the end of November but you can already hear the promoting machine grinding along with gears. Let us say for any buying example that has been kicked off into the market with a big sale offer on Sony as well as on Samsung TVs and other home-theater stuff.

If the price goes lower between now and Black Friday, you will must get refund for the difference.

But that news may seem at odds along with headline because you don't have to wait until the Black Friday to get those Black Friday deal on particular items. Further it has been noticed that more and more stores queuing up that may result in early sales.

Though it has been said that we know from the past experience of that certain products and also the product categories, we must need to tend to see major discounts in and around the day after Thanksgiving. You must take a look at some of the most likely candidates that will be keeping in your mind and you may not have to wait until Black Friday.

Here few of the tips must follow to save more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  1. Amazon Gear

You must never ever pay the full price for Amazon gear where most of them goes on sale every month or two, sometimes in a line, sometimes just as random where the current price is $65(approx) which is down from $90.

2. Apple iPad & Watch

As Apple doesn't celebrate the Black Friday like the other companies will do.In 2018, the Apple Black Friday deals came in the form of gift cards which is a safe bet and that will be the story till 2019. So you must get $50 gift card along with the purchase of an Apple Watch or $100.

3. TVs

Black Friday always come with television deals.On this year, we also keeping eyes on LG's OLED models, Vizio M and also P series. If you remember few weeks ago, Vizio M-558G1 came with a very good budget model and now the price has been dropped to $500 for the second time.

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Importance Of Ombre Balayage

The term "Ombre" which is used in the Hair World and it comes from French word which means shaded or shading. This Ombre hair color is almost darker at their roots by mid-shaft and then gradually it gets more lighter from the mid-shaft into the ends.

This hair coloring technique has been taken through the hair color world by storm. This days from the professional models to the girl next door, everyone tries to get in action of this wonderful hair color. Generally, this style has been adopted by many celebrities.

So there is no such thing like just dying your hair anymore now that dip-dye ombre and balayage exist. But it is an essence, the painting of new hair colour in mostly soft streaks is to create a natural-looking effects.

Here some of the key benefits of using this Ombre Balayage Hair Color:

  • It is one of the great technique for your low maintenance clients or people by just try out hair color for the first time.
  • This Ombre requires a very little process of keeping something in good condition which makes it easier to remain on-trend.
  • By using this technique it allows you to stay current along with introducing your clients to a new trend.

There is also one another technique termed as Flamboyage, which is one of the hair coloring technique developed by Davines. The one of the major difference between Balayage and Flamboyage, Balayage involves in hand painting the color onto your hair and absolutely no usage of foil to saturate the highlights whereas Flamboyage on the other end uses transparent adhesive strips to make working on the individual sections of hair easier and to saturate the color.

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Life Of A Jokerman

This is the story of a jokerman Munna who played a role in circus somewhere in Jharkhand, India around 1995. When he return back to his home after the circus everyone tries to take fun due to his short height.

His parents always feel upset as no one ready to become a friendship with him. Everyday he listen the same lecture from his parents. "As of now we are present but after us no one will take care of you even you see no one will ready to like you". Munna having a friend Shyam who tries to help Munna but he always feels unsatisfaction and don't listen to others even he told Shyam "You have a good family but I can't get anything on my life".

Days were going he feels disappointed, he decided to take revenge from those boys who always makes a fun when he return back to home from the circus. It was somewhere during Holi, Munna came to those boys and ask "What's your problem why you people always tries to irritate me?". One of them answer "You came half not full like us". Munna "See that's none of your business please make me leave alone as day by day I am getting frustated by all these".They gets angry and replied "Ok you can leave alone forever". As they were already playing Holi, so they mix some colors and put on his face and also covering his face by putting a mask of joker where he can't breathe properly and lost his life.

From that moment to till now, if anything wrong happens on the road they gets killed, some people are told the ghost of jokerman killed them those person where others told they were getting killed through fight with each other.

But as per the C.B.I investigation, the wrong people always gets killed with a sign of joker on their neck.

Moral: If you can't do any good for others, so simply don't do any bad for others.

The OK Hand Symbol Entertainomania

The OK Hand Symbol Added Into The List Of Hate Symbol

Everyone knows the symbol finger with thumb gesture which is already very popular emoji and has already been used as "the sincere of expression along with white supremacy".

According to the US ani-hate group, the overwhelming usage of the hand gesture today is still shows the approval or many of them used it as OK.

There are some other symbols which is to be included in the list by burning neo-Nazi symbols, let's say for "Happy Merchant" and also the most popular slogan "Diversity equals to White Genocide".

As per Anti-Defamation League which already started is "Hate on Display" list since 2000 that aims to help people in terms of recognise signs of extremism.

But we always trust on the law enforcement and the public needs which is to be fully informed about the meaning of those images that can serve as the first warning sign to the presence of haters in some community or in schools.

Though someone who uses that symbol cannot be assumed of using that symbol whether it will be on trolling or a white supremacist context.

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Steps Taken To Follow In Navaratri

Navaratri which is considered as the nine sacred days of worshiping the Goddess Durga. In this period, the three forms of Goddess say for Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati were invoked.

The entire country India is celebrating Navaratri starts from 29th Sunday 2019 with a lot of enthusiasm. Though it is one of the auspicious time according to Hindu calendar where this Navaratri has been celebrated across different parts of the country in different ways. Let's say for instance in Gujarat, Dandiya is the most highlight of this festival whereas in Bengal, Durga Puja is celebrated with lot of strength and energy.

So now I am going to discuss some of the basic steps that you must follow in this Navratri:

  1. Worshiping the God

Firstly you must worship the goddess Durga daily with light lamp,offer some flowers and also perform aarti in order to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

2.Things to keep at home

As you may know that apart from the usual rituals and some other things if kept at home during Navaratras may help you attract health & wealth. So be sure always always about this.

3. Always wear clean clothes

If you are not going out then you must stay bare-foot inside your home and make sure don't let shoe/slippers worn outside at once entering your place. Better you may leave near to your doorsteps and must dress up in clean clothes.

4. Fasting

I must say those who can must do it for nine days.Fasting is the most integral part of the Navaratri and has been to please the Goddess and also seek her blessings. It also helps to keep your body healthy and remove the toxic material outside from the body.

5.Perform Kanya Puja & Decorate The Goddess Durga

The adornment of the Goddess is really very important and also it marks as a respect towars the Goddess & on the 8th day of the Navratri or the Ashtami, Kanya puja(feeding those little girls) is must.

6. Next Talk about Akhand Jyot

Many of them were not aware of this but I must say you make sure to keep it in the South-West direction.

These are some of the basic steps that you may follow in order to celebrate Navratri.

Foods To Eat During Autumn Season Entertainomania

Foods To Eat During Autumn Season

By eating seasonally it involves choosing fruits as well as vegetables which is already in peak as per the terms of flavor during a particular time of the year.

As we even know our bodies need to change according to seasons, generally it has been observe by eating foods like salad in winter will almost be same as wearing a bikini when the temperatures get down.

Today I am going to discuss some of the best foods to eat in autumn season:

1.In a breakfast

Now let's start with the fresh and warming porridge which is made-up of pre-soaked oats, plant based milk and some amounts of apples.

2.Sweet taste but color in red

None other than apples which is a sweet and crunchy were always packed with antioxidants which helps to prevent chronic illness and slow aging. It has been found that the Fuji apples where the concentration levels of phenolics and flavonoids were too high.

3.Let's talking about lunch

In lunch during autumn season you may combine some sorts of grain along with root vegetables, legumes and also a green leafy vegetables to make a some set of bowl.

4.A special food for hippo & humans

Cabbage which is already packed with good amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and it's mini-me. As per the observation, the development of food-composition database as per the estimation of dietary intakes of glucosinolates which is the biologically active constituents of cruciferous vegetables.

5.Intake of dinner

In dinner you must prepare some warm soup along with vegetables and grains or steam a bake fish as per your choice along with side of vegetables but the intake of fish during night as you may seen some person doesn't feel comfortable.

relationship entertainomania

A Tale Of Understanding The Soul

This is a story of three person (Vikram, John and Tanu) from New Delhi, India. Tanu and John who was working in the same firm and fall in love with each other.

Tanu and John started chat with each other at every night. But John belongs from a lower middle class family, sometimes Tanu doesn't feel happy and make a fun of their relationship.

On the other end, Tanu also have a relationship with banker Vikram who is multi-millionarie where Vikram told Tanu "Just make a fun of that guy John and left him alone". Once Tanu told John "I doesn't like all these fun activities I want to stay alone". John gets disappointed and look forward on his own way. Suddenly Tanu calls him and say "I have some doubt in my work can you please help me?". John tries to help her to get succeed in her work.

Once Tanu make some plan with other employees to remove John from the organization, by some means she even proved John as a fake person by sharing some internal information of the organization with outside members. John even left the organization but he still take care of Tanu, though they were not in touch for few months but John can feel her even see her on their organization activities.

Suddenly after 5-6 months Tanu calls John and ask for something but John being from lower middle class family he again gets touch with Tanu where she started making a fun of John's relationship. It was somewhere very close to Dusshera, John wants to meets Tanu as it was a very long time they were not in touch. Unfortunately, John gets a calls from Vikram and find that they were already in relationship. After a research, John finds Vikram as a banker, he also even wants Tanu should have a good life partner which is not possible for him as what Tanu wants.

Finally John left Tanu by showing that he gets angry. John already started his own work and sometimes he reminds that situation. John never make her understand the reason of following her but when he gets everything normal, he left from Tanu's heart.

Moral: Be sure, Be positive and understand what you are doing and there are certain things faith, love & happiness which is not purchase through money it's happens through humanity.

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Highest Expensive State For Cyber Insurance

By purchasing cyber insurance will help to protect your firm from the increasing number of threats which will cost you more in Delaware as compared to other US states.

The recent study by business insurer Mr.Advisor Smith who has found that the average cost of annual cyber insurance in the Blue Hen State is 8.34% even higher than the national average.

This study has been conducted by using the quote estimates that has been gathered in August and September 2019 and also the rate fillings has been supplied around 50 insurance companies all over America between January 2019 to September 2019.

The state North Carolina which is one of the second most expensive state for cyber insurance with an average annually cost of $1,611 where in the other end the state like Arizona, Michigan and Minnesota offered the most cheapest cyber insurance.

The Marsh-Microsoft Survey 2019 which was published yesterday has found that only 17% of executives said that they has spent more on a cyber-risk over the last year.

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Shimla Manali Honeymoon - An Incredible Experience to Cherish!

Shimla is the one of the best destinations of honeymoon. For the newly weds couple, It is a perfect destination where they can visit easily. On a honeymoon, A couple needs a separate time for each other and they want some things by their destination. If you want any destination for your honeymoon like this then you don't have to worry about it. Shimla fulfills all the demands which you want in a honeymoon packages that's why it is known by the one of the most honeymoon destinations. packages of honeymoon in Shimla are the one of the best ways to express your feelings. It gives you a perfect moment to know each other. You can know each other's like or dislike. Shimla Honeymoon package from Coimbatore is the best way to know about each other.


There are many marriages held in summer time and winter time also. If you are getting married in the summer time or winter time, Then you need a package for your honeymoon. But for which destination is perfect for your honeymoon it is the a question which is held. If you want to make your honeymoon special in the summertime then Manali is the best one for it. There are many people who like to see snow if you want any destination like this then Manali is best for this. If you are living in Coimbatore then you can visit this destination from Coimbatore also. You may visit this destination with a Manali Honeymoon package from Coimbatore.

Link: Shimla Manali Honeymoon

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Six Tips To Make Your Hair Healthy

We all even know hair always been associated with attractiveness as well as the beauty. In this world whether it is men or women both wants the best hair. Sometimes you observe especially in women do you think they are fully satisfied with their hair? The answer is always no or never as everyone wants their hair to be best for all the time which is not always possible.Most of the time some women often using a different hair brush also adding some vitamins or sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

Here some of the tips you can follow to grow your healthy hair:

  1. Have A Proper Balance Diet

Having a good and healthy scalp is very important to have a healthy diet.The food which you are consuming day-to-day life should be balanced meaning and it must have all the vital nutrients that are also very important for the health of your scalp.
Intake of green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, eggs, fish and chicken are the good source of protein that assists your hair growth.Always try antioxidants foods that boost your metabolism and improves your blood circulation.

2. Resist Urge To Go Blonde

As chic as platinum hair looks by going from a darker shade to light blonde could always stand between you and your longest-possible hair.Once the cuticle of your hair gets damaged from bleach there is a provision of more breakage or split ends.There are fewer chemical treatments that helps in better hair growth.

3. Don't Wash Your Hair Too Often

Now when the time comes for choosing the right shampoo for your hair, most of the people always go for the ones which is popular in the market or in trend but you must choose a mild shampoo.

It has been observed that washing your hair with shampoo were very often can damage your hair and make your scalp dry.Your hair will lose the moisture and also it washes the essential oils from the scalp that travel from roots through hair tip.

4. Apply Conditioner Your Hair Regularly

It is very important that you should condition your hair from time to time.Mostly same like mild shampoo, use a mild conditioner.Apply into your hair with an appropiate amount of conditioner that will keep your hair shiny and smooth.

5. Distribute Your Hair's Natural Oils

Going to bed with unbrushed hair may seem tempting even you are tired but their are certain few quick strokes for your hair that can be great for it's health.

6. Avoid Using Hair Color

By the use of hair color which is ammonia based also acts as a bleaching agent can harm your scalp and also cause hair damage.It has also been observed that frequently coloring of hair can increase the risk of breast cancer.

vishwakarma-puja entertainomania

A Tale Of Viswakarma Puja

This is the story of a boy named Abhisek somewhere from Jharkhand around 2001 after giving 12th exam he started searching for good colleges and time to time given all the entrance exams. In May 2001, he got the 12th result with a good percentage of marks but his career choice was to become a Marine Engineer. He already gave the entrance exam one of the BITS Pilani Institute but unfortunately he was not selected in the first round of counselling.

The second counselling was too late and only four seats were left his parents got worried and tell him to take admission at some college at Rourkela,Odisha,India in Bachelor of Science stream. Abhisek went to the college but though it's a very old govt. college there were no proper washroom, even the beds were also not good to sleep.As he doesn't like to stay over there but he doesn't have any other option.

On 15th August 2001, due to the Independence Day he went back to home and it was on the very next day a call came from TMI "Abhisek you are selected for the second counselling and bring your documents". He got happy but his parents got disappointed due to the college as where the Abhisek got selected were in Talegaon very near to Pune, Maharastra, India which is too far from Jharkhand.

Abhisek and his father, mother and also his younger bro planned to visit Pune as before Abhisek doesn't stay outside. They booked a hotel at Talegoan, Maharastra, India where his little bro purchase some story books. Abhisek faced some little bit of ragging as he looks very innocent. Even his parents back to home but they doesn't feel good as Abhisek keep on saying he faced many difficulties like continental food daily, ragging, can't understand the lectures of their faculties etc where he find the other peoples were too smart and easily catch the lectures and without any study they were getting good marks. Abhisek's parents were disappointed due to his marks and in their family Abhisek is the first guy got the opportunity for doing B.Tech course.

It was on the 3rd year where Abhisek almost get settled and improve his studies, somewhere in the month of December 2003, their college located near to the hills and that location is fully jungle area.It was on Sunday, they seen a tiger came inside the campus where everyone got scared and no one taking chance to get out the tiger from the campus. Abhisek gets an idea he mix sleeping medicine along with red color in the milk and put the milk's bowl in front of the tiger. When the tiger came and taste the bowl he feels sleepy and fall in the ground. The circus man came, take the tiger with him. When the captain or principal asked "How this happen?".The circus man replied "I came to the nearest village for circus show but due to some mistake this tiger came over here". Anyhow Abhisek saved his college people from tiger.

