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Know How To Spend Your Free Time

One of the most important things to do in your free time is to take care of yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget that we need to take time for ourselves.

Spending time with family and friends is a great way to rejuvenate, but there are other ways you can spend your time. You could volunteer or learn a new skill, for example.

By knowing how to spend your free time can be a difficult task, but it is important to find something that you enjoy doing. If you don’t know what to do, there are plenty of websites that offer tips on how to find hobbies and things to do.

There are many benefits for spending time outside of work. It can help improve creativity, reduce stress levels and make you more productive at work.

Some people like to spend their free time reading books, watching movies, or playing video games. Others like to go out and explore the world. And some people like to spend their free time with friends and family.

But what is the best way to spend your free time? It really depends on what you want from your life. It’s important to know how to spend your free time wisely so you don’t waste it on things that don’t matter.

future of digital technology

Future Of Digital Technology

The digital age is already here. Most of us live in a world that is almost entirely dominated by technology. Our daily lives are governed by social media, the internet, and our smartphones. Now, it’s not just humans who are at the center of this new era; robots are being created with artificial intelligence to participate in our society as well.

While some people fear that robots will steal their jobs, eliminate their privacy, or end up as self-aware machines bent on destroying humanity, others see these beings as an opportunity for a cleaner environment and more efficient homes and workplaces

5 Reasons Why Digital Technology is Shaping the Future of Work

  1. Tech gives people the freedom to work wherever they want – be it at home or remotely
  2. Tech streamlines and simplifies many necessary tasks in a business setting
  3. Tech enhances communication and collaboration across borders and time zones
  4. Tech allows managers to monitor performance more closely than before
  5. Tech leads to new job opportunities for people who are willing to take risks and get creative

Digital technology is in its infancy and it is transforming the world we live in. What will the future look like?

Digital technology has a huge impact on future and it is very likely that we will have more digital devices in our way of life and work.

When we think about future, the first thing to consider is the devices we will have. In this way,

It’s easy to imagine that soon people will be using their VR gear to go shopping, while they are going on a trip or doing something else.

For those interested in creating content for virtual reality (VR) environment, it’s important to know how to use these tools and make use of them when working with content.

The future of digital technology is going to be very promising. The internet of things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics are all revolutionizing the world.

I think that in order to make sure that humans do not get left behind in the wake of accelerating AI development, they need to develop their own skillset so they can stay at the forefront of innovation.

The most exciting thing about digital technology is that it’s developing so quickly. It’s always changing and evolving and we’re never bored with it because we’re always learning something new from it.

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How To Stay Happy & Positive

We all know that happiness and positivity are important for our health and well-being. However, it is not always easy to be happy and positive. The following tips will help you with that:

  1. Spend time with people who make you happy.
  2. Be grateful for what you have in life.
  3. Do things that make you happy, even if they seem small or silly at first glance.
  4. Learn to forgive yourself and others when they make mistakes or do something wrong to you – it will help your mental health in the long run!

The key to happiness is staying positive. It’s about finding the good in every situation and not dwelling on the negative. It’s about being grateful for what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t.

The following are some ways for how to stay happy and positive:

1) Focus on what you can control: You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can control your attitude, your thoughts, and your reactions. Focus on what you can control rather than what others are doing or how they’re treating you, which are things that are beyond your control.

2) Be Grateful: Be grateful for everything in life – even the bad things – because without them we wouldn’t recognize the good. There is always something to be grateful for if we just look hard enough. Gratitude doesn’t just feel good; it makes us happier too! Studies show gratitude improves our moods, increases

The key to happiness is to stay positive. But how do we do that?

We should start by appreciating what we have, instead of focusing on what we don’t have. We should also try to stay in the moment and stop worrying about the future or regretting the past. We can also practice gratitude, which is a powerful tool for staying happy and positive.

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A Tale Of Unsighted Affection

Once there was a blind girl who always hated herself because she’s blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend who always been there to take care of her.

Her boyfriend helps in each moment of her life. Once her father felt sick and admitted to hospital but hospital refuse to take her father because her family doesn’t have enough money for being admitted to hospital.

Without having any option, she call her boyfriend. Boyfriend family’s gives full support for saving a life of his father. After 15 days of hospital stay, her father returned back to home.

Finally, her boyfriend got a very great opportunity for work. After getting this information, she becomes happy and said if she could see the world, she would definitely marry her.

One day, her parents got a call that someone donated a pair of eyes to her and now she can see everything and that becomes a great moment for her family. She saw her parents, staff at hospital except her boyfriend.

Suddenly gets a call from her boyfriend “Now you can see the world, will you marry me?”. When she saw her boyfriend is blind too and refused to marry him.

After few days, on the day of her marriage she got a letter from her boyfriend –“Take care of my eyes dear”.

winter healthy and fit

How To Stay Healthy & Fit During Winter

One of the most important things you can do to stay healthy during winter is to maintain a healthy routine. Make sure to get enough exercise, eat a balanced diet, and get enough sleep. Also, make sure to stay warm and dry. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy during winter:

Get exercise: Even if you don’t feel like it, exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy. You can do simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going for a walk, or biking.

Stay warm and dry: Make sure to keep yourself warm and dry by wearing layers and insulating clothing. Also, make sure to keep your home warm and dry by using appropriate heating and cooling systems.

Eat a balanced diet: Make sure to eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, protein, and fiber.

Get enough sleep: Make sure to get enough sleep to stay healthy and energized.

Since we know the winter rolls around, it’s become natural to crave hearty, warm meals and snacks. But don’t forget about your health – winter is a great time to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Here are some healthy winter foods to keep in mind:

  • Roasted vegetables: Roasting vegetables is a great way to add lots of flavor and nutrients to your meals. Try roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, or carrots.
  • Quinoa: Quinoa is a great source of protein, fiber, and vitamins. It can be cooked into a variety of dishes, including pilafs, soups, and salads.
  • Whole grain bread: Whole grain bread is a great way to get your daily dose of fiber and nutrients. Choose breads made from whole grains, such as whole wheat, rye, or oats.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is a great source of protein, calcium, and vitamins.
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Celebrate Safe Diwali With Family & Friends

Diwali is not only a celebration of the season, but also an opportunity to reflect on your family’s past.

Diwali is one of the highly celebrated festivals in India and as Indians are present in many different countries across the globe, the festival is celebrated worldwide. As Indian households are preparing to celebrate a restriction-free Diwali in 2022, there is a high expectation for the business to enjoy a sharp boom in sales. It is anticipated that the festive season in 2022 will witness around $32 billion in spending from Indian households on many different products.

It is around the corner, and we all are getting geared up for it. Symbolizing the spiritual victory of light over darkness and good over evil, Diwali is a celebration of the day Rama returned to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana after defeating the demon Ravana in Lanka and serving fourteen years of exile. However, in addition to the traditional festivities, there are a lot of unique and exciting Diwali traditions in India that you need to experience. Here’s a look at the five of them.

West Bengal: Kali Puja, Diwali in West Bengal coincides with Kali Puja or Shyama Puja, which takes place at night. People offer Goddess Kali fish, meat, sweets, lentils, rice and hibiscus flowers on this day. Also, a day before the Kali Puja, Bengalis follow the Bhoot Chaturdashi ritual to keep evil powers at bay by lighting up fourteen diyas (earthen lamps) at home.

Odisha: Kaunriya KathiOne of India’s most culturally diverse states, Odisha, also celebrates Diwali differently. During Kaunriya Kathi, the people of Odisha burn jute sticks to invite their ancestors, who are said to descend from heaven on Diwali. The burning of jute sticks is often accompanied by a prayer, “Badabadua Ho Andhaare Aasa, Aalua Re Jao (Ancestors, come in darkness and go back along the lighted path)”.

Punjab: Bandi Chhor DivasBandi Chhor Divas is a Sikh celebration that commemorates the day Guru Hargobind rescued 52 kings from Gwalior Fort, whom Mughal Emperor Jahangir had detained. The day falls in autumn and often coincides with Diwali. It is marked by the lighting of homes and Gurdwaras, celebratory marches and langar (community kitchen).

Varanasi: Dev Deepawali, or the Diwali of Gods, is observed widely in Varanasi. It is believed that gods and goddesses come down to take a dip in the holy Ganges during this time. Temples in Varanasi are decorated with earthen lamps and rangolis. The ritual takes place on the full moon of the Kartika month and fifteen days after Diwali.

Goa: Celebrating Lord Krishna during Diwali, locals in Goa celebrate God Krishna, who beat the demon Narkasur. During the festival, it’s common to witness enormous busts of this demon on the streets, some of which are ignited with fireworks to signify light prevailing over darkness. Sweets and food are distributed, and locals adorn their houses with lights and make colourful designs on the floor.

Diwali turn blissful in South India

Puducherry, lovingly called Pondi, is a delightful little place near Chennai. It has a very laid back vibe, and is a great place to visit in October when the weather is just about right. When here, surfing is an unmissable experience, other than the many wonderful cafes and restaurants, where you can dig into delectable French, Konkani and South Indian specialties

Diwali in Australia

Australia has a growing population of citizens and residents with Indian subcontinental heritage, meaning Diwali celebrations take place in capital cities and many regional centres. Tara Rajkumar OAM, a distinguished dancer and choreographer based in Melbourne, says the festival’s profile has grown in recent decades. “When I arrived in Australia in 1983, Deepavali was celebrated at home or among small groups, but now it’s more widely accepted,” Ms Rajkumar says. The increase in migration from the subcontinent has a lot to do with this, and Deepavali is being recognized as the most important festival of the Hindu calendar.

Now there are Deepavali activities held across Australia. From Melbourne’s Federation Square to airports, we can see signs of celebration.

Celebrating Tihar in Nepal

For the Nepali community, Diwali is known as Tihar. Held over five days, it includes celebrations dedicated to animals like crows, dogs and cows. The first day, known as Yamapanchak or “Kag Tihar”, is dedicated to crows, whose scavenging is said to help people keep their houses and surroundings clean. The second day is known as “Kukur Tihar” and is dedicated to dogs, who are revered for their loyalty. Dogs are given a bath, worshipped and pampered with a delicious meal on the day.
“Gai Tihar”, which usually takes place on the third day, is dedicated to cows, who are considered sacred and a symbol of motherhood.

Generally, on the fourth day, known as “Goru Tihar”, Nepalis honour the oxen which help farmers till the land. On the same day, the Newar people of the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding areas observe “Mha Puja”, which means “worship of the self”.
The final day is called “Bhai Tika” and is dedicated to siblings. Brothers sit as their sisters go around with oil and water which are said to protect them from Yama, the god of death.

Bandi Chhor Diwas

Bandi Chhor Diwas is a holiday that’s often referred to as the “Sikh Diwali”, explains Gurinder Kaur, an experienced festival organiser from Australia’s Sikh community. Also known as the “Celebration of Freedom”, it commemorates the release of the sixth Sikh guru, Guru Hargobind, from a Gwalior prison in the 17th century. When the guru was about to be released, he requested the ruling Mughal Emperor Jahangir for the liberation of 52 other imprisoned kings.
The emperor agreed to release all kings so long as they could hold onto the cloak of Guru Hargobind. Accordingly, he had a cloak made with 52 cloth tails.

Bandi means ‘prisoner’ and Chhor means ‘liberation’. The main message of the day is that the guru took a stand for not only himself but for the human rights of others as well.

Never Miss This Diwali Foods

This is a name for all of the Indian sweets and desserts.

While sweets are an important part of the culture all year round there are a number of specialty Diwali mithai for the festival.

This Diwali food is a light and flaky dessert pastries. Chirote are stuffed with a sugary filling, deep fried, and usually served drizzled with syrup.

Creamy sweets that can be served by themselves or with a selection of other mithai.

Barfi are a white creamy square made with condensed milk, sugar and nuts. They are cooked together until they solidify then cut into squares.

Small pastry pockets that are stuffed with poppy seeds, grated coconut, sugar, nuts and cardamom.

These traditional Indian snacks are common around the region during Diwali.

Samosas are small pockets of pastry, usually shaped into a triangle, stuffed with minced meat, peas, lentils and other vegetables.

Mawa Kachori
Mawa is a thick dried milk product common in the area of Rajasthan where these desserts originate.

These small pastries are stuffed with a combination of mawa, nuts, cardamom sugar and often drizzled with syrup to serve.

Another Diwali food prepared in the Indian subcontinent are laddoos.

These are ball shaped sweets made with chickpea flour, wheat semolina and coconut.

A common fruit in Nepal, this is often candied and shared with friends and family during the Diwali festival.

Particularly in its native Nepal, with the fruits themselves being around an inch in diameter with a tart, sour flesh which is white, with a green and brown skin.

Kaju Katli
A sweet that is often cut into diamond shapes and decorated with edible silver colouring. Kaju Katli translates as cashew slice.

It is made with cream, sugar and ground cashews, which are made into a smooth paste and then cooked on a flat tray or dish.

Soan Papdi
A Diwali dessert that is most commonly found in the northern states of India, soan papdi is made with chickpea flour, sugar and milk.

Gajar Halwa
A dessert that is often found in northern India, gajar halwa is made with grated carrots.

They are combined with sugar, milk and water before they are cooked in ghee.

The dessert is also sometimes garnished with almonds or other chopped nuts.

Gulab Jamun
Records of this sweet have actually been found in medieval India. Gulab Jamun is made with curdled milk and a little flour which are kneaded into a dough.

The date for the festival of lights changes each year, however, Diwali usually takes place on the day of the new moon or Amavasy, which is holy to Hindus and considered the darkest night of the year.

Rituals and preparations for Diwali begin days or weeks in advance, after the festival of Dussehra which precedes Diwali by around 20 days.


9 Days Of Navratri Celebration

Durga is the Hindu goddess of strength. In the Hindu religion, she is considered to be the mother of all living beings. The festival of Navaratri marks her victory over the demon Mahishasura.

The festival lasts for nine days, and it is celebrated with great fervor in India and Nepal. On the ninth day, Durga has a grand celebration where she rides a lion and kills Mahishasura.

The first three days are devoted to worshiping Goddess Saraswati, while Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on the fourth day. The fifth day is dedicated to Ganesha on this day people make an idol of Ganesha from clay or mud and worship it with flowers, fruits and sweets.

Navratri is a Hindu festival which is celebrated to worship Goddess Durga. Navratri 2022 will be celebrated from the 26th of September to the 5th of October.

The festival starts with nine days of fasting and ends with the celebration of Vijayadashami, which marks the victory of good over evil.

Navratri means “nine nights” in Sanskrit and it celebrates Durga’s victory over Mahishasura, who was a buffalo-demon king.

During this time, devotees chant mantras and perform rituals that symbolize Durga’s victory.

On the last day, Vijayadashami, people celebrate by making sweets and distributing them among friends and family members.

The festival of Navratri is celebrated in India with nine days of festivities. The ninth day, Dussehra, is the most important day of the festival. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Navratri is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. The festival starts on the first day with a ritual called Aarti, which means “offering light”. The ritual is usually performed by people in front of an image or statue of goddess Durga.

The celebration continues for nine days with different rituals and prayers being performed on each day. On the last day of Navratri, Dussehra, there are celebrations all around India as well as other countries where Hindus have migrated to and settled down in large numbers.

5G Spectrum Auction 2022

5G Spectrum Auction 2022

5G is the next generation mobile spectrum band after 4G. It offers a higher data transfer rate which is near to 10x times of 4G, greater mobility and enhanced network capabilities. Spectrum auction is an effective way to introduce new communication technologies and services to the society. The 5G spectrum auction ensures that the government gets the best possible price for the use of its radio waves. Here are some details about it.

The Indian government launched the fifth generation of mobile communication in India in 2016 with the launch of Reliance Jio 4G service. They initiated a 5G auction in 2022 to sell off the spectrum in this band. They will also make it available for commercial use by private companies. In addition, they’ll license it out to public-safety agencies to improve road safety and provide better firefighting and response times. All these benefits come at an affordable price with 5G technology.

5G frequencies will be used to transfer data faster and more efficiently. It’s also useful for autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, remote sensing and microwave technologies. Companies use 5G spectrum for their own business growth as they have superior communication capabilities compared to consumers. To gain access to this powerful band, companies must bid for it in 2022 national 5G spectrum auction.

The Indian government opened up the 5G spectrum auction in July 2018 by releasing a draft plan for the event. They divided the radio waves into 38 different frequency bands and set a reserve price for each one. Bids for the bands were collected from companies between September and November 2018 in Hyderabad, Karnataka and New Delhi, respectively. The obtained bids were then winnowed down based on criteria such as technical expertise, business reputation and location. The bidders with the best scores represented roughly half of those who submitted bids!

After collecting all the bids, the government selected 43 winning bidders who will get blocks of frequencies for their bid amounts in 2022 5G auction. They categorized all 43 winning bidders into four categories according to their business profile, location and financial capacity. These four categories included 20 large corporates, 13 government bodies and 13 non-government corporates. All 43 winning bidders received their frequencies during September or October 2022 so that they could start using them for commercial purposes by January or February 2023.

5G Spectrum Auction 2022 will bring many new features to India as well as foreign countries that adopt it. It will revolutionize current modes of communication and make every citizen a part of a modern society. The auction will lower data transfer costs while increasing network speed and reliability. People have responded well to current iterations of mobile technology, so it’s exciting to see what new innovations will come from adopting 5G standards!

independence day

A Special Tale For Independence Day

This is a story of an Indian soldier Ajit who gets some helpful message before war. Though Ajit were not a part of war but he some message regarding war when he was at his hometown i.e., Punjab.

On Independence Day, Ajit immediately moves to New Delhi at the Ministry of Defense office and share the details. The phone call which Ajit gets, it was impossible to track. By checking the details of other Indian soldiers and interrogating them still it doesn’t discover.

During the war, that message tells the every secret of the enemy soldiers where Indian soldier finally win. Ajit gets shocked but still he was unable to find the truth of the sender.

Once after 6 months, Ajit and his wife were planned for a trip to Gangtok. They were staying two days at the Gangtok and later they move towards Pelling, Sikkim. From there travel agent asking to visit Baba Mandir i.e., Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir.

Ajit knows the truth about Baba Mandir as he already serving in Indian Army for long time where he gets the same letter at the floor of a temple. Ajit feels grateful about his work and finally he discover the truth.

Moral: When talking about Baba Harbajan Singh, it’s very difficult to understand, after his death he still serving the best for his country. Baba Harbajan Singh is an inspiration for all of us. Just imagine, if each and every people thinks about the benefit of this country.

cholesterol in blood vessel

How to Control Cholesterol Level

There are two ways of reducing cholesterol: a) You can avoid the foods that cause cholesterol or b) You can take drugs and have to see a doctor for regular visits to check the number of cholesterol levels in your blood. If you decide to control cholesterol at home, you need to know how.

So, we can’t remove cholesterol from the body, but how can we reduce it?

We can either do it through diet or through a procedure called Cholesterol Reduce Prostatins (CRPS) which is used to reduce the cholesterol in the blood. CRPS is a drug which is used to treat cholesterol.

While this is one of the primary reasons to take a CRPS, there are also some other benefits.

What are the pros and cons of using CRPS Prostatins?

There are a number of side effects of using CRPS Prostatins. This is because there are some side effects which you should be aware of. It can also damage your heart and other organs, besides liver and kidney.
Whether you’re a dedicated runner, a sedentary desk jockey or just a casual gym visitor, keeping cholesterol in check is just as important as checking your blood pressure, blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C.

“Cholesterol is a big player in the health of most people. It plays a role in protecting the heart, brain, and the endocrine system,” says Dr. Kimberly McCance-Katz, a Washington, D.C. endocrinologist who helps conduct the department’s community health surveys.

monsoon healthy foods

Want To Stay Healthy In Monsoon? Never ignore these food stuffs

After the hot and humid summer, we are all waiting for the monsoon to arrive. The monsoon rain will bring a sigh of relief to all from the constant glare of the mighty sun. With rain and cold breezes, the monsoon will also bring a lot of viral and fungal infections like cold and cough, viral fever etc.

To avoid any illness during monsoon it is important to take good care of your health. How to take good care of your health without spending too much money you ask?

The best part about monsoons is not just the rain, or the cool and cosy climate. It’s also the kind of food we get to relish while enjoying lovely views.

Here listed some of the monsoon seasonal foods habits:

  1. Fluids

Drinking the right amount of fluids is very essential in maintaining your health. Now when we talk about fluids the first that comes to mind is water. Drinking water is very important for better health, good skin and hair but drinking safe and potable water is equally important. Intake of warm water, freshly made kadha, concoctions, herbal tea, etc helps to rehydrate and maintain electrolyte balance, detoxifies the system and is essential for building a robust immune system.

  1. Fruits

Consumption of seasonal fruits like Jamun, pears, plum, cherries, peaches, papaya, apples, and pomegranates helps in filling the need for nutrients like vitamins A, C, antioxidants, and fibre.

  1. Garden egg
    Garden eggs are a very popular food crop in Africa. It usually comes in either green or white, and it is very rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. The nutritional value of a garden egg can never be overemphasized. It also helps to improve one’s eye vision, prevents heart diseases, and aids muscles among others.
  2. Arbi Leaves

Among the best root vegetables, Arbi or Taro leaves of Colocasia, grow in abundance during the monsoons and are consumed across different parts of the country.

Though their corms are most commonly used for cooking, the leaf stalks can also be used to make delicious curries, stir fries, and snacks.

These leaves are good for health, as they are rich in fiber, resistant starch, and protein. It helps in improving cardiovascular health and also promotes eye health.

  1. Rugda Mushrooms

Rugda mushrooms, also known as putu, are commonly seen in Jharkhand especially during the monsoons. These mushrooms look like bulbs with a rubber-like exterior, and are either black or off-white in colour from inside.

They are not commercially cultivated as they grow naturally in the humid forests of Jharkhand, especially near the Sal trees, during the early monsoon season.


The Chrome Cast 174: ChromeOS 103 features, gaming Chromebooks

This week the launching of Chrome Cast that can inform us a bit on what we should expect in the future from gaming-focused Chromebooks. On that note, we also found evidence of an Nvidia GPU-powered Chromebook in development, officially moving us into the era of expecting the first, true gaming Chromebook.

Discussing some of the new features arriving with the latest ChromeOS 103 update. With recent photos from your Android phone in Phone Hub, Fast Pair for accessories, Nearby Share for Wi-Fi access, and the new Screencast feature, there’s a lot to unpack as we discuss the biggest update to ChromeOS in the past few months.

Update brings better integration with smartphones:

Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?
Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?
If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Check out the browser extension in the Chrome Web Store.

Kasipur mansion

Mid-Day Tale Of Two Friends

Atul and Manish, two friends from Kashipur, a small village in West Bengal, India, Once in the mid-day, when they get back to home from school, they were planned to visit Kashipur mansion.

Both of them heard about the mansion but had never visited it before.

On the way to mansion, they met one man and asked about the distance. The man replied, “It takes 4 km from here; better you can take the shortcut.” Manish and Atul started their journey with the shortcut and found a narrow road inside the village and didn’t find anyone.

Suddenly, they find a woman and ask about the mansion. The woman with the abaya dress didn’t reply for around 5 minutes. Atul asked, “Do you have any problem talking with us?” .The woman removed her burka and said, “I always used to travel on this road everyday”. Myself as an actor, and I used to play drama on stage.”

Manish asked “Are you feeling comfort to travel on this empty shortcut road?”. The woman laugh and said “Hey little child are you getting scared? Just walk few distance more you will reach mansion”.

The woman left, Atul and Manish discuss with each other about that woman which they think as a ghost. By walking two miles finally they reached the mansion where they find the statue of goddess Durga. They also find some photos of Panchakot Raj family who is known for ‘Zamindari Raj‘.

The mansion started shaking for a few seconds both of them immediately came out from the mansion by thinking the presence of ghost and they ran towards home. When they told parents about the mansion shaken, their parents laughed and say “We even feel here also that’s a little earthquake son and Durga Puja celebrated every year on that mansion from the time of Panchakot Raj”.


Jif Peanut Butter Linked To Salmonella

A Jif creamy, crunchy, natural and a fat reduced peanut butters are being recalled because they have been linked to a salmonella.

The Food and Drug Administration said the recalled peanut butter includes the products with lot codes 1274425 – 2140425. Lot codes are included alongside the “best-if-used-by” date.

The FDA defines salmonella as “an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.”

Those with a healthy lifestyle infected with salmonella may experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, the administration said.

Currently, 14 people have reported illnesses and two of those cases have resulted in hospitalizations, according to data provided by the CDC.


Experience Rajasthan On Your Screens

There are a few experiences in life that money can’t buy, they say.

Watching the sun go down over the Great Thar, ankle deep in the cool sand, as the sweltering day turns into a chilly desert night…yes, that’s one of them. If you’re lucky enough to visit the Sam sand dunes on a full moon night, the desert looks like chandi, they say. Like silver.

  1. Sunset at the Thar

But there’s more to Rajasthan than just the desert, although arguably it is the most breathtaking. Just about a 45-minute drive away from Sam is Jaisalmer, home to the Golden Fort, the only living fort in the world. Jodhpur beckons you with the Mehrangarh Fort, as mighty as the city is blue. And for a budget traveller, Zostel is probably the best location to stay, through the winding lanes and into the heart of the old city. It seems as though the fort was built just to watch over you. The promise of Udaipur is its lakes, over half a dozen of them. And through the lakes are the magnificent heritage structures that make this city, quite literally, fit for kings.

2. The City Palace on Lake Pichola, Udaipur

March is considered peak tourist season in Rajasthan. The weather has yet to descend into its summer heat of hell, desert spring is blooming, and the vibrance of Rajasthani folk music and dance can be experienced at every corner. This March, however, was different. As the state grappled with its first COVID-19 cases, which came with Italian tourists, the travel and tourism industry took a massive hit.

Nearly 90 per cent of travel to Rajasthan was cancelled, all events called off, and hotels saw an 80-90 per cent rate of cancellations, according to Shreya Guha, Principal Secretary for Tourism, Art and Culture, Government of Rajasthan. The season had ended before it even began.

But the state is nothing if not resilient. In order to revive interest and keep the morale high during the lockdown, Rajasthan is creating, collecting and curating virtual experiences around its monuments, cities, wildlife and culture. The state’s government wants to proactively provide this service to the people, available for free on their website!

“We have created virtual tours, and will be putting them up sustainably throughout the period of this lockdown, and even after,” said Guha. “The focus is on digital and virtual events for the next three or four months until travel goes back to normal.”

You can cruise through the Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal, take in the art and architecture of the City Palaces in both Jaipur and Udaipur, relish some ghevar and kachoris, experience the hustle bustle of the Masala Chowk and the Gangaur Festival, and even go on a pilgrimage to Ranakpur Jain Mandir and the Pushkar Temple. But that’s not all, the festivals of Rajasthan are also brought straight to your couch (or bed; we don’t judge). You can enjoy the Teej Festival with locals and even stomp some hooves at the Pushkar Camel Fair!

3. Pushkar Camel Fair

“We are also planning on introducing digital walkthroughs of monuments,” said Guha. “These will include exhibitions of our state archives, where we will display photographs, documents and other archival materials.”

And the best part is that this is just the beginning. Hits on the website have doubled in a single day, and the state is all set for more. There are online contests, people cooking authentic Rajasthani delicacies, wildlife films and documentaries, curated events, concerts and tributes in the works.

4. Tigers at Ranthambhore National Park

Recently, the department paid—virtual—homage to Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary and also had different artists from across the country record music at their homes for the state to compile as a tribute to frontline workers.

“We are catering to requests coming from the people,” said Guha. “And we’re exploring new ideas every day.”

Visual Arts organisations are also putting up art camps where both established and up-and-coming artists would pick a theme and interpret it in their own style.

The government has also launched the Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojna, which aims to give back to local artists who reside in remote areas of Rajasthan. As tourism is a large part of their livelihood, the government is encouraging these artists to record videos of themselves performing—while maintaining social distancing protocols, of course—and sending it in. A few select videos will be showcased on the website and the artists will be given a basic remuneration.

“This situation has really been a gamechanger,” added Guha. “The tourism industry will have to change with it. The products and services that we offer, the sanitation standards, social distancing norms, everything will undergo a massive shift.”

two friends story

Life Changing Story Of Two Friends

A life changing tale of two friends belongs from the same society, Rajiv belongs from a good class family while Pranab from a lower middle class.

Though they belong from same locality, both grew up by playing with each other. After 12th std. Rajiv planned to move for higher studies but Pranab family condition was not stable so he decided to quit study.

When Rajiv’s father heard about Pranab wants to quit his study due to his family condition. He immediately gone to his home and ask his parents “How much money they need for his studies?”. Pranab’s father replied “Leave it, everyone in our family after passing 10th or 12th they generally move to farming or some small kind of business”.

Rajiv’s father keeps smiling and said “If this the situation please allow me once I will prove Pranab one of the best one”.

Rajiv’s father helps Pranab to take admission at the same college where Rajiv does. Though being good college, everyone is on same track but for Pranab this is the only chance which will never back again. Pranab only knows how to get success. On the other hand, Rajiv same as normal track meeting with friends even he failed in few subjects.

The day when companies came for placements, Pranab having the confidence to crack it and he did it but Rajiv get placed in some medium size organization.

Pranab’s parents came to Rajiv’s father and said “If you were not then we obviously on a wrong track for our children. Thanks for showing the path.”

Moral: It is not necessary to pay for others but can show them right track. If you help others sometimes, they think you as a God whereas many other only take the advantage of you to be on right track but if they have wrong way of thinking, they always will be on a wrong track.

summer season health tips

How To Maintain Your Health During Summer Season

Everyone knows that on the month of March, the time of the year when the temperature starts to soar and every kind of physical activity you do takes more effort and a little more struggle.