On 2005 most of the companies came but Abhisek doesn't get selected, it was almost around three candidates left along with Abhisek to get placed. His parents get worried and always call the placement team. Suddenly placement team got a news the company named MSC is again back to hire some candidates. Abhisek gave a huge effort on his studies to crack the interview. Interview done and after two days waiting Abhisek got a call for selection and that day was 17th Sep, from that day their family started worship Viswakarma God. Finally, Abhisek becomes the Cheif Engineer in one of the marine organization .

US states to launch probe into Google as tech giants entertainomania

US States To Launch Probe Into Google As Tech Giants

It has found that the Attorneys General from around 48 US states , District Of Columbia and Puerto Rico has formally opened an antitrust probe into Google with assign of growing government scrutiny of technology giants.

Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General who is leading the probe said to focus on Google's by embracing all control of online advertising markets and also the search traffic which may lead to anti-competitive behaviour sometimes harms to consumers.

Some other group of Attorney General were also present at the announcement in Washington described those investigation as "preparatory" and they expected it to expand some other cover issues along with data privacy.

Our tech giants which were once express as engines for the economic growth and also it has rapidly increasingly come under fire for allegedly misusing their punch.

But Google also faces accusations where it web search leads consumers to its products and to detriment of opponent.

Congress is separately hold hearing about the growth of monopoly power into the digital market.

FTC(Federal Trade Commission) also announced recent fines against Google's parent , Alphabet as well as Facebook.

Vivo To Launch Z1X Entertainomania

Vivo To Launch Z1X Across India

Vivo has recently launched the Vivo ZIX across India. This is one of the popular smartphone that has been teased a number of times leading up to launch.

It has a great feature of 48MP triple rear camera to setup and 4500Ah battery that supports 22.5W Vivo Flash Charge technology. This smartphone has been powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 chipset.

This smartphone also have the features 6.38-inch full HD Super AMOLED Halo display which already have a water drop notch. It has also paired with 6GB RAM. It also comes with 64GB and 128GB storage options has also in-built display fingerprint scanner that Vivo claims can unlock the phone within 0.48 sec.

On the front, the Vivo Z1X it also support a triple rear camera setup upto 48MP primary sensor consisting of the Sony IMX582 sensor along with 8MP of wide ultra angle sensor and 2MP depth sensor.It also has 3.5mm audio jack. The OS runs Funtouch OD based on Android 9 Pie.

The starting price in India is somewhat around Rs.16K

haunted night work entertainomania

Unbelievable Haunted Night

It was an unbelievable incident with a girl Tanu who joined some organization somewhere in New Delhi, India. She loves her workplace and stick some pics of herself, few good quotation into her desk.

Days were going she enjoyed with work and other staff members sometimes she alone stay at late night due to work pressure. One day it was around 10:00 pm after taking dinner, the person who serve dinner and other related activities he told "I need to go now as it is already 10:00pm and I have already done with my work". Tanu replied "Yes you may leave now."

As there were lot of work she think to get relaxed and opens her messenger app find someone with new number say "Hi". Tanu opens the chatbox and write:
Tanu: Who are you?
Person: I am your friend.
Tanu: But I don't know how you came to me?

Tanu started eating apples.

Person:This is not the right time to eat apples.
Tanu: How you know I eat apples?

Tanu get scared and look here and there

Person:I like your pics and quotation which you are stick into your desk.
Tanu keeps on shouting "Who are you? Are you listen to me".

She tries to call her boss and other staff members but her phone is out of network. Tanu came to the washroom and wash her face and find everything is well and good outside her phone is on network coverage.

She immediately call the other staff and told about the situation.When she came inside office with other staff, check her mobile and find that person leave a message "Hi my name is Raj earlier that seat was mine and I am no more into this world and you are the right person for this seat. Like you I also working late night for my family but I was suffered from fatal familial insomnia".

After this situation, they were trying to investigate the situation with the help of cops but the cops doesn't find any clue. From that day her boss changed the seat and told her "Don't work during nights you can complete your work within normal working hours and if not then choose next day".

Moral: Avoid working alone during nights and always try to complete your work in working hours and sometimes employers may forget but it is also the responsibility of every employer to take care of their employees.

bard of blood entertainomania

Netflix Series Bard Of Blood

In this web series you will see Emraan Hashmi being requested to come out of retirement in order to help rescue a group of Indian spies who have been captured in Pakistan. Emraan Hashmi later teams up with Sobhita Dhulipala and also with Vineet Kumar to rescue the spies even dealing with the past.

Bard Of Blood has been produced by Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan. Teasing Emraan Hashmi he stated that Bard Of Blood will help him transform his image from serial kisser to a serial killer.

Now these days Emraan Hashmi seen less frequently on the big screen. He even stated his reason being that he wants to play some diverse set of roles now, therefore he also become careful when accepting scripts. The trailer of this series was recently launched and the fans starts getting impressed.

Though there has been lot into making of the posters of that fits for a thriller kind of movie and this series yet to be release on September 27, 2019 on Netflix where you can find the Emraan Hashmi who plays Kabir Anand in the show that opens up on the making of the posters in a video released by Netflix India.

As it has been observed that the first poster looks extremely interesting as the trailer of the eight-episodes series which is based on Bilal Siddiqi's novel of the same name.

This show basically revolves the former RAW agent Mr. Kabir Anand who takes a secret mission in Balochistan in order to rescue four Indian spies.

Perfect Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin Entertainomania

Perfect Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

By dealing with the oily skin which is just like a slippery slope and this is a widespread problem in both males as well as in females. Sometimes people with the oily skin feel greasy on the face most of the time. The oily skin catches dirt and dirt very quick and also melts your makeup. It has been observed that the women with oily skin must have to re-apply makeup multiple times a day. This oily skin has become more widespread than ever as of us in a race against time to achieve the impossible that always led to sleepless nights and nutrition less diet.

Today I am going to discuss some of the tips which will help you to get oil free healthy skin:

  1. Stay away from the oily food

As they don't say the prevention is better than a cure for nothing.Try to avoid ghee and also butter in your food and always eat grilled and roasted dishes.So if you have oily skin you must avoid the problematic areas further by eating those oily stuffs.

2. Excessive use of skin care products

This is mostly done by women's for perfectly glowing radiant skin even you may find most females cleanse, exfoliate and scrub too much as this produce too much pressure on the probes and leads to oily skin. It's simple way to say avoid excessive use of skin care products.

3. Use of lemon

Due to it's antibacterial qualities, sometimes lemon helps to seal the deal and always keep acne at bay. The acidic properties in lemon and also the Vitamin C which is mostly found in citrus fruits also help to absorb oil and tighten your skin pores.

4. Change in season

Mostly it has been observed during summer as well as in rainy season, the humidity prevails in the atmosphere that might leads to high oil production in the skin. Mostly in winters the skin get dry and dehydrated to reduce the moisture as it produces oil in excess. Keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing creams.

5. Use Of Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera which is used for naturally cleansing and incredibly versatile also helps in soaking up excess oil and gives you a more balanced complexion. It also reduce acne and prevent scarring. The natural anti-microbial property of Aloe Vera helps to kill bacteria that clogs your pores.

6. Stress Situation

When the person is getting stressed , his/her body starts producing androgenswhich is a kind of hormones that leads to oily skin.

7. Intake Of Medicines

Sometimes medications for hormonal balance can also cause skin to produce excessive oil where some of the medicines can dehydrate the skin in order to compensate the moisture for production of oil increases in the skin.

beti bachao entertainomania

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Campaign

In the Udhampur district of Jammu & Kashmir's has launched the Central Government's Bei Bachao Beti Padhao awareness campaign.The district admistartion of Udhampur had launched the awareness campaign on Monday 26th of August 2019 that aims to eliminate threat or danger of female foeticide in the district.

Though this campaign were attended by all the officers of District Administration, front line workers of ICDS department and also some of the prominent citizens of the district Udhampur region.

Being a part of the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign, the Udhampur district administration has also even launched a cash reward scheme for those admirable girl students from the district.

Under this scheme, 20 admirable girls will be rewarded with a cash award of Rs.5000/- each and apart from that 10 additionally newborn girl children from Udhampur district would also be felicitated with Mamta kits.

So this campaign has been launched by Central Government as an awareness campaign for survival, protection and education of the girl child.

But this scheme is also aimed at improving the dismal Child Sex Ratio (CSR) through a mass campaign.Under this scheme, it has been observed that a village which almost attains a balance sex ratio will be awarded as Rs. 1 crore which may further reduce the declining CSR ensuring that the girl child gets equal opportunities in every walks of life.

Huawei Started R&D On 6G entertainomania

Huawei Started R&D On 6G

As our world is financially gearing up for 5G, meanwhile Huawei Inc. has announced that they started R&D for 6G technology. Even you may know Huawei is one the key players globally with 5G networks which is already live in some countries say for UL, Sweden and South Korea has started work on 5G just as 4G that was rolled out for the first time.

"Company which has invested around $4 billion since 2009 in 5G as the outcome,the company has 5G chipsets, smartphones, routers, some other transport networks and base stations" told by Joe Kelly, Vice President, IMA at Huawei. In the New Open Source Computing Framework launch conference he also added 5G that will co-exist with 4G.

As what they mean the most telecom operator where they run 4G and 5G in parallel and maybe switch off the older 2G networks.Kelly added a statement "5G will be built on top of 4G".

Kelly reminded that Huawei has started it's R&D for 5G since 2009, which is one of the world's first 4G network went to live in Norway. This is the only process where R&D and telecom overlap.

"As per the consumer point of view, whether they are in India or some other parts of the world, a range changes will come with 5G. Autonomous driving become safe but the IoT will become the mainstream, apart from this the HD 8K televison at home will also be enabled by 5G" told by Kelly in press conference.

amazon deforestation entertainomania

Forest Fire: Amazon Is Burning

The Brazil's president Mr. Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday were accused non-governmental organizations of setting the wildfires in the Amazon forest to damage his government's image even after he cut their funding.

The wildfires have increased in the two states Mato Gross and Para where Brazil's agricultural frontier has pushed into the Amazon basin and deforestation.This wildfires are very common especially in the dry season but sometimes also deliberately set by the farmers illegally deforesting land for cattle ranching.

As per the observation, the unprecedented surge in the wildlife has been occurred since Bolsonaro took office in January solemnly promise to develop the Amazon region for farming as well as mining. Further Bolsonaro who even shocked environmentalists along with plans to open the Amazon to business interest.

Peoples were completely blamming the dry season for the wildfires in the Amazon but that's not accurate.

According to media, Bolsonaro recently fired the director of INPE after he crticized the statistics of agency by showing an interest in deforestation in the country named Brazil.

Further it has been noticed that earlier this month the two European countries named Norway and Germany were suspended funding for projects to curb deforestation in Brazil after becoming alarmed by rising deforestation under Bolsonaro.

Share your thoughts and how you can help them to prevent deforestation.

best yoga tips entertainomania

Exciting Tips On Yoga

When you are new to yoga, you might have lot of questions in your mind let's say for instance what to wear, what you need to bring during yoga classes and also how to prepare yourself.

Today I am going to discuss some of the best steps that might be helpful to you.

  1. Where You Are

Though it has been a great idea to contact the studio or training center where you will practice to ask for recommendation for a class which is appropriate for you. In such situation, you must explain your fitness history and also let them know about any injuries or any kind of limitations. Sometimes in the classes, there are always variations among the teachers.So your training manager always helps you to find your best starting point.

2. What To Wear

Sometimes it may seem like you need to get decked out in designer yoga gear before you head towards class. For first few classes, try to wear those clothes which you have already on hand and keep your things as simple as possible. If we talking about shoes yoga is mostly often done by barefoot. As you may occasionally see people with various kind of sock or shoes. Even if you feel completely uncomfortable taking off your shoes in front of strangers then you must compromise by wearing yoga socks. Next when we are talking about pants, there are many different styles of yoga pants but you don't need to run out and buy some special pair of pants. After few classes you may understand and decide your pants that are shorter, longer, looser or not falling down every time you stretch up. Let's say for another example like tops, it is also best for yoga. The Big baggy t-shirt or the loose-fitting workout shirts, aren't great since they will slide down every time when you bend over.

3. Try To Arrive Early

You must try to arrive 15 minutes early before your class starts as this will give you time to get settled, locate bathrooms and also acclimate to the energy of space. By dashing into yoga classes can bring anxious energy on your mat.

4. What To Bring In Your Classes

Honestly speaking the thing which you need to bring with you in the first class is a positive attitude and becomes a open mind. Say for Mat, as most of the yoga ventures rent mats for a dollar or two. As you are keep going to the classes, or even you are practicing at home, you are going to invest in your own mat. Another is Water bottle that you make sure to bring it with you. As you can't wait after the classes to get a drink. Next but not the last must bring hand towel with you that helps you to prevent from sweat.

5. How To Prepare Yourself

The most beauty of the yoga is it requires a very little other than your own body. But the preparation is simple and if you are new then I must say it is a good idea to get into the class a little early that helps you to understand the environment and also introduce yourself to the instructor. You must familiarize yourself with the beginner friendly poses as all the time poses are different and can feel overwhelming the first time you do yoga. Try to avoid heavy meals before yoga. When you are start moving, everything gets churned up and you may start to feel sick if your stomach is too full.

Practice Tips:

As I have my past experience during school days and there is no other way to learn apart from doing it. But I must say your first experience will give you a feel lot and the most common thing must keep in your mind always keep breathing and stay focused on yourself.

danger in sundarban entertainomania

Danger In Sundarban

This is the story of four friends (Sahil, Arushi, Tanu, Arjun) who plan to visit Sundarban National Park for research on tigers. It was 22nd December 2018, Saturday they all get together as earlier they were college friends and working at the same location New Delhi, India. Sahil was excited and say "It is a good time to visit over there and have a get together meeting with tigers". Tanu "Yes I also heard about Sundarban in the movie Roar but I don't think it will be good to visit there without any safety". Arushi "Don't think much let's move on guys". They booked their flight tickets for next Sunday.

On 30th December 2018, their flight landed to Kolkata, West Bengal, India in the morning around 4:00 am and it is somewhat around 100km distance from Kolkata to Sundarban National Park, they already booked a taxi so after packing some foods at the airport they started their journey. When reached over there they got a new information that Sundarban can only be accessed by boat.

Sahil "If not car then boat is ok for us". Travelling by boat where they seen a jungle aside with huge sounds of tigers. Arjun told the boatman "Take a side as we need to see this beautiful jungle by walk". Boatman replied "Please don't visit at the depth of the jungle". They came some distance inside of the jungle and seen a white tiger is sleeping. Suddenly, Sahil throws a stone on the tiger's head. The tigress get up and looking at them. One man came with fire stick, the tigress get afraid and ran from that place.

The man told them "It was good for you all that tigress is not a man-eater". Sahil asked "Who are you and how you can come here?". Man replied "My name is Feluda and I am the private investigator basically I came here form Kolkata for searching the murderer". Arjun replied "From Kolkata to here". Feluda "Yes one of our investigating officer told me that the person whom you are searching you may find somewhere near to Sundarban National Park".

Arushi told Sahil "We came here for research and taking some pictures of tiger not to hit them". Tanu "Very nice to meet you Mr.Feluda can you please help us for our research". Feluda "As you people came for research, remember one thing it will be better if you leave this place before evening". Feluda gave the map of Sundarban National Park and left the place as he was in hurry for his investigation.

They follow the map after walking some distance they find a big foot shape on the ground. By judging the shape, the shape is too big which is not the tiger's foot shape. Suddenly when Arushi turned seen a tall man of 13ft covering face with black clothes. They all are getting scared and run from that place and the time was 6:30pm. Tanu gets irritate and say "Now it is already 6:30pm the gate has been closed". In a moment, they even lost the map provided by Feluda. Time was around 8:00pm in the night, they all are getting tired unfortunately they heard some supernatural sound and again seen that tall man. In a while, Feluda came over there and ask them "What happen and where does that sounds came from?". Sahil replied "You are still here Mr.Feluda see our situation is worst and there maybe presence of ghost". Feluda replied "Whether it is ghost or something else that we need to see". After an hour, Feluda finds a tall man who put fire into the jungle. Feluda came over there and say "Hey stop destroying the jungle and I know you are the person whom I am searching for please surrender yourself".

The tall man tries to attack Feluda in a while a group of tigers came over there as they find something wrong happen in the jungle. The tiger jumped on the tall man while Feluda just fires his gun. The tigers gets afraid and left the place but that man get arrested.

Feluda say goodbye to all of them. Tanu asked "But where you go now right now the gate is closed". Feluda replied "If I came from that gate it become impossible for me to catch the murderer as he might get inform that someone searches him anyways do one thing very near to this park there is one guest house you people can stay over there". In the next morning 1st January 2019, they left the place and way towards Delhi.

Moral: Whenever you are in travel always take care of your safety and don't try those things which become dangerous.

snapchat spectacles entertainomania

New Spectacles That Captures 3-D Images

On 13th Aug 2019, Snap unveiled the new generation of spectacle sunglasses which is used to take 3-D pictures and also to share on it's Snapchat messaging service.

The Spectacles 3 set for release late this year were also described as a limited release and priced around $380 which is more than twice the price of an original version which is available at Southern California company's website.

Today we are happy to introduce the Spectacles 3 which is one of the latest version of Spectacle sunglasses that comes with dual cameras designed to capture the world in 3D. The two HD cameras along with the either side of the frame capture depth along with the dimension were in the way your eyes do and it is the new augmented reality creative tools that helps to enhance your snaps.

As Snapchat hit the young internet users and even having the popular features say for filters and lenses used to playfully or artfully mody the images.Snap already said while pitching the new sunglasses for preorder at spectacles.com

So the ability to augment views of reality, though a special eye-wear or smartphone camera lenses have been a keen area of interest and also on the investment by some tech companies (say for Apple,Google and Microsoft).

The messaging app Snapchat widely popular among young users who has struggled to turn a profit since it's creation around 2011.

Exploits The Removal Request to Silence And Independent Voices Entertainomania

Exploit The Removal Request to Silence And Independent Voice

The Turkish Government exploits the removal request to silence as well as the independent voices. On 4th Aug, the Ankara Criminal Court were issued an order to with-fold four Twitter accounts in Turkey.

But the order get affects the accounts of Oya Ersoy who is the member of the left-wing People Democratic Party. Ersoy whose account has been certified, is a lawyer and politician. It was 2018 when she was elected as a parliament member representing the opposition of People Democratic Party.

The Takisim Gezi Parki whose account was setup at the onset of Gezi Park protests but in a while Gezi Savunmasi tracks court proceedings of protesters and activist were arrested during the Gezi Park protests.

So at the time of publication, Twitter was yet to comply along with the decision and the four accounts were still accessible in Turkey. On the basis of court decision which was the protection of National security and also public order as per the Law No. 5651 (Regulations of Publication On The Internet).

These accounts were among the hundreds but not the thousands of Twitter accounts targeted by the Turkish government by using the platform called "Country Withheld Content" also termed as CWC.

Finally the Turkish government adopting the same tactic on other platforms say for Facebook, Youtube also in WordPress and in Wikipedia. As per the report, all the version of Wikipedia has been blocked by Turkish Government around 2017 for refusing to take down those entries containing accusations against the Turkish government for supporting terrorist groups in Syria

independence day entertainomania

A Tale Of Indian Soldier

This incident is related to 15 yrs old boy Lehna Singh who belongs from a small village somewhere near to Nashik, Maharastra, India. Lehna is one of the beloved son of his parents. His father works as carpenter so sometimes in the evening, his mother send him into the vegetable shop.

One day when he was at the potato shop unfortunately a little girl came and told the shopkeeper "I need 1 kg of potatoes". When the shopkeeper handed her 1 kg of potatoes she ran away from that place where the other shopkeeper catched her though Lehna asked her "What is your problem why you are running?". The girl replied "As whatever my mother gave I already invest in purchasing other vegetables and my mother is not well from few days".

Lehna give the needed amount of money to the shopkeeper according to her purchase. Lehna asked her "What is your name and what is the problem with your mother?". The girl replied "Hi friend my name is Trisha as per the report my mother is suffering from blood cancer. Apart from her there is no one in my family even my father died when I was at 4 yrs of age".

Lehna told his parents about the situation of Trisha, where his parents try to help her as they were from same village. After 2 yrs, as per the family condition which is impossible to manage Lehna and Trisha to do further studies. So Lehna decided to join the army and told her parents "Whatever money you have invest on her studies as she doesn't have anyone in her family". Lehna got selected in the Indian Army where he find one of his school friend who helped Lehna in training and other related activities.

Days are going, his parents and Trisha were always be in touch but sometimes his call was unreachable due to the bad weather. Simply a year-by-year gone Lehna decided not to visit home as he doesn't want to see the situation of his family. It was 14th August at night 12:00 pm, the enemies were trying to attack by throwing bombs at the border. Lehna woke up and make others to wake up early and get ready for fight.

There fighting were in progress Lehna killed around 14 soldiers from the enemies but suddenly find his friend who help him in his training were hitted by bullet. Anyhow he again start fighting where he also gets hitted by bullet and killed almost all the soldiers from their enemies.

Suddenly he fall into the ground and seen a girl standing at their camp and calling him and that was none other than Trisha. He felt happy and say bye though finally he left this world. Trisha visited over there as a reporter and further she is one of the pillar of Lehna's parents.

Understand The Importance Of Raksha Bandhan Entertainomania

Understand The Importance Of Raksha Bandhan

This is a story of man named as Amar before the day of Rakshabandhan who wants to purchase some gifts for his sister. But he belongs from lower middle-class family who is the father of two children and working as a servant or attendant at Rishav's house. Rishav is a business person and his business based on medical product manufacturer.

Amar came to Rishav and asking for his last month salary. Rishav "Ok will see firstly wash my car then I will think about it". Amar washed his car very carefully and tell Rishav "Sir I have finally washed your car if possible can you please provide some amount to purchase gifts for my sister". Rishav "As of now I don't think about that you go home and come at the afternoon". Amar came home and his wife asking "Do you arrange anything for your sister and even for our children as Raj is still waiting to purchase something for Shikha and now what I can tell them?".

Amar "My boss call me in the afternoon and I must sure he will give some amount". Again Amar came to Rishav and find he was doing a lunch with his friend Shailesh. Rishav asking "What happen? Right now I am taking a lunch come in evening". Amar replied "Sir as you told me to come and even my wife and children keep on asking for the same please understand my situation and provide some amount of money". Rishav "Shutup clean my room first as my sister will come tomorrow". Amar replied "Ok sir I will surely do it".

Finally Amar came in the evening and clean each of the room corner-by-corner and said "Sir I am done with that". Amar replied "Ok you may go now". Shailesh just watching Rishav behavior with Amar and tell Rishav "Why you are not paying his salary he also needs to enjoy his life. See friend think about it you make happy one another sister".

Rishav tells Shailesh "Thanks friend you open my eyes right now I have to go Amar's house". Rishav came to Amar's house along with his salary cheque and some gifts for his sister and that was the unbelievable moment for Amar.

Moral: Give values to those who are honest in their duties and don't make them for fun use.

emerging hacks on beauty entertainomania

Some Emerging Hacks On Beauty

The beauty industry has changed a lot from the last 10 years. Whether you are in searching for an easy way to look tired or a trick to getting the extension-worthy lashes. As this will be a decade of playing with products, testing tools and also with interviewing countless makeup artists, hair colorist,hair stylist and some others.

Though we have also accumulate a goldmine of expert tips and tricks that stand the test of time. Today we are going to discuss some of those beauty industry tips that will help you in future:

  1. Try to keep your eye cream and nail polish inside fridge

As many eye creams are sold in tubes along with metal tips which helps to deflate those puffy areas by cooling the skin. The fridge must be some good place to stash the nail polish, as when it keeps thickening over time.

2. Layer your skin care products from thinnest to thick

You must layer your skin care products from the thinnest to most thickest amount of texture as if you might think about your skin so it were a sponge bu you want it to soak up all the good stuffs when you are applying to your face as well as your body. Sometimes oils also help the seal in any products applied prior.

3. Must curl your entire head with an iron

This is one of the best trick splitting your hair into one-inch section and then rolling over each along with curling iron and leave it for 30 minutes. After blowing the drying hair straight and throw it into the high pony tail at the top of your head and also split into the four even sections.

4. Never try to underestimate the power of bold lipstick

See every makeup artist must say lipstick would be their "Desert Island" in terms of beauty product pick. Being turns out a lipstick that might be especially something bold and that can be dotted onto the apples of cheeks and the lids of eyes.

5. Weird hacks for skin and travel
To remove those whiteheads with bobby pin,you must place the head of the pimple into the center of the looped end and then you push down gently until those pimple pops.

6. Wash your face before exercise

Every morning whenever go to the gym, you must always give your skin a good rinse. By washing your face ensures that your pores won't get clogged from a gross sweat -dirt-oil mix you are working out.

Hope you understand the above beauty facts and must take a right step to protect your skin as well as beauty.

whatsapp facebook instagram entertainomania

Instagram And WhatsApp Get New Addition Into Their Names

The largest social networking company Facebook started adding their names to some screens on Instagram photo sharing platform this week. It is just how uncool Facebook make Instagram and WhatsApp? This exerting more influence over the direction of both the apps just by installing Facebook executives was not enough. Now the social networking giant is going to add Facebook into their names. The Instagram will soon becomes "Instagram from Facebook" & WhatsApp soon becomes "WhatsApp From Facebook".

This moves comes as the world largest social media company faces a greater scrutiny from their regulators around the world for getting more transparency over the data privacy practices.

The new titles will appear in the title for both the apps in the Apple's App store and Google Play. So on your device home screen, the name for each will fortunately remains the same.Though it is very likely that you will see "From Facebook" on the splash screens for both apps.

As it is not immediately visible to users "Instagram from Facebook" can be seen a few clicks which is away at the bottom of the settings page in the Instagram app on some iOS devices.

Mark Zukerberg has already unveiled his grand vision of a connected (end-to-end encrypted) messaging system between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

friendship day entertainomania

Make This Friendship Day Special

Most people across the world will celebrate bond of friendship with cards, messages and promises where some friends get acknowledge with each other with the exchange of gifts and cards.

Friendship bands which is most commonly used in India and it's neighboring countries and also some parts of South America. With the improvement of technology, friendship day also celebrated in some social sites or apps where group of people gather together and share each other's thought.

This day has originally founded by Hallmark in 1919. As per the Bible,the primary text of western civilizations were reflect upon the friendship as a bond that forms a foundation to human faith, trust as well as companionship. Besides this, you may find some tales in our platform that relates friendship:

When we are talking about the value of friendship, good friends always plays a vitally important role into your mental health and also to your quality of your life.Friendship always shows the opportunity to love, learn and also to know about yourself that builds you mature as a human being.

In other way, you can be a friends with your siblings,parents,children,other peoples and also with your pets. Though whoever be your friends one thing we all must be sure the value of friendship is important for everyone. It is not possible for any human being without having a connection and why:

  • As they make you stronger
  • Tell the difference between good and bad
  • Make you happy
  • Get support from them
  • Sometimes special one know you the best

Not "BY WORDS" as well as "BY TOUCH" to make realize that how you care for them but you have that willing to always stand with your friend through thick and thin situations anyways sometimes it's not always easy.


Significance Of Nail Art

As you may aware of the fact that a horny covering the upper surface of your finger as well as toe in human. But when we are talking about nail art where there is a special kind of design made by various professionals in order to decorate your finger. This concept is used to make your nails more beauty. In other way, we can say nail art is the future of beauty industry.

If we are talking about the history of this art, earlier it is also known as nail decoration was in ancient called Babylonia, when male colored their nails with kohl and some other materials which indicate the presence of social standing. The Ancient Egyptians were also avid users of nail polish. So the Egyptians women would be in a very low rank of permitted pastel colors only.

Since nail art created a revolution with beauty industry and this nail art becoming a pop culture phenomenon for showing up everywhere from red carpet, glamorous industry and also to the colleges, events as well as in the workplaces. The studies confirmed that this art directly comes from Chinese and Indian traditions, apart from this he expression of those ancient civilizations which flourished thousand of years ago.

Things To Use For Nail Art?

  • Pastel blue nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Pastel coral nail polish

How To Apply?

  1. Make your nails clean and apply a base coat to protect your nails.
    2. You may use some pastel blue color to create a vertical strip on one corner & don't forget to leave some empty space near the cuticle.
    3. Focus on the center and paint a little lower.
    4. Now is the time to create the last stripe which is lower where you should have what looks 3 step.
    5. Repeat those above steps but you must start from below blue and also do the same pastel coral.
    6. Finally seal with top coat and you are done.

During the middle ages, the people from all around the Europe and across the world were found themselves dealing with Power of Inquisition, which may fought all the strength against all forms of beautician. But this is an era which is shaped by darkest censorship and fear, nail art survived and that will be pushed by the will of most brilliant minds. Though the Dark Ages faded away and the concept of nail art again came back.

Though it has not be mention the whole world is going to be a berserk on this nail art for some time now. Even it has been observe most probably the women's has successfully carried this tradition of growing nails and painting them. Women's might found in carrying some trendy polishes on their nails which make as a simple style statement.Anyhow we can say there is a wide variety of this nail art that can be used to make your nails looks hot.


Seafoods Healthy EntertainOMania

Must Know About The Healthy Seafoods To Eat

Seafood which is rich in nutrient and also serves as good source of protein, vitamin as well as minerals. Apart from this, it has also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that helps in reduction of common diseases.

Fish which is one of the most healthiest foods on this planet.It also contain some varieties of nutrients such as protein and vitamin D. Even you aware of craw-fish or fish fry then you must know how it consuming that will yield many benefits.

Today we are going to discuss some of the health benefits of sea foods:

  1. Provides Essential Nutrients

Normally this depends upon what kind of seafood's you are consuming, as seafood's even known for natural source of vitamins and minerals. The fish which is packed with many nutrients as most people were lacking. If you heard about B-complex vitamins( say for B1, B3, Biotin as well as B12 etc.) that perform many functions:

  • Influencing Your Energy Production
  • Metabolism
  • Concentration, and
  • Beauty

2. Reduce The Chances Of Heart Attacks And Strokes

Though heart attacks and strokes are the most common causes of the premature death in the world. Fish is considered as one of the heart-healthy foods. As seafoods has nutritious enough to be low saturated fats and high in protein.
While the several studies were conducted and it will come to the conclusion the sea foods will reduce the risk of cardiovascular events from occurring, such as arrhythmia's, strokes, and heart attacks.

3. Contain Nutrients That Result In Crucial During Development

The omega -3 fatty acids are essential for growth and development.It contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which is important for brain and eye development. It also helps in pregnancy and breast-feeding and this is the only reason women eat enough fatty acids. Apart from this it also helps in brain development problems as some fishes are high amount of mercury.