Though the temperatures finally risen and it seemed like an endless winter. This is the time when you can go outside to a beach and also into swimming. Apart from those outdoor activities, one thing we must need to focus on how you look at yourself during summer.

Here few of the suggestion that really helps you to maintain your health during summer:

  1. Change Your Facial Cleanser

Even summers are really sweaty and also more oil gets secreted by the skin to combat the hot and humid weather. Therefore, you need to cleanse your face twice a day and use a suitable gel or water-based foaming (if you have oily skin) or non-foaming (for dry and combination skin). Make sure your cleanser is alcohol-free and pH balanced. The right way to use the facial cleanser is to massage it gently on the face for a full one minute before washing it with lukewarm water.

  1. Eat healthy and light

Intake of light, small meals on a regular basis. Heavy meals with high carbohydrate and fat content generate a lot of heat in the body. Fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, and so on, should be prioritized. It is advisable to eat less oily and spicy food to avoid gastrological problems.

  1. Rest & Recovery

Your body needs time to recover after a strenuous workout. This entails getting adequate rest, being hydrated, and eating enough nutritious food! Get 7-9 hours of sleep and hydrate yourself well.

  1. Drink plenty of water

The excess of humidity and sweat can dehydrate your body that may resulting in unfavourable health outcomes such as fever and chills. Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day to keep yourself hydrated.

During summer, everyone tend to sleep under a fan or in an air-conditioned room that result in further dry up your skin and throat and when you wake up it is quite natural to feel the dryness of the throat, eye irritations or skin dryness. Better start your morning with 2-3 glasses of water even. If required one can also use lime juice or cinnamon soaked in the water. Following this, a cooling drink is highly recommended like Ashguard juice with a few drops of lime and Amla juice. This is highly beneficial to health in keeping the blood glucose in check and also to regularize your weight. Ash gourd juice can be replaced by wheatgrass juice, moringa juice, celery and cucumber juice or even coconut water.


Tanks Rolled into Ukraine, So Did Malware. Then Microsoft Entered the War

Last Wednesday, a few hours before Russian tanks began rolling into Ukraine, alarms went off inside Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Center, warning of a never-before-seen piece of “wiper” malware that appeared aimed at the country’s government ministries and financial institutions.

Within three hours, Microsoft threw itself into the middle of a ground war in Europe — from 5,500 miles away. The threat center, north of Seattle, had been on high alert, and it quickly picked apart the malware, named it “FoxBlade” and notified Ukraine’s top cyberdefense authority. Within three hours, Microsoft’s virus detection systems had been updated to block the code, which erases — “wipes” — data on computers in a network.

Then Tom Burt, the senior Microsoft executive who oversees the company’s effort to counter major cyberattacks, contacted Anne Neuberger, the White House’s deputy national security adviser for cyber- and emerging technologies. Ms. Neuberger asked if Microsoft would consider sharing details of the code with the Baltics, Poland and other European nations, out of fear that the malware would spread beyond Ukraine’s borders, crippling the military alliance or hitting West European banks.

Before midnight in Washington, Ms. Neuberger had made introductions — and Microsoft had begun playing the role that Ford Motor Company did in World War II, when the company converted automobile production lines to make Sherman tanks.

After years of discussions in Washington and in tech circles about the need for public-private partnerships to combat destructive cyberattacks, the war in Ukraine is stress-testing the system. The White House, armed with intelligence from the National Security Agency and United States Cyber Command, is overseeing classified briefings on Russia’s cyberoffensive plans. Even if American intelligence agencies picked up on the kind of crippling cyberattacks that someone — presumably Russian intelligence agencies or hackers — threw at Ukraine’s government, they do not have the infrastructure to move that fast to block them.

“We are a company and not a government or a country,” Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president, noted in a blog post issued by the company on Monday, describing the threats it was seeing. But the role it is playing, he made clear, is not a neutral one. He wrote about “constant and close coordination” with the Ukrainian government, as well as federal officials, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union.

“I’ve never seen it work quite this way, or nearly this fast,” Mr. Burt said. “We are doing in hours now what, even a few years ago, would have taken weeks or months.” The intelligence is flowing in many directions.

Company executives, some newly armed with security clearances, are joining secure calls to hear an array of briefings organized by the National Security Agency and United States Cyber Command, along with British authorities, among others. But much of the actionable intelligence is being found by companies like Microsoft and Google, who can see what is flowing across their vast networks.

Mr. Biden’s aides often note that it was a private firm — Mandiant — that found the “SolarWinds” attack 15 months ago, in which one of Russia’s most cybersavvy intelligence agencies, the S.V.R., infiltrated network management software used by thousands of U.S. government agencies and private businesses. That gave the Russian government unfettered access.

Such attacks have given Russia a reputation as one of the most aggressive, and skilled, cyberpowers. But the surprise of recent days is that Russia’s activity in that realm has been more muted than expected, researchers said.

Most early tabletop exercises about a Russian invasion started with overwhelming cyberattacks, taking out the internet in Ukraine and perhaps the power grid. So far, that hasn’t happened.

“Many people are quite surprised that there isn’t significant integration of cyberattacks into the overall campaign that Russia is undertaking in Ukraine,” said Shane Huntley, the director of Google’s threat analysis group. “This is mostly business as normal as to the levels of Russian targeting.”Updated 

Mr. Huntley said Google regularly observes some Russian attempts to hack accounts of people in Ukraine. “The normal level is actually never zero,” he said. But those attempts have not markedly increased in the past several days, as Russia has invaded Ukraine.

“We have seen some Russian activity targeting Ukraine; it just hasn’t been the big sets,” said Ben Read, a director at the security firm Mandiant.

It is not clear to American or European officials why Russia held off.

It could be that they tried but defenses were stronger than they anticipated, or that the Russians wanted to reduce the risk of attacking civilian infrastructure, so that a puppet government they installed would not struggle to rule the country.

But American officials said a massive cyberattack by Russia on Ukraine — or beyond, in retaliation for the economic and technology sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe — is hardly off the table. Some speculate that just as Moscow steps up its indiscriminate bombing, it will seek to cause as much economic disruption as it can muster.

The longer and more effectively the Ukrainian resistance holds out against Russia’s army, the more Moscow could be tempted to begin using “the armada of Russian cyberforces,” Senator Mark Warner, the Virginia Democrat who leads the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in an interview last week.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, disclosed on Sunday that it had discovered hackers taking over accounts belonging to Ukrainian military officials and public figures. The hackers tried to use their access to these accounts to spread disinformation, posting videos that purported to show the Ukrainian military surrendering. Meta responded by locking down the accounts and alerting the users who had been targeted.Card 1 of 7

What is at the root of this invasion? Russia considers Ukraine within its natural sphere of influence, and it has grown unnerved at Ukraine’s closeness with the West and the prospect that the country might join NATO or the European Union. While Ukraine is part of neither, it receives financial and military aid from the United States and Europe.

Are these tensions just starting now? Antagonism between the two nations has been simmering since 2014, when the Russian military crossed into Ukrainian territory, after an uprising in Ukraine replaced their Russia-friendly president with a pro-Western government. Then, Russia annexed Crimea and inspired a separatist movement in the east. A cease-fire was negotiated in 2015, but fighting has continued.

How has Ukraine responded? On Feb. 23, Ukraine declared a 30-day state of emergency as cyberattacks knocked out government institutions. Following the beginning of the attacks, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, declared martial law. The foreign minister called the attacks “a full-scale invasion” and called on the world to “stop Putin.”

Twitter said it had found signs that hackers attempted to compromise accounts on its platform, and YouTube said it had removed five channels that posted videos used in the disinformation campaign.

Meta executives said the Facebook hackers were affiliated with a group known as Ghostwriter, which security researchers believe to be associated with Belarus.

Ghostwriter is known for its strategy of hacking public figures’ email accounts, then using that access to compromise their social media accounts as well. The group has been “heavily active” in Ukraine during the past two months, said Mr. Read, who researches the group.

While U.S. officials do not currently assess any direct threat to the United States from stepped-up Russian cyberoperations, that calculation could change.

U.S. and European sanctions are biting harder than expected. Mr. Warner said that Russia could respond “with either direct cyberattacks against NATO countries or, more likely, in effect unleashing all of the Russian cybercriminals on ransomware attacks at a massive level that still allows them some deniability of responsibility.”

Russian ransomware criminal groups conducted a devastating series of attacks in the U.S. last year against hospitals, a meat-processing company and most notably, the company that operates gasoline pipelines along the East Coast. While Russia has taken steps to rein in those groups in recent months — after months of meetings between Ms. Neuberger and her Russian counterpart, Moscow conducted some high-profile arrests in January — it could easily reverse its crackdown efforts.

But President Biden has stepped up his warnings to Russia against any sort of cyberattack on the United States.

“If Russia pursues cyberattacks against our companies, our critical infrastructure, we are prepared to respond,” Mr. Biden said on Thursday.

It was the third time Mr. Biden had issued such a warning since winning the election. While any Russian attack on the U.S. seems like it would be a reckless escalation, Representative Adam B. Schiff, the California Democrat who leads the House Intelligence Committee, noted that Mr. Putin’s decision-making so far has proved poor.

“There’s a risk that whatever cybertools Russia uses in Ukraine don’t stay in Ukraine,” he said in an interview last week. “We’ve seen this before, where malware directed to a certain target gets released in the wild and then takes on a life of its own. So we could be the victim of Russian malware that has gone beyond its intended target.”


Valentine: Are you one among 5 sun signs whose horoscope predicts a love marriage?

Valentine’s Day is less than a fortnight away and if one were to go by astrology, 14th February is going to turn out special for a few zodiacs. If you are planning to propose to someone then you may lend credence to a few things. On this Valentine’s Day, there is a possibility of some zodiac signs finding their ideal love partners.

Falling in love is an extremely beautiful state to be in. If love is done with a good understanding then nothing can be more beautiful than it. People try and do many things to get their true love, but it is said that luck plays an important role in getting one’s love. Similarly, sun signs too have an impact on your love.

February 14 is known as Valentine’s Day. Love is considered to be an important element of life. People profess their love on Valentine’s Day, going by the assumption that nobody can turn down their proposals on this day. According to astrology, planetary positions have changed for many zodiac signs at the onset of this year. In this situation, let’s know how this Valentine’s Day would pan out for you.


This Valentine’s Day is going to be extremely special for the people of this zodiac sign. People belonging to this sun sign who have been making every possible effort for the past few months may be in for the biggest love surprise in their life. You may get back the lost love or if you are single then there could be an entry of someone special.


This Valentine’s Day, your planets will change their position which means that there could be changes in your life as well. This Valentine’s Day, your love itself will try to face you. This could become a reason for you to get your love. You only need to put in a little effort.


People of this sun sign have every possibility to get back their lost love. February 14 would be a very important day for you. This day, you will get the biggest gift of your life. If you propose to someone on this special day then your proposal may be accepted. If marriage talks are on the cards, then things can fall in place.


Gemini people are crazy about love, which is why this Valentine’s Day friendship and love is going to be special for the people belonging to this sun sign. On 14th February, a person who is special to you can ask you for a friendship gift. If you are planning to propose then your proposal would be accepted. Valentine’s Day is going to bring some big news for you.


Leos might get a mixed bag of results this Valentine’s Day. If you are disappointed in a relationship then don’t feel low, someone better is going to come in your life. If your love partner is angry at you then this Valentine’s week is very special for you. Try to cajole your love, things may fall in place. Your love can also propose marriage to you in a very romantic way. If you are married then try to avoid petty arguments and keep maintaining love in your relationship.

wfh scenario pandemic

Does WFH Makes Easy For Employer And Employee?

Many employers want to recall their employees whereas many employees like to work from home. On the other hand, many employees give resigning to their current job when asking to come office.
Today, here discussing few points that make both employer and their employees easy to understand:

  1. Asking To Come Office

According to employer, this become very common even before the pandemic. Every employees keep working from office no question for WFH. Now when the cases dip, employers keep asking for back to workplace.
Let’s observe, the thing is to understand if employee works properly and stay updated with every work. Some employees give more potential during WFH as compared to office. The time required to dress-up, come to the office, traffic signal etc.
Try to call those employees who doesn’t give value to their work rather calling the good employees. Good employees are the support of your organization.

  1. Startup Looking At MNCs

Many startup founders look at MNCs, they try to follow every news regarding MNCs. When MNCs plan to open their thought changed and recall their employees. Does those MNCs are your investors or partners? even why it become essential to follow others.
By end of the day, every organization need growth. Keep focus, how growth is coming? Focus on who are those persons who brings growth to your organization – “none other than employees”.

  1. Employees Getting Enjoyed At HomeQuestion For Every Employer

As discussed, some percentage of employees are there who gives little value to their work. Few companies planned last year, employees must stay into their job location rather than home town. Let me explain, if your employee is perfect then you don’t need to worry anyhow they will complete your task on time. On the other hand, irresponsible employees obviously need to call at the office rather than the job location.

Let’s share this as much you can and also find a difference between the positivity and negativity for both employer and employee.

fitness winter

5 Health Tips To Know During Winter Season

Winter is the season in which you need to boost your immune system and also nurture the body. In this season you may become busy with so many activities like family dinners or holiday parties and so on.

Though, after the holiday season many people start experiencing depression or anxiety. Even we all know during winter season blood pressure rises which may sometimes lead to stroke.

Here few points which may help to stay healthy during winter:

  1. Eat Warm Foods

When we think about slimming down or getting healthier, we often think about cooling food like salads, fruit and green smoothies even if you want to cool your metabolism then go ahead and eat
some food. If you want to burn up your metabolism, you need to pick up more appropriate food.Some of the warm foods are ne nuts, walnuts, cashews, turmeric, mushrooms, and vinegar

  1. Do Exercise

The physical activity is one of the most important activity to keep yourself fit during winter. Follow daily routine of yoga will help to keep you warm and boost the immune system.

  1. Intake Of Water

Drink a required amount of water everyday and stay hydrated. It helps to clean our system and remove toxins.

  1. Balance Diet

Never do over dieting and better to avoid oil based foods that may increase the chances of chlorestrol in your body.

  1. Good Amount Of Sleep

Take 7-8 hours of sleep daily to keep immune system healthy it will eliminate the stress hormone cortisol and burns calories

Kangchenjunga entertainomania

Tale Of The Mountain: Kangchenjunga

Atul and his wife Payal planned a trip to visit Nepal.They booked a flight of Air India from New Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Once they reached Kathmandu, stay at hotel which they already booked earlier. Further they visited Kanchenjunga which takes 278km from Kathmandu. Kanchenjunga is the third high mountain in the world.

Payal asked Atul “Hey, let’s move for trekking”. Atul shocked and said “It takes too long more than one month. We need to go home within 2 days”. Payal behaved madly and say “I will jump if you don’t go for trekking”. Atul gets shocked even he never seen Payal’s before like this.

They move forward for trekking even after climbing few distance with their guide, Atul found Payal is missing. The guide and the Atul searching Payal finally guide said “Sir, I can’t move further as we are not into the trekking route sometimes it may be dangerous to avoid trekking route over here”. The guide left here.

Atul searching for his wife seen a canal heard Payal’s voice saying “I was trapped, please save me”. Atul visit inside the canal and found echo of his voice. He reached Payal by walking 2km inside the canal and found a group of terrorist. Atul asked “Please leave my wife she don’t know anything”. Payal asked Atul “How you know them?”. Atul “When I was in the army for four years our team visited here and killed many of their terrorist. Now they need revenge”.

Suddenly a group of armies came even Atul gets shocked and save them from enemies. When Atul asked their officer, he replied “Your guide is your saviour. He informed us even he also warned you don’t move beyond the trekking route”.

Moral: Sometimes we can’t take a right decision, if Atul listen to guide and they were into the trekking route and later they file a complaint, is that better or going alone as what Atul did to save his wife? Let me know in your comments.


How To Use WhatsApp Web Without Your Smartphone

Now you can use WhatsApp web through desktop when your smartphone doesn’t have an internet connection.

However, if your device remains disconnected for around 14 days, your linked devices may get automatically logged out.

Here some of these steps must noted that you will be required to link your device Web , Desktop or Portal at the initial level. After that, you can use WhatsApp without connecting your smartphone.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone and tap the three dotted lines on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap on “Linked devices” and then again tap on “Multi-device beta”. WhatsApp will then display a page that explains the limitations of the feature.
  3. Now, tap the “Join Beta” button and press on the “Continue” button then you can simply need to link your smartphone to WhatsApp Web by scanning the QR code

Before doing this you must need to keep in your mind, some of the feature doesn’t support those devices that are using a very old version of WhatsApp even this become also the case with tablets.

diwali entertainomania

Truth On Diwali Night

Around years ago, Ritesh and his wife Neha were planned to visit Sikkim from Mumbai during their Diwali holidays. They booked a flight ticket to Kolkata and later they book a private car from Siliguri which hardly takes four hours to visit Gangtok.

Exploring one day at Gangtok and later they move to Tarku on the day before Diwali. They seen people were busy for Kali Puja, Ritesh asked manager of the hotel “This time is Diwali why people are celebrating Kali Puja”. The manager replied “Every year at this time we are celebrating Kali Puja even specially the Bengalis, you find many Bengalis near to our Tarku Tanak kali temple”.

Ritesh and Neha visited Kali Mandir and waiting to watch Kali Puja which started at night around 12:00 am. The priest of the temple told everyone no one will leave from this temple till morning. They didn’t care the words of priest and move towards to hotel. In a while, they heard some sound of animals in the dark night of Amavasya. Getting a little scared, still moving forward to their hotel. Suddenly they seen a four large wolves came infront of them, the priest came with few people and throws Gangajal on the wolves. The wolves get vanished.

Later, Ritesh asked the priest of the temple “Why they were vanished?”. He replied “Those were not wolves those are monster or we can say devil whose power become double in the day of Amavasya and this is the reason we are doing Kali Puja to destroy the evil from the earth”. On the next day, they have a ticket for Mumbai but they can’t forget that dangerous night.

Moral: They didn’t face that situation if they listen to priest but taking things on a easy way sometimes makes your life dangerous.

whatsapp ban

Whatsapp banned 20 Lakhs Users In India By August

As per the compliance report, it has been revealed that Whatsapp the largest messaging app has banned over 20 laks of users around India by August.

It has got 420 grievance report and the Indian account identified through +91 phone number. One of the primary reason of those banned accounts tooks place due to unauthorized use of automated or bulk messages.

WhatsApp taken action against the violating accounts as per the reports and also complaints received through the grievances channels.

This ban is essential as many people asking for loans or other kind of funding activities which are generally illegal. Whatsapp being the largest messaging it also maintains privacy and security.


On The Way Monsoon Trip

Rajiv and his wife Soumya planning for a monsoon trip to Shimla in a rainy night during their weekend after returning back from their office.

It was a Friday night, both of them started their journey around 10:30PM from Delhi. When they came out of the city New Delhi, Rajiv and Soumya saw a truck fallen outside the road. Soumya asked “I am sure this truck took an accident”.

They simply ignore the accident and move forward. After certain distance travel,they seen a truck whistling from the back. Rajiv allow the truck to move forward but still the truck whistle.

Soumya look back and saw the truck which took accident in the spot, the same truck with the same number came back to them. Both of them worried and Rajiv speed up the car but their petrol goes down and the car gets stopped in the middle of the road. Rajiv and Soumya came out of the car and seen a truck with no driver. Both of them started pray to God.

It becomes a god grace that they seen a police jeep, Rajiv asking for help and told about the incident. The policeman replied “The truck took an accident due to break failure. Many of us seen that truck and told truck driver actually asking help for his family”.

Finally, they cancelled the trip and move back to Delhi.


Earthquake Hits Xinjiang

A 5.1 magnitude of earthquake strikes the northwest China’s Xinjiang on Saturday as per the China earthquake networks center.

The epicenter was monitored and found as 37.87 degrees north latitude and 77.96 degrees east longitude around a depth of 7km.

Prior to this quake a major jolt had occured in some parts of Kashgar and Hotan prefectures.

As per the local authorities, no casualties or any kind of property damage has been reported.The firebrigade has dispatched 37 vehicles in Kashgar and 141 firefighters to the epicenter.


How Earphones Affect Your Ears?

By avoiding noise induced trauma is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of hear loss. Though everybody knows that the explosive noise like construction equipment or jet engines can damage your ears.

These days most people own a smartphone through which they listen to music. There are many individuals who use earphones as constant companion while travelling, sweating it when out of gym.

Earphones are become an inescapable part for most people but blasting music in one’s ear does have it’s consequences.Earphones generally damage your ears when it has been used for long period of time at a high volume.
Sometimes the damage can be permanent as the sound from earphones cause the hair cells in cochlea to bend severely.

As per the Journal of the American Medical Association, the use of earphones led a major increase in the prevalence of hearing loss in adolescents and young adults.

Some of the precautionary measures need to be considered:

The human ears can be safe upto 70 decibel(dB) sound.
The normal conversation averages upto 60dB
Sound above 70dB for long period can cause hearing loss
Sound above 85 dB can cause permanent hearing loss.
Sometimes earphones also cause some ear infections.

Note: It doesn’t mean that you stop listen to music. Keeping the volume lower and limiting the exposure.


Google Maps Warns Drivers For Emission Charges

The American multinational firm Google brings a new change in Google Maps that will now warn drivers in London and also some other cities, if they going to enter low emission zone with fines.

Though several major cities have a pollution control by handling their polluting traffic out of their busiest areas.

In order to begin with Google will alert drivers by entering zones like Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris.

The drivers of old cars below modern emission standards will have to pay euro 12.50 in particular zone while it may expands in the month of October in the same area as separate euro 15 congestion charge.

According to Google “The alerts will appear when planning a trip that goes through a low-emission zone”.


The Farmer And Scarecrow

Once a farmer named Ramu and his friends when they return home in the evening, used to do some kind of nonsense with scarecrow. For them, scarecrow is like a fellow human being.

Ramu having two daughters Sila and Laila, both went for a school in a town by bus due to his good earning through his farmings. Once they went for a school but return took very late, Ramu’s wife asked him “Now it’s 6:00PM still our daughters were not arrived home“. Ramu moved shockingly here and there at night, searching her daughters. At the exit point of village, they find Laila and Sila came by walking. Ramu asked “What about your bus?”. They replied “Our bus took an accident all are dead only we are saved by one joker kind of man even he also told us he knows you”. Ramu return back to home and thinking about the man who saved their daughter’s life. From that day, every farmer’s family when they were in trouble saved by joker man.

All the farmers gets shocked and searching for the joker man. One night, they heard a sound “Why you are searching me I am already in your village who known as jokerman”. Every villager came out and find a sound came from scarecrow.

Calling a team of investigation and searching for any technology used but unable to find it.

Around 20 yrs back, there was a man with ‘short height’ or ‘dwarf’. Everyone makes fun of him and he took suicide one day. The village head or panchayat buried his body in the village. Though little man having only a mother who also passed after two months of his deaths.

Ramu and other villagers started doing worship near the scarecrow so that his life will be rest in peace.

Note: The little man doesn’t get value from his village but he still protect the villager’s crop by scarecrow and also if anyone from the village having any trouble like Ramu’s daughter bus accident. When villagers understand though he wasn’t alive at the moment but becomes a god for them.


Airtel Xstream Fiber Launches Secure Internet

Daily increasing number of cyber threats Airtel Xstream Fiber launches a secure internet service with a monthly subscription of Rs.99.

‘Secure Internet’ is a kind of tool offering real-time protection against malware and viruses to all the connected devices.

As per the statement reported, Airtel said that Indian customers spend more time on work from home, busy on e-commerce sites, entertainment due to this they are becoming increasingly vunerable to cyber threats.

In order to maintain, Airtel Xstream Fiber launched a highly relevant and secure service known as ‘Secure Internet‘.

It also has a mode termed as ‘child safety and study mode’ through which customers can block websites and application with unwanted adult or graphic content which also helps in protection of online threats.


COVID Epidemic Hit East Asia 20K Years Ago

The term ‘coronavirus’ or ‘COVID-19’ becomes popular since past 1.5 yrs which is caused by SARS-CoV-2 has already been claimed over 3.5 million lives and even infected billions.

As per research has revealed a secret, presence of coronavirus nearly 20000 years ago and the region today known as East Asia.

The severity of this epidemic was strong enough to leave some imprints on the human genome and help to evolve.

This research has been published at scientific journal current biology which has been carried out by experts from the countries like Australia and United States.

By analysing the genomes, observe that these kind of genetic signals which indicates prior exposure were found in five population groups in China, Japan and Vietnam.


A Horrible Trip To Shimla

The couple named as Veena and Arun were planned to visit Shimla from New Delhi to spend their weekends.
Veena worked as a banker whereas Arun a business owner of marbles.

They started their journey on Friday night around 11:00 PM.After travelling a certain distance, car suddenly stops. Arun tries to find the issue within a while a mechanic came and ask “May I help you sir?”.Arun gets shocked and ask “Now it’s around 12:00AM, how you came here?”.The mechanic replied “Every person needs mechanic when their car gives trouble that’s I am here to help each and everyone”. Veena told Arun “We got the mechanic now allow him to check our car and then let’s move forward”.

The mechanic man solve the issue and told “There is one shortcut to visit Shimla if you can travel on that may visit within three hours”. Both of them take a move on shortcut road and once entering into the road seen a sign board of “The road is not safe follow the main road”. They ignore the sign more and move forward and experiencing some supernatural activities.

Their car again gives problem and Arun can’t handle the car finally took an accident. Arun gets injured badly whereas Veena gets injured a littlebit and tries Arun to get out of the car. Around morning 06:00AM both of them admitted to the hospital and get well after 4 days. From that they never travel for night trip and even won’t take any shortcut.

A mysterious tale with many questions. How mechanic came suddenly? Why he told them to take shortcut if the road is not safe? After the further investigation, Arun and Veena usually travel to Shimla once they accidentally killed the mechanic’s son.They doesn’t reported and remove the dead body from the spot.After few months, mechanic also died as he can’t tolerate the son’s death.

Moral: Sometimes you may done mistakes accidentally but you need to be honest else it considered as you are doing bad. Always choose the right direction even in the difficult situation.

google real estate

Google AI Chips Helps Real Estate

Google uses it’s machine learning to design the next generation of machine learning chips. The kind of algorithm design has been comparable or superior to those created by humans. According to tech giant, the work takes months for humans which can be accomplished by humans within six hours.

The specific task Google algorithm tackled is the floor planning.This normally done by human by using computer-aided design tools.Google noted that designing of floor plan takes months for users but the AI generated machine learning the best way to tackle this problem.


Intel’s 11th Gen Processor Speed Upto 5.0Ghz

Mostly present with thin and light laptops. Intel already made a announcement with the launch of it’s first 11th Gen Lake H-Series processors but the Taipei based International Information Technology named as Computex on 2021, the company announced the U-Series of chipset which marks 5.0GHz clock speed.

Even Intel also announcing a specific set of U-Series chips i.e.,Core i7-1195G7 & Core i5-1155G7.

Both of these new chips operate in the range of 12W to 18W and having a four/ eight thread configuration.The feature of Intel’s Iris XE comes with an integrated graphics(Core i7-1195G7 for 96 EUs & Core i5-1155G7 for 80 EUs).

Apart from the processor, Intel also announced it’s latest 5G modem solutions for laptops along with M.2 card by which device makers able to incorporate with their designs called Intel 5G Solutions 5000.

cyclone-yash entertainomania

Family Destroyed In Cyclonic Storm

Once there was a poor family staying near to coastal area in Digha West Bengal, India. Raju and Sonu are two sons in their family along with his father and mother.

They were getting alert regarding cyclonic storm named Amphan in the last year 2020 but they doesn’t worried by thinking we already staying at home nothing will happen to us.

Amphan, the cyclonic storm hit Digha on 17th May 2020 with a speed of 180 km/hr. Raju and Sonu were excited to see the cyclone, they came top of their roof. With a blowing speed of wind, Sonu falls from the edges of their roof and broken his hand but Raju falls some meter of distance and died. Their parents keep on searching both of them, finally after the cyclone found one getting injured and another died at someone else roof.

Moral: If they want can protect their children but due to their irresponsible facing such kind of moment. This is a warning for every children and also their parents cyclonic storm is not like a normal rains where your children can play and enjoy the rain. Be alert for the upcoming cyclone “YAAS” most probably between May 24,2021 – May 26,2021. STAY SAFE & PROTECT YOURSELF


Microsoft Windows 10X Has Been Cancelled

The Windows 10X an ambitious operating system designed by Microsoft corporation to run on dual screen devices has been cancelled.

The Microsoft’s long awaited project of Windows 10X were cancelled. They have stopped the development of Windows 10X the company is still expected to bring some elements of the OS to Windows 10 later most probabaly in this year.

If the cancellation of Windows 10X if true then it is a big blow to Microsoft. Even the company announced in 2019 regarding Windows 10X powered devices include it’s dual screen. Microsoft tells COVID-19 only the reason for change in plans.

flight entertainomania

Woman With An Old Man In Flight

Once the woman having flight from Delhi to Mumbai for official purpose. By completing her working day, she went to airport.

At the counter she booked a window sit, boarding started she took a sit. After few minutes, two middle class old man sit beside her and she started feeling uncomfortable.

She called the flight attendant and ask “I am feeling uncomfortable with these two fellow old man, do you have any seat at business class?”. The flight attendant replied “Please wait let me discuss with captain”.

The attendant of the flight discuss the situation with captain and finally she back to woman’s sit. By looking at the flight attendant she feels excited and ready to move but the flight attendant ask two old people “Sir, sit available at business class please come with me”. Woman get shocked and ask “What rubbish is this?”. The flight attendant politely replied “Mam, a decision taken by captain as whatever you need”.

Moral: Don’t try to make others down, sometimes it may come in reverse direction.


Sputnik V Deliver To India During April Month

The Russia made COVID vaccine Sputnik V which will be delivered to India by this month.

We heard from the companies that by the end of this month, the first shipment takes place and the product will be launched in May.

The Indian ambassador to Russia told “The volume of vaccine production in India will be gradually increasing and may exceed 50 million doses per month”.

Even India become the 60th country to authorise the use of the Russian Spuntik V vaccine to defend COVID-19.

This vaccine approved by many countries even Indian government plan to fast track emergency approvals for all coronavirus doses that given a similar nod by WHO or it’s regulator in USA, Europe and some other countries.


Facebook Testing A Video Speed Dating App – Sparked

The social media giant Facebook is testing a video speed dating app called as Sparked. According to this app which requires a Facebook profile to create an account, developed by company’s NPE Team even the Facebook in house team works on experimental apps.

Sparked is the second dating product from Facebook which operates out of the main Facebook app launched in US since 2019 and has been rolling out to various countries.

The Sparked has almost the same features like the other dating apps where people can view a public profile of a potential match and then send like to possibly receive one back and start a conversation.

Video dating apps are going popular these days after the pandemic and the people staying at home and limiting their in-person interactions.


5 Steps Taken For Glowing Skin

Beautiful or glowing skin always a sign of good health which can be achieved with right lifestyle practice and skin care habits.

If your goal is to achieve glowing skin on regular basis , you have come to the right place.

Some of the essential tips for glowing skin:

  1. Stay Hydrated

I am sure you have heard about this number of times but whater improves your body health and also the skin.Withour water your skin cells may dead or not function properly.

  1. Learn Your Skin Type

Before treatment, it’s become very impotant to know what kind of skin you have whether it’s oily,dry,combination? Do some research or contact with dermatologist to get a proper answer.In this way, you what lotion or diet you want to target for glowing and healthy skin.

  1. Cleanse Twice A Day

For any skincare, you need to wash your skin on daily routine. It helps your skin to remove dirt, excess oil and also the dead skin cells. Even it prepares for remaining steps in your skin care routine.

  1. Add Vitamin C

It is one of the most essential ingredient for brightening skin. A kind of antioxidant that brightens by blocking an enzyme whih produce pigment.

Before taking this, must consult with dermatologist

  1. Give Yourself A Massage

By giving yourself a face massage which is one of the immediate way to wake up your complexion. It boost circulation and gets the blood moving. One of the long term benefits which helps to tone your muscles and create a beauty surface on your skin.


Tale At Grocery Shop

Once a woman went into a grocery shop and asked the manager “I have a very urgent need of some items but I have only 500 rupees”. The manager replied “If you have some urgent need ofcourse you must have that amount of money”. The woman worried and said “I have five children, after my husband’s death it’s my responsibility to take care of them”.

In a while, another man being a customer listen the whole conversation. Suddenly, a manager calls a boy and told “Keep a look at this woman she doesn’t have much money”.

The man who listen the conversation came to that woman and asked “Why you came here they didn’t give value as a customer”. The woman politely replied “I always used to came here earlier with my husband and now they have no respect for me because they think I want to buy more items with low money”. The man replied “If you want money I can help you?”. The woman said “No thanks, I am happy that I have some amount of money to purchase items”.

Each moment woman prays “Hey God, I don’t see my children hungry please help me”. She buys potato, onion, eggs and when shopkeeper weighs on machine shows only 2kg again she happily added few more items still showing 2kg, machine gets changed but the another machine also weighs 2kg, the manager of the grocery store remain shocked and the woman done with the list of items and the amount came three hundred and eighty rupees but The woman happily paid five hundred rupees amount.

The manager calls the mechanic and look at their weight machine, they perfectly checked with no issue and it’s working.

Moral: The woman visited the grocery shop multiple times with her husband but the behavior of manager was not good even he thought she may stolen the items but the reality happens, she covered all the list of items infront of the manager even she can pay more than the desired amount.


2nd Wave Of Covid-19

As per the recent observation by MoHFW, seen a rising of cases from past 2-weeks. Everyday India sees the highest record in COVID cases.

From the last year, Maharastra has reported 30,535 fresh cases in a single day. The five most affected states are Maharastra, Kerela, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu.

Till it becomes very difficult to say when we get away from this disease even how much time require to re-shape our Indian Economy. As per MCA around 10,000 registered companies closed due to COVID-19 impact.

It’s obviously a sense of panic but look forward into positive way you have two hands, two legs and one brain for thinking & understanding. Focus on your thinking because problems come every time but if you have good way of thinking then you always win the race.

The rising of cases only because people doesn’t follow the MoHFW safety guidelines. Just think about it, if we follow those guidelines: Decrease in covid cases, No lockdown, No ban on International Flights & Finally rise in Indian Economy.


How To Play Safe Holi In Covid Pandemic

We all know Holi is one of the most unique and exciting cultural festival of India. In other way, as per Hindu religion we call it as victory of devotion.

On the very first day of Holi , we do prayer in the morning and burn the evils. Like in this way on the second day of Holi, we play with colors, ballons,Bhang,Dance etc.

Today I am here to discuss some of the most safety tips which you must follow during COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Hair safety

You must need to take care of your hair by putting some ample amount of oil in the scalp area , once the hair absorb the oil color will not sit on your scalp.
Even you can also cover your hair by scarf.

  1. Skin safety

As usual like your hair you can use some moisturizer on your skin which helps you in preventing skin infection from colors, better to wear sleeves which can cover your body.
Apart from skin, also need to take care of your ears(put some cotton by avoiding the colors going inside) and nails(best option to cut your nails before playing Holi).

  1. Some general precautions related to COVID-19

Make sure no one in your group having the symptoms like cough, cold or fever
Keep some distance between playing ,better to use pichkaris
Don’t play with Gulal with cold water, it may increases the chances of seasonal flu.
Avoid playing too much with colors.


Learn How Robot Sensing Helps Healthcare Industry

AI build robots can used for a basic healthcare tasks to support the work of doctor and nurses. As per the recent pandemic demonstrates the need to minimize human-to-human interaction.

There is also an opportunity for sensing robots to measure essential healthcare information on behalf of the care providers in future.

Kim along with his team from the Simon Fraser University programmed two robots to measure some human psycological signals working from Kim’s Additive Manufacturing Lab.

When a hand touches a person it helps to detect psycological signals from an electrodiogram which used to monitor heartbeat,respiration rate and temperature.

This humanoid robot also helps to monitor oxygen levels in your body which helps to monitor the condition for those who develop severe COVID-19. Such data viewed in real-time on the robot’s monitor or sent to the healthcare provider.


A Happy Family: Message For Every Youngsters

This is the story of Raju who was born somewhere in the state of West Bengal ,India. Raju is the youngest among two sisters. Being the youngest he was the most lovable son in his family.

He always used to eat good foods even everyone tries to make him happy being the youngest. When his father retired, he was 18 yrs old, both the sisters gets married.

Once he used to take lunch and got angry “I don’t like these kind of food stuffs”. His mother replied “Now your father is retired please try to understand”.Raju said “When Ruma and Joya married you have money actually being my parents you haven’t done anything for me”.

When his father heard this he goes to vegetable shop on the next day and purchase some vegetable and non-veg items which Raju would love to eat but when he returns back to home he took an accident and died in the spot. From that day, Raju forget his favourite dishes and starts eating normal foods.

Note: This is message for those who doesn’t know how to respect their parents. In this story, Rahul a 18 yrs old boy doesn’t understand his parents, so this teenage(15-18 yrs) is very difficult which turns it will take for your child become dangerous. Rahul is the most lovable son of his parents which he was understand but that was too late.

Hey guys, Avoid such kind of behavior if you have and look forward to help your parents.


Upcoming Action Movie Godzilla vs. Kong

The upcoming American monster film Godzilla vs. Kong directed by Adam Wingard.After the sequel of Godzilla: King of Monsters and Kong:Skull Island, it’s the fourth film in Legendary’s MonsterVerse.

Kong and his protectors undertake a perilous journey to find his true home and with them is Jia, a young orphaned girl with whom he has formed a unique and powerful bond.

The epic clash between the two titans instigated by unseen forces and that’s the only beginning of the mystery that lies deep within the core of the Earth.

This film stars Alexander Skarsdarg,Millie Bobby Brown,Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry and others performing a wonderful act in this movie.Hope you would like to watch in theaters.

In 2019, the first promotional one sheet poster was revealed at the license Expo.

This film is scheduled to be released simultaneously in theatres and also in HBO on March 31,2021, United States while being released on March 26 in international theatrical markets without HOB Max.


How To Build Immunity In Your Body

There are lot of supplements which helps to boost your immune system. Though boosting an immunity is much harder as what you might think for good reason.

If you want to stay away from cold,flu or some other types of infections your first step is to visit a local store and then plan your meals.

Here discussing some of the basic steps to boost your immunity:

  1. Do exercise regularly

Make an exercise a daily routine activity. It makes your immune system stronger as well as healthier.

  1. Intake of fruits and vegetables

By intake of citrus fruits,Broccoli,Garlic,Ginger,Spinach,Almond etc. helps you to maintain your immunity and also your cholesterol

  1. Stay Hydrated

Water plays a vital role in your body that supports your immune system. By intake a lower amount of water slows down the movement of lymph which leads to impaired immune system.
As per medical research, 3-4 litres intake of water requires for adult users.

  1. Avoid plenty of stress

When it comes to the body building activity you must need to understand how stress affect your health.It may weaker your immune system and increase a higher chances of infections and illness.

Whether it may be deep breathing,prayer or meditation you always need to be familiar with these activities to reduce stress.

  1. Diet control

This is one of the most important to consider whether you are taking a healthy foods or other kind of foods to boost your immunity, always focus on your diet control never take an excessive amount of food.
Many people think if I eat more healthy foods it will boost my immunity more it’s nothing like that and the things to consider is:

Control your diet
Do exercise regularly but not too much
Completely avoid stress
Stay hydrated as per need , never intake an excessive amount of water

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The First Impression Of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

A completely wireless buds, Samsung has been doing well in the earbuds segment with their range of Galaxy Buds.

This Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has puts the entire definition of a top-notch audio device & the time it gets active noise cancellation also with spatial audio, like bringing at the level of Apple AirPods Pro.

It also having a touch sensitive feature which you have mistakenly pressed for long time & the Samsung gives you an option to turn it completely off.

According to Samsung claimed this Buds pro runs for 8 hours on the buds with ANC switched off and also the total of 28 hours with charging case. The primary reason being the Buds Pro gets 61mAh battery as opposed to the 85mAh.

However, when you listening to music and if you are playing an online games you must switch off else the accelerometer in the buds detects the jaw moving and turns off the ANC which may result in lower the volume.

Game Of Death EntertainOMania

An Unknown Invitation: A Game Of Death

Mira and Manish, a couple got an invitation letter from an unknown person. Mira were excited to see what kind of invitation letter, she find the invitation card with awesome decoration, it’s like someone birthday, venue at Red Villa resort, Goa but the name of the person is not mentioned.

Even they also find the flight ticket for both of us. In a while, Mira would likely to visit Goa but Manish had lot question in his mind “Who is that person?”,”How they know us? & “Who’s birthday?”. By the way they took flight for Goa and visit Red Villa resort.

Mr.Madan, who welcomes both of them at Red Villa resort even they were getting free luxury rooms and allowing them to use swimming pool and food services free of cost. Manish were getting surprised and ask Mr.Madan “Thank you very much but why you are doing this for us, I mean we received a birthday invitation but the name of the person has not mentioned on the card”. Mr.Madan replied “You get all the answers but you and your wife need to play some game with us”.

Manish tries to get the answer without playing but in a while he get ready to take game challenge.

Round I:

Mr.Madan ask Manish , tell your wife to eat pork. Manish “What rubbish is this she is vegeterian”. Mr.Madan said “See this is upto you as you take this challenge by signing our contract & you can’t leave from here without playing this game”.
Manish find Mira started eating pork and by looking at her, he gets shocked.

Round II:

It is very challenging game, Mr.Madan told Manish , “you have to hold your breathe under swimming pool for 10 minutes. Manish were trying do that but within a 5 minutes, he back from swimming pool.

Finally, Manish understand, Mr. Madan is Anik’s father. Manish being a senior in his college, he always used to do ragging with his son Anik.Apart from Manish, Mira also in his group during their college days. Once Anik complain to principal, Manish gave him a punishment same like this swimming pool. In a while, Anik lost his life.

Manish asked Mr.Madan “How you came to know about this that was declared as suicide”. Mr.Madan “There is no option for my son to do suicide. Later I ask and I find you are the one who always harassing others in your college, but today is your day. I am not going to kill you, on your back you see someone already came to arrest both of you”.

Moral: Everyone knows ragging is crime and it has been punishable as per law. Some people looks different but the truth has been hiding behind them. In this story, Mr.Madan suffering a pain of loosing his child even if he wants can kill both of them but he was focusing on the right path.

autonomous car

Autonomous Car Technology: How it works?

Autonomous car is one of the way to reduce number of crashes on our roads.

As per the Government data, it has been observed that more number of car crashes due to driver behavior or error. In other way, self-driving is one of the option which reduces driver error.

Even the people with disabilities are capable of self-sufficiency & this highly automated vehicles can help them live the life as they want.

Technology Used Behind Autonomous Car

There are several technologies used behind this safe and autonomous vehicle , mostly the use of AI is in a wide range which helps to control the robotic car. Though, very soon you may find the use of this technology in train which makes a driverless train. Apart from this, the use of safety and security cameras ,network infrastructure and also the sensor based technology i.e., radar.

How Autonomous Car Works?

It has been very common these days no one can leave home without smartphones or the internet ready devices (smartphones,tablets etc.)

These devices tell us the exact location of the person by using GPS technology. With some level of connectivity by using 5G network, driverless vehicles able to react by prevention measures like braking and automatic steering, which in turn makes the street safer.

It as been widely used in USA for Emergency Medical Care, Public Transportation, Shipping & Deliveries etc. The country India is also focusing on this driverless vehicle to avoid traffic congestion, road safety even plan to use in trains.


The Weekend Break: (A Trip To Lonavala)

A story of three friends (Anisha, Lavanya & Ishita) who went for a weekend trip Lonavala, Maharastra, India. They were very excited to explore the places in Lonavala.

Already booked the lodge where they reached around 01:00PM. After taking lunch, three of them move forward to explore Lonavala. In a while, Ishita feels she visited this place earlier & something was not happened good.

Now something happens very strange.

What is that?

By returning at lodge Ishita tries to find by asking her parents about her past. At 2:00AM, Anisha and Lavanya found Ishita speak something abnormal in her sleep. Both of them tries but failed, behavior of Ishita got changed. By asking Hotel Manager & other people, problem not resolved.

Finally called the parents of Ishita they explained “Ishita having a disorder which specially happens during her sleep, fear from hilly areas. Every night she used to take medicine suggested by doctor. We understand this when she was six years old, once we came to this place she was getting much afraid so we plan to move back”.

Moral: A message to all the parents to take care of their children, this is a common disorder which doesn’t have any proper medicine till date but sometimes it gone naturally after 18-20 years or when they fall under adult category, so always hope for the best.


Know More About Avian Influenza : The Bird Flu Scare

The state like Madhya Pradesh, Indore & Kerala detect the bird flu virus. Amid of the pandemic, report has been found from these three states.

It is a kind of viral disease which is contagious and can spread from birds to birds and animals.

Beware this is a kind of disease that may transmit in humans though the study is still going on this new disease.

The flu named as Avian Influenza in Rajasthan where the 100 crows found dead in Jalawar.

The department secretary Arushi Malik said the Centre guidelines need to be followed on a high priority:

“Though the situation is not alarming but we are vigilant, must ensure that the virus should not transmit to domestic animals.”

Every year this occur during March but this time it has been something serious, the report has not found good from these three states, so beware & stay safe.

Best New Year 2021 Ideas EntertainOMania

New Year 2021 Ideas That Gives You A Kick-Start

Who isn’t ready for 2020 to end?

Everyone looking for a new hope when there is a new beginning of a year. Although the year 2020 has completely gone under COVID-19 pandemic.
Now we all having a hope for something good to be happen with a fresh beginning of new year.

Here is the list of New Year 2021 ideas:

1.Yoga or Meditation: Yoga is best option to boost strength in your body which gives relax to your mind & body, makes you feel fresh.

2.Learn New Skills: Having a skill-set is always good for getting educated & better employment. Focus on learning and also understand the value of learning.

3.Eat Healthy: Try eating healthy foods which helps you to protect from various diseases. Since 2020 is already a time to avoid street food. It’s time to cook food at home & eat with a proper balance diet even it will be better to learn cooking.

4.Give More Time To Your Relationship: You can spent or give value to your relationship as everything come from relationship so make it strong so that you become happy & get a longer life.

5.Quit Bad Habits: The question may comes to your mind “How to quit bad habits?”. Well, it’s very easy always look for good habits ->search on internet->look person with good habits even you can think for “Best Things To Do”,”Try To Do Some Good Habits Daily”. After few days, you understand the difference between good & bad habits.

christmas celebration entertainomania

Five Ways: Celebrate Christmas (During Covid Pandemic)

Each year Christmas has been celebrated with lots of decoration. Due to the amid of COVID-19 pandemic, many facilities have decided to celebrate individually instead of large groups of people.

I am discuss here few of those steps that may help you to celebrate Christmas during pandemic:
  1. Decorate Your Home

You can decorate your home from inside & outside. Addition of some inspirational pieces & lights along with Christmas tree.

  1. Count 25th Days Of Donation

This become one of unique celebration Christmas in which you can start count from 1st December or 15 days before Christmas & collect some food like Chocolates in a box container. On the day of 25th December you can donate as a gift to the local pantry to the person in need.

  1. Focus On Dressing

Though this year we are already at home, you may try to wear some Holidays Shirt & Pajamas along with Christmas cap.

  1. Sing Karaoke At Home

You can sing any song or Christmas related then mix with Christmas Karaoke & finally you can host it through different channels.

  1. Do Virtual Conversation

This year 2020 around 80-90% people you find online or you may seen report in the next year 20121 i.e., “The year 2020 is the largest data usage year”. Even you can talk with your friends, relatives “how they are celebrated, how the celebration has been different from yours”.


A Tale Of One Christmas Night

A day before Christmas 24th December evening time, Sunny and his parents were planned to visit a Church which is around 80km from their location.

Like every year, they visited some different churches but this time they plan to visit “The Holy Faith Church” as this church completes 50 years.

They reached the church at 11:00 PM & doesn’t find anyone even no celebration and lights. Sunny’s family has four members i.e., his father, mother & his sister.

Among them Sunny’s father make a loud sound “Hey, anyone here in the church”, still no response. All of them started calling someone, a hour passed at 12:00am seen a father came towards the church. They ask him, “What happened today is something special day for this church but we doesn’t find anyone and no celebration?”. The father replied “What I can say dear, we are planning for this day from last year but two days ago, one boy from this village will put himself on fire so we all are planning for no celebration this year. Like Jesus doesn’t want our celebration”.

Sunny’s father asked a father of church “He’s doing suicide but what is the fault of others?”. The father explained “No we can’t he was the only person who came regularly to this church & praying for his mother who suffer from cancer even he doesn’t have anyone in his family except her mother. His mother found dead, the day before his suicide & if we celebrate today then we can’t respect his family“. Sunny’s family were heartbroken and told father “We all need to pray for that boy and his mother soul, so they both will be rest in peace”. The father was happily called everyone from the village & also by lighting candles and diyas, all were pray for Sunny family.

The father of the church giving thanks to Sunny’s family & told “Jesus need something in a different way, if we celebrate 50 years, we all were getting together but this time we are getting together for one family & actually Jesus want this from us that’s why he send you people”.

Moral: Many people told we are doing prayers but no response, actually it’s nothing like that every prayer has value. In this story, the 50 years of church celebration converts into family peace even that boy can also see this day but due to his fault as he had done suicide can’t see the enjoyable day.

You might be interested with one of my previous Christmas post. See Here

indian economy entertainomania

When Indian Economy Will Recover?

India’s GDP has been contracted for the second consecutive quarter somewhere around the month of September. As per economist, Indian Economy may see a bounce back probably in the next year but depend on several factors.

Especially in some last couple of years in Indian Economy slowdown. Expectations are the economy will contract, though it will be on much better footing than nearly 24 percent decline in first quarter.

Economist also observed that country could see a growth in the December quarter though which is not enough to be categorized as a bounce back.

Though it has not been enough to save India from the inevitable tag of recession but it is expected to fare the worst among all the global major economies as far the recovery goes.


Time To Get Black Friday Deals

So guys Black Friday is very near & as per US calendar it has been celebrated on November. This year pandemic has shaken things in another way.

Some of the best deals will be happen online with a fewer in-person sales. There are few retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart who started early Black Friday deals.

The brand Apple products which is already in high demand & now you can get those product with most affordable rates. Let say for Apple Watch SE whose price is already affordable but now it has been more cheaper in e-commerce giant sites Amazon, Flipkart & Walmart.

Another brand like Samsung which recently launched Galaxy A7 has 10.4 inch display along with slim bezels even it’s design look more than flagship. This is probably one of the good option if you don’t want to spend as per the cost of iPad or the above series, but your choice is decent performance.


Know How: Precautionary Steps During Winter From COVID-19

We all know during winter season cough & cold are very common. But this year due to COVID-19, cough & cold were higher respiratory symptoms for COVID-19.

Though each countries already taken precautionary steps even they follow the WHO guidelines. Now due to this winter season, their is high chances of spreading COVID-9.

Today I am here to discuss few steps that will help you to know how to stay alert:

  1. Wear Warm Clothes

At this time, the temperature sometimes falls around 15-18 degree celcius. It will be better if you wear warm clothes from now onwards.

  1. Use Of Warm Water

Drink a very little boil water is better for health even the food get digest properly.Apart from this, taking bath with water will help you to stay safe.

  1. Intake Of Vitamin D From Sunlight

The best time to soak yourself in the direct sunlight to get the maximum vitamin D is between 10 am to 3 pm. At this time, the UVB rays are intense and it is also said that the body is more efficient in making vitamin D at this time.

  1. Use Of Room Heater

The use of room heater is very common during winter but the people who stay at hilly areas where the presence snowfall, better to use room heater from now onwards.

  1. Take Sleep & Boost Your Immunity

Take a better sleep during nights & wakeup early in the morning, do regular exercise or intake of tulsi with honey, chawanprash etc. to boost your immunity.

night-trip entertainomania

Find Difference Between Right Or Wrong: A Horrible Night Trip

A group of four friend (Nisha, Ayushi, Aditya, Nikhil) after completing their work at office were planned to visit Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh to create some documentary film from New Delhi.

The day was 24th November 2017, they started moving from New Delhi around 06:00PM night enjoying with each other & discussing after a long time we travelling together during weekend. Nisha “Hey What’s up guys! What a rocking weekend”.

Travelling through Noida Expressway, saw a woman in the car accident asking for help. They also seen a man standing outside the car just watching the woman but not going to help her. Though Nikhil try to help the woman but his friends request him not to move out of the car.

They even listen the sound of woman saying “We will handover everything to you but as of now please took me at the hospital at this moment”. The man doesn’t listen to woman & left her. In a while, they seen the car along with woman get vanished. Everyone gets scared & think there is something happened wrong they were plan to move back New Delhi.

On the next day, they still thought about the incident even also done some research by visiting nearby police station & finally came to the conclusion “The incident which they saw yesterday happens on the same day in the year 2008, the man who found outside the car was her husband. They loved each other & married happily but the woman doesn’t know he married only because her property as she belongs from good class business family. As per the report, the man put on jail & served for 5-6 years later he found dead inside the jail.”

Moral: Human minds always becomes greedy & the person who can control & make a difference between right or wrong, the only person win the race.


Do You Know: How To Access Internet While Out At Sea?

When you are sailing at open seas, you don’t want the Internet connection to be lost. Isn’t that? You wish to connect to the outside world & just enjoy some quality time with yourself & your loved ones.

Today I am here to discuss the mode of Internet communication while you are out at sea:

Satellite Communication

This is one of the way providing Internet to ships by means of direct communication with satellite. In this case, some hardware installation has been installed on the ship so that internet signals gets taped from anywhere. It may cost around $600 but it helps you to connect your loved ones from anywhere.

Issue like latency of connection may arises in most cases which may depend upon the weather condition of sea.

Wireless Connection

Wireless devices like routers, modems etc you generally used at home, offices.These devices can access Internet only they near to some ports i.e., where network is easily available.

Dial up Connection

This is another way of getting Internet by means of simple dial up connection of the cell phones where cell phones acts as a modem to access the Internet directly from satellite.

To get a suitable Internet connection, satellite device be the best one.


Apple iPhone 12 Along with 5G Network

Another year comes with another iPhone. Isn’t that? This has been the iPhone last year, Apple announced about it’s four model iPhone 12 line on this Tuesday.

If you remember around 2017 iPhone X which introduced a face unlocking & a better screen technology.

But this year they sport array of colors and with some more models with 5G wireless support has already been in lineup.

Apple on it’s late 5G network are incorporating the new wireless technology current potential problems for the Apple though it still becomes the big win for the company and the carriers. Even experts were already worry about the new design which may affect on repair-ability.

This feature is applicable for both iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max, pricing starts from $999.


What Causes Grey Hair At Young Age?

When your hair turns into grey or white you must understand that this only happens due to loss of melanin pigment which produces melanocyte cells.

Grey hair we can say one of the sign of your natural ageing process. May your skin having number of hair follicles which contain the pigment that turns your hair grey.

  1. Lack Of Nutrition

If your diet contains lack of Vitamin B-12 it may turn your hair into grey or white. Dietary supplements may help you to overcome hair problems and start grow back into natural hair color within a few weeks.

  1. Genetic Problem

As per study, premature hair grey may related to genetics.You may have grey hair at early age if your father or grandfather had premature grey hair.

  1. Lot Of Stress

Huge stress may lead to the problems like stress, anxiety, high blood pressure etc. Even the stress also turns your hair into grey.Avoid stress & try yourself to feel relax.

  1. Smoking

We already know smoking increses the high chances of heart diseases say for lung cancer etc. even it also turns hair into grey. The toxins in cigarettewill affect the hair follicles.

  1. Pollution

Try to keep yourself in pollution free environment. Pollution is one of the major cause of white hair problems.It may damage the melalin cells.

  1. Chemical Hair Products

The chemical products like shampoos , hair conditioner which may decrease your melalin pigment.

  1. Avoid long sit near Computer/Laptop

Try to sit in a cold room or where the presence of air-conditioner when you are using Laptop/PC for long duration.

COVID -19-Vaccine-entertainomania

Final Trials For COVID Vaccine

The COVID vaccine makers are expected to start the final trials from next month. As per the US regulation, meeting has been scheduled on October 22 where the experts to discuss more about the vaccine.

How soon COVID vaccine will available in the market?

Finals stage of trials may done within next few weeks. Though there is no approved COVID vaccine yet but several are in advanced trials by including the organization like Jhonson & Jhonson, Oxford University & some others.

According to media, several Western developers are conducting the final stage of the vaccine trials which is already going for more than 42 days but not published any result yet.

As of now we have to wait for the 22nd October meeting which has been scheduled by US agency. The Center for Biologic Evaluation & Research, Vaccines & Related Biological Products Advisory Committee will meet in an open session to discuss about the development & authorization even how it helps to prevent COVID-19.


Mask Man: The Untold Truth

This is a story of mask man somewhere around the year 2018 at New Delhi, India when five friends (Sahil |Tanmay |Soumya |Joy |Tanu) went back from their office they planning to visit Joy’s house.

Joy take a room on rent and living at New Delhi. When they reached at the Joy’s house found there is no lock at the door. Joy explain “In the morning, I am sure I locked the door”. Tanu replied “Leave it Joy you may forget”.

Each of us gossiping and dancing with a loud music sound. In a while, Tanmay found missing. They were searching each corner of the house but still can’t find him.

Sahil told “Hey Joy, what’s happening in your house”. Suddenly Soumya shouted, everyone reached to her & found the dead body of Tanmay. Sahil gets angry and say “Joy I told you earlier there is something wrong in this house”. Tanu seen a black mask man outside the house and say “Hey, who is that man?”.

They started searching for the mask-man, in a while Joy and Tanu found the dead body of Sahil and Soumya.Tanu take a knife and ask Joy “Tell me what’s wrong going in your house?”. Joy “See Tanu, I don’t have any idea about this man”. Mask man came infront of them and ask “I think you people forget me just go back to our college days. During Holi, everyone plan to wear something different & I used to wear a mask but you people put me inside water and even I raise a hand but no one came to help me. Now tell me among both of you who will going to die first?”. Joy explain “See I know you are Harry but please try to understand that was an accident”. Tanu replied “Ok we surrender and ready to move at jail please leave us”. Joy takes a knife from Tanu & started reading “Hanuman Chalisa” which destroys the evil power, finally he throws a knife to that mask man & put him rest in peace.

Moral: If you are not wrong must fight you will definitely win the race.


Spying On Instagram Users By Smartphone Cameras

The largest giant of Social Media platform Facebook Inc. was being sued for allegedly spying on Instagram users, by unauthorized access of their smartphone cameras.

Facebook was denied the reports & blamed a bug, as it was correcting for triggering what it has been described as false notifications as Instagram users were accessing iPhone cameras.