4. Helps To Treat Depression

As per the recent research it has shown the association between the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids and risk of depression. By consuming more seafoods help you have a better and positive outlook on life.

5. Helps You To Improve Sleep Quality

The sleeping disorder is one of common problem as per worldwide. Studies shows that 95 middle-aged men, a meal with salmon 3 times per week led to improvements in both sleep and daily functioning.

Akshay-kumar-Mission-Mangal Entertainomania

Get Ready For Mission Mangal

Mission Mangal is an upcoming Bollywood films based on science-fiction & drama directed by Jagan Shakti. On 5th November 2013, the Mars Mission was launched and Mangal Mission was announced. Mr. Shakti has initially set his mind, the role of Mohanlal and Sridevi will be played by Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan.

The first song in this film was titled "Dil Mein Mars Hai" was on released on this Thursday. This song composed by Amit Trivedi with a catchy lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya. But the most part of this song was sung by Benny Dayal and Vibha Saraf.

India has taken the most historic steps to launch it's second mission Chandrayaan 2 though the Indian cinema has chosen long to remain shy of the space as well as the science-fiction genre.

The story has been based on the true events of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) which successfully launch the Mars Orbiter Mission whic make least expensive mission to Mars.

During the trailer launch of Mission Mangal which inspired hundred of memes. Now the Mumbai police has joined the meme madness. Akshay Kumar as a producer of this film knows the math and he is also become careful for selecting the release date as 15th August 2019. However this film has been release in John Abraham's Batla House. Even if you remember, Akshay and John had clashed at the box office along with Gold and Satyameva Jayate on the same date.

Choose your favorite theater the show coupons shall started soon on BookMyShow, Paytm.

friends entertainomania

Incredible Story Of A Two Friends

This is an incident of a young girl Tanu who came to New Delhi from Gorakpur, Uttar Padesh, India for job. After completing her graduation, she decided with Komal to visit Delhi as they both got the good job opportunity in Delhi. Tanu is too young her parents were not feel happy with their decision as Tanu's parents know Delhi is not a safe place. Anyhow she requested her parents both Tanu and Komal were planned to visit Delhi.

They booked a rented PG near to Dwarka, New Delhi, India as their office is located at Dwarka. Days were going Tanu and Komal visited some of the historical places in Delhi for enjoyment. Though Tanu love to travel she joined a travel group where she meet with Rohit who is best known as a adventure traveler or trainer. Tanu keep on asking to Rohit "When I am eligible for rock climbing? I would love to do it". Rohit "Please try to understand as you are new and we require more fitness person to do this job and our competitors are very rough so it becomes risky for us". Tanu regularly exercise to keep her body fit and must be perfect.

As a youngsters, Komal also feel interested to join the travel group where Tanu joined. They both were visited to Rohit though Komal already doing the gym related activities everyday, Rohit gets impressed on Komal's fitness and allow her for the next campaign. Tanu asked "What about me?". Rohit replied "You need some more time as you are not capable for the rock climbing as of now". Tanu gets irritate and left the place .

Komal's rock climbing was awesome through their team will always be in the top position. Everyday in the evening Rohit and Komal started meeting and in this way they came close to each other. Komal reached PG around 10PM in the night. Tanu gets irritate and told to Komal "See Rohit like person I don't think a good human being". Komal said "Stop saying nonsense he is my life."

It was 13th February 2019, Rohit and Komal planned to visit Morni Hills and propose each other at 12 AM (14th Feb). Komal informed Tanu "If my parents will call please tell them I will be out for office work". Tanu "Have you gone mad? Rohit is not a good person try to understand this". Komal replied "Shutup! That will be none of your business". Tanu seen the behavior of Komal get changed.

Komal and Rohit visited Morni Hills, they both were drunk and Rohit says "We have to go at the hill top then I will propose you".When they reached at the top of the hill, Komal standing aside and they both hold each other hand. Rohit feels tired as he drunk too much he can't hold the Komal's hand properly as such Rohit left her hand and fall in the ground where Komal lost her live as she was already standing aside of the hill.

Moral: Never ignore a person if Komal listen to Tanu then she will be alive today.

virtual reality entertainomania

The Virtual Reality Failed To Find Buyers

It has been observed of having been around for nearly five years as of now, the headsets of virtual reality were finding adoption the masses. As you may also find them tucked away in a corner at the neighborhood mall where wearing a head-mounted devices for gaining experience in virtual games.

As per the International Data Corporation also known as (IDC) , the global Augmented Reality (AR) as well as the Virtual Reality (VR) headset market returned to growth within a full year of decline in the first quarter this year but as per the record in global shipments it reaches around 1.3 million - 27.2 percent from the same quarter last year.

The VR headsets were represented as 96.6 percent of the combined AR/VR market during the quarter with strong volumes from those top companies say for Sony, Facebook, HTC, Pico and also some others.

But there has been no doubt that enterprise AR is evolving quickly, most especially in the fields of healthcare, education and some other firms where that can aim to achieve customer experiences.

One of the main reason VR is not booming in the current market due uncomfortable into the customer segment also due to clunky headsets - even early VR adopters were compalined of mental fatigue due to the prolonged use of VR headsets.

As per the report suggest that it has been relatively a young technology but AR shows more promise than VR which basically involves in adding visual elements to the real world - typically through smartphones.

The VR content has been out there is not readily available to customers. As you even know the VR technology might not be able to rule out nausea and many other health related issues you might experiencing.

Consumer interest in fantasy were still in-fantasy which will be in the position of slow and steady traction as many specific use-cases, such as gaming.

rainfall entertainomania

Heavy Rains In Delhi NCR Result Waterlogging

Since this morning Delhi has been witnessing humid weather, the rain showers given a respite for the people in the national capital of India. The temperature has been dipped to 27 degrees Celcius.

The heavy rains has been lashed in Delhi and National Capital Region(NCR) on Sunday that results in water-logging and traffic issues around some part of the city.

Due to this heavy rains some of the affected traffic areas are Mandi House, Punjabi Bagh, Wazirpur and some others. Even you know the weather in Delhi has a high variation between summer as well as winter temperatures and precipitation. The city has relatively very dry short winters that has been prolonged spell of very hot weather.

You must take some precautionary steps to stay safe from infections or diseases:

  • Use umbrella or raincoat.
  • Avoid playing in rain shower sometimes it may result in various diseases.
  • Avoid street foods.
  • If you get wet take a bath and change your clothes immediately.
airplane safety entertainomania

Most Practical Tips For Air Travel

Travel is a passion for youngsters to travelling across various geographical locations and set a campaign in which someone may get inspired by such kind of tour. Today we are going to talking about the travelling through airlines and also some of the safety precautions. Flying today is one of the best practice in noisy and disorder way. As we even know that in current scenario everyone deals with constant changes in airport security, following airline baggage rules and also some of the other items which is restricted from airline flights.

Here some of the best airline safety tips that may help you in future:

  1. Fly With Non Stop Routing

As most of the airliner accidents happen during the takeoff, climb, takeoff, descent and landing phase of flight. Though it is one of the easiest way to reduce your chances of getting into accident. Sometimes you may have a certain choice but which is not much difference in price, flying nonstop would not only reduce exposure to the most of the accident prone phases
of flight.

2. Try To Avoid Huge Packing

Everyone goal is to travel with just a hand-luggage. Sometimes we need trolleys if your packing is large. Think about it do you really need large packing? Always try to take less and you will travel cheaper,travel faster and travel easier.

3. You Must The Larger Aircraft

Now the current situation is aircraft with than 30 passenger seats were well designed and certified under the various strict regulations. Sometimes it also unlikely event of serious accident, the larger aircraft must provide a better opportunity for passenger survival.

4. Keep Your Mouth Shut

Sometimes you may be some different countries where there is unsafe to drink the water so just keep your mouth shut in the shower. This is one of the major problem as many of them faced some people can't tolerate without water may result in dizziness.

5. Always Pay Attention On Pref-light Briefing

Although this information seems to be repetitious but the locations of the closest emergency exits may be different depending on the aircraft on which you fly on and seat you are in. As you might aware some of the passenger with safety briefings include a few words about the position to take in an emergency landing.

ultra processed foods entertainomania

Major Ultra-Processed Foods With A Range Of Healthy Risks

As per the researchers the further work must need a better understand these effects as well as direct or casual links to be established, as they were call for policies that will promote consumption of fresh or minimally processed foods over highly processed foods.

Though ultra-processed foods must include those packaged baked goods and snacks, fizzy drinks, sugary cereals and also the ready meals contains foods additives. As they are thought to account for around 25-60% of their daily intake in many countries.

In the very first study, the researchers were based on France and Brazil assessed potential associations between ultra-processed foods and risk of cardiovascular and also cerebrovascular disease.

Their some of the findings are based on 105,159 French adults with an avaerage age of 43 years those who completed an avaerage of normally six 24 hour of some dietary questionnairies to measure the intake of 3300 different foods

Though the some foods are grouped as the degree of processing and the rates of diseases caused and it is also measured over a maximu follow-up of 10 years.

But finally as per the result it has shown that the 10% increase in proportion of ultra-processed foods in the diet were associated with very high rates of overall cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and also the cerebrovascular disease.

In contrast, the some of researchers found a great significant association between unprocessed as well as minimally processed foods and lower risks of all reported diseases.

android virus entertainomania

16 Apps Infected By Agent Smith Malware

As most of the time Android keeps getting visited from many deadly malware attacks which put the user and their data at lot of risks. This time the malware named as Agent Smith, this malware is very sneaky in what it is designed to do - in other way it will bombard your phone with ads.

It has also the properties to stick to other apps that was installed on phone and it might ensure that the malware infection stays the same. This malware has been detected by checkpoint , the infected apps has been removed from the Google Playstore.

After it was getting informed of the infection, Google suddenly removed 16 apps from the playstore which was infected by the malware Agent Smith. Though it has been removed so it cannot be downloaded from the playstore and there will be no question for further updates of this apps.

Though Google has removed this apps from Playstore but it might be exists on individual's Android phone.However if you have the following apps installed on your phone removed then immediately.

  • Ludo Master
  • Sky Warriors: General Attack
  • Color Phone Flash - Call Screen Theme
  • Bio Blast - Infinity Battle Shoot virus
  • Shooting Jet
  • Photo Projector
  • Gun Hero - Gunman Game for Free
  • Cooking Witch
  • Kiss Game: Touch Her Heart
  • Girl Cloth Xray Scan Simulator

If you have any of these apps installed on your phone removed them immediately else Agent Smith might be cling on to other popular apps and then it becomes difficult for the user to understand which app has been affected by it.

couple shimla entertainomania

Unbelievable Story Of A Couple At Shimla

This is a story of Kunal and Shweta who planned to visit Shimla for honeymoon after their marriage.In their profession, Kunal is civil engineer and Shweta works as a principal of D.A.V school. Once when Shweta came home and parking the car in their flat, suddenly postman came and give a letter to Shweta. Shweta opens the letter and find their flight tickets for Shimla as what they were planning to visit, Shweta get shocked and try to find who is sending this letter but that letter doesn't contain any name of sender.

When Kunal arrived home in the evening, Shweta says "Today I have one surprise for you". Kunal "What is that?".Shweta "Someone send me a flight ticket along with hotel booking to visit Shimla".Kunal replied "No this is not good without knowing the person I don't think to visit there". Shweta "Why we need to worry about that person we got the tickets free of cost think about that".In this way Shweta convice Kunal to visit Shimla.

The day was 21st June 2017, Kunal and Shweta visit the place and though it's is a farm house name "Shiney Villa". Shweta feels and say "I think I had visited this place earlier". Kunal keep on joking and says "So you have already married with someone else?".Shweta "Stop it ok leave it". After taking rest they both visited the nearby places from their resort. There was one care taker named Golu who came and served foods during nights. Kunal asked "Where is your owner Mr. Shiney?".Golu says "He was died accidentally around past 5 years ago and madam his girlfriend looks same as you". Shweta says "What the nonsense?Have you gone mad?". Kunal "Leave it Shweta he was already mad".

During their sleep at night Shweta get some sound, she woke up and find anyone is there or not. Suddenly she find one man and ask "Who is there?", "Are you listening to me who is there?". In this way she came close to that man.When the man turned his face it looks horrible and says Shweta "You promised me we will die together why you left me alone?". Shweta gets stucked into her mind and run away from that place and came to Kunal. Shweta says "Shiney is back who is the owner of this farm house 5 years ago we were in love but our parents didn't accept our relationship due to other caste, so finally me and Shiney were planned to die together but we both jumped from the roof of this resort Shiney fall on the ground and died where I fall on the swimming pool though I lost my past memory but someone take me to the hospital".

Kunal "Ok don't worry let's see what we can do".Kunal visited and ask one of the priest "What is the solution for this and how we can overcome from this problem?".Priest replied "There are something in that house which connect Shiney and Shweta you need to destroy that thing then you can overcome from this situation".Kunal visited farm house and started his searching where the ghost of Shiney keeps attack on Kunal, suddenly Kunal gets a ear ring which was gifted by Shiney to Shweta around a years ago. He destroys that ring, the ghost of Shiney gone and he find the Shweta in normal stage.On the next day they both were planned to leave that place.

monsoon foods entertainomania

Nutritional Tips Keeps You Stay Healthy In Monsoon

We are happy to welcome this monsoon after having a experiencing a scorching heat of summer. But as you even also know monsoon brings some certain health challenges. As our body is very susceptible to health problems during rainy season as this season reduces the immunity power from your body.

You may suffering from allergies, infections as well as various digestive problems. Try to keep your body healthy in this season and the humidity
of the atmosphere is too high that may result in sweat i.e., excessive loss of water from your body. Avoid all those street as well as oily foods as there may be possibility to upset your stomach. So here we are mentioning some of the useful tips that keeps your body healthy:

  1. Eat fruits
    Try to eat fruits that helps you to boost your energy. The fruits (let's say for Apples, Mangoes, Oranges are some of the best suggestible foods). Try to avoid watermelon and muskmelon that may cause pimples.

2.Advantage Of Garlic

These are normally packed with antioxidants but their cloves are rich with high immunity boosting. The one of the tastiest and healthiest way to use garlic by adding a crushed garlic pods to any food of your choice and getting the taste of garlic rasam.

3. Avoid Watery foods

By intake of watery foods like lassi, watermelon and others result in swelling in the body. So better option is to avoid this and take dry fruits
in nature like corn, some amount of gram flour and also chick pea etc.

4.Use Of Turmeric

The one of the golden yellow hued spice powder which is one of the well known immunity boosting agent. Though it is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic agent too. It is also used to keep your levels of blood sugar in control.

5. Stay Away From Skin Allergies

The people those who are suffering from skin allergies must avoid the spicy foods as you even know spicy foods may raise your body temperature and stimulate your blood circulation that results in allergies and various skin irritation problems.

6. Some Of The Well Known Foods

Some of the popular well known foods such as brown rice, oats as well as barley are the well known foods to have in the monsoon. Apart from this, try to drink boiled and purified water to stay away from germs and also drink a plenty of water that keeps your body hydrated.

beauty entertainomania

Awesome Natural Homemade Beauty Tips

Every women around the world will unanimously agree that have flawless and glowing skin which makes for their number one dream. Their main focus is beauty whether that comes through artificial make-up creams or by homemade remedies. Some women's are getting irritate by artificial make-up as it will destroy the skin.

Apart from this there are lot of factors such as pollution, sun, stress, bad diet which makes our skin looks dull as well as lifeless etc. So these issues play a major role in our journey to achieve a clear skin.

According to the new age has already bought with itself a whole new scope for viewing oneself and that will possibly even changing the way one looks. The latest craziest thing for this generation is well inclined upon how distractedly beautiful one can be and in the race to achieve that people often have opted for various cosmetic ailments that basically a try to make themselves look better.

If you want a clear and healthy skin, we bring some of the amazing homemade tips for you.You never need to go far to incorporate this tips in your beauty routine, in other way simply walk into the kitchen, look around you are good to start.

  1. Have A Good Balance Diet

It is one of the important factor to have a proper balance diet which contains good sources of Vitamins.Along with this vitamins which is generally obtained from nuts(i.e., apricots,cashew nuts and also from some of the ground vegetables like carrot and pumpkins).

2. Use Of Honey

As everyone knows honey is chock full length of health benefits and it is a great amazing tips for clear skin.Try to apply some little bit of honey into your face which is one of the best way to achieving healthy and glowing skin.The antibacterial properties of honey calm skin inflammation as well as defend skin damage caused due to bacterial infections.

Note: Apply a little bit of honey on your face and leave it for 30 minutes then wash your face using cold water and mild cleanser.

3. Avoid Oily Foods

Excessive intake of oily foods can cause the sebum production that may lead to patchy surface. It also cause sun burns due to the excess deposition of oil on the surface. Therefore try to avoid these and should be controlled.

4. Use Of Aloe Vera Gel

It is also used as a homemade beauty tip and it is not known as a miracle plant for anything.The white-goppy gel of this plant is not just any other plant extract. The antibacterial properties of this gel curb bacterial infection and also help us to prevent acne.

5. Having Enough Water

This is also one of the major factor as people doesn't follow. The proper intake of water leads to proper digestion. By proper digestion it will helps the nutrients from the food to get absorbed in a better way.

6. Keep On Exercising

Exercising in the sense may be yoga or any postures which leads to more blood circulation and also some of the others like brisk walking, running as wll as sprinting.You can also do cyclying that results in better blood circulation.

7. Having A Proper Sleep

This sleeping method relieves the your muscles and gives relaxation from anxiety or stress.Sometimes you may observe enough sleep results in body absorb nutrients.

If you follow this above seven essential you will get your glowing skin within a 2-3 weeks.Apart from this there are some others like cucumbers that helps to relieve congestion and de-puff of the tired eyes and less intake of tea, coffee, alcohol or tobacco that leads to the depositions of toxins in your body.

mini bus entertainomania

35 Killed In Mini Bus At Jammu & Kashmir

It has been observed around 45 people were travelling in the bus was on it's way from Keshwan to Kishtwar. From which the 33 people were killed and even 22 gets injured when a mini bus fell into the gorge in the state Jammu & Kashmir's Kishtwar district in this Monday morning.

This incident was happened when the bus was on it's way from Keshwan to Kishtwar, when it veered off the road and fell into the gorge at Sirgwari and the time was 7:30am. As per the Inspector Of General Police, Jammu, Mr. M K Sinha said "Bodies of those 20 passengers have been recovered soon".

The Governor Mr. Satyapal Malik has expressed his grief over the loss of lives and he also announced Rs. 5 lakh each to the families of those were killed. As a Governor he also directed the administration to provide best medical treatment to those who are injured. Governor Malik, in the press statement, said that every thing should be properly investigated so that we came to know about this accident.

He also even says "All the reasons for such incidents will be probed thoroughly and strong decisions will need to be taken in the next SAC meeting to ensure strict action against those responsible for such avoidable incidents". Governor had directed officers of the Transport Department to take away those unfit vehicles and untrained drivers off the road.

Some precautionary steps must be taken to avoid road accidents:

  • Keep your eyes on the road
  • Drive slowly in bad weather conditions
  • Try to check your blind spots when you are switching lanes
  • Pay attention at intersections
long drive entertainomania

Taking Precautions In Long Drive

This long drive basically depends how long you can travel? Normally for one long drive you may be travel for 12 to 14 hours. If you are driving during daytime then you have a good night sleep but if you are travelling during night then 3 to 4 hours is too much.

  1. Try to plan ahead

Always be sure where you are going that will ensure your drive is relaxing and enjoyable. Make a plan for your route and the roads that you are going to take and use GPS or maps.Also be prepare where you will be able to stop for fuel, food, ablutions and safe resting spots along the way. For safety precautions try to be in touch with someone at your destination throughout the journey that will help them to know where you are at all the times.

2. Sleep the night before you leave

Think about the exhaustion before your journey and always try to sleep at least seven hours for two consecutive nights before the road trip to build your energy reserves. Avoid driving during night between 1 pm to 3 pm when the body's temperature is lower and and the people are naturally drowsy.

3. Take a break

By taking a break from driving after every two hours or 200 km which is recommended for a long distance trip. Grab a bite to eat and use bathroom and simply to stretch your legs.
In this way it will help you to boost your energy and get more relax and comfortable still the next stop.

4. Share the drive

By sharing drive with someone else you will be less likely to get tired behind the wheel and it will be recommended that you do not drive more than a total of ten hours in one day.

5. Dress for comfort in the car

Try to wear some comfortable or loose fitting clothes and shoes especially and try to take pillow if back tends to ache when you are behind the wheel for a extended period of time.
As you even know driving during a day it means your arms or legs were exposed to sunlight for long periods of time and always try to stay hydrated as much as possible.

6. Use some good scents

As you are travelling a long distance it always recommends keeping a source of peppermint scent nearby. When you feel that you need a boost, take a sniff that will reduce your fatigue and increase your alertness.

love respect entertainomania

Impressive Factors Of Love

This incident was happened in 2018 a girl named Tanu belongs from Uttar Pradesh, India were came to New Delhi, India for job after completed her post graduation. She started working somewhere in Dwarka, New Delhi, India.

After one month of her job she met with the guy Rohan who is also looking to join in the same organization.Suddenly he gets appointed and they both were started working in the same organization.

Though Rohan was appointed but his office is different.They both were started talking through chat regarding their official discussion. Days are going Tanu started calling everyday and ask "What's going on? How are you?" in this way they came close each other. Tanu sometimes feels irritate with Rohan's chat but Rohan always try to make her happy.Once Rohan get angry as sometimes Tanu feels irritate or try to neglect Rohan's word. Tanu says "Listen I don't need all this useless values. Do you want if I stop interacting with you?".

From that day they stop chat with each other.After few moments Rohan gets a call from Tanu regarding some official work. Unfortunately Rohan propose Tanu through SMS in which Tanu gets irritated and complained to her boss.Rohan gets a message from boss "Rohan I can't expect this from you what going on Rohan this is very illegal. Kindly stop doing this." Rohan gets scared from that message but he actually love Tanu. After few days he try to send message to Tanu and can't get any reply back. She call Rohan only for official work.

Suddenly Tanu calls Rohan to sit in their office as per the discussion with the higher authority. Rohan request Tanu "The distance is too far can you arrange any conveyance". Tanu ignores Rohan word and she replied "This is the last warning you have to come". Rohan started visiting their office and find Tanu try to ignore him in which he doesn't like to work over there. When Rohan try to talk with Tanu she giving complained to the higher authority. Suddenly Rohan gets irritated and shouted on the higher authority "You are no one to came between us".

As per the organization guidelines, Rohan misbehavior is un-tolerable suddenly they were planning to fire Rohan from the organization. Even the Tanu also support the higher authority for this. When Rohan gets a message from Tanu for leave within two days from their message he call Tanu and told "Today is my last day in this organization".

Moral: Never ignore a person who gives love and respect and if you find they used the word Love in a positive way then make them friends.

mental_hai_kya_photo entertainomania

The Trailer Launched Of 'Mental Hai Kya' Was Cancelled

The Ekta Kapoor's film 'Mental Hai Kya' starring Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao's trailer launch was postponed by the censor board due to various reasons.

As NGO's were giving complaint regarding this film in which "The word Mental they were using to make fun for mental peoples" said by NGO'S authorities. The NGO's were thinking whether they show any wrong in this film currently the controversy session is going on.

Due to this the Censor Board Of India were not providing any certification so the film has been postponed to later date. Though everything was ready earlier cutting a portion of the film and making a trailer but unfortunately they got the notice from the Censor Board for postponed.

On March 4th 2018, Ekta Kapoor revealed two posters of the film on Twitter and that poster depicting the a cross-eyed Ranaut and Rao holding up his middle fingers to his eyes.

Similarly on On 11 October 2018, the producers released a new poster which is a composite of the original two posters of a cross-eyed Ranaut and Rao holding up his middle fingers to reveal the film's release date. Finally they changed the release date to 26 July 2019 decided by Balaji Motion Pictures on 7th May 2019.

The two actors were last seen in the sleeper hit Queen. In this film their new looks show the pair screaming their lungs out. The producer Ekta Kapoor says "This film celebrates the beauty which in term imperfections and in being different and shouts out and the sanity is overrated. I’m really very much thrilled to work with Kangana and Raj on this one".

nasa entertainomania

NASA Newly Launched Two Missions

Recently the NASA launch two new missions to advance our understanding of the Sun and also it's dynamic effects on space weather.

From one of the selected missions will study how the Sun drives particles and energy into the solar system. The Sun generates a vast outpouring of those solar particles which is known as solar wind that can create a dynamic system of radiation in the space called as space weather.

Basically the launch date for the two missions is “no later than August 2022,” NASA said in a statement.

Though these missions will do big science, but they’re also special because they come in small packages, which means that we can launch them together and get more research for the price of a single launch,” Zurbuchen said.

The mission PUNCH or Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and Heliosphere basically focus on the Sun's outer atmostphere, also the corona and how it generates the solar wind, according to NASA.

The second or the another mission called as TRACERS or Tandem Re-connection and Cusp Electrodynamics Reconnaissance Satellites. It basically will observe particles and fields at the Earth’s northern magnetic cusp region – "it is the region encircling Earth’s pole, where our planet’s magnetic field lines curve down toward Earth". So here those field lines normally guide particles from the boundary between Earth’s magnetic field and interplanetary space down into the atmosphere

rainy day entertainomania

Essential Precautionary Tips During Rainy Day

The rains are very great delight due to scorching heat of summer. The cloudy sky and the rainfall in our plantation area give the scent of monsoon in which we feel relax from the tremendous heat of summer. So we are here to talk about how to stay healthy in monsoon season and it is not just talking about staying away from water logged areas or eating street food. Here we discuss some tips which makes the weather more enjoyable.

  1. Healthy Diet

During monsoon, the body and especially our digestive system are mostly prone to infections.The infections or the diseases mostly caused by water-borne so be sure that you should drink filtered as well as boiled water.
Try to avoid raw vegetables and salads which is unless consumed at home where you can wash and clean them thoroughly. Apart from this your favorite chaat, juices, golas, kulfis and other street food are normally off the menu.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

By drinking a boiled or a preferred clean water help you to prevent from water-borne diseases. Never try to compensate the liquid intake of carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks and also some other beverages as the preservatives and sugars in them act as diuretics.

3. Avoid Walking In Rain

By walking in the rain or getting wet and relax from heat sometimes may results in viral fever named as leptospirosis and can also cause numerous fungal infections at the feet and nails.

Even if your feet get wet or dry them immediately and avoid to stay in wet socks or shoes and sometimes when your clothes are getting wet do not try to sit in the AC environment change them immediately.

4. Clear Your Damp Indoors

The damp walls are normally the home for fungus growth and also the absolute no-no if you suffer from asthma or any other breathing problems.

5. Bath Twice A Day

The rain shower as soon as when you reach home in the evening will insulate you to fight against infections caused by the build up of sweat and dirt due to humidity. By taking a bath twice, it also makes you more relax and comfortable.

love entertainomania

Learn The Value Of True Love

It was the journey of three friends (Rahul, Somya and Sameer) as they are very close to each other. They were study in the same college of some University in Bhubaneswar which is held at Odisha, India.They joined University in 2008 to complete their graduation. Rahul and Sameer were staying in the same room. Rahul was always very excited to do something. He always try to visit others room and make gossip where Sameer likes those excitement but a little bit serious about his career.

After 7 days of joining in the hostel there class starts from 15th September 2008. The delay of classes caused due to huge rain in the state of Odisha. Though it was the first day of their college Rahul doesn't like to wear formal. But Sameer requested Rahul "Only few days we need to wear formal and we are getting old then the choice of dress will be yours". Rahul say "Ok if you are saying then let me try". They both were visiting their college and find some new friends meet with each other, getting the lecture notes feel sleepy inside the classroom by this way their days were going.

One day in the classroom, the personality development classes has been going on where everyone have to give presentation and it was the 20th day of their classes. Rahul gives the presentation on Mobile Computing in which he was looking smart in his dress and also presenting good. Everyone claps and even the faculty get impressed by Rahul performance. After the presentation session over, the winner is Rahul. Somya who is from Madhya Pradesh, giving congratulations to Rahul and also she told "It is not a easy task but you can do it". Rahul likes the Somya's word. Another day Somya meet the Rahul's room partner Sameer, as they all three were get together at library during lunch time everyday.

Days are going Rahul started chatting with Somya and like this they both were come in a relationship. It was April 2009, their 2nd semester over and also the first year over Rahul and Somya were feeling sad as their holiday starts from tomorrow and they were not in touch for two months. Sameer came over there and say "It is only two months why you both were worry so much you can chat with each other and also if you want can make calls". Rahul say "You are only the friend who can understand and give value to our relationship".On July 2009, they back from their hometown meet each other and feel happy that they were in the second year. They follow their same routine meet each other and make gossip and sometimes on Sunday they plan to visit somewhere.

It was 11th September 2011, now they were in the fourth year visited NandanKanan. They seen tigers and other animals. Somya "Hey that Tiger is so lovely I have a biscuit can you make them to eat". Rahul "Why not dear if you saying then it's always". Rahul came near to the tiger net along with biscuit unfortunately Sameer pushed him towards the net. The net does not locked properly Sameer get inside to the Tiger's mouth. Unfortunately the ring master came and save Rahul. They asked Sameer "Why you are doing this?".Sameer "Somya is only for me and every time I find you as a winner even though I am sincere and hardworking". Somya "Have you gone mad Sameer?". After this incident, Rahul change his room and also some actions taken by University on Sameer.

As the days are going Somya visited the class properly even sometimes she fight with Rahul even Rahul try to make her relax. She was getting depressed and can't find a path to do something good for both Rahul and Sameer. For her the situation is she can't left Rahul and love with Sameer but she can't forget those words and values of Sameer.

The day is 2nd February 2012 and the time around 9:30pm, when everyone takes dinner in the hostel. The news came on the television that a girl doing suicide by intake of poison and her name is Somya which is very disappointed news for Rahul as he cannot save her love. Sameer still in police custody as the University those actions. Rahul now is at Mumbai his hometown running his own business.

Moral: Have a sincere or discipline doesn't make sense a good person.The mistake done by Somya by doing suicide as she doesn't understand the value of true love.

plant entertainomania

Keep Your Garden Healthy During Summer

In the summer it becomes very difficult to keep the plants in your garden healthy as well as strong. But there are as many reasons to keep your plants cool and properly hydrated. Due to the excessive sunlight you must protect your garden by providing inadequate moisture and shade.

Like human beings and animals, plants is also a living organism which helps you to stay away from pollution and keep your environment green and healthy.So this will be your responsibility to protect the plant by taking some necessary steps:

  1. Use irrigation hoses and soakers
    When there is extreme hot outside, so the best way to put water into the garden by using irrigation or soaker hoses. As it is slightly different from each other but both deliver water slowly to the plant roots which prevents evaporation and saves water.