A complaint has been filed on Thursday in the federal court in San Francisco, New Jersey Instagram.

Instagram & Facebook are able to collect valuable insights & market research as per the complaint but Facebook declined the comment.

As per the last month, Facebook was accused of using facial-recognition technology which will illegally harvest the bio-metric data. Even Facebook denied the claim and told Instagram doesn’t use face-recognition technology.


Do You Know: How COVID-19 Affect Us?

COVID-19 or Corona virus disease started since December 2019 in China affecting many countries globally.

Stacy Adams

From March 2020, India is badly attack with this COVID-19. Now India is the epicenter of this deadly virus. Let’s discuss how it’s effect in India:

  1. Still doctors, nurses & policemen are on battle with this deadly virus since March 2020.
  2. Globally more than 9 lakhs of people lost their lives whereas as of now deaths in India crosses 73,000.
  3. Around billions of people lose jobs in different sectors.
  4. Dangerous to travel from one place to another by any means of transportation- Check Here Travel Guidelines
  5. People were getting bored by watching movies daily at home as cinema halls,parks & other entertainment related places closed since lockdown.

As per the situation everyone knows about this deadly virus & how danger it is? Still many people are not aware of mask, sanitizers & never bother about precautions & this is the only reason cases are rising highly in India as compared to other countries.

On the other side, doctors, policemen, nurses fighting from day-to-night to make our country free from COVID-19.

Be alert & must follow those precautionary steps taken by Government that protects you & your family even it also helps to make our country free from this deadly virus.


5 Exciting Tips On Hair Growth

You always wants to improve your hair still it doesn’t meets your satisfaction. When we talk about regrow hair it’s simply like to improve your hair & you must follow these steps:

  1. Massage

When we talk about hair massage it’s very simple to understand massaging the scalp which help to restore hair growth & can be used as conjunction with both hair oils & masks.

  1. Onion Juice

It is one of the natural home made remedy & even one of the oldest one. The reason behind it contains sulphur that boosts collagen production in tissues & helps in re-growth hair.

  1. Viviscal

This also a natural hair growth technique which helps to promote hair growth in people with thinning hair. This is made up of minerals, vitamins & shark. The ingredients help to regenerate new cells & strengthen existing cells.

  1. Coconut Oil

This is one of the best natural home-made remedy which contains fats & that can penetrate inside the hair shaft & reduce the protein loss. This can be used either before or after wash your hair depending on your hair type.
Add a half squeeze of lemon + 4 drops of essential lavender oil, mix throughly & apply it to the scalp then leave it for 4-5 hours & rinse it off.

  1. Eat Healthy & Things To Avoid

Hair growth also reflects on overall health. Must have to follow these techniques:

  • Water- Like your skin, scalp also gets dry. To avoid this, drink 1.5-2 liters of water.
  • Proteins- Must eat protein related foods like fish etc. For vegetarian, go for nuts, beans, tofu etc.
  • Vitamin C- Lack of Vitamin C affects your hair growth or cellular damage. To avoid this, go for potato & other related diets.
  • Avoid Taking Bath In Highly Chilled Water. To stay safe use little amount of LUKEWARM WATER
  • Avoid Shampooing Your Hair Everyday which causes hair to become drier.

Unforgettable Journey Of Three Friends

This is a story of three close friends (Anil,Shahid & Maya) who plan to visit somewhere on the day of completion of their graduation from Durgapur.

They started their journey from Durgapur but still it is unknown they ask driver “We planned to visit Purulia, West Bengal but actually that’s a town we need some hilly areas to stay & enjoy”. Driver replied “Have anyone heard about Ayodhya Hills which is very close to Purulia & there you can stay at hotel”. According to driver, they agrred & move to Ayodhya Hills.

After reached Ayodhya, Maya feels she visited earlier this place. Anil “How is this possible? You are from Maharastra & this is just a hill in West Bengal”. Shahid “Hey guys see such a nice place & hotel is also really good even you people can try non-vegetarian also”.

In a while, both friends Anil & Shahid saw Maya being a vegetarian started eating non-veg. They were get shocked & the way she eats like she hungry for many days. Both of them tries to stop her but it was impossible like someone or some spirits possessed her body.

Other people in that hotel gets afraid whereas Anil wants help from manager to call any priest who can help them.Manager tries to find someone but fails to find. Later Anil reminds that he have Hanuman Chalisa in his bag & starts reading. Maya “Hey you stop reading”. Anil “Let us know who you are & why you possessed her body?”. Maya in spiritual character explain “We are friends since childhood even we came here during childhood days with our family even I proposed her but she rejects me & finally I get her”.

Anil keeps on reading & everyone in the hotel support them, sprit left her body & it has been around one week Maya to come in normal position. Later Maya married with Anil who is the saviour of her & were settled at Maharastra.

Moral: Evil, however powerful it is, is always smaller than Good.

Bitcoin Chainlinks Breaks Technical Pattern

Bitcoin: The chain-links has been observed some weakness around past few hours but it’s price showing downwards at $14.00.

Due to the sharp downturn, analyst were noting down that the bitcoin chainlink may be poised to see further weakness with multiple technical signals result in downside.

Chain-link trading has been down almost 12% of it’s current price $ 14.13 but cryptocurrency had previously showing some flash signs of strength where the buyer reaction towards the support level of chainlink & send it backup around $17.00.

Today due to sharp decline of Bitcoin Chainlink had been forming a bull-flag. It basically develops when following link drops from the recent high’s.

Hope this weakness will recover soon & bringing back the block-chain into it’s current rising state.


Google Launches ‘How To Vote’ Feature

Since the election month in US is November. Now you can type on Google “how to vote” or “how to register to vote”, it’s automatically detect your state along with voting dates.

You can try it by suing Google App or Chrome.Once you type you are able to see some of the specific information say for instance ID requirements, Deadline to vote & some others.

Google will help you provide step-by-step instructions to register in-voting, How to sign up & how to check the status.

Hope this feature will help you for easy voting service like stay at home & register for vote. A person can register anywhere across the world.

tough situation entertainomania

How To Handle Tough Situation

One day everything seems to be great in your world but not perfect but the whole things going according to plan, then it happens something.

Breakup with someone, home problems, lose your jobs & health problems. These are not at all fair you never deserve it even you didn’t plan for it.

So there are numerous opportunities if you like to improve which result almost 90 percent of the life as how you respond.

  1. Must accept the situation

When the problem popups you may think like “What?This cannot be happening”. You need to shift your thinking that the problem is indeed happen like “This is not a good situation but it’s happening”. You need to focus on the problem & pretend the negativity which is one best way to solve your problems.

  1. Remove the word “FAIR” from your dictionary

As we learn earlier that life is not fair. You also know hard work gets rewarded, kindness should be reciprocated & when the things doesn’t work in that way we feel angry at the world and bad for ourselves.So in this way you can’t change the things are often random & beyond your control. When you start going for unfair yourself let’s say “It is what it is” then choose the reaction which align the way you would like the world to be.

  1. Find positive instead of negativity

Even I already discuss in my several posts, negativity kills a person always go for positive. Try to create a list of positive action to resolve negative that improves you mentally & you feel better. Let’s take a example, in your office one of the employee complained about your management style.Instead of getting angry, you must think as an opportunity to communicate with that person & figure out how you both having positive experience at work.
Sometimes it may happen when you have siblings, we all grow together when the elder one goes for new place for higher studies the entire family get upset but they never think that he is going for good work & even we have the opportunity to travel at new place.

  1. You can always continue from new place

When something or someone throws you my feel disappointed and also be disconnected from who you want to be or what you want to do in your life.

Must remember hurdle doesn’t destroy your plans even many people try to motivate you in false direction. I also face when I learn something for achievement they told me “Learning can’t help you in achievement.Those are all nonsense.”. Such people having ego for your achievement, they always try to block your path.

Be alert & the sooner you focus on finding a new way, the sooner you will turn a bad things good.

hong-kong-tunnel entertainomania

Hong Kong’s Rain Tunnel Network

According to the city’s most complex drainage system protects Hong Kong from disastrous flooding which is caused by seasonal typhoons. Do you think whether it will be a strong enough to withstand the effects of climate crisis?

Some part of ground breaking,this is $3.8 billion drainage network it nearly the length of Hong Kong Island and has saved the city from floods around decades ago.

Building this network in one of the world most densest cities was not an easy. The Hong Kong Island already crossed by tunnels which carrys the city’s subway system & accomodating roads that slice through mountainous landscape.

It has been a true regarding frequent flooding during Hong Kong summer. From June to September, high temperatures are only broken by typhoons & rainstorm.

Offices and schools shut during black rain which has been defined as when more than 70 millimeters per hour.This black rain causes minor flooding- mainly due to the impermeability of tarmac & concrete.Avoiding unnecessary travels due to danger of road accidents or even landslides which is caused by rain in some mountainous part of the city.

rakshabandhan entertainomania

Rakshabandhan: The Bond of Brother-Sister

Rahul who working at USA came to India to meet with his sister on the occasion of Rakhi. His sister Pooja who lived in a small village as earlier she fall in love with a man during her childhood days & later they were married.

It has been after four years, Rahul back to India. Everyone in his family were happy even his mother cooked his favourite food. But when he told mother that he is going to meet with his sister on the day of Rakhi. His mother get shocked & say “See you don’t know since from two years no one celebrate Rakhi in this village after the death of Yamini”. Rahul speak “Yes I remember Yamini, she had no one in her family except her brother”. Mother “Yes my child, but when her brother started his modelling career he always insult Yamini in front of his friends who drunk & stay till late night. Once her brother gets a call from Poland but Yamini doesn’t like to leave her brother. It was on the day of Rakhi, Yamini brings Rakhi for him but he throws the Rakhi on fire & move ahead to Poland. After this many of them try to celebrate Rakhi but something happens very strange i.e., road accidents, murder”.

Rahul say “See mom why you believe in supernatural things we are now in 21st century”. He ignore his mother & move towards his sister’s house to celebrate Rakhi. Pooja welcomed his brother & she also arranged many foods but when Rahul ask for Rakhi, Pooja replied “As mother told you we are not celebrating Rakhi since last two years”. Rahul “Pooja, you also believe in all these stupid things. Ok not an issue if you don’t have Rakhi I have something for you from USA”. Pooja refused to take a gift from her brother and told “We are not celebrating Rakhi please try to understand”.Rahul “We are not celebrating just keep this iPod with you”.

On the next day, everything was fine. Rahul say “See nothing happens because Yamini herself wants to celebrate Rakhi all those accidents or murders of brother & sister happens but it requires investigation”. The day when Rahul went for USA, Pooja & his husband came to meet. In a while, Pooja hug him & told you proved to be a real brother. Rahul say Good bye to his family, when he cross the village & came over to the road seen a girl in front of his car. Rahul ask “Hey what you want allow me to move forward”. The girl replied “Always I want you to move forward but I have a Rakhi for you please accept this”. Rahul thought she is mad & say “Ok you can tie a Rakhi but what’s your name & what you doing here?”. She tie up a Rakhi & say myself as Yamini.

gmail smart compose & smart reply entertainomania

How To Enable Gmail’s AI-powered Smart Reply & Smart Compose

With the leading up of Gmail’s on it’s 15th birthday last year, the organization Google added a lot of productivity & also the machine learning tools for it’s email service.

It has been a bit confusing to navigate some of it’s Gmail features. According to this tutorial, we need to focus on Gmail’s auto-completion tools Smart Reply & Compose has been designed to save time.

Enabling Smart Reply & Smart Compose

This feature has been allowed to generate responses & email text, you have to opt from the Settings menu. On the Desktop, you have to click on the gear icon which is on the upper right corner & find the Settings page. Secondly, you can scroll down to the separate Smart Reply & Smart Compose options to choose “On” for either or both to enable the automated suggestions.

Finally you can also choose to allow Gmail’s machine learning to personalize those suggestions i.e., based on the way you can write your emails by choosing “Smart Compose personalizations”. Let say when you greet your colleagues with the message “Hi team” or “Hello everyone”, it will automatically drop as whatever you use most often.

This is all about Smart Reply & Smart Compose


Understanding COVID-19 & Learn How To Survive

It has been around six-month of corona virus disease (COVID-19).Within this short span of time, our knowledge according to this virus: how it spreads, how it infects & how to prevent it has evolved dramatically.

Does it transmit over surfaces?

Surfaces like table tops, door knobs or cash were considered as one of the potential sites of contamination nut now appears as fomite transmission – actually rare not a primary mode of transmission as per United Disease Control & Prevention.

But a large load of virus spreading on the surface or an infected person sneezed, makes it risky to touch.

Does mask & face shield really help?

Ofcourse yes, as you know the primary source of spreading through infected droplets when a person sneeze,speak or cough. By wearing a mask reduces the possibility of inhaling the infected droplets quite significantly.

Does hand washing help?

Handwashing around six to ten times in a day lowers the risk by 36% as per the study of University College London.

Where should we become most careful?

It has been observed the virus spreads readily among household contacts like when someone yet to develop symptoms.

Other risky environment like indoor spaces – gym, offices & restaurant.For instance, hostipal & home care be the most dangerous as there already visited the infected people. But by maintaing a distance in large space which is well ventilated cuts the chances of risk.

Similarly when we talk about outdoor, the infected droplets travels through air stream play a factor, which becomes theoretically transport to longer distance. Let say for person exhaled cigarette smoke is less likely to smell outdoor as compared close rooms even diffusion happens more readily to the open air & the sun’s ultraviolet rays destroy the viruses.

Being closed to an infected person whether- outdoor or indoor is not an ideal, better maintain social distancing.

killer-party entertainomania

Killer Party: A Game Of Fight

During this lock-down period, most of them using Skype, Zoom & other apps for official meeting. This story is also related to five (Arun, Sonia, Sheikh, Alisha, Jasmine) people who wants to take a break from work & played the game called Killer Party.

Killer Party is a game playing in a group. As they were a team of five people, Arun & Sheikh was in one group whereas Sonia, Alisha & Jasmine were in the other group. Jasmine said “Hey, this game is called Killer Party so why not we need to do some party before our play”. Arun “But without gathering how we can do a party”. Jasmine replied “Very simple just take a glass of drink & let’s play”. Everyone gets agreed & take a glass of drink.

The time was around 11:00 PM, they started a game called Killer Party. Each group started fighting with others. After half & hours, Arun shot a bullet to Sonia & killed her in a game. Suddenly, Sheikh finds Arun was not playing & tries to call him but the call was unreachable. Alisha find Arun is not playing she point a shot at Arun & killed him. While after few seconds, Jasmine notice Alisha not playing, she tries to call he but was unreachable where she feels something strange & call to Sheikh.

Jasmine explain to Sheikh “I am trying to call Sonia & Alisha but their call was unreachable I think something wrong happens”. Sheikh replied “Yes, I also tries to call Arun but his phone gets unreachable”. Jasmine “Ok fine, we will see tomorrow as of now we have to stop this game”.

On the next day, Sonia & Arun found dead at their own apartment whereas Alisha gets hypotenuse by someone. Later after the investigation, cops finds the same happens in real as whatever in the game. Sonia killed by Arun & in the same way Arun gets killed by Alisha.


Verizon’s Galaxy S20 Ditches RAM For 5G

By launching of Samsung Galaxy S20 along with 5G on every device , the situation becomes confusing. Even the Galaxy S20 Plus & S20 Ultra can work for every type of 5G available network.

There is no problem if you subscribe T-Mobile because the magenta carrier uses the same version of 5G. It might be slower but has a solid range & reliability.

Verizon uses only mmWave technology for 5G were skipped the smallest Galaxy S20 entirely as it will not work with Verizon 5G network. Few weeks ago, Samsung announced a special version would arrive i.e., Galaxy S20 5G UW “in short Ultra Wideband”. This new version will support Verizon’s high frequency network.

This device went on sale thus week but it came with some couple of unwelcome surprises. Though the new Verizon Galaxy S20 UW has less RAM than other S20 Galaxy. Even it also lacks expandable memory microSD which become very curious omissions.


New Classification Of MSMEs Based On New Criteria

According to the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises on Wednesday told that from 1st July, a new classification of MSMEs which is based on new criteria that will be approved by the government.

As per the revised data, a unit of Rs. 50 crore of investment & Rs.250 crore turnover will be fall under the ‘medium’ enterprise category.

The revision has been announced in Atmnirbhar Bharat package on 13th May by Nirmala Sitharaman.

A new composite formula of classification for manufacturing & services units has been notified. As of now there will be no difference between manufacturing & service related industries.

MSME officials told that this new definition will pave way for strengthening & growth of MSMEs. The provision of excluding exports from the counting of turnover will encourage the MSMEs for exporting more & more with fear of loosing the benefits of MSME unit.

excessive-sweat entertainomania

Excessive Sweating: Know How To Control Your Sweat

Sweating is just an automatic process that will helps to regulate your body temperature whereas some people may result in hyperhidrosis i.e., sweat more than necessary.

Sometimes many people find sweating becomes undesirable in certain situations, if they leaves noticeable stains or patches.

There are some varieties of treatment options for people who experience an excessive sweating. This sweat management tips you may try at your home.

  1. Relax

Nerves brings an excessive sweating, take a warm bubble bath or a cup of tea in your favourite mug.

  1. Avoid certain foods

Some foods may result in excessive sweating. Though, people living with hyperhidrosis should avoid the following foods:

  • caffeine
  • hot sauce & spicy foods
  • alcohol
  1. Get cheked out

If sweating too much is the sign of hyperhidrosis. You need to contact with doctor if this will be the case.

  1. Keep yourself cool
  • Sweating is one of the body’s way that keeps you cooling down.In order to stay cool, you need to reduce sweat.
  • In a hot weather, it becomes really effective to place a bowl of ice infront of a fan to circulate cold air around the room.
  • Keep your curtains during the day in order to stop the sun from overheating your rooms.
  • Intake of smaller meals will help you keep cool. Staying well hydrated will also keeps you body’s temperature down.
  • You must get yourself a handheld fan and keep your head & feet cool by avoiding hats and wearing open shoes.
  1. Apply an antiperspirant

It protects against sweat & really cares for your underarm skin. Use before go to bed at night, this ingredients inside your deodrants helps to absorb into the skin when you sleep. When wake it smells soft or beautifully from your underarms.


Unforgettable Journey Of A Couple

On May 2005, Rakul and his husband Arjun a newly married couple were planned to visit Digha, West Bengal, India.

Rakul belongs from Punjab, India but from her childhood days she always like Bengali foods, Bengali sweets like Rasogollah, Bengali dresses and others. She meet Arjun during her college days & both of them planned to visit Digha after their marriage.

While travelling from Kolkata to Digha, Arjun gets cyclone alert at Digha and told her wife “Hey we need to go back the cyclone at Digha is too dangerous”. Rakul replied “What you mean we already came near to it nothing will happen just move forward”.

On the first day, they both were enjoying at beach & having a pleasant sleep tonight. Next day when Rakul wakeup in the morning she find some dogs were barking, she ignore it & told Arjun “Please do something & make them stop barking”.

Around 4:00PM, they came near to beach & seen birds, dogs & other animals were started making noise. None of them can’t understand what’s going to happen suddenly saw a huge wave from sea of very high altitude washed the beach where few people died. Rakul shouted for “HELP” & unfortunately her husband was missing. Finally marine drivers save her & later she got the information from cops about her husband who found dead.

According to the Weather Forecast, they were unable to answer whether is there any connection with Tsunami earthquake.

Note: The sounds of animals were not nonsense, it has meaningful. Within a week, a cyclone alert called “AMPHAN” which comes from Bay Of Bengal & it may touches the West Bengal & Odisha. Be alert & stay safe.


Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2: Psychological Horror Film

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 which is an upcoming Indian psychological horror film directed by Anees Bazmee. This film is one of the standalone sequel of the most popular film Bhool Bhulaiyaa released on 2007 remake of the 1993 Malayalam hit film Manichitrathazhu .

The plot of this new film would be more on the horror side revealed by the director & it doesn’t take off where the first part ended. In this film lead roles played by Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani & Tabu where in the first part Akshay Kumar, Vidya balan, Shiney Ahuja, Amisha Patel & Paresh Rawal played the lead roles and were enjoyed a massive commercial & critical reception.

By talking about the plot Anees Bazmee told unlike Bhool Bhulaiyaa which had psychological twist, Bhool Bhulaaiya 2 completely horror movie with new cast & this film based on sprawling haveli with several pathways. This film expected to release on July 31, 2020.


Whatsapp Comes With Chatbots To Check Corona Facts

The pointer institute IFCN who has released a chatbot on Whatsapp in which people can message and also check on fake news claims.

During this four months of global pandemic, people are just fed up with corona disease in which they provide misinformation regarding the disease.

As of now everyone can verify information about this disease by sending “hi” in to +1 (727) 2912606.

The use of this bot to check whether a piece of content regarding COVID-19 has already been rated false by professional fast-checkers.

According to the director of IFCN, the chatbot which is available in English will be released in Hindi soon. The database has been regularly updated where the users get recent as well as relevant information related to their query.

Mystery-Of-An-Unknown-Island- Entertainomania

Mystery Of An Unknown Island

A group of research team find an unknown island at Europe in the year 2003. They were prepared a team of four leaders Ravi, Rakul, Soumya, Prashant & other few members who planned to went for a research.

They took a flight from New Delhi, India & finally reached Rome where they meet some of the people from their team who guide them to reach the island. Rakul & Soumya gets little afraid when they heard the island is invisible. Ravi explain “See we came here to find the truth of that island & if you people behave like this then we can’t move ahead”.

They moved to Civitavecchia port, a special ship of 20 peoples gone for a research. After travelling a few distance, they saw island & suddenly the weather gets changed.

Rakul told “I just want to see how this island becomes invisible I never heard such a situation”. Soumya “I forget my handycam at ship I have to go & bring it over here”. Rakul “We already came some distance again we have to go back for your cam. Oh shit!!”. Prashant “Ok don’t worry, you people carry on I will go with Soumya”.

Prashant & Soumya came back to ship & she got the cam. The mystery happens here when they were trying back to the island it get vanish which becomes the eyewitness situation for Prashant & Soumya. Both of them wait 24-hours for the visibility of the island but the island doesn’t visible. They were connect with many other research team who saw that island but the same happens with them.

Moral: We doesn’t bother little things like in this story when Soumya & Rakul were afraid they even move forward for their research, sometimes a little sign can save your life.

weight-control-that-never entertainomania

5 Hacks Of Weight Control That You Never Judge Earlier

When we talk about belly fat which makes your clothes feel tight & that becomes seriously harmful. This type of fat termed as visceral fat that causes major risk factor for diabetes, heart disease & some others.

According to many health organization which uses body mask index(BMI) to classify weight in order to predict the risk of metabolic disease.

Here some of the effective weight loss tips followed by some scientific studies:

  1. Eat Some Soluble Fiber

Let’s talk about the soluble fiber that absorbs water & turns into gel which helps slow down food as it might passes into your digestive system.

Some of the soluble fiber foods:

  1. Sweat Coming

When you workout at your own space it not only save your time rather than it will also fit if you find yourself by spare five minutes. You can also do some physical activities at your office say for instance., climbing the stairs or standing up for 10 minutes after each hour.

  1. Avoid Trans Fats Foods

Some trans fats foods are created by pumping hydrogen into the unsaturated fats like soyabean oil. This basically found in some packaged foods but as of now some food producer may stop it. These are such kind of fates that related to heart disease, insulin, abdominal fat etc.

  1. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

By drinking too much alcohol it becomes harmful for your health. As per research, a person drinking too much alcohol results in belly fat. It also increases the chances of developing central obesity.

  1. Keep your record

In order to maintain your body weight you have to keep records of your diets as well as your fitness. Make some plan according to day-wise or monthly. By maintaining this helps you to understand & also improve your health.


Indigo Stops Serving In-Flight Meal After Lock-down

When this lock-down over across India & the passenger flights are permitted again, the airline company Indigo clean it’s aircraft more frequently.

The in-flight meal service stop for a certain period & will fill maximum of 50 percent seats told by CEO Ronojoy Dutta.

He also told “We are focusing on safety conscious & also the health conscious. By keeping this on mind, we are looking to change some of our operating procedures. In this situation the company will not manage it’s growth but focusing on the liquidity”.

tcs entertainomania

IT Companies TCS, Cognizant helping government to fight with COVID-19

The well-known IT organization TCS, Cognizant have already been emerged on the front line battle to contain COVID-19 outbreak.

These companies helping government & also the drug developers to identify some new molecules in order to combat the pandemic.

The scientist at TCS Innovation Labs in Hyderabad are using the technique of artificial intelligence (AI) to find new molecules to target COVID-19.

As per TCS, AI has significantly reduced the initial drug design process from years.

Cognizant also working along with clients to improve the supply chain in order to make many ventilators & some other medical devices & also to manage clinical data for those drug trials & also for many biotechnology company.


Mysterious Story Writer

Once there was a man Manish somewhere around 1992 who would like to write story books & sell it to the customer. In his family, he had an elder daughter, younger son & his wife.

Days were going he sold around 300+ story books & become little famous for his latest release of book “Power Of Truth”. He belongs from the town Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India where he attend as a guest in some book fair event.

It was after 6 months, a newspaper came to his house where he find a 65 year old man died by reading his book “Power Of Truth”. He gets shocked & suddenly find a group of cops came to his home for investigation.Within inquiry Manish answered the cops “See this book meant for taking people in positive direction rather than any suicide or murder”.

The cops arrested Manish & told “You will be on jail till this case not resolved”. He call the lawyer but the situation going worst day-by-day. Later he tries to investigate himself in jail by writing stories & told the cops “Find two people one who love my story & other who ignore”. The cops research on many people according to the statement of Manish & came to the solution the person who ignore his story or doing something wrong with his story gets killed.

According to the cops, Manish gets scared as he know about the killer. He started destroying as whatever he writes in jail, suddenly he find her ex-girlfriend in-front of him. He asked “How this possible you already died?”. She told “See my soul still present in your stories & why you are destroying your stories”. Manish can’t find any other option & told “Please stop killing people & stay in my stories as you want”.

On the next day, Manish find a store room where he put some of his story books & lock the door with God’s prayer. He gets emotional but this becomes the only option for his reader’s safety.

Moral: Ghost, appear or not? Becomes a question & if this becomes question then Ghost: Good or Bad? According to many researcher or psychiatrist “Something wrong happens with you & that you look them in a spiritual way i.e., called Ghost whereas something good happens which you called as God”.


5 Essential Healthy Tips On Summer Arrival

Summer arrives & the temperature seems to be rising everyday, as of now it is just a warning bells to start taking precautions for heatwaves.

When we talk about summer season it means lots of sweating, dryness, skin related problems, pimples, rashes & others. During this summer months, you need to know how to look perfect & making your better skin.

Here some of the tips you need to follow to make yourself healthier & stronger during summer season:

  1. Stay Hydrate

By staying hydrated which is one of the most crucial way during summer season that ensures the body keeps functioning normally. Since the temperature rises, it result in excessive sweating that also reduces energy levels from your body.

2. Cool Off Along With Mist

Need to carry a face mist along with you & always you have to mist your face as well as your body while out in sun. For this, you need to take peeled cucumber,strain the mixture with cheesecloth then add some teaspoon of lemon juice & mint juice along with rose water & finally dilute it with distilled water.

3. Eat Light Foods

This season tends to reduce one’s appetite due to it’s excessive heat.You must have to focus on the light diet say for instance., lauki, squash, cucumber and some other & try to avoid those heat generating foods like meat, eggs etc.

4. Protect Your Eyes

Even you know the summer elements were very harsh on our fragile skin around the eyes. The situation say for instance., travelling through bike,urgently you need to go out from home. The procedure to do this, Must apply some sunscreen near to your eyes. In other way, blend a cucumber & 5-6 mint leaves then pour some small amount of water to thin cucumber juice. Take some dip cotton pads & squeeze them. Finally place the cotton pads, lock the back until it will freeze.

5. Taking Showers

As it has been observed, the hot shower after sun exposure result in further dry skin whereas cool shower result in decrease acne breakouts.


COVID-19 |This Year April Fool May Land You In Jail

According to the Government who already warned pranksters around any kind of jokes due to this COVID-19 lock-down on April Fool’s Day shall be punished.

Any kind of prank on friends will not be allowed on this year as the government will take some necessary steps on every districts which will be on high alert.

The tech giant Google which is already famous for it’s annual spoofs has also cancelled this tradition because of COVID-19.

Even the country Thailand also announced on yesterday any kind of jokes related to virus on this April Fool’s Day must be punished under the law.


Never Panic & How To Handle

John is an IT worker at New Delhi but after the announcement of Janta Curfew in India on 19th Mar 2020, John planned to move towards his hometown which is in West Bengal.

On 21st Mar 2020, he booked a flight ticket for 23 Mar 2020 but the situation was still in danger.

It was on 23 Mar 2020, as the CM of Delhi announced everything gets lockdown, John started searching for cabs & other way of transport to reach at the airport but unfortunately after one hour he saw someone came by cab near to his home. John requested the driver of the cab & move forward to the airport.

When he reached the airport got a little panic about COVID-19 & find many flights got cancelled. He get sure & call his mother “Many flights were cancelled & I don’t think is anything good for us”. His mother replied “Don’t panic & look positive even your flight still on time”.

John reached the gate as mentioned on his ticket & find a flight already waiting. By asking other crew members he got the message “Since other flights of your destination got cancelled & this becomes the only flight that will reach your destination so we placed the flight 3 hours ago”. He reached at the destination & finally meet his parents.

Moral: If the situation gets panic then think positive, every difficulties have solutions which one of the easiest way to achieve whatever you want.


COVID-19: What To Do?

Coronavirus disease(COVID-19) is one the most infectious disease these days & it cause severe acute respiratory syndrome & some others.

These disease first identified in Wuhan but it becomes somehow unclear where these disease came from? As per the report, it came from Wuhan flesh market where others telling someone prepared in Lab. Many of us said it earlier observed in 1960. Even as per report, Doctors told it basically from SARS family & it may be treated with HIV or SARS related SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

So in general way, nothing is final as of now so it’s better you must follow the precautionary steps as per the Indian government for your safety.

It has observed this disease mostly spread over the age 40 and above but that’s not confirmed as of now. Many of us get panic when they have symptoms like fever, cough or related to COVID-19. It’s nothing like that if you take immediate action you can be safe & must have positive thoughts- ‘Pray to God‘,’COVID-19 can do nothing to me‘ & don’t get panic but if you are hiding such disease it becomes more dangerous for you & the person who came close to you.

Here some of the precautionary steps as per the government you must have to follow:

  1. Hand washing

Always wash your hand while eating with any antibacterial soap(i.e., Dettol or others). Wash it atleast for 20-30 sec.

2. Social Distancing

Try to maintain some distance from others & if you anyone have the symptoms like cough, cold etc. related to COVID-19 suggest them to be in quarantine.

3. Use Of Masks

If you have symptoms related to COVID-19, use of mask is most important for the safety of others in your society.

These three steps are most important apart from other steps. As you seen the COVID-19 cases are rising, it request to everyone must follow the precautionary steps as per the government which is the only way to stop COVID-19. So always be careful if we all fight then definitely will win over COVID-19.


8 Perfect Natural Ways To Make Your Eyes Healthy

Eye which is one of the most important sense organ & the most prominent feature in human face. It’s also very necessary to take care even you know eyes are your windows to the world.

To make the eyes looks beautiful many womens go to great lengths like from heavy eye mnakeup to cosmetic surgery.

Since your lifestyle changes that leads to wrinkles, redness, dryness, puffiness & sometimes it may results loss of vision.

Here discussing some of the natural tips that makes your eyes looks healthy:

  1. Enough Sleep

It’s not like beauty sleep or sleeping beauty, this is only to make your eyes healthy. As we have seen the effects of not sleeping- dark eyes, puffiness or tired appearance of eyes.In a days, at least you need to sleep 8 hours to get bigger brigther eyes.

2. Eat Essential Vitamins & Minerals

The vegetables like spinach, broccoli, carrots is most important in your diet. The foods rich in omega-fatty acids. These foods are the main source of vitamins, minerals etc. helps to solve eye problems or vision related issues.

3. Want To Reduce Puffiness?

Must soak the cotton pads in facial treatment & leave them in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, you need to put those pads on your eyes immediately when you wake up.

4. Wear Protective Eyewear

When you are playing sports or travelling somewhere through bike, always remember to wear protective eyewear to avoid any risk.

5. Never Touch Your Eyes Frequently

As you know your eyes always be vulnerable to infection. If anything that irritates your eyes you must clean your hands before touching your eyes & don’t rub it vigorously, as it may result in scratched cornea. Try to was it through saline water & if the problem still exits then contact with doctor immediately.

6. Sliced Cucumber

It very common cucumber work absolutely well for tired eyes. Must place two slices of cucumbers on your eyes and take a rest. It’s cooling property will help lighten dark circles.

7. Use Tomato,Lime Juice & Turmeric

You have to mix the teaspoon of tomato with a small pinch of turmeric along with half teaspoon of lime juice then apply it on eyelids around the dark circle. Wait for dry and then finally wash it.

8. Use Of Rose Water

The rose water frequently removes your dark circles.Take some dip cotton pads in rose water and place it on eyes for around 10-15 minutes. Must to do this everyday & get rid of dark circles.


How To Choose Best Speaker

When the time come to upgrade your speaker with latest smart speaker, you have several questions in your mind.
But it’s really you are taking a good direction to upgrade with the latest technology.

Now-a-days it is become more easier to list a tech companies which doesn’t sell their own smart speakers, so there are some amount of options which are overwhelming.

The speaker like Echo hit the market in 2015 on the same Google Nest followed by the next year & also the Apple’s Home Pod somewhere around 2018.

It is not very difficult to choose you must follow some features based upon artificial intelligence it carries- the smart speaker have three configuration you need to follow: size, audio, quality & price.

Most of the time, the experience of other users deciding the best factor of choosing your smart speaker.

Learn The Value Of Parents In Our Life

Learn The Value Of Parents In Our Life

Once there was a married couple, Vikash and Anu who went Ooty to celebrate their honeymoon. While they were travelling towards their resort Anu find a Hanuman temple beside the road.

Anu told “Please stop the car I will be back within a few minutes”. She took some pujas flower, sindoor from the temple. Vikash asked “What is the reason & why you carry all these?”. Anu “My mother told whenever we are travelling for a long distance it necessary to keep all these belongings”.

They reached resort in the afternoon. Both enjoying their married life & meet with other guests. Vikash finds something change in Anu’s behaviour as she would love to stay forever in this resort. He thinks it’s funny & ignore it.

At evening, they went for some event which was held in the resort. Vikash busy to talk with the other members in a while he finds Anu eating prawns. He got shocked & asked “Hey what you are doing? Is everything ok?”. Anu looked at Vikash with horrible eyes & said “Get out from here & don’t disturb me”. Vikash told the other guest “My wife is in trouble even she started eating non-vegeterian”. The other members tried to help them but everyone get scared as there was some evil spirit took the place of Anu’s body.

They call the priest who told them to ready for Hanuman Puja. Vikash checked the Anu’s bag & find those belongings necessary for puja where the other members also ready to help them. By reading Hanuman Chalisa 108 times the spirit left Anu’s body & they were safe. On the next morning, the attendant told about the situation “Once there was couple who came to this resort whose wife got suicide by jumping from the roof of the resort. Later on discussion with her husband found her condition was abnormal she can’t control herself”. Vikash “That’s I find unfortunately Anu eating non-vegeterian”.

Moral: Parent’s word always valuable like in this story Anu’s mother already told her when travelling for a long distance must carry some good things with you where she got those belongings from Hanuman temple.


Value Of International Women’s Day

Like every year Women’s Day celebrated on 8th of March which is one of the most remarkable contribution into our society.

This day tells us the inspiring role of women around the world to secure women rights.

How you can celebrate this day?

So every country has some own traditional way of celebrating this women’s day. Say for India, the day celebrated by giving women a gift & flowers. Apart from this, people also sharing their get together meeting of women through social media post.

What’s the objective of this day?

The main objective of this day is to express your love & gratitude towards women’s contribution. It also salutes to the women who broke all the barriers & reached the higher level of success in every sphere of her life. Even now-a-days you can also see women’s are actively participate in politics, education, social work, technology & some diverse fields.

How we can represent Women’s day?

The color purple which internationally recognized to symbolize women but the combination of green, purple & white is generally meant to represent women’s equality.

Finally, this International Women’s Day is only dedicated for women’s & their role in our lives. It brings a new dimension to the culture & ethnicity where there are some greetings card & gifts which dedicate to celebration of Women’s Day & that has become exceptionally popular today.


4 Easy Healthy Tips & Enjoy SpringTime

As the winter turns into spring days grow longer & this become one of the best time to consider yourself how you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Finally the Spring arrives, you are likely ready to shed your cold weather & get ready for the healthy habits.

Here some of the 4 things which you need to do which helps you to stay healthy & jump-start your warmer weather routines:

  1. Wake-Up Early

Though the sunrise get early, by hauling yourself early from bed & getting outside will help you to boost your Vitamin D level which you mostly gain from sunlight to our skin. It also helps you to keep your bones & teeth healthy. By lack of this leads to rickets & some bone problems also include pregnant, breast feeding women, people aged over 65.

2. Take a walk or gym

Since the weather gets warmer, so there are more opportunities to go for a walk with friends, walk for a coffee, gym, yoga & also playing some outdoor games like golf, cricket you can do gardening & outdoor house repairs.

3. Foods To Eat

Some of the vegetables that you may try in this spring season.Asparagus, a highly protein food but low in calories & rich source of vitamin.Another iron based food known as Spinach that helps to keep blood cells transport oxygen around the body.

4. Boost Your Brain

The new season arrives which ensure you are getting right enough of the right foods that helps to aid brains & cognitive functions.You may choose the smart-foods like blueberries for antioxidants, fish which contains omega-3 fatty acids but don’t lower the intake of water.


How To Protect Yourself From Debit Card Fraud

This becomes a largest trends in online frauds since last few years. Without bothering others & share your card details leads to such kind of online fraud activity.

If we are talking about credit cards which has two advantages over debit cards “You doesn’t have the protection as what you get from credit card” & “There is shorter period of time to report a suspicious transaction done from debit card as compared to credit card”.

Be protect yourself from spamming, skimming & various other kinds of frauds by using the following tips:

  1. Keep watching your statement

Always trying to monitor your statement without having any unfamiliar activity is one of the basic advise whether you are doing shopping or any other kind of activity. Criminals always try to steal batches of payment card information that usually sell right away & those buyers used to tend those numbers as soon as possible.

2. Update Your Information

Regularly update your contact information which you gave to the bank (i.e., Name,Email,Address etc.) that will make easy for the bank to notify you of any suspicious activity.

3. Don’t share PIN or Password

As everyone but still they share such kind of confidential information through different insecure online channels. Aware of such of things that leads to suspicious account activity.

4. OTP & UPI

When we are talking about these two terms OTP & UPI. Just look at yourself, if you think yourself as a sincere & you can handle UPI then it’s good to use else go for OTP. When we are talking about layman, sometimes they share a pin with their close ones that leads to suspicious account activity.

5. Avoid Using Public Hotspot

You become always smart in online transaction & always looks for secure transaction, even you may find lock symbol in a browser & avoid using transaction with public hotspot.

Must be careful of the above steps of online suspicious activities & have a nice day.

6 Steps To Avoid Entertainomania

6 Steps To Avoid & YaY Let’s Play Holi

Holi is one of the colorful & most vibrant festival of India.The very popular saying “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai” said by everyone before applying colors to others.

The most significant part of this slogan is to respect the feelings and take care of Holi traditions. In a while, many of them singing & dancing, taking bhang & gujiyas whereas others feels unpleasant suffering from skin rashes, allergies etc.

Here discussing some of these steps that you must avoid to celebrate Holi:

  1. Never Colour Others Forcefully

The lot of people were understand this concent on the day of Holi.Not everyone likes to get coloured by everyone.It leads to a bigger trouble.Just understand putting colour on someone unwilling is not cool.

2. Choices Of Colors

Your skin is largest organ you need to protect it from synthetic colors that often contain ingredients like lead oxide, mercury sulphide and other chemicals. Use some light colors that look good and also easy to remove. Try to avoid these colors Bright purple, Green, Yellow & Orange that contains harmful ingredients.

3. Don’t Waste Water

As we know the scarcity of water is burning issue around different places in India. Many people were dying due to lack of water. So don’t waste the water for fun. It can be celebrated without water.The dry colors look more radiant and it becomes easy to remove.

4. Never Throw Water Balloons

By filling the water balloons with filthy mud or egg is not a funny, this completely ruins the spirit of the festival for others. Many times I saw people throw water balloons when person walks or travelling through bike, it might cause accident for others. Try to play a safe Holi with natural colors.

5. Don’t Apply Colors On Animals

Holi is festival for humans not for animals. In India, many of them tries to find white cows & apply colors on them. What fun you are getting by torture those innocent animals? Those chemicals affect their skin and cause various skin diseases.

6. Intake Of Bhang

This is one of the official drink of Holi when it consumed to a large quantities can lead to increase high blood pressure and also a hike in the heart rate. Try to drink in moderation and avoid mixing with alcohol.

Mystery Of Holi Celebration

Mystery Of Holi Celebration

A couple, Amrita and Rajeev who came back to their hometown for the celebration of Holi. They know each other since childhood days.

Rajeev knocks at the door and found his mother, she was happy to welcome both of them. As the discussion was going on, in a while Amrita ask them “I also want to meet my family, you all gossip with each other I will be back in the evening”.

Amrita take a leave from Rajeev’s home and moving forward to meet her parents. By walking some distance, she feels something walks behind her. She doesn’t bother and move forward to her home.

Amrita meets Rajiv and she told “When we came over here something happens very strange with me like someone walks behind me, I hear some spiritual sounds”. Rajiv “I think you feel something wrong better you need to take a rest”. The time was 12:00AM at night, Amrita found a woman standing outside from the window.

She came from home and ask “Who are you & What you are doing now?”. The woman replied “Hi my name is Soumya, I would love to come over here”. Amrita “But this time you must be at your home”. Soumya “The place which you like most that’s also be your home”. Amrita “I didn’t getting you see now it’s too late night better you go to your home”.

On the next day, Amrita told about Soumya to Rajiv, whreas Rajiv gets shocked and ask “Where you meet her as she is not alive”. Amrita “What you mean and what makes you afraid?”. Rajeev “I met her during my college days, the days were going we fell love with each other & also plan for marriage. She like our home & even all our family members, relatives likes her very much. But one night I find she involves in Black Magic, since from that day we started fighting with each other but she can’t stay without Black Magic. She doesn’t have any option to stop these, on the day of Holi she suicide herself”.

Amrita “She give her life to save you and your family from Black Magic that’s the reason I find something strange in her words”. Amrita ask soul “Now it’s your time to leave & I am here for this family”. In this way, she also prays God for her soul to be rest in peace.

Moral: The thing like Black Magic will do negative to others but the day comes when it kills you. Beware of this kind of habits as in this story if Soumya doesn’t involve in Black Magic, she gets a better life.

5 Best Ways To Spend Your Free Time EntertainOMania

5 Best Ways To Spend Your Free Time

Everyone knows life is about to be balance and having some hobbies which is key component of living a happy and healthy life.

Many of them works differently, so the best use of spending your free time is really depends on you as well as on your working style. Here I am discussing some of the spark ideas that will really help you to spend your free time.

  1. Check Your Community Calendar

Try look at your place where you are living and make a list of events going on in the community.You often surprised about how many interesting activities are going in your area.

2. Learning

The most successful people are those who never make a commitment to stop learning. Learning helps you to enhance new skills and also brings you in positive direction of work.
Now-a-days many website forum provides free e-learning courses, if you have a free internet connection then start learning a new skills.

3. Walking

After doing a lot of work, you must take a walk in greenery environment say for nearest local park or else, this helps you in cardivascular benefits and it is one of best way to clear your mind.

4. Practice Yoga

What you need is a floor space and a blanket to do yoga poses.Must try some basic yoga session it helps you increasing flexibility, improves concentration and holding some of those positions is one of the powerful workout.

5. Talk About Goals

Spend some time with your partner and discussing about goals can give you a long way towards getting you both on the same page in your relationship. Must find out what your partner wants out of life and also how you can do to support it then you may share your own desires. Also find those areas where you are working to achieve something bigger. By doing this it helps to lead more clarity in your relationship.

whatsapp pay entertainomania

WhatsApp Pay Receive The Approval

The Facebook owned messaging platform Whatsapp has got the regulatory approval for launching it’s digital payment platform i.e., WhatsApp Pay.

According to the National Payment Corporation Of India (NPCI) granted permission to the Calfornia headquartered on Thursday in order to operate Whatsapp Pay, that has been cater around 10 million of users in India during it’s first phase.

This messaging firm which bought by Mark Zukerberg count India as one of the biggest market with more than $400 million users.

This Whatsapp Pay based on UPI (Unified Payment Interface) which is something different from the other apps you doesn’t need bank user ID as well as password, by this UPI one can send or receive money. You may also heard for GooglePay which also uses UPI followed by PhonePe,Paytm etc.

Whatsapp started it’s trial partnership with ICICI Bank as of now still waiting for their approval to go live.

According to founder of Facebook Mark Zukerberg “In 2018, we got approval to test this payment service with around one million of people in India, so many of them kept and use it for week after week.According to that we plan,it going to be big when we get to launch”.

Valentine day :Do & Don't Entertainomania

Do’s & Don’t On This Upcoming Valentine’s Day

On this Valentine’s Day, February 14, everyone tries to show how much they care for each other. Whether you are single or ready for mingle and the happily coupled-up, that doesn’t matter you must take the advantage of this day by visiting some interesting places of your choice where you may find the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Must follow these are 4 Do’s & Don’t On this Valentine’s day:

  1. Remind Your Ex

You wake-up in the morning of Valentine’s day and remind about your Ex. By missing those happier moments and think whether is there anytime to tell them that you are missing. In such case, you may be wrong on your way. If they say miss you too then you spending the Valentine’s Day together but if they look at someone else or they doesn’t reply to your message that becomes completely risk feeling worse situation.It’s better type your text as what you want to send your ex then save it for a day that doesn’t feel you disappointment.

2. Romantic Night At Planetarium

By observing stars romance doesn’t lost. The many host couple events on the Valentine’s Day, so try some little Digg to see if one happening near you.

3. Never Try To Pressurize Each Other

Must follow or prepare some plan before you gone for a date at night. Don’t do or play any activities which pressurize a person else your Valentine’s Day never end well. Many situation like drinking or some bad habits which
never makes your Valentine’s day end well like the whole night in a disaster. So must try or play some cool things that makes you feel enjoy and also feels surprised the whole day.

4. BreakUp

In this situation don’t listen to brain just listen to your heart and if you sure about the route you want to take then it’s better to tell them early or before Valentine’s day, so that your hopeful ex getting a chance to find someone else to spend the day. Don’t wait and quit on the Valentine’s Day which makes you look evil or horrible human being.

valentine day entertainomania

Danger In Gangtok : Valentine’s Day Celebration

On the Valentine’s Day eve, Rajneesh and his wife Amrita went to Gangtok, Sikkim, India to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day in the year 2009.

Amrita belongs from Hyderabad and she never visited Gangtok earlier & it becomes exciting for her as she already love to travel hilly areas from her childhood days.

On the other hand, Rajneesh already belongs from West Bengal and this becomes the fourth time of visiting the Gangtok. Amrita asked “Hey, you told me that you had came earlier in this place it’s such a lovely place to stay forever”. Rajneesh “Yes I came earlier with my parents and relatives during my school days. I also like to stay here but my parents doesn’t allow me as they were getting afraid from hilly areas even you know also accidents mostly happens in hilly areas”.

The time was around 09:00 PM, both of them sit in a round table have chit-chat with each other. Suddenly, Amrita seen Rajneesh face looks haunted, she shouted immediately and gone into the faint state of mind. The waiter and other members of the resort came over there to help them. When Amrita gets normal, Rajneesh ask “What happened? Why you have shouted?”. Amrita “I told many lies to you I always like to choose travel in the hilly areas and even earlier I also visited over here from my school. During my 10th std., our school plans some tour at Gangtok. In a while, me and my best friend Kushal plan to commit suicide as our parents doesn’t like when we talk with each other, we both came near to the hill side and suddenly I find Kushal gets jumped but I can’t. Later everyone knows Kushal committed suicide but that was not a suicide”.

Rajneesh “Why you not told me this earlier & what is the reason of hiding from me?”. Amrita “I get scared even I haven’t told this to my parents”. Rajneesh “I have no word but you are wrong in yourself so I think we need to do some prayer and also to say sorry so that his soul will be rest in peace”. On the next day it was 15th Feb, they done everything according to their plan, Amrita accept her fault and say sorry to his soul.

Moral: This mostly happen with the teenager by choosing the wrong direction as they doesn’t understand the difference between good or bad.They were just focusing on what they like as usual those who are innocent, they gets attract immediately on certain situations, in this story Kushal looking for a wrong direction of getting his love.

fantasy island entertainomania

Watch The Film: Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island is an upcoming supernatural horror film yet to be released on 14th Feb 2020 directed by Jeff Wadlow.

This film based on ABC television series which ran from 1977-1984.

According to the plot, Mr. Roarke tries to make the secret dreams of his guests into his luxurious unique resort near to Pacific Ocean. But in the night fantasy begins and the guests solves the mystery of the island in order to escape.

Around July 2018, this film was announced in-development by Blumhouse and Sony. The film schedule to open on February 28, 2020 but suddenly moved up and want to take the advantage of Valentine’s Day.

You can watch this film with your family and friends but it becomes more exciting for everyone to watch in theaters that makes you feel horrible.

lifechange entertainomania

6 Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Everyday you learn some new things from yourself or from others. We learn the things quickly but also forget the things at the same rate.

Similarly, most of the times we are trying to remind ourselves of the things we have learned.

  1. Develop Positive Thinking

This is one of the keystone habit which will help you from other habits.I’m sure positive thinking never lead to success but it can motivate you so long & it makes you realize of stop doing negative.

You may find when you think negative always gets fail and started doing bad habits (smoking cigarettes etc.) but squash the negative thoughts and think positive will makes you feel good and showing the steps of success.

2. Spend Time With The People Whom You Love Most

When you share your feelings with family or friends, you always feels someone there who listen to me. Even for others those who don’t have family build family make friends with others.

3. Avoid To Start Relationship If You Are Not In Love

Many of us even I also had face the same situation. You might love someone and want to make relationship with them but makes sure other understand the value of relationship. Don’t be fool love yourself, trust yourself will definitely lead you a good relationship in future.

4. Exercise Yourself

This will makes you feel better and healthy and more confident in positive changes. It relieves you from stress and give time to think and that leads to good mental well-being in your life.

5. Always Focus On One Goal

While it seems very difficult but focusing on one goal at a time is the powerful way of achieving your goals. When you try for multiple goals, your thoughts becomes thin and also thins your focus as well as energy.

6. Money

How many of you think money will change your life?

If you think like this equals completely wrong way of thinking. Money required for survive your life but when it comes to your weakness it becomes enemy.

The same think “The more you need money, money tries to get away from you”. This is the only situation happens when you are not happy as whatever you have and it also makes you doing wrong activities of earning money.
Look at the person having better life is the only one who focus on his work without bothering money while in the same situation many of us try to make them fool and get some work but the one lesson you may know

“The More You Give, The More You Get”.

Baba Harbajan Indian Soldier Entertainomania

Unforgettable Journey Of An Indian Soldier

Rakesh who is an Indian soldier travelling from Sikkim to Punjab. Rakesh and other soldier were gossiping with each other as they went for a home by train after a long time.

After joining the Indian army this becomes the first time Rakesh went for a home where he found a blank seat with white sheet cover and pillow along with two luggage. He went to ask his friends “Hey guys, that seat is blank and I find a few luggage”.

Manish from one of the soldier replied “That seat has been reserved for our Baba Harbajan Singh. Rakesh asked “Are you crazy he already left the world?”. Manish “You don’t know about this since from past 40+ years everyone believe that his soul still alive for helping Indian soldier to fight with an enemy”.

Rakesh “See I don’t care about your stupidity, today I want to sleep beside that seat & I can’t believe on these ghost or supernatural stories”. On the other hand, many of them requested Rakesh “Don’t sleep beside that seat you may be afraid”.

By ignoring other soldiers Rakesh seated beside the seat reserved of Baba Harbajan Singh. The time was around 12:00PM, Rakesh started reading book in a while he heard some foot steps but doesn’t find anyone. When he returned back and see the Baba Harbajan’s shoe replace from the previous position and also the bed sheet looks as it has been used by someone. He got scared and call the other soldiers and told about the situation.

Note: Two times in every year one seat reserved for Baba Harbajan Singh. Many soldiers still believe and find some supernatural activities on the spot even when soldier failed to fight they find something hit their enemy.

Cause Of HairFall & How To Control Entertainomania

Cause Of Hair Fall & How To Control

Are you scared in shampooing or combing your hair?

Many people never get to the root cause of hair fall and started interacting when it becomes too late. See there are several reasons of hair fall sometimes this happens due to change in weather.

The excessive hair loss can be a troublesome problems that result in worry and self-esteem especially in women. However if diagnosed right you can control your hair.

Here I am discussing few precautionary steps that helps you in better hair growth:

  1. Deficiency In Nutrition

As sometimes the essential nutrients may missing from your diets (i.e., iron, znic and also proteins). The deficiency of vitamin D result in hair loss so to avoid this soak up some sun.

2. Massage Your Hair

Try to massage your hair with the combination of pure almond oil or castor oil.You must do this steps at least twice in a week.

3. Do Regular Exercise

Even you can’t believe this regular exercise also helps to give better hair growth, it improves the blood circulation helps to remove toxins from the body through perspiration.

4. Due To Hormonal Imbalance

After the age of 30, most women experience hormonal imbalance that cause the result of hair loss, as this basically caused due to excessive dihydrotestosterone(DHT) conversion. When the women reach certain age,they must begin to convert these androgen’s to DHT.

5. Avoid Dandruff

It is most dangerous and result in hair loss, try to control this in the early stage. Avoid using someone’s else comb as that will infect your hair. Use shampoo once in a week in warm water to avoid fungus and other infections.

6. Thyroid Issue

When the thyroid gland produce excessive amount of thyroid hormone then the hair growth cycle may change. You may have the symptoms like hair loss, weight gain or loss, changes in heart rate immediately consult with the physician.

7. Birth Control Pills

This also result in hair loss, the hormones in the pills try to suppress the ovulation that result hair to thin. The other drugs associated with hair loss are blood thinner and medicines that can treat high blood pressure, heart disease & depression.

8. Stress

As it is observe the extreme stress result in hair loss. Just to minimize stress through exercise or yoga.

9. Hair-styling Products

The toxic chemicals found in these product result in hair loss. Similarly in shampoos contain toxic chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate which may effect your immune system.Better stick to natural shampoos and dyes.

ego entertainomania

The Sign Of Ego

A story of two friends Anisha & Shriya, Anisha belongs from a high-class family whereas Shriya from middle-class.

Anisha always tries to make a change in Shriya’s dressup even Shriya ask her parents for money to buy some dress. Once there was a birthday party of their friend Trisha, both of them tries for a good make-up. When Anisha meets Shriya, Anisha told her “See look at me and you can see yourself”. Shriya feels upset and went for a birthday party.

They booked a cab while sitting beside Anisha, she always tries to look at her dress and find chatting with many boys. By reaching at the destination Trisha were surprised to see both of them. Ascertain Shriya finds Anisha talks with many people, suddenly a waiter came and ask Anisha “Do you need water mam?”. Anisha “No not now”. The waiter doesn’t focus on her reply and ask again, she just push the waiter and used a slang words on him.

On the next day, when Shriya comes to Anisha’s house and find Anisha keeps shouting on his parents by using a very abusive language. In a while, Shriya ask her “What happened why you are shouting like this, try to understand this is your parents”. Anisha “You keep silent Shriya this is none of your business”. Shriya “Ok, I came here to ask as I am going to temple, do you want to go with me?”.Anisha “You can’t do anything in your life Shriya just go to temple and pray to God. Look at me I get everything in my life”.

When reached the temple, Anisha tries to take ladder steps she finds a few distance from her whereas she find Shriya already cover the ladder steps and sit in the temple. Shriya ask “Hey, what you are doing there? Come here”. Anisha “When I tries to come these steps covers some distance from me”. The priest of the temple told her “This sign represents you have done many mistakes in your life”.

He also tries to make her understand “Before you came here you fight with your parents who is the pillar of giving strength to you even they bring you in this world”. He even told Shriya “Looking others and make a change in yourself is good but not in dress-up, this is just a kind of disease, try to make a change in your talent, your knowledge, think positive, do positive by which dress-up or make-up doesn’t having any value”.

Moral: Like always wearing a good dress is good at some point but when it converts to ego, the end of life is very close to them.

E-commerce Giants Face An Antitrust Investigation In India Entertainomania

E-commerce Giants Face An Antitrust Investigation In India

The India’s antitrust regulation were opened an investigation into Amazon as well as in Flipkart over the allegation that the two e-commerce giants are illegally undercutting local business.

The Competition Commission of India is investigating these two companies. The commission is also looking into allegations by a New Delhi trade group that Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart gave preferential treatment to some sellers on their platforms.

As everyone knows, India is a huge market for Amazon and Flipkart with an approximate of 700 million users with an e-commerce market with e-commerce market that Morgan Stanley projects will be worth around $200 billion in 2027.

Both these companies invested billions of dollars in South Asian country but have faced a growing government barriers. The new regulations were imposed on foreign retailers in the last year which aims to curb many of the practices cited in the antitrust complaint, and legislation in the works could place further restrictions on how overseas tech firms store data of Indian users.

tools to avoid botnets entertainomania

Killer Steps Avoid Botnet Attacks

Many cyber criminals are busy in adapting their weapons and attack strategies which is ruthlessly roaming the web in search of the next big score.

The every confidential information let’s say for employee records or customer financial data, all are subjected to relentless threats as per cybersecurity.

There are certain tools used by network manager to successfully guard the severe threats from hackers,malware,viruses and also a botnet attacks, these tools and methods were fit well as per the comprehensive cyber defense strategy.

Firstly you need to know what are botnets?

In a simple way, botnet is one of the hacking weapon through which they infiltrate the networks and unauthorisely access the computers which allow malware to continue it’s operation without disruption of user.

Today I am here to discuss some of the killer steps to avoid botnets:

  1. Make sure your VPN has a kill switch

VPN allows users to access confidential information by connecting the VPN to public network.The VPN switch in place means to keep sensitive data say for IP address get prevent from being trasmitted into the unsecures connection.

2. Develop robust system and block fraudulent emails

As I must say for the JAVA developers, as you people know that Java is one of the robust language through which you can create such kind of system.It has been observe that business emails that is mostly common attack stategy. Be sure you must install the tools to avoid i.e, Websense, McAfee to block receipt of email from unknown source.