2. Mulch

As the direct sunlight can wreak havoc on your plants but mulch reflective kinds such as dry grass clippings.By mulching it reduces the maintenance chores and also saves water by reducing evaporation.

Some other mulching options like straw, alfalfa, newspaper, black plastic sheeting.Though wood is one of the popular mulch because it will shade the soil from the sun and breakdown over time.

3. Early morning watering

During the hot summer months, it is one of the best way to water your garden in the early morning before the sun starts beating down. If you wait until midday or even early afternoon, most of the water will likely evaporate before it travels the plant roots. Apart from this, you may also provide watering to the plants in the evening or after sunset which makes your plant hydrated and healthy during night.

4. Shade cloth and row covers

There is another way to prevent the heat stress by protect your crops from the direct sunlight which is a shade cloth or row cover. Though there is numerous range of option but Rimol basically offers a variety of shade structure which is vetted by gardening professionals.So if you cover up your plant too closely, the helpful insect such as bees won't be able to work their magic as the heat gets trapped and will be defeat the purpose of shading.

5. Keep your lawn 3-6 inches

Due to the longer grass which has a bit of shading effect that helps the soil retains moisture.But to get a effective plantation, keep your grass at least 3 inches long. Due to the extreme heat, it is the best to have the grass closer to 6 inches.

Hope this above information will be helpful to keep your garden strong as well as healthy.

delhi heat wave entertainomania

Heat Waves Highest Ever In June

It has been reported that the temperature of New Delhi is at 48 degree which is above the temperature recorded in Rajasthan this summer.The North India has been struggling under an unrelenting heat wave.The temperature of Safdarjung has lower which is roughly 14 km away.

The temperature is 48 degree at Palam today. The earlier high temperature 47.8 degree Celsius was recorded in June 2014 at Palam. The all-time record for Delhi is at 48.4 degree Celsius, recorded on May 26, 1998. In May 2016, Phalodi in Rajasthan recorded India's highest-ever temperature of 51 Celsius.

Some amount of relief is mostly expected after tomorrow night as per the Indian Meteorological Office has predicted thunderstorm.

Heat wave is declared when temperature remains at 45 degree and above for two days running. Basically it gets the "severe" tag when mercury touches 47. Temperature of 48 and above has been mostly recorded in Rajasthan this summer. Churu which has been one of the hottest place for days. The pattern of frequent heat waves in the country is part of the climate change that is making itself felt across the globe.

Sometimes you can treat heat exhaustion yourself by:

Rest In Cool Places : Get into the air-conditioned room, try to find some shady spot or sit infront of a fan.

Drink Cool Fluids: Drinking plenty of glucose water will keep you stay healthy.Try to avoid alcoholic beverages which may result in dehydration.

Cooling Measures: Take a cool shower or soak into a cool bath. Put towel soaked in cool water on your skin.Sometimes soaking into cool pondor stream can help your temperature down.

Loosen clothing: Try to avoid unnecessary clothing and make sure your clothes are lightweight and nonbinding.

manali entertainomania

Unforgettable Journey Of Five Friends

The story is based on five friends(Rohan, Arushi, Tanu, Ankita, Raj) who were study in the same college. Everyday at lunch there is a group meeting, each of them happy to share their personal experiences throughout the day. Sometimes on the weekned they were planning to visit somewhere to get enjoyed and refresh their mind. It was Friday 06-May-2011, they were planned to visit Manali which is around 537km from their source Delhi. Rohan and Arushi were so excited as even they were in the relationship. On the evening of Friday,Rohan and Arushi went for shopping spent few hours with each other and finally they get a call from Tanu "Come for dinner we are going to start our journey within 2 hours".

Tanu's parents were not so happy as they didn't like to do any journey during nights.Her parents call and told "Please try to understand don't go with them as you are my princess".Tanu replied "Thanks mom but I like you they are also my friends you don't need to worry".

It was around 10:00 pm they were started their journey from Karol Bagh, New Delhi. They were playing music inside the car and enjoy themselves. After 150km, they seen a man want lift as they all are getting shocked "Who is that man in the dark night?".Ankita said"Raj don't stop the car as I don't think that this man actually take a lift". Raj replied "Ankita there is someone who needs helps and if we do a little help then what will be the issue.Please try to understand this".

They came in front of the man and asked "What you need?".The man replied "After a few distance nothing is safe it is too dangerous".Rohan asked "What dangerous and how you came over here? Please come and get into the car".The man replied "But I don't want to go on this way please take some other way". Suddenly Raj feels irritate and say "If you don't want to go on this way then thanks take some other lift".Tanu replied "O God what is happening over here".They ignore that man and move forward. After a few distance they find one car with broken glasses. Tanu say "Don't wait and move forward". But Rohan and Raj came out from the car and move forward to that car with broken glasses. When they reach near to that car they find ladies bag and gents purse. When they open that purse they find the photo of that man who want lift within a hours back.

They all are getting scared and get into the car finally they move forward. Ankita and Tanu say "As we are telling the same thing there is something wrong but you guys didn't listen to us".Unfortunately they find a town and at the end of that town they find one dhaba. They stop their car and move towards the dhaba and asked that dhaba person "Whether this road is safe to travel or not as we find one broken car a hour back?". The dhaba person replied "Yes that was the incident around 2 years back there was a couple who are in a relationship who plan to visit Manali before 3 days of the marriage as his girlfriend forced her.
But that was very worst situation for them they died due to accident".

Rohan say "But how is this possible we meet this person about an hour ago". The dhaba man say "Yes you are right but that was his evil spirit who always try to take revenge when they found any relationship" .Tanu say "But we all are friends where is the relationship exists". Raj spoke "Yes there is presence of relationship Rohan and Arushi".

Finally they were planning to back home, they were started and move towards Delhi and everyone pray God to safe their life. Unfortunately they find something flying over their car with a black shadow. They all are getting scared that black shadow put a hole on the top of the car. Suddenly Tanu judge that black shadow were hole in that place where Rohan and Arushi seats.

After 10 minutes, they found the road has been blocked due to fall of trees. They came out from the car and find that man who wants lift along with his girlfriend. Suddenly they came in front of Rohan and Arushi and both were killed. Tanu, Ankita and Raj were run from that place and they find a lift to go back Delhi. But they still miss their friends and now all are getting married, they meet each other but that incident was unforgettable for them.

super 30 entertainomania

Trailer Super 30 Change The Education System

As this plot is based on the famous mathematician Anand Kumar's life in which the film has Hrithik Roshan as in the lead role. The film also stars Pankaj Tripathi, Mrunal Thakur, Virendra Saxena and some others.

Thought Hrithik Roshan's Super 30 has been making after a very long time gap. After a months of delay with a huge impatience film is ready to release on July.The makers also launched the trailer for this film today.

The film is based on the mathematician Anand Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and become very difficult to fit in the character if you watch the trailer you can understand this better.

This film is basically on the life of Mr. Anand Kumar from being a mathematics teacher at local tution centre to open his personal institute which not uplifts the oppressed students but it also helps to prepare for an entrance examination. Apart from this, he faced some difficulties from the strong section of the society.

In this trailer it shows that Hrithik Roshan gathers all students from a good background to achieve their target. In some other scenes, he motivating them for good jobs marine architect, scientist on NASA,engineer and some others.

So grab the good things from this film which must help you to succeed in future. In other way, learn the good things, implement it to achieve the target. Look into the depth of success that motivates you to work hard. Understand the life of teacher also focus how a teacher can help their students to achieve their target.

Click Here To Watch The Trailer

relationship entertainomania

Basic Facts To Make Your Relationship Stronger

Relationship mostly refer to family relatives, love relation, relation with seniors etc. as it varies from the kind of relationship. It plays the role of interpersonal relationship which is a strong or close association between two or more peoples which may differ in context of family relation, friendship, marriage, work, clubs and places of worship. So these are regulated by law on the basis of society as a whole.

Every relationship requires both work and dedication. The amount of love also requires but not enough. Many people make their relation as cakewalk which is not easy for them. They are just unraveled the secrets of long lasting relationship faster.

  1. Treat each other as it started today and you wish to keep it forever

Think like every new day you are doing some good for your relationship to make strong which will be kept in the history forever. Show your love and give respect to the other's love and this makes the weight-age that you are doing something good in relationship for today.

2. Keep Your Romance Alive

As in the case of romance relationship this must be very important to keep your relationship alive.Understand each others problem and try to find a solution for the same problem apart from fight.Whenever any bad situation comes like fight or anything else you must about the past relationship with each other and feel scared "If I fight relationship will no more". Always try to surprise each other once in a while this makes a relationship larger. The surprise in the sense it doesn't always mean what you want you get from your partner. Try to accept the surprise to keep longer relationship apart from looking the product in the surprise. Surprise may comes in various format like love,gifts,meeting with someone special etc.You can get all these easily from others but accepting the surprise, make them happy and keeping a good relationship with that person is really matters. Breaking up a relationship is very easy task for everyone but those who keep alive they understand the value of relationship.

3. Always Be Open To Compromises

Compromises in every relationship is one of the important factor. As you even know without compromises or understanding the relationship will be no longer. Understanding the situation, discuss or try to compromise each other with that particular situation. The compromise plays a vital role in the relationship.Apart from this compromise also requires psychology to understand the other's nature.

Even you might see the person sales person always try to create good relationship with their clients. So they also need to understand the client's psychology to compromise.

4. Avoid the bitter past dictate

This basically comes under the romantic relationship which may fate your relationship. Avoid telling stories about your bitter past always be focus on the good situation. If you think good and always try to do something good then bitter past or any bad experience in the past will never come to your mind.

5. Never compare your partner or relationship with others

Be positive always about your partner as it doesn't make the sense of comparing. Sometimes it may happen with whom you are comparing, they doesn't have those as what you are already got.Don't judge the look of the relationship which makes the end of your relationship.

cricket world cup 2019 entertainomania

ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup: Who will be the winner?

This ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 which has been hosted in England from 30th May 2019 to 14th July 2019.

So there are 10 teams on this ICC Cricket World Cup and will play each other in some round-robin format.Like every time, the top four at the end of the group stage will enter into the semi finals, from there the winner will be chosen who will be playing in the final.

The team Australia were the champions in 2015 when they beat New Zealand by seven wickets.Though England has never won any World Cup despite of reaching three finals. Here is the list of World Cup won since 1975:

  • In 1975, the team West Indies beat Australia by 17 runs
  • In 1979, the team West Indies beat England by 92 runs
  • In 1983, the team India beat West Indies by 43 runs
  • In 1987, the team Australia beat England by seven runs
  • In 1992, the team Pakistan beat England by 22 runs
  • In 1996, the team Sri Lanka beat Australia by seven wickets
  • In 1999, the team Australia beat Pakistan by eight wickets
  • In 2003, the team Australia beat India by 125 runs
  • In 2007, the team Australia beat Sri Lanka by 53 runs
  • In 2011, the team India beat Sri Lanka by six wickets
  • In 2015, the team Australia beat New Zealand by seven wickets

Now we are in 2019, support your favorite team & help them to achieve their goal on this 2019 World Cup.You may share some tips about your favorite team in our comment section that reach in million number of users.During the announcement of the qualification structure, the ICC along with their Affiliate members who are guarantee four spots in the previous two World Cup tournaments were represented by at least two teams.

At the time of Pulwana attack, the several former's Indian players and BCCI were called for boycott the group match fixture between India and Pakistan as they were planning to ban the Pakistan team from this tournament.But unfortunately after the press meeting held at Dubai, the ICC were rejected the BCCI statement regarding banning Pakistan from the World Cup.

Click Here To Download The List Of Matches On This 2019 World Cup

meerut case entertainomania

Know About The Meerut Case : A Suicide or Murder

It has found that a man from a Meerut city were forget to delete his personal pictures with his former girlfriend before selling of that mobile phone.In other way, it was the harmless selling of mobile phone by a man.

But the man who bought the mobile phone took the advantage of it and made those pictures viral that ensued was a trail of suicide and a murder. Basically all this things happens in the Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh.

As per the report, Shubham Kumar sold off his phone to Anuj Prajapati but he did not deleted the intimate pictures of his ex-girlfriend who was married about a years ago. But the Prajapati very badly made all the private pictures go viral. When the woman came across those pictures on social media, she decided to take the drastic step.The 35 year old woman along with 5 year old son committed suicide by jumping from a bridge near to Gang Nahar canal.Anyhow the son saved by the drivers.Before this step, the woman call her husband from the number of a kiosk owner.The police ascertain the identity of the woman after tracing the mobile number of the victim's husband. Shubham also killed Prajapati May 23rd after knowing on about the leakage of pictures.As per CCTV footage, Shubham and his friends Prajapati in the murder case.Though Shubham was arrested by Sharanpur police after the encounter.

As you have seen in this case that a 35 year old woman were committed suicide due to the mistake made by her former husband.Even it is also very sad to know that she has 5 year old son. According to this incident, it may vary from person to person like Prajapati created the scene which hang to death. If Prajapati delete those private images apart from sharing on social media then everything goes well.Though it is one of the unbelievable incident so check yourself once before you are going to sell your product.

personality development entertainomania

Exciting Hacks To Improve Your Personality

In general terms, personality is defined as a set of characteristics possessed by a person to define it's persona or the characteristics way of thinking, feeling as well as behaving. One may find the differences in particular personality i.e., sociability or irritability.

As per the research found the personality disorder due to the genetics, abuse as well as some of the other factors that contribute to the development of obsessive -compulsive etc. The psychologists even observe that the opposites attract in couples due to personality disorder.

Many of them think that the personality is something which is completely depend on looks but this kind of perception is not true among peoples. Looks is just the part of personality but your personality doesn't depend on your looks. Let's discuss some of the tips that may help you to grooming your personality.

  1. Personality On Dressing Sense

It is one of the important factor in the personality. The perfect dress can makes you look good even your looks are not so attractive.Always try to wear something that makes you feel comfortable as well as confident. Additionally you may focus that your attire must match with the occasion and the environment. You must wear formal dress in formal events and if your personality is attractive and impressive then you must check what to wear which makes you looks smart.

2. Interact With People

This matters a lot in the personality. The way interact makes you attractive and impressive that depends on you.One may improve their interaction by interacting with many peoples.

Apart from this, you may also try to socialize more.Try to meet with those people who are completely different from your nature then only you learn more things and that makes your thinking range wider.

3. Be a Good Listener

Even if you notice that the people always love to talk with someone those who can listen to them properly. It is very common whenever you meet new people try to listen them properly. This listening helps you gain more and more information.

But also notice that listening should not be bored the whole conversation.While listening, you must give value to that person that you are interested in listening to him.

4. Explore more and more expand your interest

As even you know everyone loves to talk with the knowledgable person. If you have lot of knowledge then people get automatically attracted towards you.In other way, we must say keep trying to enhance your knowledge.Try to explore the things and read more so as to make yourself more knowledgable.

5. Show Your Positive Outlook

People do not prefer to someone those who have no opinion. The people always try to get attracted towards those who have positive look. Always try to showcase your positive thinking when you meet people.

mumbai pune expressway entertainomania

Always Knock On The Right Decision

The incident took place in 2010 at Mumbai to Pune Expressway which spans connecting Mumbai, the capital of the state Maharashtra along with the Pune the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The family of Sunil Saxena were planned to visit Mumbai for his daughter marriage as she already have a boyfriend so they were planning to meet with them.