For this I am going to share one of the example, during my college days one of my friend’s father facing the same issue. Around 2012-2013, Gmail chat was very popular on those days. Both father and son chat with each other.
Son: “Hi Dad, I want some money.Can you please send me now?”
Dad: Yes of course, I will do a net-banking to you.

By using the botnet technique, attacker seen or access the Dad’s computer and seen all the net-banking details. When they sent the money, it has not been credited into his son’s account. After the investigation, they found someone hacks his son Gmail account. Later on discussion with his son, he doesn’t chat and ask for money.

3. Enable Windows Firewall

As this is a very baseline protection against the incoming security threats.If you have networked computer that has alternative adequate firewall protection, then it become necessary to disable Windows firewall.

4. Use Data Filtering

As many botnet malware works by establishing interactions with at least one remote command and control server. To block malicious interaction use data filtering on the information that exist on your network.

5. Break Domain Trust Relationship

Eliminate your password trust to regain tighter control over your accounts. By cautiously controlling your local administrator account is very essential to cut off threats & eradicating them.

6. Enhance OR Increase Your Network Monitoring

As many IT stay for 24-hour in networking monitoring that should be a policy for employing data collection tools that detect unsual activity.

7. Control Network Access Over Proxy Server

By filtering a content through a proxy server is a very practical option for most networks. By routing outbound information through proxy server can head off cyber-criminals.

king entertainomania

The King & His Saviour

Once there was a king who loved his daughter Indumati, days were going Indumati becomes 20 yrs old, the king get tensed as his wife told before her death “Now it’s the responsibility of yours to take care of our daughter”.

As Indumati was growing, King decided to make her relationship with Arjun who is the saviour of his kingdom. The King has full trust on Arjun but doesn’t have the courage to tell him as what he decided.

The other people in the kingdom doesn’t like Arjun as King always support him. Suddenly they were making a plan to proof Arjun as wrong infront of the King.

When King listen their message he reacted very badly with Arjun. Arjun asks politely “What happen? Is there anything wrong with me?”.The king replied “You are lying to me those dacoits were not leaving the village you just take a leave from my kingdom”.

On the next day, King was dreaming and find Arjun fight with dacoits as such those dacoits failed to fight and left the place. Later the King realized the Arjun was not wrong. He send many messenger to find Arjun but they failed to find.

Moral:Before doing anything make sure that you are right in yourself as sometimes you may lost the good ones due to mistake.

meal entertainomania

Things Never Do After Taking A Meal

As you might know there are certain things which you do after eating that sometimes result in serious consequences to your health.

Even after intake of meal you might going for workout to burn calories, do you think is it really good for your health? This is just a wrong symbol of gaining calories.

Here are some of the things which you never do after in-take of meal:

  1. Sleeping

Many peoples after in-take of meal feels sleepy, most probably the huge in-take of rice results you feel sleepy. By going to the bed results in discomfort, gas pains etc. Even the studies find the peoples who go to bed with a proper bed time after taking a meal less chances of heart attack or heart stroke.

2. Smoking

It is one of the bad idea as smoking is already injurious for health. However, when it will be done after intake of meal the damage will become more intense and might results in lung cancer.

3. Never Go For WorkOut

Your body needs little time for digestion fo foods properly. Going for a workout after meal disrupts the digestive process, even it cause vomiting, loose motion and other stomach related problems.

4. Don’t Drink Cold Water

Everyone water is very good essential for proper digestion but by taking chilled water after a meal leads clumping of foods which hampers the digestion process.

5. Never Take A Shower

After taking a meal your temperature gets little high but suddenly taking the shower results the blood tends to rush to skin to regulate the temperature of your body, you may face various digestive problems.

6. Intake Of Tea/Coffee

As coffe slow down your body’s ability to absorb minerals or iron but immediately eating is not a good idea.

7. Eating Fruits

Many people taking fruits after meal but fruit is best for empty stomach not after a big meal.Your stomach face troubling of digesting fruits.It very simple, you won’t get essential nutrients.

Note: Wait for 30-45 minutes after meal to take the above necessary steps.

Begunkodor entertainomania

The Haunted Railway Station

Begunkodor, which is a railway station of Ranchi railway division where it serve the nearby area of Jhalda town in district of Purulia, West Bengal, India. When anyone heard the name “Begunkodor” it becomes scary since past 40-50 years.

A research team from Kolkata visited Begunkodor around 2009. Rahul- a paranormal expert, Simran-video maker, Harry-paranormal investigator. They were planned to stay at night in order to find the presence of ghost.

The time was around 08:30PM, Simran tries to call her mother but the phone was unreachable. Almost the same thing happen with them as what they heard about this place. After 5:00 PM none of the train stop at the station and also she talked with her mother somewhere around 03:00 PM.

Simran gets scared and say “Hey guys we have to leave this place immediately”. Rahul “This is not a game Simran we came here to find something else our research doesn’t valuable”.

Suddenly the temperature gets down on summer season in the month of May, Harry seen a train coming to the station with a great speed and find a white smoky or cloud moving along with the train, again as what they heard, a girl moving along with the train.

The time was around 6:00AM, they plan to left the place but within this investigation they reported “As we doesn’t seen or detect any presence of ghost but there is something which makes you feel uncomfortable”.

Note:This place known as one of the haunted railway station in India after the murder of station master and his wife who found dead. Many incidents were happened at this place and none of the trains stop at this station around 40 years. But when Mamata Banerjee becomes the CM of West Bengal, she tries to find some possibilities none of the train stopped after 05:00PM. According to many paranormal expert team- Whether or not but there is presence of something.

bcci entertainomania

BCCI Hire A Social Media Expert For Under-Fire NCA

According to the National Cricket Academy which is already under fire for the injury management of India like Wriddhiman Saha.

NCA has often been criticised for it’s handling of players injuries which is set to get help of a BCCI medical panel and also dedicated social media department as it’s a part of social revamp plan.

The all-rounder player Hardik Pandya and preminium pacer Jasprit Bumrah were added to the NCA woes by choosing personal rehabilitation over recovering at Bengaluru.

NCA has been in the news for all wrong seasons and there is no official communication coming out so the social media manager will on board to provide regular updates on the happenings inside the facility. This also maintain the NCA’s reputation for going a long way.

Must Try Some Different On This New Year Entertainomania

Must Try Some Different On This New Year

The new year is arriving soon and it is the perfect time to try something that you may be never done before. A new year is a very good excuse to vow to try out new things. By having some new experiences which can positively affect how you get time and lead to fulfillment of happiness.

Here I am discussing some of the best things which you may try something different on this new year:

  1. Make A New Friends

As you can never have too many friends and everyone wants to make his/her life much better. It is one of the best option by building new friends you always become happy.

2. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

By volunteering at a nearby animal shelter where they are always in need of people who are able to help them out.

3. Call Your Parents, Guardian and Your Loved Ones In a Week

As the life is getting hectic day-by-day and the text might be your one of the preferred communication method but your parents and loved ones still loves by hearing your voice.

4. Try Food Which You Have Already Hated

New Year means new things going to happen maybe your taste buds changed. Though it is also a food which you never try before, so taste something new.

5. Ready For Long Drive

Take your new as well as the old friends to embark on the trip of a lifetime. Hop in the car and let see where you end up.

6. Explore New Town

As you may be driven through it thousand times, but you never stopped in.Just see what it has to offer.

7. Know More About Family History

Ask nearby and do some reasearch, you may not know what you might dig up.

8. Foods Delivered At Beach

This is one of the new technique where you might feel something like a modern picnic when you score the food delivery for your favorite eats by the beach. Try those services who can deliver so long as you are in the range and also try to round out your fun by bringing cozy blankets,a good read,bottle of bubbly etc.

9. Show Your Skills On Friend’s StartUps

You have a friend who started a small firm. See how you can help out, by giving feeback on ideas or by testing the product and services they offer.

10. Write A Letter To Your Special One Tell Why You Appreciate Them

As there is something left which you have not done let’s say for if you can’t remember the last time you told someone you cared about them how special they are. By writing a letter to share your feelings and what you
adore about them is one of the great thing you must try this year.

new year 2020 entertainomania

New Year Celebration At Lake Villa

On the 31st Dec evening, Arun and his friend Pranab went for a night drive.Both of them looking for a resort to celebrate the New Year party. Suddenly they find a resort named as “Lake Villa”. Arun “I think it is one of the best place to celebrate New year”.

By meeting with the caretaker of the resort, he welcomes both of them with a great pleasure and told “I didn’t stay at night so whatever you need I ready almost all the things”. The time is around 12:00 am, when they started celebrating someone knocking at the door.

Pranab open the door and find two beautiful women Kirti and Soumya who told Pranab “Our car took an accident and we can’t find any mechanic is it possible to stay here this night?”. Pranab welcomes both of them and also introduce with Arun.

Kirti “I think you people celebrate the New Year can we join?”. Pranab “Yes of course”. They played a challenge game where Kirti took the challenge to went into the jungle alone at night and stay there for 10 minutes and return back. Three of them waiting for Kirti around 15 minutes but she doesn’t came back. All of them went into the jungle and found the dead body of Kirti.

Each of them get shocked and return to Villa, suddenly Pranab find Kirti standing near to the swimming pool. When he tries to call she gets disappear. Arun came over there to help Pranab, when they both return back to the room doesn’t find Soumya. Arun “Something is very strange I don’t think this is real”. Somebody knocks at the door when it’s open they find both of the girl turn witches.

They ran from that place and went to the caretaker’s home, where he narrated the lesson of the two girls “Around five years back both girls came over here to celebrate New year and taking a challenge to went into the jungle but unfortunately found dead”.

Moral: Silent place is good and open to celebrate but not always.

How To Protect Yourself From Cold Temperatures Entertainomania

How To Protect Yourself From Cold Temperatures

It has been a while some love staying at home and cozy during the cooler months but many of them going out to exercise, performing a ice skating routine or simply play with snow and also to give life to the Snowman.

Today I am going to discuss some of the steps which helps you to protect from cold temperatures:

  1. Drink & drink- You need to wait never get too much excited about this.Always try to drink lots of fluids, but no alcohol. Most of them think that alcohol heats you up but it’s completely opposite. Alcohol lowers your body temperatures and it’s the way better idea to drinks lots of water and also some nice soups.
  2. Keep clothes dry- As you might be aware of the fact when your clothes are wet your body loses heat more quickly than when we are dry. Even when you are going outside and there are some chances you may get even a little wet.
  3. Cover up- Your body loses heat through your skin.Similarly, when your skin exposed to the outside air, you lose heat more quickly than
    if it’s covered.Cover each of the body part properly. Besides a jacket, it’s great idea to wear scarves, face-masks, earmuffs or gloves.
  4. Move Up- Sometimes when you feel extremely cold, you may heat up your body a bit by moving around to stay warm.
  5. Take break- When you find yourself shivering as this may be the sign that your body temperature is beginning to drop.It is an alarm your body releases to warn you of potential danger.
  6. Eat well- Besides your hot soups and drinks, there are also some foods which helps you stay warm this winter. You may try this turmeric, ginger, honey, sesame, dry fruits & eggs.
Mystery Of Christmas Eve Entertainomania

Mystery Of Christmas Eve

This is a story on the Christmas eve, John with his wife Alice celebrate the Christmas at their resort in Dowhill, Kurseong. They visited their resort on 24th Dec 2012 and find their friends were waiting for them whom they invited over there.

By meeting with each other and share their life stories also talk about some enjoyment in college life. At the evening, they all visited the hall room of the resort to celebrate the Christmas eve. Alice doesn’t like the enjoyment she feels something wrong going to happen.On the other hand, she find John and his friends were getting enjoyed.

The time is around 12:00am, John’s friend Manish puts the dress of Santa Clause.They all getting shocked and ask to Manish “How you get this dress?”. Manish “I got this dress from my room”. None of them bother about his words and starts enjoying. Suddenly they find Manish in a trouble blood coming from his eyes, everyone get shocked and try to help him but unfortunately he died.

John ask Atul who is the caretaker of this resort but when Atul seen the dead body of Manish he understand the situation and told others “Be alert he came back”. John again ask him “What happen? Who came back?”. Atul “Five years back a person named Sunny who came here as a Santa Clause but many of them drunk and make a fun of that guy and killed him, from that day no one is wearing the dress of Santa Clause else he will be back again”. John “But why you are not informed this to my father?”. Atul “I informed him but he told me never tell anyone about this situation else we will be in great loss”.

On the next day, John visited at the father’s house of the Church for getting some help. He told John that he has only one solution , “put the dress of Santa Clause into fire where his soul get relief from this world”. By doing this John saved the life of other friends and his wife Alice.

Moral: Don’t hide if you find anything wrong try to solve it early else it might be dangerous in future.

winter foods entertainomania

Healthiest Foods That Keep You Warm During Winter

Winter season is here guys where we enjoying the chilly breeze after some months of scorching months.
But there are fewer foods that are in the winter season apart from that summer season.

Today I am going to discuss some of the foods that keeps you warm and stay healthy during winter.


It is warm in nature and also regular intake helps in keeping the body warm. This is the only reason why excessive intake of honey during summers is not advised. It is also good to get rid from cold, cough and flu as it strengthens your immune system.

2.Root vegetables

This is for those who aren’t quite sure of what root vegetables are; it grows below the surface like radish,turnip and sweet potatoes. These vegetables keep your body warm as their digestion is slower that results in generating more heat.


You might even noticed sometimes your mother put ghee on your rotis. But when we are talking about Desi Ghee that is most easily digestable fat which gives the body much needed warmth. You often use ghee in dal as well as in sabzi’s.


It contains thermogenic properties which helps to keep your body warm during winter. It also helps to boost your metabolism rate and promoting your blood flow. By intake of hot cup of ginger tea in the morning you are going good to go.

5. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits let’s say for almonds,cashew and some other that generate heat in your body. It also helps to cure Anemia and other diseases which is caused due to deficiency of iron and vitamins.


Eggs are in huge demand during winter season which is very rich in proteins as well as in vitamins that helps to keep your body warm.

sooryavanshi entertainomania 2020

The Upcoming Film Sooryavanshi

An upcoming adventure film Sooryavanshi release on March 2020 directed by Rohit Shetty and produced by Dharma Productions.

Here Akshay Kumar in the titular role with Katrina Kaif whereas Ajay Devgan and ranveer Singh will make cameo apperances.

In this film, Akshay played the lead role of DCP Veer Sooryavanshi which was announced towards the end of Simmba.He will playing the cheif of the Anti-Terrorism Squad.

The bigger news came in the form of preponing the release date of Sooryavanshi around a cople of months to avoid clash with Salman Khan’s Inshallah which is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali

So finally the film is set to be released on March 27,2020 but the fans reactions to the new release was not at all positive.

whatsapp beta entertainomania

Whatsapp Beta Tests That Letting You Sign In On Multiple Devices

The stable release of the Dart Mode, today here I am going to discuss some of the latest updates of Whatsapp.

Though the latest beta version updates for the Android and iOS apps as everyone knows it is one of the popular instant messaging app in the world. The Whatsapp which is already hinted again at some new features that are already into work. With the stable release of Whatsapp Dark Mode as this is also the most-awaited feature and we don’t know when it will be launch. The social media giant Facebook also owned the instant messaging service and is also working on letting users log in form multiple devices at the same time.

According to the report, the new Beta version, is testing whatsapp’s new Whatsapp multi-platform support. It is also reported that a Whatsapp chats would continue to have end-to-end encryption as the company is developing new method to assign keys to specific devices.

Now Facebook also might take to further step by integrating this on the splash screen as well. The user may open the app now, the Whatsapp splash screen will greet them “from Facebook”.

power of truth entertainomania

Power Of Truth

This is the story of a boy named Pratik who came to Bhubaneswar, India from USA for graduation. Pratik love to dance, singing a pop songs and very friendly with everyone.

Pratik joined 2010 batch of our University in the stream of Bachelor In Computer Application. On the welcome day of fresher everyone feels nervous and not in touch with seniors whereas Pratik become free to talk with everyone even with seniors. When seniors asks Pratik to perform something on stage, he started singing by giving a rocking performance and everyone claps on his performance. He also even proved to be special among others.

Apart from music and other kind of entertainment, he also good in his studies. Even I noticed he always connect with those people who have the ability to do something lets say for playing guitar, good in studies etc. Once he met me in the library talking how he came to India.He narrated his lesson “My birthplace is India and I am from a Odisha family but I am completed my schooling days from USA so according to my look you can’t imagine myself as Indian even I don’t know Hindi”. As being my junior whenever he met with me “Always Handshake” or say “Good Morning”.

Whenever he needs help everyone ready to do help because of his behavior and cuteness. According to this boy, I must say this is a very common that every junior learn from seniors but he is the only person in the whole university whenever anyone meet he/she get some good lesson to learn from Pratik which is mostly related to humanity.

Moral: When you meet a positive person and judging his personalities, the negativity which you have may gone. In other words, by looking at the truth the negativity disappears.

morning-routine entertainomania

Best Hacks To Supercharge Your Mornings

We all had those mornings when we just can’t shake a feeling of exertion, even when we have technically got an enough sleep. With an effort to perk up on tired days where many of us load up on a cup of coffee.

Though there is a better way to get rid of moprning fatigue and get on with the energy you need.Here some of the best hacks to know:

  1. Shift In Attitude

The first and the most important step of a morning person you must necessarily attempt to change the way you odinarily think about waking up.
As this might be the biggest step with the way we approach sleep and also waking up are the thoughts that will bombard both of us before going to the bed and also when we open our eyes.

Before going to bed, many of us have the same variation “I must slept earlier and I am not going to get enough sleep also I am going to be tired all day like tomorrow”.

After waking up, you might ususally think some variations “Better if I slept earlier.I don’t have energy and I have no idea how I am going to get through this day”.

2. Don’t Snooze

The beloved button of your alarm clock might not be helpful at all.

By spending the last half hour or so of nighttime rest where the researchers call “fragmented sleep” that has the consequences for your ability to function throughout the day.

3. Drink A Glass Of Water

You may heard the term fatigue which is a classic symptom of dehydration and sometimes even a mild case that can trigger the feelings of sleepiness, changes in cognitive ability and also the mood disruptions.
Take a glass of water that freshen up your entire body before you get moving.

4. Stretch Your Body Doing Yoga

There is some certain reason which feels you good to stretch when you wake up.During overnight your muscles are somewhat literally palarized and also reactivating them releases energy.

5. Splash Your Face With Water

The cold showers reduces the sick day absences from work.Even you don’t need to take the full shower,a little splash of cold water into your face and also to signal a temperature change your body.

6. Eat Breakfast To Boost Your Energy

Breakfast is the important meal of the day.As per our said “By skipping this first meal can negatively affect your energy and also have the ability to pay attention throughout the day”. Food which is acting like fuel that give your body some calories to put it into action at the start of the day.

bad android apps entertainomania

Time To Fight With Bad Android Apps

The US Tech giant Google formed an alliance along with three endpoints security firms that helps to stop malicious apps before they get into the Playstore.

It has been around years of unsuccessfully battling of malware and bad apps in the Playstore and also more than 2.5 billion on Android devices, now Google will finally do something.

Those three firms having the expertise in endpoint security helps to prevent the spread of malware on it’s broad ecosystem mobile devices.

The alliance’s cheif also aims to provide some better security of the Playstore and also stop those malicious apps before published. For this Google will integrate it’s Google play Protect detection systems along with each partner’s scanning engines.

The company is constantly removing those malicious apps from the Playstore that might range in the capability from adware and also the spyware for those pretending to legitimate apps say for Instagram but also engage in those malicious activity such as harvesting user credentials.

tiktok entertainomania

TikTok’s global Social Media TakeOver Going To Slow Down

TikTok which is one of the popular Chinese social media platform has been approaching the greater heights of it’s global popularity.

The platform were launched in 2016 as a lip-syncing app termed as Musical.ly whereas before it has been acquired by ByteDance, which is the world most valuable startup. TikTok also expanded into a unique hybird somewhere between Vine & Youtube which has been captured the cultural zeitgeist among those teenage smartphone owners.

This you may know around two and half years it has also launched outside China, TikTok result in outstanding growth of TikTok by adding more than 500 million users so far this year.

According to the new data from mobile analytics firm SensorTower where the TikTok has just experienced it’s firt ever growth slowdown on a quarterly basis.

The drop in user growth may related to the pullback in Facebook ad spending.The growth of it’s US userbase has slowed dramatically as a result.

In a while, TikTok remains a globa phenomenon by slowing user growth on top of mounting challenges from lawmakers and criticism from the competitors.

witches entertainomnia

A Tale Of Dangerous Witches

This is a story of two photographers (Rajiv & Ajit) who travel from Mumbai to Pune for photo shoot. Ajit is senior photographer whereas Rajiv was his Assistant photographer. After travelling some distance their car gives some trouble as such moment Ajit gets angry and told the driver “You haven’t checked the car properly as we are already very late”. The driver replied “I checked everything but can’t understand what is the problem”. Ajit told to both of them “Find some possibilities soon so that we can reach Pune early. As of now I move on some nearby places to take some better shot of sceneries”. The driver said “Sir this place is not safe at all so be careful”.

Ajit walked on his way and their driver looking for some help, Rajiv getting bored he get out from the car and move some distance unfortunately he heard some sound and within a moment one witch jumped and killed him.On the other hand, Ajit take some shots of the scenes as such he found a girl going deep into the river where she can’t manage herself. Ajit gets down into the river and found the presence of none, when he come out from the river and look back seen a beautiful girl with red saare.Ajit asked her “How you came over here?”. She replied “Hi my name is Anisha everyday I came over here to get some enjoyment”. Ajit “But now it is around 7:00pm in the evening actually I came here to take some sight seen anyways this jungle is beautiful like you”. Anisha “My house is very distance from here come with me and lets get enjoyed over there”. Anisha takes Ajit into their home.

When he reached her home there he met her sister Sukanya. Anisha “Now it is already 9:30pm I think it is the good time to take lunch”. Ajit “Yes sure very nice to meet both of you”. Ajit gets shocked by looking at their dinner which is only Red Wine. Ajit asked them “So only red wine dinner”. Sukanya “Yes today is our special dinner for you”. Ajit feels happy and say thanks to them. Suddenly he seen the car infront of their house. Ajit “I think my driver reaches over here let me check”.

Ajit came out from the house he feels something wrong but can’t get understand. He doesn’t find his driver and returned to their home suddenly he seen both the sisters are witch. They came to him and told “Today is Full Moon Day we both were waiting for 150 years to get someone like us and finally we get it by today. Don’t worry we doesn’t kill you we make you as our king”. They cuts at the Ajit neck and makes him vampire.

Moral: Don’t move when you find yourself uncomfortable as what Ajit does when he shocked by seen a girl in the river at evening.

Google Pixel 4 Entertainomania

Google Needs To Do More To Stand Out

You all know the Google’s new Pixel 4 phones which will reach the stores soon. The Pixel’s hardware features were not much impressive as compared to those high end-devices.

Google must stood out by leveraging it’s prowess both in software as well as in artificial intelligence to meet but it’s sometimes exceeds than it’s competitor’s in areas like smartphone photography.

But in this year, the rivals have caught up with Google’s camera software. So the latest release iPhones , for instance have added Google-esque like capabilities and also like in the night mode for shooting better photos in the dark.

This Pixel 4 when it has been evaluated in a vacuum which comes into two screen sizes like a solid all-around device. But it’s second camera lens that makes Google’s excellent camera system that will be slightly more capable than last year’s. The screen looks rich and bright and it’s also cool that Google’s voice recorder can automatically transcribe audio clips.

The Pixel 4 is the best at one thing that integrating Google’s software and also the internet services into the mobile communication devices. Unlike those Android phones, the Pixel’s are cluttered along with clunky software and the confusing interfaces.But most people are won’t enough.

At the bottom line, the Pixel 4 has the few intriguing features like the transcription features that built directly into it’s voice recorder. The screen also has a higher refresh rate that makes motion looks smoother. In the meantime, people who enjoy’s Google products have a good option : the $400 Pixel 3A. It also include the Google’s smart camera and a nice screen.

foods-for-flawless entertainomania

Best Home Remedies For Flawless Skin

You all even know when you start browsing with termed called Cosmopolitan, you always see the close-up pictures of the model advertising of a jewelry brand i.e., her skin is looking absolutely FLAWLESS! The green monster is always on your back now and you always want your skin to be like her’s.

Though it has been only a minuscale of the humankind that are fortunate enough to be blessed with flawless, glowing skin.But you wait and just tell you that it was not possible feat to achieve? so simply we are just getting over there.

Now we need to discuss few of the home remedies for flawless and glowing skin:

  1. Apple

Apple is also known for the Cider Vinegar For Flawless skin.You need to take one tea spoon apple cider vinegar, two tea spoon rose water and also the cotton ball.

The next thing you need to do is mix the vinegar and rose water and dab into the spots, blemishes, scars and pigmented areas on your face, leave it dry for 10 minutes and then rinse the water.

2. Use of Aloevera

First of all you need to collect some aloevera leafs then you need to cut the lead from the aloe plant.After this you must slice the leaf sideways and then try to scoop out the gel which is present inside. Gently apply on your entire face and massage it.

3. Alum for Flawless Skin

Take one teaspoon of alum powder along with another teaspoon of honey, make a paste along with ingredients then apply it as a face pack and leave it dry for 10 minutes.Finally wash the pack off with luke warm.

4. Coconut Oil

You might heard about the coconut oil add a drop or two of coconut oil into their regular moisturizer and apply this every night.You must take some few drops of organic coconut oil and cleanse your face, massage the facial skin with coconut oil and leave the oil on overnight.

5. Advantage of Almond Oil

Take some 2-3 drops of almond oil and also warm up the oil between your finger tips and massage the facial skin with it, you may leave the oil overnight. This oil keeps the skin hydrated and it also rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of any marks.

As these are very few tips you must try this at home and you get the result within 2-3 weeks.

diwali steps entertainomania

Steps Taken To Celebrate Your Diwali

It is five day celebration ton honor the triumph of good over evil and also the new beginnings. Celebrating the Diwali means decking your house with lights and colors, also to spending time with your loved ones.

Here we are going to discuss few steps of celebrating the Diwali:

  1. Your house must be clean on or before the first day of Diwali

As this is the Hindu’s New Year and it comes from the celebration of new beginnings.You must be sure to clean your home and business before the first day of Diwali as this is a kind of cleansing ritual,preparing yourself for a fresh new start.

2. Draw footprints to scatter your home on the first day

Though that may be the first day of Diwali and that day is to be celebrate with goddess Lakshmi, also known as the goddess of wealth.One must sprinkle a mixture of rice flour and also the vermillion powder put on the floor.

3. Try to shop the new clothes , jewellery and utensils

Though it is one of the another tradition at the beginning of Diwali which is used to shop for new clothes and some other household items, like say for instance kitchen utensils and decorations.

4. Decorate your homes and doorways with rangoli

The term used Narak Chaturdashi, second day of Diwali found typically when the people adorn their homes with bright, colorful rangoli designs.

5. Light your diyas and candles around your home

Everyone knows diyas are the small oil lamps which is shaped like cups with cottons, candle-like wicks. If you want to welcome Lakshmi in your home, so traditionally you must light 4-6 diyas in a row near the doorways.

Unbelievable Diwali Night EntertainOMania

Unbelievable Diwali Night

This is story of a Bengali family who lived in Delhi somewhere around 2006. They were already planned to visit their hometown after the Diwali celebration.

In their family, having a two daughters Risha and Isha as they were studying in the Govt. school so their holiday is too long till Chatt Puja. Her father Manish decided and told to their mother Arushi “As you know Kali Puja is of two days and last night is Amavasya also our train timing is 23:30PM I don’t think it’s good to stay outside on Amavasya night it’s better to see any other option”. Isha “No dad only few holidays are left and since it has been more than one year I haven’t met with my grandmother” and like this Risha also started the same. So finally her father decided to move on Diwali night.

It was Sat, 21st October 2006 Arushi is already on fasting due to Kali Pooja that’s why she decided to take some food to eat after 12:00AM. They booked a taxi and move towards station. Manish told the driver “To take a shorcut through Delhi Cant. Road as we need to reach the station early”. The driver replied “Sir I heard many incident on that road and I think that’s not the safe route to choose”. Manish “Stop your stupidity and choose that road”.

The driver takes a turn and choose the Delhi Cant. Road. They were travelling few distance and don’t find the presence of anyone. The fully black night with clouds chances of rain, Isha seen outside through the taxi window and saw a white lady in the jungle and told to her parents. They doesn’t believe on Isha and move forward.

After sometime they heard some horrible sound and suddenly their tyre gets punctured also the rain had started. The driver say “You all need to stay here and don’t move out of the car I will come soon as I want to see if their any help”. They heard the same horrible sound and unfortunately someone try to hit their car from the top, all were getting scared. They saw the driver came back with a tyre and also fit the tyre. Manish asked “How you can get a tyre in this dark night?”. Driver replied “You don’t need to worry as I already promise you to reach the station on time.”

They reached the station and driver gets out from the car where seen a group of people gather at one place. Arushi told Manish “What is happening over there?”. Manish visited over there and find the dead body of their driver. They all get scared as that was the unbelievable incident for them and also find that tyre were still punctured.

Moral: Very few people gives a true promises like their driver, he gave his life to save them.

black friday sale entertainomania

Items Not Buy Until Black Friday

So Black Friday is coming and you must be sure not till at the end of November but you can already hear the promoting machine grinding along with gears. Let us say for any buying example that has been kicked off into the market with a big sale offer on Sony as well as on Samsung TVs and other home-theater stuff.