It was 23 Aug 2010, the family of Sunil's wife(Akansha), Son(Nikhil), Daughter(Arushi) and his father were started travelling to Mumbai and time is 14:00 pm.It is very nearest to the Expressway they packed the some foods from Dhaba and started travelling. On the way Sunil found some shortcut apart from the Expressway, he thinks to go that route but his father and his wife were not agreed to his request.In a moment, Nikhil came out from the car and try to feel relaxed and enjoy with the green jungle.After few minutes staying over there they think to take shortcut as they will reach early to the destination.

Suddenly when they start the car, a old woman came near to car and knock on the glass, everyone get scared but Sunil opens the glass and ask "What happen why you came here?Do you need any help?".She replied "No I just to say this shortcut road is good to reach early even you find hotels and shops".Sunil replied "Thanks for the information".After taking the shortcut, her father seen the woman get vanished.He was getting too much scared and say "The old woman get vanished I told you this is not the right way Sunil please try to understand this even you see here is only jungle no other travelers travelling on this road".After half and hour they seen a bike-man standing in front of them, the bike-man told "Don't go further on this as their is a presence of evil spirits better go from the highway". Sunil and his family ignore that man and move forward on the same road.

Unfortunately within a hour, they found the Tyre of the car get shrink his father and his wife get disappointed and they pray to God to reach home anyway as soon as possible. Sunil told to his family don't worry let's see if I find any mechanic. The Sunil found the mechanic and the car gets repaired and Nikhil gets shocked that his phone got the network. Nikhil thinks "What is connection with this car repair and my mobile network". Arushi said "Please left all this and move to home as it is already too late now it is 5:30pm". Sunil said "Are you getting afraid or feel shy for your marriage?". They started travelling but found that road has no ends. Keep travelling and found that the speedometer on the road shown 55 km Mumbai at every half and hour.

Now the actual story begins here, they all are getting scared suddenly Sunil find another way they think to travel on that way. After travelling 3km, they found someone fly over the car and they meet that same bike-man standing in front of their car.The bike-man told "See I am not any bike-man or something else I am a policeman for providing safety on this area as I told you all this place is not good why you all are travelling forward" even he show the list of person who died on travelling into this road and also they seen the mechanic in that same list.They all are getting shocked "How this possible? He repaired our car". The policeman said "As I told they are evil spirits they can be anywhere with any human face". Sunil ask "So what we do further to escape from this place?".The policeman give one little Ganesh sculpture and told put this on your car and follow me will take you on the expressway. They were agreed but not fully as thinks that whether he is right man or not. After one hour Akansha seen a Expressway and everyone gets smile on their face. Giving thanks to that policeman and told "If you are not present then today may be our last day".

Moral: Always try to understand the good as well as bad then knock on to the further decision.

huwaei mate 20 entertainomania copy

Google Removes Huawei Mate 20b Pro From Android Q Beta

As per the current controversy among the Google,Huawei as well as the US, the model Huawei Mate 20 Pro has been successfully removed from the Google Android Q Beta page.Though it has been unclear from the fact that Google removed the device by the extensive roster or after the Huawei has granted the temporary license.

The Google further adds some uncertainty regarding the future updates of Huawei devices.As it becomes increasingly the Mate 30 as well as the Mate 30 Pro were fall in a shortage of a home brewed OD pre-installed. Apart from this, the Huawei Mate Pro developer page the update is still up and running but the Google claims claims the services like Google Play will continue their work on Huawei's devices.

The analyst said that it has been one of the big problems for the company internationally which is nearly the half of the shipment goes.The U.S tech has suspended the business activity with Huawei that involves the transfer of hardware, software as well as key technical devices.

It has been a huge blow for the Chinese firm whose production of Android smartphones are going to stops the sells outside of China.In China, the company uses the modified version of Android OS which doesn't contain pre-installed apps but the outside market of China the smartphones runs Android completely with Google apps.

exercise entertainomania

Some Of The Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise

You know exercise keeps your body healthy and it also makes you look good.You even feel energetic.Basically the health benefits of regular exercise are really hard to ignore as everyone get benefit from exercise,regardless of age,sex or any physical ability.

Though from boosting your mood to improving your sex life, here some of the tips you must need to follow:

  1. Exercise controls your weight

Those who want to prevent from the excessive gaining of weight or in other way to maintain weight loss.As it has been observed that when you engage in pohysical activity,you may burn calories.

Regular exercise is good for health but don't worry if you didn't get time to exercise everyday.The actual benefit of exercise is getting more active throughout the day.

2. Controls Health Condition and Diseases

Are you worried about heart disease? Do you want to prevent from high blood pressure? No matter about your current weight but always try to boost the HDL cholesterol which reduces your unhealthy triglycerides.This may decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Some diseases you may prevent from regular exercise:

  • Stroke
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabeties
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Many types of cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Falls

3. Improves Your Mood

If you are emotionally stressed or you are feeling depression.The daily physical activity session stimulates your brain chemicals which makes you feel happier, more relaxed etc.
Apart from this, you may feel better about your appearence when you exercise daily and also boost yoiur confidence and self-esteem.

4. Have A Better Sleep Experience

The regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster which get better and deepen to your sleep.Do not exercise which will be too close during bedtime or you may too energized to go to your sleep.

5. Improving Your Sex Life And Be Fun And Social

The regular exercise also helps to boost your sex life.The men who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction and it also enhance the arousal for women.

Apart from this you may have fun in participate in social activities like taking a dance class or join a team or you may find some physical activity to engage.Even if you feel bored, try to do some new things with your family and friends.

bitcoin entertainomania

Bitcoin Hit Another Record In 2019

As we all know that Bitcoin or we call as cryptocurrency has hit a new record by surpassing the $8000 for the first time in this year.As per CoinMarketCap, digital currency took the last stood around $8000 in July last year.

Though it has the world most famous cryptocurrency which has reached a new yearly high by pushing the past $5600 earlier this month.It has been very difficult to ascertain what has caused Bitcoin price to surge in recent weeks.

The latest Samsumg Galaxy S10's cryptocurrency and blockchain features, it is one of the Korean tech giant which is looking to trickle the technology down due to it's budget smartphones.

As it has been observed that the Samsung will expand the availability of it's blockchain services after the Korea, United States and Canada.The rumors has been spread that the Samsung has currently worked on cryptocurrency as well as blockchain features for it's flagship.

Apart from this, those who are new about this cryptocurrency you must know about the steps of using a bitcoin.This are such kind of coins which has been transferred digitally.For them, there is no presence of banks etc. It follows encryption-decryption method to transfer from sender to receiver's end.The technique of this bitcoin has mostly been used in Singapore, Australia and some other countries.

The advantages of this coin can help lower transaction fees. One may able to send bitcoin and get money anywhere in the world.The system is extremely hard to breach as uncommonly safe due to some mathematical algorithms in which the transaction of Bitcoin based.Now is the time not to worry about crossing border or rescheduling of bank holidays.

mothers day entertainomania

A Mother Understands What Child Does Not Say

Every year on this day we are celebrating something special for our mother. Many of them stay far from their family they send gifts or gift cards. It is the day to celebrate in the different parts of the world to give regards, respect and love towards moms.

If we are talking about the women empowerment, women have the capacity to brings new born to this world.Today's we are survey the world population across various countries and it always varies. So this variation is only because of women.Even we are talking about some great human being or the person having great personalities, he/she even come from their mother's womb.

This Mother's Day was created by Anna Jarvis in the year 1908 which is one of the official holidays in U.S. This day is specially presenting moms with flowers, cards and gifts. Jarvis of West Virgina started "Mother's Day Work Clubs" to teach local women's that how to properly care for their children.

Here we are mention some to the ways to celebrate mother's day:

Bring Flower

Well this is all about the bouquet with flowers that symbolize your relationship or you may simply pick the flower for your own mother.

Give Your Mom A New Plant

If your mom having a green thumb, then you must giving her a new plant for collection.Perhaps it may be a rosewood,orchids etc.

Design And Plant A Garden

Gift her a small garden which you can buy plants and also plant them in the garden basically the spring blooming plants or summer bloomming plants.

Bring Mom Breakfast In Bed

Waiting for your mom to wake uo with some delicious food or you may delight your mom with strawberry crepes.Cut down the strawberry into hear shapes.

road entertainomania

Never Take Wrong Challenge Even If You Know It

It was the story in 2011 both the brothers Arun and Vivek were gone for a long drive and that was unplanned trip. The younger one told to the elder to visit his sister's home and enjoy over there.

Arun agreed to his younger brother and they plan to visit over there. Suddenly after half and hour, their car gives a trouble. Arun drive the car and reacted "O shit!! such a bad time".When they came out from the car seen that tyre gets shrink. They both lost their hope and searching for mechanics as in such moment, Vivek also tries to take lift from others.

Within a hour, they seen a white car coming towards them they were trying to take lift and the car stopped.When they visit near to the car they found their sister with husband. They were felt happy and plan for visit Delhi from Jaipur. They start travelling and Vivek seen the Bhangarh Fort, they even talking themselves about the place. Vivek forcing them to stay in the evening, Arun though agreed but his sister Anjali and his husband Karan were not agreed as they even heard about the dangerous things happened in this place. As it was the afternoon time, they were planning to take lunch to the nearest restaurant or dhaba and the time is around 4:00pm. Karan feel tied and think about the Vivek word and finally he told "Ok we have to visit Bhangarh but will left that place before evening".

They reached over there, take entry and seen some old temples but no murtis. Keep moving here and there finally they plan to left the place and time is 6:00pm when they reached to the gate it was closed . Anjali started crying and say "We all are dying it is your fault Karan". They have only two bottles of water which is very difficult to stay in the whole night.

Around 9:00pm they all are try to sleep, unfortunately Karan heard some girl is crying. Anjali inquired "what happen?" suddenly they all heard the same sound after 5 minutes. In the whole they all stay together and pray to God as they understand there is a presence of something. The time about to be 3:30 am they heard some loud sound as somebody get killed. Seen some noisy air with a black smoke try to come close as they all worship god so they still safe.

Time is now 5:30am, they were planned to visit near to the gate and found open get into the car and left that place. Anjali keep crying and others were getting scared. Finally they visited their sister's home.

Moral: It is the thankful to the God that they all were safe.Never visit or taking challenge in wrong place even if you heard that the place is not safe. Sometimes it may be dangerous.

travel entertainomania

Impressive Facts and Features On Travel

As everyone knows that travelling makes you an excitement.Sometimes it may depend on the types of travel as say for instance long drive at night,tour visit or adventurous travel which makes you feel happy it seems to be dangerous.

We are going to talk about the adventurous travel actually this travel are always unplanned and trying to discover or experienced some new things by visiting different places across the world.

This is extremely for those who brave and always be proceed with optimism and confidence that may rewarded you handsomely. Capture the essence as what you experienced and share with others and tell a story that makes other people to travel.

Apart from this, you must need to take care about your precautions as well as safety here we need to mention few of the travels and also their safety precautions:

1. Skydiving

Always try to use jumpsuits which is very common in skydiving by using this it makes your body warm and protected against the frigid cold air at very high altitudes.
Use helmets that must be fit on your head and should not be heavy.One thing you must sure that your helmet should be open faced.Use Goggles to protect your eyes.Gloves must be comfortable as per the equipment.
By taking all these precautions you must focus on those which you feel heavy that you must remove it immediately.

Use helmets that must be fit on your head and should not be heavy.One thing you must sure that your helmet should be open faced.Use Goggles to protect your eyes.Gloves must be comfortable as per the equipment.
By taking all these precautions you must focus on those which you feel heavy that you must remove it immediately.

2. Rockclimbing

In this scenario, you must check both the climber's and be layer's harness buckles must be doubled back.After this consider on the knots that whether it is tied correctly or finished with a backup knot.

Like skydiving, here also you must use a proper helmet as everyone knows that head injuries from rockfalls are serious life-changing events.Try to check the rope and belay device and also use a long rope.Always pay attention to the leader as they are one who take risks of falling.Get properly clip the rope and always try to climb with the rope over your leg.

These are some of the adventorous travelling where one must be always alert.On taking challenge to this adventorous travel you must be ensure that you can do it else never try this.

whatsapp groups entertainomania

Stop Making People Added You On WhatsApp Group

As everyone knows that like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger,Line etc Whatsapp is also one of the famous chat conversation tool in today's market.We are talking about the Whatsapp groups where you get irritable poems or lame jokes and you might be frustrated with the message Good morning.

Though Facebook has also a policy to stop making people added on the groups.Here is now the steps taken for Whatsapp.But just need to say one thing that before follow the steps you must need to download the latest version of Whatsapp.

Some steps to follow:

Just open Whatsapp on your phone

Then visit the Settings tab, then click on the Account tab

When you are on the Account section click on the Privacy

Tap on Groups

Then you see the three option "Everyone", "Contacts" and "Nobody"

By choosing "Nobody" the group admins doesn't send you further invitation in future.

Cyclone entertainomania

Cyclone Hits The Eastern India

It has been observed that nineteen districts of Odhisha, Bengal as well Andhra Pradesh are hit by cyclone.This cyclone occurs around 500 km from Odhisha. The East Coast of Railway has cancelled 22 trains most probably on Wednesday.

Though it has been a extreme severe cyclonic storm, but the Indian Metrological Department said that this cyclonic strom called or pronounced as FONI now it has been moving towards northwards with a speed of 5 kms per hour in last six hours & also been observed that on May 3rd the wind speed must be around 200 km/hr.

Cyclone is formed by the use of warm, moist air as fuel so always try to make your environment free from pollution and always try to planting more trees to make the environment healthy.Due to this it is basically form only over warm ocean waters near the equator.

This cyclonic storm is always dangerous depend on the wind speed sometimes it may result in disaster so better you may turn off the electricity to prevent from various short circuits also you may unplug all the devices. Always try to keep your emergency kit with you. Apart from this you must stay in the strongest part of the house which may prevent you from disaster. Keep listening the radio for latest cyclone updates.

couple entertainomania

Couple At DowHill Kurseong

The incident took place in the year 2015 a newly married couple named Mac & Shweta going for a honeymoon trip in Darjeeling from Siliguri. It hardly takes two half and hour to reached their hotel. Both Mac & Shweta are feeling happy in their travel and finally reached.

On the very second day they were planning to visit Dow Hill Kurseong, so they travel through train.Unfortunately, Shweta love the place and told Mac to stay one day over here.As Mac requested her "As I heard that this place is not safe to stay the whole night even I also heard about the murders". Still Shweta keep saying her husband then suddenly Mac decided to stay for one day.

They both were searching nearby hotels and they get it with a very good budget.The hotel manager told them not to visit the jungle in night.They asked them "What is the reason behind this?".The hotel manager replied "This place is not safe as many murders had done earlier it may be dangerous for you so it is better stay over here and get enjoyment".

At evening around 7:00pm, they both were feeling bored plan to walk for a few distance.During their walk they seen a man standing beside the road and tell them "Don't go further into the jungle as that place is not safe and it is haunted".They ignore that man and move forward to the jungle.Mac and Shweta both sitting together in the jungle and talks about their
future plan. Unfortunately they heard a little boy crying, they start searching but doesn't find anything.After 5-10 minutes they again heard the same crying and Shweta seen some boy near to the tree which is around 10 metre of distance.

They both asking "What happened? Why you are crying?" by slowly they came closer to that boy and found that a person with no head.They both were getting shocked run to their hotel.

On the next day they left the place and came back to the Darjeeling and that was the unexceptional situation.They can't believe that the place is really haunted.After a few days from that incident Shweta doesn't feel normal for a few days.

Now they both were happy and enjoy their life.

suicide entertainomania

Depressed Over Unsuccessful Life

The incident took place in the state of Maharashtra , India, "A 30 year old small businessman allegedly committed suicide by hanging
himself in his flat which is just two days ahead of his marriage that was scheduled for Saturday" said by the police.It has been
found on his suicide note that the deceased Nikhil Deshmukh purportedly wrote that he was going to end his life due to his unsuccessful life

"The Deshmukh told to his parents that he would be back in a short while but instead went to his flat, he did notreturn for a long time and unfortunately found dead" as the officials said and that was very sad news for his parents.

stay healthy entertainomania

Tips To Keep Your Body Cool & Healthy During Summer

  1. Try to Eat Pitta Pacifying Foods

Load up with the fruits like watermelon, pears, apples, berries etc.Apart from this pick vegetables like broccoli etc.

2. Avoid Those Foods That Warm Your Body

This foods provides heat to your body and hazardous.The foods like sour fruits, citrus foods, beetroots & carrots and some others that may heat up your body.The intake of garlic, tomato and salted cheese to avoid hamper your system.Try to eat more salads as they are cooling especially during lunch.

3. Try To Eat Always Right Time

Always eat when your digestive fire which is normally during lunch time.Avoid excessive intake of food during summer.Do your breakfast,lunch & dinner on time that makes you stay healthy and perfect.

4. Avoid Hot water or Beverages

Drinking hot beverages will result bad for your health.Try to drink beverages at room temperature in order to balance it & always try to drink plenty of normal water.

5. Avoid Exercise

Though it is always good to exercise early in the morning as it is the coolest part of the day.But engaging in exercise during other parts of the day may cause harm to your body.

6. Avoid Cold Drinks

As you even know that your digestive system causes serious health problems as it provides digestive fire.So by drinking chilled cold drinks result in various health problems.

earth day entertainomania

Celebrate The International Earth Day

It is the day that tells you to make your environment greenery so that we can inhale fresh air and also in this way one may protect the Earth.As everyone knows that Earth is only the planet where their is a presence of living beings, water etc. & we are proud to become a part of our big Earth.

On this Earth Day we need to clean your nearby environment, put water to the plants & also in this way we may also need to protect our species.

It is one of the International Earth Day celebrated across every parts of the world on 22nd of April. It is a day where we love to stay under the greenery trees and also need to clean up the nearby areas.

summer foods for healthy skin

Summer Diet To Make Your Skin Healthy

Maintaining your healthy diets mitigates the damaging effects from the sun.
From dry skin to wrinkles and dark spots, skin damage is a very real issue.
The serums containing Vitamin C which helps slough off dead skin cells and boost collagen.

Always try to consume fresh fruits & vegetables like broccoli, prunes, tomatoes, blueberries, cilantro and more

Apart from this you may also need to take 4L-5L intake of water daily.

easter day

Keep Calm & Celebrate Easter Day | Egg Play on Easter Day

Many Christians normally celebrate this Easter Day as Easter Sunday which is the day of Jesus Christ's resurrection.As per Gospel of John,the Mary Magdalene visited the tomb where Jesus was buried and found it empty.

Easter found on different dates in each year within a period of 21st Mar to 25th Apr that depends on when there is a presence of full moon in Spring.

Many Christians will spend time at church in prayer and celebration of Jesus Christ life and may get together with friends and family for a special meal.

android q

Android Q The Future Android Updates To Be Delivered Via The Google Play Store

It has been found that the Google’s Operating System Android which is one of the popular software in the world. Their popularity can be justified with the wide variety of compatible devices.

While the Reditt users get claimed which was a relatively small update package. This is one of the new way of pushing changes in software through the Google Play Store would be limited.

This suggests heavier files, like the ones packing major changes to the software, could still be delivered via the settings menu, as the conventional method.

facebook news

Working Again After Outages

This three big giants Facebook ,Instagram & Whats App working again after outages.

Though finally it has been observed that the issue comes after Facebook experienced one of its longest outages in March 2019 when some users around the globe could not access Facebook, Instagram & Whats app for long period of time or it has been like more than 24 hours.

It is one of the good news for all of us as we are already on Facebook for a longer period of time and again after this outages we are continue to use it.

muscle blaze

Buy Muscle Blaze Raw Whey Protein & Stay Healthy

It is one of the unflavored protein supplement which can be used in as per the customer wants in different flavors for each serving Protein cake, Protein bar, Protein smoothie.

Take it regularly most probably after gym.By intake of Muscle Blaze you may need to control your diet plan.It is one of the minimal processing ensures the nutrients of the Whey protein are preserved as in the original Whey Protein powder.

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house on fire delhi

House On Fire

New Delhi 12 Apr 2019: The incident took place on the last night Thursday around 3:00PM, it has been observed that a huge amount of smoke came from the house located at Block C of Shardapuri near to Ramesh Nagar. After a few minutes it finds that the house is on fire.

The police reached the spot with fire engines and it hardly takes around half an hour to stop the fire.As per report "Everyone is safe only few things are getting damaged" said by Delhi police.

karol bagh haunted place

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal in Karol Bagh , New Delhi, India

As we already that Karol Bagh is one of busy market in Delhi, but it has some hidden secret.
That particular area has identified by Delhi’s new landmark which have huge Hanuman Statue. Behind right of it there is a presence of Bagga Link, a small road goes deep into the Southern Ridge of Delhi. Even if you advance few hundred meters on this road, a strange structure on your right will cast a spell on you.

So this structure has claimed a most haunted place in Delhi.The only thing that blocks the massive structure is a note written at entrance, which tells people not to visit this place after sunset.

The govt. employees those who have associated with place there is no security guard aligned for this place as there is something suspicious & scary here .

If you want to try visit this place then it is already available on Google Map

Best Friends EntertainOMania

Having A Best Friend

This story is about the two friends were walking through the desert. Around their journey they had an argument in which one friend slapped the other one in the face.

The one who got slapped was getting hurt and without saying anything just wrote in the sand

“Today the best friend slapped me on my face.”

They both were still walking until they found an oasis, where they decided to take a bath. The one who had been slapped got stuck in mire and started drowning but the friend saved him. After getting recovered from drowning he wrote on a stone

“Today my best friend saved my life.”

The friend who had slapped and saved his the life of his best friend were asked him;

“When you hurts earlier, you wrote in the sand and now, you write on a stone, why?”

The other friend replied;

“When someone hurts us we must write down into the sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But, when someone do something good for us, we must cut or carve it in stone where no wind can ever erase it.”

Moral of the story:
Don’t put values on those things which you have in your life. But value who you have in your life.

food bleach tips

Tips To Know How To Use Food As Skin Bleach?

To make a natural skin bleach just mixing together orange juice and turmeric powder. 
Apply this to your skin for 20-30 minutes daily.

You may also mash a papaya and mix it with lemon juice to create a paste that will cleanse and lighten your skin.
Leave it on your skin for 20-30 minutes at least once a week.

Alternatively, rub plain yogurt onto your skin, let it sit for a few minutes, and repeat this once a day for three weeks.

Apply yogurt to your skin

Yogurt contains many natural ingredients that are good for skin.

Create an orange solution

Orange contains Vitamin C, which is one of the popular ingredients for your skin.

Use papayas

Papayas are regularly used in beauty products and can naturally lighten your skin.

Use cucumbers

The collagen in cucumber which makes your skin supple and firm. This features are said to enhance a lighter skin tone.

Exfoliate your skin using oatmeal

Exfoliating your skin encourages the growth of new skin cells by scrubbing it with an abrasive cleanser.

suicide entertainomania

Two girls commit suicide in Hyderabad

This is another incident, a 13-year-old girl, studying class VII, jumped to death from the sixth floor of their residential building on Friday night.

The two teenage girls allegedly committed suicide in separate incidents in Hyderabad after reportedly being told by their family members not use the cell phone excessively and cut down on TV viewing in view of annual exams, police said on Sunday. 

She was asked by family members not to watch TV and use cell phone much, the police said. Cases of suicide had been registered and further investigation was on, they added. 

Apart from this this has been a very serious case of accident which is unbelievable as a very young girl hang to death.This technical gadget are very helpful for users but sometimes it may be dangerous in the sense it may kill the person.

sinful sunday entertainomania

Have A Sinful Sunday!

Learn some new things and get ready to enjoy your holiday.

Make a visit somewhere with your friends or relatives and do some fun related activities.You may visit some historical places take photographs and learn about the places.

Utilize this Sunday by spending more time on your personal work as compared to any other or official work.




The Farmer and the Snake

Once upon a time, a Farmer walked through his field one cold winter morning. At ground the Snake, the Stiff and frozen with the cold. The Farmer know how deadly be the Snake and yet he tried to picked it up and put it in his bosom to warm it back to life.

The Snake soon revived and when it had enough strength, unfortunately bit the man who had been so kind to it. The bite was deadly it makes the Farmer felt that he must die. Though as he drew his last breath and said to those standing around, “Learn from my fate do not take pity on a scoundrel”.

So the moral value of this story is completely based on some who never changes their nature, regardless of how good we behave with them & always stay alert in life and try to maintain the distance from those who are there only thinking about their own benefits.

carnivorous entertainomania

Some True Facts About Carnivorous Plants

you may get some of the true facts of carnivorous plants.This plants derive from trapping and consuming animals or protozoans, typically insects and other arthropods.

Can a carnivorous plant eat a human?

Any of these plant are capable of posing a threat to the human.The largest meat eating plants are like Nepenthes. It basically traps frogs, rat has been found dead digesting in it's juices.

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boeing ethiopia flight crash

Ethiopian Airlines pilots struggled with Boeing's anti-stall system

On 5th Mar 2019, the pilots were getting bombarded by the alarms as they fought to fly the plane so in that moment it pulling back into the unison of their control columns which is very desperate attempt to keep the huge jet aloft.

The Ethiopian authorities issued a preliminary report on Thursday 10 March 2019 crash that killed 157 people. They found that a malfunctioning sensor sent faulty data to the Boeing 737 Max 8′s anti-stall system and triggered a chain of events that ended in a crash which was so violent and that reduced the plane into pieces and shards.

Though it happens extremely dangerous due to the malfunctioning of the sensor that sent faulty data to the Boeing 737.This incident has been recorded in the history and further investigation will be still under process.

mother tears entertainomania

What the worth of mother's tears is

Here in this video it describes the value of mother's tears.You can be rich.

You can be a multi millionaire

But mother tears is like diamond it describes where you are from & who are you??

Always try to remember that mother is one who brings you in this world.She starts teaching you from the childhood days. How to survive in this world? How to to talk with others? Even you become a success then that also due to your parents.So please keep try to respect your parents, elders as well as seniors & this will make you find the way of growing yourself as a perfect human being.

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meeting entertainomania

A chance meeting changed her life

Enjoy your life & properly utilize your holidays as even you know once a day gone it will never come back.

In a very simple way work and other things are always there but if you leave your enjoyment and always focus on official that will sometimes make you bore.So if you have holidays spent time with your children or visiting to neighbor's house or plan to visit somewhere.

The other way we can say that keep working and also enjoying your holiday.


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entertainomania nut

Nutrition & Recovery FREE Lessons

Get FREE Lessons on Nutrition & Recovery by Shaumik Saha & also know about the latest diet tips.

This book covers FREE calorie Sample Diet Plan

Bulking/Cutting Guidelines

Do Supplements help?

Why Nutrition & Rest is Important?

Apart from this this book also helps in How you can maintain your diet?Diet plans for you and some other details.You may also find what will be the best diet for the person who suffering from sugar or various other diseases.This book not only helps you the best nutrients supplements for diseases or staying healthy but it gives you a presence of mind with a better diet control.

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entertainomania redmi

Xiaomi Redmi Go next sale in India scheduled for April 4

The biggest highlights of the Xiaomi Redmi Go smartphone include a compact design, Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 SoC, 5-inch (1280 x 720pixels) HD display, dual microphones, 4G VoLTE and more. The Xiaomi Redmi Go price in India has been fixed at Rs. 4,499 while it has been made available in Black and Blue colour options.

The Xiaomi Redmi Go next sale has been scheduled for April 4 via Flipkart, however, the sale timings are yet to be revealed.

Though it is one of the good news for we all Indians as we find that around 83-85% of mobile users are on Xiaomi. Each Xiaomi handset are awesome and we are getting your choice of product at a very good range of prices.

april fool day entertainomania


Let's celebrate April Fools' Day & Get Enjoy with the some prank.Be
prepared for the April Fool day and also ready to prepare some hilarious pranks and jokes for your friends .

Prank your friend and make a sloth from the towel. And leave it in the bathroom. Have fun!

This is a very common from years from school or childhood days people are making various kind of funny scenes, the kids are always in a mood to do some prank activity always.As there are certain things you might be know about this April Fool Day why it is celebrated and what will be the reason as you might be heard that in Japan on this day it will be the New Year Celebration.You must get the other details regarding this day by Google it.

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beauty hacks entertainomania

8 unusual beauty hacks with food!

Great to know about the amazing beauty hacks.It may helps you to grow a better skin with natural remedies.This hacks are very unique from other beauty hacks.

As in this video it describes some of the beauty hacks in which one may use their home remedies.So just try it on a daily basis and get your result.

This hacks also saves you from various types of skin infections which may give bad effect to your skin and other related health problems.Apart from this, the advantageous fact of this hack one may looks beauty you may participate in various beauty contest & most probably it may give you the 90 percent chances to win as a beauty pageant.


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entertainomania priyanka chopra

Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Are Heading For Divorced

A rumours has been crossed which claims that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are heading for a divorce.According to the report, the US publication OK! The magazine is almost claimed that the couple is heading towards divorce.

There have been numerous fights between Nick and Priyanka for almost everything for work, partying and spending time together.

As it has been a very sad to know that our beautiful queen from India get divorced soon within a few span of days.Though it has been observed that their friendship has not been for a longer period of time but unfortunately they were getting married soon.The investigation is still under process hope it may bring some good news for all of us.

school bus entertainomania

Life in a SCHOOL BUS | School Life | Funcho Entertainment

Life in a School Bus is such a amazing days.If the bus comes late the enjoyment will be more.

Many were coming from different locations & we get together that was a full on fun time.

It is for those parents who avoid sending their child in buses.Leave your kids with their friends make them doing fun & enjoyment.This makes him/her growing up because school days are only those days which is always memorable even if you try you can't forget.Those days makes a person feels happy in their future.Even if you are comparing with school,college as well as job life, the one may always says you that school life the best life.

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The tortoise and the bird

The Tortoise & The Bird

A tortoise was resting under a tree and on the same tree bird had built its nest. The tortoise spoke to the bird that, “Your home is not fair it is made of broken twigs, it has no roof, and looks crude. What’s worse is that you had to build it yourself. I think about my house which is my shell is somewhat better than your pathetic nest”.

“Yes, it is made of broken sticks, looks shabby and is open to the elements of nature. It is crude, but I built it, and I like it.”

“I guess it’s just like any other nest, but not better than mine”, said the tortoise. “You must be jealous of my shell, though.”

“On the contrary”, the bird replied that “My home normally has space for my family and friends your shell cannot accommodate anyone other than you. Maybe you have a better house but my home is also awesome”..

Moral of the story

Always be better a crowded hut than a lonely mansion.

counter terrorism award entertainomania

Walkgrove e-learning wins counter terrorism award

After a training requirement was identified to tackle issues of security and counter terrorism, the Walkgrove was commissioned by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) in conjunction with Transport for London to develop an e-learning module aimed at HGV drivers.

The resulting course went on to win the nationally recognised Counter Terrorism Education Project Award at the Counter Terror Awards, March 2019

Though after winning this award this Walk grove e-learning factor always improves their counter terrorism in various parts of London which may help people to stay safe from other of terrorism attacks.