If the price goes lower between now and Black Friday, you will must get refund for the difference.

But that news may seem at odds along with headline because you don’t have to wait until the Black Friday to get those Black Friday deal on particular items. Further it has been noticed that more and more stores queuing up that may result in early sales.

Though it has been said that we know from the past experience of that certain products and also the product categories, we must need to tend to see major discounts in and around the day after Thanksgiving. You must take a look at some of the most likely candidates that will be keeping in your mind and you may not have to wait until Black Friday.

Here few of the tips must follow to save more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  1. Amazon Gear

You must never ever pay the full price for Amazon gear where most of them goes on sale every month or two, sometimes in a line, sometimes just as random where the current price is $65(approx) which is down from $90.

2. Apple iPad & Watch

As Apple doesn’t celebrate the Black Friday like the other companies will do.In 2018, the Apple Black Friday deals came in the form of gift cards which is a safe bet and that will be the story till 2019. So you must get $50 gift card along with the purchase of an Apple Watch or $100.

3. TVs

Black Friday always come with television deals.On this year, we also keeping eyes on LG’s OLED models, Vizio M and also P series. If you remember few weeks ago, Vizio M-558G1 came with a very good budget model and now the price has been dropped to $500 for the second time.

ombre balayage entertainomania

Importance Of Ombre Balayage

The term “Ombre” which is used in the Hair World and it comes from French word which means shaded or shading. This Ombre hair color is almost darker at their roots by mid-shaft and then gradually it gets more lighter from the mid-shaft into the ends.

This hair coloring technique has been taken through the hair color world by storm. This days from the professional models to the girl next door, everyone tries to get in action of this wonderful hair color. Generally, this style has been adopted by many celebrities.

So there is no such thing like just dying your hair anymore now that dip-dye ombre and balayage exist. But it is an essence, the painting of new hair colour in mostly soft streaks is to create a natural-looking effects.

Here some of the key benefits of using this Ombre Balayage Hair Color:

  • It is one of the great technique for your low maintenance clients or people by just try out hair color for the first time.
  • This Ombre requires a very little process of keeping something in good condition which makes it easier to remain on-trend.
  • By using this technique it allows you to stay current along with introducing your clients to a new trend.

There is also one another technique termed as Flamboyage, which is one of the hair coloring technique developed by Davines. The one of the major difference between Balayage and Flamboyage, Balayage involves in hand painting the color onto your hair and absolutely no usage of foil to saturate the highlights whereas Flamboyage on the other end uses transparent adhesive strips to make working on the individual sections of hair easier and to saturate the color.

jokerman entertainomania

Life Of A Jokerman

This is the story of a jokerman Munna who played a role in circus somewhere in Jharkhand, India around 1995. When he return back to his home after the circus everyone tries to take fun due to his short height.

His parents always feel upset as no one ready to become a friendship with him. Everyday he listen the same lecture from his parents. “As of now we are present but after us no one will take care of you even you see no one will ready to like you”. Munna having a friend Shyam who tries to help Munna but he always feels unsatisfaction and don’t listen to others even he told Shyam “You have a good family but I can’t get anything on my life”.

Days were going he feels disappointed, he decided to take revenge from those boys who always makes a fun when he return back to home from the circus. It was somewhere during Holi, Munna came to those boys and ask “What’s your problem why you people always tries to irritate me?”. One of them answer “You came half not full like us”. Munna “See that’s none of your business please make me leave alone as day by day I am getting frustated by all these”.They gets angry and replied “Ok you can leave alone forever”. As they were already playing Holi, so they mix some colors and put on his face and also covering his face by putting a mask of joker where he can’t breathe properly and lost his life.

From that moment to till now, if anything wrong happens on the road they gets killed, some people are told the ghost of jokerman killed them those person where others told they were getting killed through fight with each other.

But as per the C.B.I investigation, the wrong people always gets killed with a sign of joker on their neck.

Moral: If you can’t do any good for others, so simply don’t do any bad for others.

The OK Hand Symbol Entertainomania

The OK Hand Symbol Added Into The List Of Hate Symbol

Everyone knows the symbol finger with thumb gesture which is already very popular emoji and has already been used as “the sincere of expression along with white supremacy”.

According to the US ani-hate group, the overwhelming usage of the hand gesture today is still shows the approval or many of them used it as OK.

There are some other symbols which is to be included in the list by burning neo-Nazi symbols, let’s say for “Happy Merchant” and also the most popular slogan “Diversity equals to White Genocide”.

As per Anti-Defamation League which already started is “Hate on Display” list since 2000 that aims to help people in terms of recognise signs of extremism.

But we always trust on the law enforcement and the public needs which is to be fully informed about the meaning of those images that can serve as the first warning sign to the presence of haters in some community or in schools.

Though someone who uses that symbol cannot be assumed of using that symbol whether it will be on trolling or a white supremacist context.

durga puja navratri entertainomania

Steps Taken To Follow In Navaratri

Navaratri which is considered as the nine sacred days of worshiping the Goddess Durga. In this period, the three forms of Goddess say for Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati were invoked.

The entire country India is celebrating Navaratri starts from 29th Sunday 2019 with a lot of enthusiasm. Though it is one of the auspicious time according to Hindu calendar where this Navaratri has been celebrated across different parts of the country in different ways. Let’s say for instance in Gujarat, Dandiya is the most highlight of this festival whereas in Bengal, Durga Puja is celebrated with lot of strength and energy.

So now I am going to discuss some of the basic steps that you must follow in this Navratri:

  1. Worshiping the God

Firstly you must worship the goddess Durga daily with light lamp,offer some flowers and also perform aarti in order to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

2.Things to keep at home

As you may know that apart from the usual rituals and some other things if kept at home during Navaratras may help you attract health & wealth. So be sure always always about this.

3. Always wear clean clothes

If you are not going out then you must stay bare-foot inside your home and make sure don’t let shoe/slippers worn outside at once entering your place. Better you may leave near to your doorsteps and must dress up in clean clothes.

4. Fasting

I must say those who can must do it for nine days.Fasting is the most integral part of the Navaratri and has been to please the Goddess and also seek her blessings. It also helps to keep your body healthy and remove the toxic material outside from the body.

5.Perform Kanya Puja & Decorate The Goddess Durga

The adornment of the Goddess is really very important and also it marks as a respect towars the Goddess & on the 8th day of the Navratri or the Ashtami, Kanya puja(feeding those little girls) is must.

6. Next Talk about Akhand Jyot

Many of them were not aware of this but I must say you make sure to keep it in the South-West direction.

These are some of the basic steps that you may follow in order to celebrate Navratri.

Foods To Eat During Autumn Season Entertainomania

Foods To Eat During Autumn Season

By eating seasonally it involves choosing fruits as well as vegetables which is already in peak as per the terms of flavor during a particular time of the year.

As we even know our bodies need to change according to seasons, generally it has been observe by eating foods like salad in winter will almost be same as wearing a bikini when the temperatures get down.

Today I am going to discuss some of the best foods to eat in autumn season:

1.In a breakfast

Now let’s start with the fresh and warming porridge which is made-up of pre-soaked oats, plant based milk and some amounts of apples.

2.Sweet taste but color in red

None other than apples which is a sweet and crunchy were always packed with antioxidants which helps to prevent chronic illness and slow aging. It has been found that the Fuji apples where the concentration levels of phenolics and flavonoids were too high.

3.Let’s talking about lunch

In lunch during autumn season you may combine some sorts of grain along with root vegetables, legumes and also a green leafy vegetables to make a some set of bowl.

4.A special food for hippo & humans

Cabbage which is already packed with good amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and it’s mini-me. As per the observation, the development of food-composition database as per the estimation of dietary intakes of glucosinolates which is the biologically active constituents of cruciferous vegetables.

5.Intake of dinner

In dinner you must prepare some warm soup along with vegetables and grains or steam a bake fish as per your choice along with side of vegetables but the intake of fish during night as you may seen some person doesn’t feel comfortable.

relationship entertainomania

A Tale Of Understanding The Soul

This is a story of three person (Vikram, John and Tanu) from New Delhi, India. Tanu and John who was working in the same firm and fall in love with each other.

Tanu and John started chat with each other at every night. But John belongs from a lower middle class family, sometimes Tanu doesn’t feel happy and make a fun of their relationship.

On the other end, Tanu also have a relationship with banker Vikram who is multi-millionarie where Vikram told Tanu “Just make a fun of that guy John and left him alone”. Once Tanu told John “I doesn’t like all these fun activities I want to stay alone”. John gets disappointed and look forward on his own way. Suddenly Tanu calls him and say “I have some doubt in my work can you please help me?”. John tries to help her to get succeed in her work.

Once Tanu make some plan with other employees to remove John from the organization, by some means she even proved John as a fake person by sharing some internal information of the organization with outside members. John even left the organization but he still take care of Tanu, though they were not in touch for few months but John can feel her even see her on their organization activities.

Suddenly after 5-6 months Tanu calls John and ask for something but John being from lower middle class family he again gets touch with Tanu where she started making a fun of John’s relationship. It was somewhere very close to Dusshera, John wants to meets Tanu as it was a very long time they were not in touch. Unfortunately, John gets a calls from Vikram and find that they were already in relationship. After a research, John finds Vikram as a banker, he also even wants Tanu should have a good life partner which is not possible for him as what Tanu wants.

Finally John left Tanu by showing that he gets angry. John already started his own work and sometimes he reminds that situation. John never make her understand the reason of following her but when he gets everything normal, he left from Tanu’s heart.

Moral: Be sure, Be positive and understand what you are doing and there are certain things faith, love & happiness which is not purchase through money it’s happens through humanity.

cyber insurance entertainomania

Highest Expensive State For Cyber Insurance

By purchasing cyber insurance will help to protect your firm from the increasing number of threats which will cost you more in Delaware as compared to other US states.

The recent study by business insurer Mr.Advisor Smith who has found that the average cost of annual cyber insurance in the Blue Hen State is 8.34% even higher than the national average.

This study has been conducted by using the quote estimates that has been gathered in August and September 2019 and also the rate fillings has been supplied around 50 insurance companies all over America between January 2019 to September 2019.

The state North Carolina which is one of the second most expensive state for cyber insurance with an average annually cost of $1,611 where in the other end the state like Arizona, Michigan and Minnesota offered the most cheapest cyber insurance.

The Marsh-Microsoft Survey 2019 which was published yesterday has found that only 17% of executives said that they has spent more on a cyber-risk over the last year.

shimla manali lesson entertainomania

Shimla Manali Honeymoon – An Incredible Experience to Cherish!

Shimla is the one of the best destinations of honeymoon. For the newly weds couple, It is a perfect destination where they can visit easily. On a honeymoon, A couple needs a separate time for each other and they want some things by their destination. If you want any destination for your honeymoon like this then you don’t have to worry about it. Shimla fulfills all the demands which you want in a honeymoon packages that’s why it is known by the one of the most honeymoon destinations. packages of honeymoon in Shimla are the one of the best ways to express your feelings. It gives you a perfect moment to know each other. You can know each other’s like or dislike. Shimla Honeymoon package from Coimbatore is the best way to know about each other.


There are many marriages held in summer time and winter time also. If you are getting married in the summer time or winter time, Then you need a package for your honeymoon. But for which destination is perfect for your honeymoon it is the a question which is held. If you want to make your honeymoon special in the summertime then Manali is the best one for it. There are many people who like to see snow if you want any destination like this then Manali is best for this. If you are living in Coimbatore then you can visit this destination from Coimbatore also. You may visit this destination with a Manali Honeymoon package from Coimbatore.

Link: Shimla Manali Honeymoon

make your hair perfect tips entertainomania

Six Tips To Make Your Hair Healthy

We all even know hair always been associated with attractiveness as well as the beauty. In this world whether it is men or women both wants the best hair. Sometimes you observe especially in women do you think they are fully satisfied with their hair? The answer is always no or never as everyone wants their hair to be best for all the time which is not always possible.Most of the time some women often using a different hair brush also adding some vitamins or sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

Here some of the tips you can follow to grow your healthy hair:

  1. Have A Proper Balance Diet

Having a good and healthy scalp is very important to have a healthy diet.The food which you are consuming day-to-day life should be balanced meaning and it must have all the vital nutrients that are also very important for the health of your scalp.
Intake of green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, eggs, fish and chicken are the good source of protein that assists your hair growth.Always try antioxidants foods that boost your metabolism and improves your blood circulation.

2. Resist Urge To Go Blonde

As chic as platinum hair looks by going from a darker shade to light blonde could always stand between you and your longest-possible hair.Once the cuticle of your hair gets damaged from bleach there is a provision of more breakage or split ends.There are fewer chemical treatments that helps in better hair growth.

3. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

Now when the time comes for choosing the right shampoo for your hair, most of the people always go for the ones which is popular in the market or in trend but you must choose a mild shampoo.

It has been observed that washing your hair with shampoo were very often can damage your hair and make your scalp dry.Your hair will lose the moisture and also it washes the essential oils from the scalp that travel from roots through hair tip.

4. Apply Conditioner Your Hair Regularly

It is very important that you should condition your hair from time to time.Mostly same like mild shampoo, use a mild conditioner.Apply into your hair with an appropiate amount of conditioner that will keep your hair shiny and smooth.

5. Distribute Your Hair’s Natural Oils

Going to bed with unbrushed hair may seem tempting even you are tired but their are certain few quick strokes for your hair that can be great for it’s health.

6. Avoid Using Hair Color

By the use of hair color which is ammonia based also acts as a bleaching agent can harm your scalp and also cause hair damage.It has also been observed that frequently coloring of hair can increase the risk of breast cancer.

vishwakarma-puja entertainomania

A Tale Of Viswakarma Puja

This is the story of a boy named Abhisek somewhere from Jharkhand around 2001 after giving 12th exam he started searching for good colleges and time to time given all the entrance exams. In May 2001, he got the 12th result with a good percentage of marks but his career choice was to become a Marine Engineer. He already gave the entrance exam one of the BITS Pilani Institute but unfortunately he was not selected in the first round of counselling.

The second counselling was too late and only four seats were left his parents got worried and tell him to take admission at some college at Rourkela,Odisha,India in Bachelor of Science stream. Abhisek went to the college but though it’s a very old govt. college there were no proper washroom, even the beds were also not good to sleep.As he doesn’t like to stay over there but he doesn’t have any other option.

On 15th August 2001, due to the Independence Day he went back to home and it was on the very next day a call came from TMI “Abhisek you are selected for the second counselling and bring your documents”. He got happy but his parents got disappointed due to the college as where the Abhisek got selected were in Talegaon very near to Pune, Maharastra, India which is too far from Jharkhand.

Abhisek and his father, mother and also his younger bro planned to visit Pune as before Abhisek doesn’t stay outside. They booked a hotel at Talegoan, Maharastra, India where his little bro purchase some story books. Abhisek faced some little bit of ragging as he looks very innocent. Even his parents back to home but they doesn’t feel good as Abhisek keep on saying he faced many difficulties like continental food daily, ragging, can’t understand the lectures of their faculties etc where he find the other peoples were too smart and easily catch the lectures and without any study they were getting good marks. Abhisek’s parents were disappointed due to his marks and in their family Abhisek is the first guy got the opportunity for doing B.Tech course.

It was on the 3rd year where Abhisek almost get settled and improve his studies, somewhere in the month of December 2003, their college located near to the hills and that location is fully jungle area.It was on Sunday, they seen a tiger came inside the campus where everyone got scared and no one taking chance to get out the tiger from the campus. Abhisek gets an idea he mix sleeping medicine along with red color in the milk and put the milk’s bowl in front of the tiger. When the tiger came and taste the bowl he feels sleepy and fall in the ground. The circus man came, take the tiger with him. When the captain or principal asked “How this happen?”.The circus man replied “I came to the nearest village for circus show but due to some mistake this tiger came over here”. Anyhow Abhisek saved his college people from tiger.

On 2005 most of the companies came but Abhisek doesn’t get selected, it was almost around three candidates left along with Abhisek to get placed. His parents get worried and always call the placement team. Suddenly placement team got a news the company named MSC is again back to hire some candidates. Abhisek gave a huge effort on his studies to crack the interview. Interview done and after two days waiting Abhisek got a call for selection and that day was 17th Sep, from that day their family started worship Viswakarma God. Finally, Abhisek becomes the Cheif Engineer in one of the marine organization .

US states to launch probe into Google as tech giants entertainomania

US States To Launch Probe Into Google As Tech Giants

It has found that the Attorneys General from around 48 US states , District Of Columbia and Puerto Rico has formally opened an antitrust probe into Google with assign of growing government scrutiny of technology giants.

Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General who is leading the probe said to focus on Google’s by embracing all control of online advertising markets and also the search traffic which may lead to anti-competitive behaviour sometimes harms to consumers.

Some other group of Attorney General were also present at the announcement in Washington described those investigation as “preparatory” and they expected it to expand some other cover issues along with data privacy.

Our tech giants which were once express as engines for the economic growth and also it has rapidly increasingly come under fire for allegedly misusing their punch.

But Google also faces accusations where it web search leads consumers to its products and to detriment of opponent.

Congress is separately hold hearing about the growth of monopoly power into the digital market.

FTC(Federal Trade Commission) also announced recent fines against Google’s parent , Alphabet as well as Facebook.

Vivo To Launch Z1X Entertainomania

Vivo To Launch Z1X Across India

Vivo has recently launched the Vivo ZIX across India. This is one of the popular smartphone that has been teased a number of times leading up to launch.

It has a great feature of 48MP triple rear camera to setup and 4500Ah battery that supports 22.5W Vivo Flash Charge technology. This smartphone has been powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 chipset.

This smartphone also have the features 6.38-inch full HD Super AMOLED Halo display which already have a water drop notch. It has also paired with 6GB RAM. It also comes with 64GB and 128GB storage options has also in-built display fingerprint scanner that Vivo claims can unlock the phone within 0.48 sec.

On the front, the Vivo Z1X it also support a triple rear camera setup upto 48MP primary sensor consisting of the Sony IMX582 sensor along with 8MP of wide ultra angle sensor and 2MP depth sensor.It also has 3.5mm audio jack. The OS runs Funtouch OD based on Android 9 Pie.

The starting price in India is somewhat around Rs.16K

haunted night work entertainomania

Unbelievable Haunted Night

It was an unbelievable incident with a girl Tanu who joined some organization somewhere in New Delhi, India. She loves her workplace and stick some pics of herself, few good quotation into her desk.

Days were going she enjoyed with work and other staff members sometimes she alone stay at late night due to work pressure. One day it was around 10:00 pm after taking dinner, the person who serve dinner and other related activities he told “I need to go now as it is already 10:00pm and I have already done with my work”. Tanu replied “Yes you may leave now.”

As there were lot of work she think to get relaxed and opens her messenger app find someone with new number say “Hi”. Tanu opens the chatbox and write:
Tanu: Who are you?
Person: I am your friend.
Tanu: But I don’t know how you came to me?

Tanu started eating apples.

Person:This is not the right time to eat apples.
Tanu: How you know I eat apples?

Tanu get scared and look here and there

Person:I like your pics and quotation which you are stick into your desk.
Tanu keeps on shouting “Who are you? Are you listen to me”.

She tries to call her boss and other staff members but her phone is out of network. Tanu came to the washroom and wash her face and find everything is well and good outside her phone is on network coverage.

She immediately call the other staff and told about the situation.When she came inside office with other staff, check her mobile and find that person leave a message “Hi my name is Raj earlier that seat was mine and I am no more into this world and you are the right person for this seat. Like you I also working late night for my family but I was suffered from fatal familial insomnia”.

After this situation, they were trying to investigate the situation with the help of cops but the cops doesn’t find any clue. From that day her boss changed the seat and told her “Don’t work during nights you can complete your work within normal working hours and if not then choose next day”.

Moral: Avoid working alone during nights and always try to complete your work in working hours and sometimes employers may forget but it is also the responsibility of every employer to take care of their employees.

bard of blood entertainomania

Netflix Series Bard Of Blood

In this web series you will see Emraan Hashmi being requested to come out of retirement in order to help rescue a group of Indian spies who have been captured in Pakistan. Emraan Hashmi later teams up with Sobhita Dhulipala and also with Vineet Kumar to rescue the spies even dealing with the past.

Bard Of Blood has been produced by Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan. Teasing Emraan Hashmi he stated that Bard Of Blood will help him transform his image from serial kisser to a serial killer.

Now these days Emraan Hashmi seen less frequently on the big screen. He even stated his reason being that he wants to play some diverse set of roles now, therefore he also become careful when accepting scripts. The trailer of this series was recently launched and the fans starts getting impressed.

Though there has been lot into making of the posters of that fits for a thriller kind of movie and this series yet to be release on September 27, 2019 on Netflix where you can find the Emraan Hashmi who plays Kabir Anand in the show that opens up on the making of the posters in a video released by Netflix India.

As it has been observed that the first poster looks extremely interesting as the trailer of the eight-episodes series which is based on Bilal Siddiqi’s novel of the same name.

This show basically revolves the former RAW agent Mr. Kabir Anand who takes a secret mission in Balochistan in order to rescue four Indian spies.

Perfect Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin Entertainomania

Perfect Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

By dealing with the oily skin which is just like a slippery slope and this is a widespread problem in both males as well as in females. Sometimes people with the oily skin feel greasy on the face most of the time. The oily skin catches dirt and dirt very quick and also melts your makeup. It has been observed that the women with oily skin must have to re-apply makeup multiple times a day. This oily skin has become more widespread than ever as of us in a race against time to achieve the impossible that always led to sleepless nights and nutrition less diet.

Today I am going to discuss some of the tips which will help you to get oil free healthy skin:

  1. Stay away from the oily food

As they don’t say the prevention is better than a cure for nothing.Try to avoid ghee and also butter in your food and always eat grilled and roasted dishes.So if you have oily skin you must avoid the problematic areas further by eating those oily stuffs.

2. Excessive use of skin care products

This is mostly done by women’s for perfectly glowing radiant skin even you may find most females cleanse, exfoliate and scrub too much as this produce too much pressure on the probes and leads to oily skin. It’s simple way to say avoid excessive use of skin care products.

3. Use of lemon

Due to it’s antibacterial qualities, sometimes lemon helps to seal the deal and always keep acne at bay. The acidic properties in lemon and also the Vitamin C which is mostly found in citrus fruits also help to absorb oil and tighten your skin pores.

4. Change in season

Mostly it has been observed during summer as well as in rainy season, the humidity prevails in the atmosphere that might leads to high oil production in the skin. Mostly in winters the skin get dry and dehydrated to reduce the moisture as it produces oil in excess. Keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing creams.

5. Use Of Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera which is used for naturally cleansing and incredibly versatile also helps in soaking up excess oil and gives you a more balanced complexion. It also reduce acne and prevent scarring. The natural anti-microbial property of Aloe Vera helps to kill bacteria that clogs your pores.

6. Stress Situation

When the person is getting stressed , his/her body starts producing androgenswhich is a kind of hormones that leads to oily skin.

7. Intake Of Medicines

Sometimes medications for hormonal balance can also cause skin to produce excessive oil where some of the medicines can dehydrate the skin in order to compensate the moisture for production of oil increases in the skin.

beti bachao entertainomania

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Campaign

In the Udhampur district of Jammu & Kashmir’s has launched the Central Government’s Bei Bachao Beti Padhao awareness campaign.The district admistartion of Udhampur had launched the awareness campaign on Monday 26th of August 2019 that aims to eliminate threat or danger of female foeticide in the district.

Though this campaign were attended by all the officers of District Administration, front line workers of ICDS department and also some of the prominent citizens of the district Udhampur region.

Being a part of the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign, the Udhampur district administration has also even launched a cash reward scheme for those admirable girl students from the district.

Under this scheme, 20 admirable girls will be rewarded with a cash award of Rs.5000/- each and apart from that 10 additionally newborn girl children from Udhampur district would also be felicitated with Mamta kits.

So this campaign has been launched by Central Government as an awareness campaign for survival, protection and education of the girl child.

But this scheme is also aimed at improving the dismal Child Sex Ratio (CSR) through a mass campaign.Under this scheme, it has been observed that a village which almost attains a balance sex ratio will be awarded as Rs. 1 crore which may further reduce the declining CSR ensuring that the girl child gets equal opportunities in every walks of life.

Huawei Started R&D On 6G entertainomania

Huawei Started R&D On 6G

As our world is financially gearing up for 5G, meanwhile Huawei Inc. has announced that they started R&D for 6G technology. Even you may know Huawei is one the key players globally with 5G networks which is already live in some countries say for UL, Sweden and South Korea has started work on 5G just as 4G that was rolled out for the first time.

“Company which has invested around $4 billion since 2009 in 5G as the outcome,the company has 5G chipsets, smartphones, routers, some other transport networks and base stations” told by Joe Kelly, Vice President, IMA at Huawei. In the New Open Source Computing Framework launch conference he also added 5G that will co-exist with 4G.

As what they mean the most telecom operator where they run 4G and 5G in parallel and maybe switch off the older 2G networks.Kelly added a statement “5G will be built on top of 4G”.

Kelly reminded that Huawei has started it’s R&D for 5G since 2009, which is one of the world’s first 4G network went to live in Norway. This is the only process where R&D and telecom overlap.

“As per the consumer point of view, whether they are in India or some other parts of the world, a range changes will come with 5G. Autonomous driving become safe but the IoT will become the mainstream, apart from this the HD 8K televison at home will also be enabled by 5G” told by Kelly in press conference.

amazon deforestation entertainomania

Forest Fire: Amazon Is Burning

The Brazil’s president Mr. Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday were accused non-governmental organizations of setting the wildfires in the Amazon forest to damage his government’s image even after he cut their funding.

The wildfires have increased in the two states Mato Gross and Para where Brazil’s agricultural frontier has pushed into the Amazon basin and deforestation.This wildfires are very common especially in the dry season but sometimes also deliberately set by the farmers illegally deforesting land for cattle ranching.

As per the observation, the unprecedented surge in the wildlife has been occurred since Bolsonaro took office in January solemnly promise to develop the Amazon region for farming as well as mining. Further Bolsonaro who even shocked environmentalists along with plans to open the Amazon to business interest.

Peoples were completely blamming the dry season for the wildfires in the Amazon but that’s not accurate.

According to media, Bolsonaro recently fired the director of INPE after he crticized the statistics of agency by showing an interest in deforestation in the country named Brazil.

Further it has been noticed that earlier this month the two European countries named Norway and Germany were suspended funding for projects to curb deforestation in Brazil after becoming alarmed by rising deforestation under Bolsonaro.

Share your thoughts and how you can help them to prevent deforestation.

best yoga tips entertainomania

Exciting Tips On Yoga

When you are new to yoga, you might have lot of questions in your mind let’s say for instance what to wear, what you need to bring during yoga classes and also how to prepare yourself.

Today I am going to discuss some of the best steps that might be helpful to you.

  1. Where You Are

Though it has been a great idea to contact the studio or training center where you will practice to ask for recommendation for a class which is appropriate for you. In such situation, you must explain your fitness history and also let them know about any injuries or any kind of limitations. Sometimes in the classes, there are always variations among the teachers.So your training manager always helps you to find your best starting point.

2. What To Wear

Sometimes it may seem like you need to get decked out in designer yoga gear before you head towards class. For first few classes, try to wear those clothes which you have already on hand and keep your things as simple as possible. If we talking about shoes yoga is mostly often done by barefoot. As you may occasionally see people with various kind of sock or shoes. Even if you feel completely uncomfortable taking off your shoes in front of strangers then you must compromise by wearing yoga socks. Next when we are talking about pants, there are many different styles of yoga pants but you don’t need to run out and buy some special pair of pants. After few classes you may understand and decide your pants that are shorter, longer, looser or not falling down every time you stretch up. Let’s say for another example like tops, it is also best for yoga. The Big baggy t-shirt or the loose-fitting workout shirts, aren’t great since they will slide down every time when you bend over.

3. Try To Arrive Early

You must try to arrive 15 minutes early before your class starts as this will give you time to get settled, locate bathrooms and also acclimate to the energy of space. By dashing into yoga classes can bring anxious energy on your mat.

4. What To Bring In Your Classes

Honestly speaking the thing which you need to bring with you in the first class is a positive attitude and becomes a open mind. Say for Mat, as most of the yoga ventures rent mats for a dollar or two. As you are keep going to the classes, or even you are practicing at home, you are going to invest in your own mat. Another is Water bottle that you make sure to bring it with you. As you can’t wait after the classes to get a drink. Next but not the last must bring hand towel with you that helps you to prevent from sweat.

5. How To Prepare Yourself

The most beauty of the yoga is it requires a very little other than your own body. But the preparation is simple and if you are new then I must say it is a good idea to get into the class a little early that helps you to understand the environment and also introduce yourself to the instructor. You must familiarize yourself with the beginner friendly poses as all the time poses are different and can feel overwhelming the first time you do yoga. Try to avoid heavy meals before yoga. When you are start moving, everything gets churned up and you may start to feel sick if your stomach is too full.

Practice Tips:

As I have my past experience during school days and there is no other way to learn apart from doing it. But I must say your first experience will give you a feel lot and the most common thing must keep in your mind always keep breathing and stay focused on yourself.

danger in sundarban entertainomania

Danger In Sundarban

This is the story of four friends (Sahil, Arushi, Tanu, Arjun) who plan to visit Sundarban National Park for research on tigers. It was 22nd December 2018, Saturday they all get together as earlier they were college friends and working at the same location New Delhi, India. Sahil was excited and say “It is a good time to visit over there and have a get together meeting with tigers”. Tanu “Yes I also heard about Sundarban in the movie Roar but I don’t think it will be good to visit there without any safety”. Arushi “Don’t think much let’s move on guys”. They booked their flight tickets for next Sunday.

On 30th December 2018, their flight landed to Kolkata, West Bengal, India in the morning around 4:00 am and it is somewhat around 100km distance from Kolkata to Sundarban National Park, they already booked a taxi so after packing some foods at the airport they started their journey. When reached over there they got a new information that Sundarban can only be accessed by boat.

Sahil “If not car then boat is ok for us”. Travelling by boat where they seen a jungle aside with huge sounds of tigers. Arjun told the boatman “Take a side as we need to see this beautiful jungle by walk”. Boatman replied “Please don’t visit at the depth of the jungle”. They came some distance inside of the jungle and seen a white tiger is sleeping. Suddenly, Sahil throws a stone on the tiger’s head. The tigress get up and looking at them. One man came with fire stick, the tigress get afraid and ran from that place.

The man told them “It was good for you all that tigress is not a man-eater”. Sahil asked “Who are you and how you can come here?”. Man replied “My name is Feluda and I am the private investigator basically I came here form Kolkata for searching the murderer”. Arjun replied “From Kolkata to here”. Feluda “Yes one of our investigating officer told me that the person whom you are searching you may find somewhere near to Sundarban National Park”.

Arushi told Sahil “We came here for research and taking some pictures of tiger not to hit them”. Tanu “Very nice to meet you Mr.Feluda can you please help us for our research”. Feluda “As you people came for research, remember one thing it will be better if you leave this place before evening”. Feluda gave the map of Sundarban National Park and left the place as he was in hurry for his investigation.

They follow the map after walking some distance they find a big foot shape on the ground. By judging the shape, the shape is too big which is not the tiger’s foot shape. Suddenly when Arushi turned seen a tall man of 13ft covering face with black clothes. They all are getting scared and run from that place and the time was 6:30pm. Tanu gets irritate and say “Now it is already 6:30pm the gate has been closed”. In a moment, they even lost the map provided by Feluda. Time was around 8:00pm in the night, they all are getting tired unfortunately they heard some supernatural sound and again seen that tall man. In a while, Feluda came over there and ask them “What happen and where does that sounds came from?”. Sahil replied “You are still here Mr.Feluda see our situation is worst and there maybe presence of ghost”. Feluda replied “Whether it is ghost or something else that we need to see”. After an hour, Feluda finds a tall man who put fire into the jungle. Feluda came over there and say “Hey stop destroying the jungle and I know you are the person whom I am searching for please surrender yourself”.

The tall man tries to attack Feluda in a while a group of tigers came over there as they find something wrong happen in the jungle. The tiger jumped on the tall man while Feluda just fires his gun. The tigers gets afraid and left the place but that man get arrested.

Feluda say goodbye to all of them. Tanu asked “But where you go now right now the gate is closed”. Feluda replied “If I came from that gate it become impossible for me to catch the murderer as he might get inform that someone searches him anyways do one thing very near to this park there is one guest house you people can stay over there”. In the next morning 1st January 2019, they left the place and way towards Delhi.

Moral: Whenever you are in travel always take care of your safety and don’t try those things which become dangerous.

snapchat spectacles entertainomania

New Spectacles That Captures 3-D Images

On 13th Aug 2019, Snap unveiled the new generation of spectacle sunglasses which is used to take 3-D pictures and also to share on it’s Snapchat messaging service.

The Spectacles 3 set for release late this year were also described as a limited release and priced around $380 which is more than twice the price of an original version which is available at Southern California company’s website.

Today we are happy to introduce the Spectacles 3 which is one of the latest version of Spectacle sunglasses that comes with dual cameras designed to capture the world in 3D. The two HD cameras along with the either side of the frame capture depth along with the dimension were in the way your eyes do and it is the new augmented reality creative tools that helps to enhance your snaps.

As Snapchat hit the young internet users and even having the popular features say for filters and lenses used to playfully or artfully mody the images.Snap already said while pitching the new sunglasses for preorder at spectacles.com

So the ability to augment views of reality, though a special eye-wear or smartphone camera lenses have been a keen area of interest and also on the investment by some tech companies (say for Apple,Google and Microsoft).

The messaging app Snapchat widely popular among young users who has struggled to turn a profit since it’s creation around 2011.

Exploits The Removal Request to Silence And Independent Voices Entertainomania

Exploit The Removal Request to Silence And Independent Voice

The Turkish Government exploits the removal request to silence as well as the independent voices. On 4th Aug, the Ankara Criminal Court were issued an order to with-fold four Twitter accounts in Turkey.

But the order get affects the accounts of Oya Ersoy who is the member of the left-wing People Democratic Party. Ersoy whose account has been certified, is a lawyer and politician. It was 2018 when she was elected as a parliament member representing the opposition of People Democratic Party.

The Takisim Gezi Parki whose account was setup at the onset of Gezi Park protests but in a while Gezi Savunmasi tracks court proceedings of protesters and activist were arrested during the Gezi Park protests.

So at the time of publication, Twitter was yet to comply along with the decision and the four accounts were still accessible in Turkey. On the basis of court decision which was the protection of National security and also public order as per the Law No. 5651 (Regulations of Publication On The Internet).

These accounts were among the hundreds but not the thousands of Twitter accounts targeted by the Turkish government by using the platform called “Country Withheld Content” also termed as CWC.

Finally the Turkish government adopting the same tactic on other platforms say for Facebook, Youtube also in WordPress and in Wikipedia. As per the report, all the version of Wikipedia has been blocked by Turkish Government around 2017 for refusing to take down those entries containing accusations against the Turkish government for supporting terrorist groups in Syria

independence day entertainomania

A Tale Of Indian Soldier

This incident is related to 15 yrs old boy Lehna Singh who belongs from a small village somewhere near to Nashik, Maharastra, India. Lehna is one of the beloved son of his parents. His father works as carpenter so sometimes in the evening, his mother send him into the vegetable shop.

One day when he was at the potato shop unfortunately a little girl came and told the shopkeeper “I need 1 kg of potatoes”. When the shopkeeper handed her 1 kg of potatoes she ran away from that place where the other shopkeeper catched her though Lehna asked her “What is your problem why you are running?”. The girl replied “As whatever my mother gave I already invest in purchasing other vegetables and my mother is not well from few days“.

Lehna give the needed amount of money to the shopkeeper according to her purchase. Lehna asked her “What is your name and what is the problem with your mother?”. The girl replied “Hi friend my name is Trisha as per the report my mother is suffering from blood cancer. Apart from her there is no one in my family even my father died when I was at 4 yrs of age”.

Lehna told his parents about the situation of Trisha, where his parents try to help her as they were from same village. After 2 yrs, as per the family condition which is impossible to manage Lehna and Trisha to do further studies. So Lehna decided to join the army and told her parents “Whatever money you have invest on her studies as she doesn’t have anyone in her family”. Lehna got selected in the Indian Army where he find one of his school friend who helped Lehna in training and other related activities.

Days are going, his parents and Trisha were always be in touch but sometimes his call was unreachable due to the bad weather. Simply a year-by-year gone Lehna decided not to visit home as he doesn’t want to see the situation of his family. It was 14th August at night 12:00 pm, the enemies were trying to attack by throwing bombs at the border. Lehna woke up and make others to wake up early and get ready for fight.

There fighting were in progress Lehna killed around 14 soldiers from the enemies but suddenly find his friend who help him in his training were hitted by bullet. Anyhow he again start fighting where he also gets hitted by bullet and killed almost all the soldiers from their enemies.

Suddenly he fall into the ground and seen a girl standing at their camp and calling him and that was none other than Trisha. He felt happy and say bye though finally he left this world. Trisha visited over there as a reporter and further she is one of the pillar of Lehna’s parents.

Understand The Importance Of Raksha Bandhan Entertainomania

Understand The Importance Of Raksha Bandhan

This is a story of man named as Amar before the day of Rakshabandhan who wants to purchase some gifts for his sister. But he belongs from lower middle-class family who is the father of two children and working as a servant or attendant at Rishav’s house. Rishav is a business person and his business based on medical product manufacturer.

Amar came to Rishav and asking for his last month salary. Rishav “Ok will see firstly wash my car then I will think about it”. Amar washed his car very carefully and tell Rishav “Sir I have finally washed your car if possible can you please provide some amount to purchase gifts for my sister”. Rishav “As of now I don’t think about that you go home and come at the afternoon”. Amar came home and his wife asking “Do you arrange anything for your sister and even for our children as Raj is still waiting to purchase something for Shikha and now what I can tell them?”.

Amar “My boss call me in the afternoon and I must sure he will give some amount”. Again Amar came to Rishav and find he was doing a lunch with his friend Shailesh. Rishav asking “What happen? Right now I am taking a lunch come in evening”. Amar replied “Sir as you told me to come and even my wife and children keep on asking for the same please understand my situation and provide some amount of money”. Rishav “Shutup clean my room first as my sister will come tomorrow”. Amar replied “Ok sir I will surely do it”.

Finally Amar came in the evening and clean each of the room corner-by-corner and said “Sir I am done with that”. Amar replied “Ok you may go now”. Shailesh just watching Rishav behavior with Amar and tell Rishav “Why you are not paying his salary he also needs to enjoy his life. See friend think about it you make happy one another sister”.

Rishav tells Shailesh “Thanks friend you open my eyes right now I have to go Amar’s house”. Rishav came to Amar’s house along with his salary cheque and some gifts for his sister and that was the unbelievable moment for Amar.

Moral: Give values to those who are honest in their duties and don’t make them for fun use.

emerging hacks on beauty entertainomania

Some Emerging Hacks On Beauty

The beauty industry has changed a lot from the last 10 years. Whether you are in searching for an easy way to look tired or a trick to getting the extension-worthy lashes. As this will be a decade of playing with products, testing tools and also with interviewing countless makeup artists, hair colorist,hair stylist and some others.

Though we have also accumulate a goldmine of expert tips and tricks that stand the test of time. Today we are going to discuss some of those beauty industry tips that will help you in future:

  1. Try to keep your eye cream and nail polish inside fridge

As many eye creams are sold in tubes along with metal tips which helps to deflate those puffy areas by cooling the skin. The fridge must be some good place to stash the nail polish, as when it keeps thickening over time.

2. Layer your skin care products from thinnest to thick

You must layer your skin care products from the thinnest to most thickest amount of texture as if you might think about your skin so it were a sponge bu you want it to soak up all the good stuffs when you are applying to your face as well as your body. Sometimes oils also help the seal in any products applied prior.

3. Must curl your entire head with an iron

This is one of the best trick splitting your hair into one-inch section and then rolling over each along with curling iron and leave it for 30 minutes. After blowing the drying hair straight and throw it into the high pony tail at the top of your head and also split into the four even sections.

4. Never try to underestimate the power of bold lipstick

See every makeup artist must say lipstick would be their “Desert Island” in terms of beauty product pick. Being turns out a lipstick that might be especially something bold and that can be dotted onto the apples of cheeks and the lids of eyes.

5. Weird hacks for skin and travel
To remove those whiteheads with bobby pin,you must place the head of the pimple into the center of the looped end and then you push down gently until those pimple pops.

6. Wash your face before exercise

Every morning whenever go to the gym, you must always give your skin a good rinse. By washing your face ensures that your pores won’t get clogged from a gross sweat -dirt-oil mix you are working out.

Hope you understand the above beauty facts and must take a right step to protect your skin as well as beauty.

whatsapp facebook instagram entertainomania

Instagram And WhatsApp Get New Addition Into Their Names

The largest social networking company Facebook started adding their names to some screens on Instagram photo sharing platform this week. It is just how uncool Facebook make Instagram and WhatsApp? This exerting more influence over the direction of both the apps just by installing Facebook executives was not enough. Now the social networking giant is going to add Facebook into their names. The Instagram will soon becomes “Instagram from Facebook” & WhatsApp soon becomes “WhatsApp From Facebook”.

This moves comes as the world largest social media company faces a greater scrutiny from their regulators around the world for getting more transparency over the data privacy practices.

The new titles will appear in the title for both the apps in the Apple’s App store and Google Play. So on your device home screen, the name for each will fortunately remains the same.Though it is very likely that you will see “From Facebook” on the splash screens for both apps.

As it is not immediately visible to users “Instagram from Facebook” can be seen a few clicks which is away at the bottom of the settings page in the Instagram app on some iOS devices.

Mark Zukerberg has already unveiled his grand vision of a connected (end-to-end encrypted) messaging system between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

friendship day entertainomania

Make This Friendship Day Special

Most people across the world will celebrate bond of friendship with cards, messages and promises where some friends get acknowledge with each other with the exchange of gifts and cards.

Friendship bands which is most commonly used in India and it’s neighboring countries and also some parts of South America. With the improvement of technology, friendship day also celebrated in some social sites or apps where group of people gather together and share each other’s thought.

This day has originally founded by Hallmark in 1919. As per the Bible,the primary text of western civilizations were reflect upon the friendship as a bond that forms a foundation to human faith, trust as well as companionship. Besides this, you may find some tales in our platform that relates friendship:

When we are talking about the value of friendship, good friends always plays a vitally important role into your mental health and also to your quality of your life.Friendship always shows the opportunity to love, learn and also to know about yourself that builds you mature as a human being.

In other way, you can be a friends with your siblings,parents,children,other peoples and also with your pets. Though whoever be your friends one thing we all must be sure the value of friendship is important for everyone. It is not possible for any human being without having a connection and why:

  • As they make you stronger
  • Tell the difference between good and bad
  • Make you happy
  • Get support from them
  • Sometimes special one know you the best

Not “BY WORDS” as well as “BY TOUCH” to make realize that how you care for them but you have that willing to always stand with your friend through thick and thin situations anyways sometimes it’s not always easy.


Significance Of Nail Art

As you may aware of the fact that a horny covering the upper surface of your finger as well as toe in human. But when we are talking about nail art where there is a special kind of design made by various professionals in order to decorate your finger. This concept is used to make your nails more beauty. In other way, we can say nail art is the future of beauty industry.

If we are talking about the history of this art, earlier it is also known as nail decoration was in ancient called Babylonia, when male colored their nails with kohl and some other materials which indicate the presence of social standing. The Ancient Egyptians were also avid users of nail polish. So the Egyptians women would be in a very low rank of permitted pastel colors only.

Since nail art created a revolution with beauty industry and this nail art becoming a pop culture phenomenon for showing up everywhere from red carpet, glamorous industry and also to the colleges, events as well as in the workplaces. The studies confirmed that this art directly comes from Chinese and Indian traditions, apart from this he expression of those ancient civilizations which flourished thousand of years ago.

Things To Use For Nail Art?

  • Pastel blue nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Pastel coral nail polish

How To Apply?

  1. Make your nails clean and apply a base coat to protect your nails.
    2. You may use some pastel blue color to create a vertical strip on one corner & don’t forget to leave some empty space near the cuticle.
    3. Focus on the center and paint a little lower.
    4. Now is the time to create the last stripe which is lower where you should have what looks 3 step.
    5. Repeat those above steps but you must start from below blue and also do the same pastel coral.
    6. Finally seal with top coat and you are done.

During the middle ages, the people from all around the Europe and across the world were found themselves dealing with Power of Inquisition, which may fought all the strength against all forms of beautician. But this is an era which is shaped by darkest censorship and fear, nail art survived and that will be pushed by the will of most brilliant minds. Though the Dark Ages faded away and the concept of nail art again came back.

Though it has not be mention the whole world is going to be a berserk on this nail art for some time now. Even it has been observe most probably the women’s has successfully carried this tradition of growing nails and painting them. Women’s might found in carrying some trendy polishes on their nails which make as a simple style statement.Anyhow we can say there is a wide variety of this nail art that can be used to make your nails looks hot.


Seafoods Healthy EntertainOMania

Must Know About The Healthy Seafoods To Eat

Seafood which is rich in nutrient and also serves as good source of protein, vitamin as well as minerals. Apart from this, it has also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that helps in reduction of common diseases.

Fish which is one of the most healthiest foods on this planet.It also contain some varieties of nutrients such as protein and vitamin D. Even you aware of craw-fish or fish fry then you must know how it consuming that will yield many benefits.

Today we are going to discuss some of the health benefits of sea foods:

  1. Provides Essential Nutrients

Normally this depends upon what kind of seafood’s you are consuming, as seafood’s even known for natural source of vitamins and minerals. The fish which is packed with many nutrients as most people were lacking. If you heard about B-complex vitamins( say for B1, B3, Biotin as well as B12 etc.) that perform many functions:

  • Influencing Your Energy Production
  • Metabolism
  • Concentration, and
  • Beauty

2. Reduce The Chances Of Heart Attacks And Strokes

Though heart attacks and strokes are the most common causes of the premature death in the world. Fish is considered as one of the heart-healthy foods. As seafoods has nutritious enough to be low saturated fats and high in protein.
While the several studies were conducted and it will come to the conclusion the sea foods will reduce the risk of cardiovascular events from occurring, such as arrhythmia’s, strokes, and heart attacks.

3. Contain Nutrients That Result In Crucial During Development

The omega -3 fatty acids are essential for growth and development.It contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which is important for brain and eye development. It also helps in pregnancy and breast-feeding and this is the only reason women eat enough fatty acids. Apart from this it also helps in brain development problems as some fishes are high amount of mercury.

4. Helps To Treat Depression

As per the recent research it has shown the association between the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids and risk of depression. By consuming more seafoods help you have a better and positive outlook on life.

5. Helps You To Improve Sleep Quality

The sleeping disorder is one of common problem as per worldwide. Studies shows that 95 middle-aged men, a meal with salmon 3 times per week led to improvements in both sleep and daily functioning.

Akshay-kumar-Mission-Mangal Entertainomania

Get Ready For Mission Mangal

Mission Mangal is an upcoming Bollywood films based on science-fiction & drama directed by Jagan Shakti. On 5th November 2013, the Mars Mission was launched and Mangal Mission was announced. Mr. Shakti has initially set his mind, the role of Mohanlal and Sridevi will be played by Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan.

The first song in this film was titled “Dil Mein Mars Hai” was on released on this Thursday. This song composed by Amit Trivedi with a catchy lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya. But the most part of this song was sung by Benny Dayal and Vibha Saraf.

India has taken the most historic steps to launch it’s second mission Chandrayaan 2 though the Indian cinema has chosen long to remain shy of the space as well as the science-fiction genre.

The story has been based on the true events of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) which successfully launch the Mars Orbiter Mission whic make least expensive mission to Mars.

During the trailer launch of Mission Mangal which inspired hundred of memes. Now the Mumbai police has joined the meme madness. Akshay Kumar as a producer of this film knows the math and he is also become careful for selecting the release date as 15th August 2019. However this film has been release in John Abraham’s Batla House. Even if you remember, Akshay and John had clashed at the box office along with Gold and Satyameva Jayate on the same date.

Choose your favorite theater the show coupons shall started soon on BookMyShow, Paytm.

friends entertainomania

Incredible Story Of A Two Friends

This is an incident of a young girl Tanu who came to New Delhi from Gorakpur, Uttar Padesh, India for job. After completing her graduation, she decided with Komal to visit Delhi as they both got the good job opportunity in Delhi. Tanu is too young her parents were not feel happy with their decision as Tanu’s parents know Delhi is not a safe place. Anyhow she requested her parents both Tanu and Komal were planned to visit Delhi.

They booked a rented PG near to Dwarka, New Delhi, India as their office is located at Dwarka. Days were going Tanu and Komal visited some of the historical places in Delhi for enjoyment. Though Tanu love to travel she joined a travel group where she meet with Rohit who is best known as a adventure traveler or trainer. Tanu keep on asking to Rohit “When I am eligible for rock climbing? I would love to do it”. Rohit “Please try to understand as you are new and we require more fitness person to do this job and our competitors are very rough so it becomes risky for us”. Tanu regularly exercise to keep her body fit and must be perfect.

As a youngsters, Komal also feel interested to join the travel group where Tanu joined. They both were visited to Rohit though Komal already doing the gym related activities everyday, Rohit gets impressed on Komal’s fitness and allow her for the next campaign. Tanu asked “What about me?”. Rohit replied “You need some more time as you are not capable for the rock climbing as of now”. Tanu gets irritate and left the place .

Komal’s rock climbing was awesome through their team will always be in the top position. Everyday in the evening Rohit and Komal started meeting and in this way they came close to each other. Komal reached PG around 10PM in the night. Tanu gets irritate and told to Komal “See Rohit like person I don’t think a good human being”. Komal said “Stop saying nonsense he is my life.”

It was 13th February 2019, Rohit and Komal planned to visit Morni Hills and propose each other at 12 AM (14th Feb). Komal informed Tanu “If my parents will call please tell them I will be out for office work”. Tanu “Have you gone mad? Rohit is not a good person try to understand this”. Komal replied “Shutup! That will be none of your business”. Tanu seen the behavior of Komal get changed.

Komal and Rohit visited Morni Hills, they both were drunk and Rohit says “We have to go at the hill top then I will propose you”.When they reached at the top of the hill, Komal standing aside and they both hold each other hand. Rohit feels tired as he drunk too much he can’t hold the Komal’s hand properly as such Rohit left her hand and fall in the ground where Komal lost her live as she was already standing aside of the hill.

Moral: Never ignore a person if Komal listen to Tanu then she will be alive today.

virtual reality entertainomania

The Virtual Reality Failed To Find Buyers

It has been observed of having been around for nearly five years as of now, the headsets of virtual reality were finding adoption the masses. As you may also find them tucked away in a corner at the neighborhood mall where wearing a head-mounted devices for gaining experience in virtual games.

As per the International Data Corporation also known as (IDC) , the global Augmented Reality (AR) as well as the Virtual Reality (VR) headset market returned to growth within a full year of decline in the first quarter this year but as per the record in global shipments it reaches around 1.3 million – 27.2 percent from the same quarter last year.

The VR headsets were represented as 96.6 percent of the combined AR/VR market during the quarter with strong volumes from those top companies say for Sony, Facebook, HTC, Pico and also some others.

But there has been no doubt that enterprise AR is evolving quickly, most especially in the fields of healthcare, education and some other firms where that can aim to achieve customer experiences.

One of the main reason VR is not booming in the current market due uncomfortable into the customer segment also due to clunky headsets – even early VR adopters were compalined of mental fatigue due to the prolonged use of VR headsets.

As per the report suggest that it has been relatively a young technology but AR shows more promise than VR which basically involves in adding visual elements to the real world – typically through smartphones.

The VR content has been out there is not readily available to customers. As you even know the VR technology might not be able to rule out nausea and many other health related issues you might experiencing.

Consumer interest in fantasy were still in-fantasy which will be in the position of slow and steady traction as many specific use-cases, such as gaming.

rainfall entertainomania

Heavy Rains In Delhi NCR Result Waterlogging

Since this morning Delhi has been witnessing humid weather, the rain showers given a respite for the people in the national capital of India. The temperature has been dipped to 27 degrees Celcius.

The heavy rains has been lashed in Delhi and National Capital Region(NCR) on Sunday that results in water-logging and traffic issues around some part of the city.

Due to this heavy rains some of the affected traffic areas are Mandi House, Punjabi Bagh, Wazirpur and some others. Even you know the weather in Delhi has a high variation between summer as well as winter temperatures and precipitation. The city has relatively very dry short winters that has been prolonged spell of very hot weather.

You must take some precautionary steps to stay safe from infections or diseases:

  • Use umbrella or raincoat.
  • Avoid playing in rain shower sometimes it may result in various diseases.
  • Avoid street foods.
  • If you get wet take a bath and change your clothes immediately.
airplane safety entertainomania

Most Practical Tips For Air Travel

Travel is a passion for youngsters to travelling across various geographical locations and set a campaign in which someone may get inspired by such kind of tour. Today we are going to talking about the travelling through airlines and also some of the safety precautions. Flying today is one of the best practice in noisy and disorder way. As we even know that in current scenario everyone deals with constant changes in airport security, following airline baggage rules and also some of the other items which is restricted from airline flights.

Here some of the best airline safety tips that may help you in future:

  1. Fly With Non Stop Routing

As most of the airliner accidents happen during the takeoff, climb, takeoff, descent and landing phase of flight. Though it is one of the easiest way to reduce your chances of getting into accident. Sometimes you may have a certain choice but which is not much difference in price, flying nonstop would not only reduce exposure to the most of the accident prone phases
of flight.

2. Try To Avoid Huge Packing

Everyone goal is to travel with just a hand-luggage. Sometimes we need trolleys if your packing is large. Think about it do you really need large packing? Always try to take less and you will travel cheaper,travel faster and travel easier.

3. You Must The Larger Aircraft

Now the current situation is aircraft with than 30 passenger seats were well designed and certified under the various strict regulations. Sometimes it also unlikely event of serious accident, the larger aircraft must provide a better opportunity for passenger survival.

4. Keep Your Mouth Shut

Sometimes you may be some different countries where there is unsafe to drink the water so just keep your mouth shut in the shower. This is one of the major problem as many of them faced some people can’t tolerate without water may result in dizziness.

5. Always Pay Attention On Pref-light Briefing

Although this information seems to be repetitious but the locations of the closest emergency exits may be different depending on the aircraft on which you fly on and seat you are in. As you might aware some of the passenger with safety briefings include a few words about the position to take in an emergency landing.

ultra processed foods entertainomania

Major Ultra-Processed Foods With A Range Of Healthy Risks

As per the researchers the further work must need a better understand these effects as well as direct or casual links to be established, as they were call for policies that will promote consumption of fresh or minimally processed foods over highly processed foods.

Though ultra-processed foods must include those packaged baked goods and snacks, fizzy drinks, sugary cereals and also the ready meals contains foods additives. As they are thought to account for around 25-60% of their daily intake in many countries.

In the very first study, the researchers were based on France and Brazil assessed potential associations between ultra-processed foods and risk of cardiovascular and also cerebrovascular disease.

Their some of the findings are based on 105,159 French adults with an avaerage age of 43 years those who completed an avaerage of normally six 24 hour of some dietary questionnairies to measure the intake of 3300 different foods

Though the some foods are grouped as the degree of processing and the rates of diseases caused and it is also measured over a maximu follow-up of 10 years.

But finally as per the result it has shown that the 10% increase in proportion of ultra-processed foods in the diet were associated with very high rates of overall cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and also the cerebrovascular disease.

In contrast, the some of researchers found a great significant association between unprocessed as well as minimally processed foods and lower risks of all reported diseases.

android virus entertainomania

16 Apps Infected By Agent Smith Malware

As most of the time Android keeps getting visited from many deadly malware attacks which put the user and their data at lot of risks. This time the malware named as Agent Smith, this malware is very sneaky in what it is designed to do – in other way it will bombard your phone with ads.

It has also the properties to stick to other apps that was installed on phone and it might ensure that the malware infection stays the same. This malware has been detected by checkpoint , the infected apps has been removed from the Google Playstore.

After it was getting informed of the infection, Google suddenly removed 16 apps from the playstore which was infected by the malware Agent Smith. Though it has been removed so it cannot be downloaded from the playstore and there will be no question for further updates of this apps.

Though Google has removed this apps from Playstore but it might be exists on individual’s Android phone.However if you have the following apps installed on your phone removed then immediately.

  • Ludo Master
  • Sky Warriors: General Attack
  • Color Phone Flash – Call Screen Theme
  • Bio Blast – Infinity Battle Shoot virus
  • Shooting Jet
  • Photo Projector
  • Gun Hero – Gunman Game for Free
  • Cooking Witch
  • Kiss Game: Touch Her Heart
  • Girl Cloth Xray Scan Simulator

If you have any of these apps installed on your phone removed them immediately else Agent Smith might be cling on to other popular apps and then it becomes difficult for the user to understand which app has been affected by it.

couple shimla entertainomania

Unbelievable Story Of A Couple At Shimla

This is a story of Kunal and Shweta who planned to visit Shimla for honeymoon after their marriage.In their profession, Kunal is civil engineer and Shweta works as a principal of D.A.V school. Once when Shweta came home and parking the car in their flat, suddenly postman came and give a letter to Shweta. Shweta opens the letter and find their flight tickets for Shimla as what they were planning to visit, Shweta get shocked and try to find who is sending this letter but that letter doesn’t contain any name of sender.

When Kunal arrived home in the evening, Shweta says “Today I have one surprise for you”. Kunal “What is that?”.Shweta “Someone send me a flight ticket along with hotel booking to visit Shimla”.Kunal replied “No this is not good without knowing the person I don’t think to visit there”. Shweta “Why we need to worry about that person we got the tickets free of cost think about that”.In this way Shweta convice Kunal to visit Shimla.

The day was 21st June 2017, Kunal and Shweta visit the place and though it’s is a farm house name “Shiney Villa”. Shweta feels and say “I think I had visited this place earlier”. Kunal keep on joking and says “So you have already married with someone else?”.Shweta “Stop it ok leave it”. After taking rest they both visited the nearby places from their resort. There was one care taker named Golu who came and served foods during nights. Kunal asked “Where is your owner Mr. Shiney?”.Golu says “He was died accidentally around past 5 years ago and madam his girlfriend looks same as you”. Shweta says “What the nonsense?Have you gone mad?”. Kunal “Leave it Shweta he was already mad”.

During their sleep at night Shweta get some sound, she woke up and find anyone is there or not. Suddenly she find one man and ask “Who is there?”, “Are you listening to me who is there?”. In this way she came close to that man.When the man turned his face it looks horrible and says Shweta “You promised me we will die together why you left me alone?”. Shweta gets stucked into her mind and run away from that place and came to Kunal. Shweta says “Shiney is back who is the owner of this farm house 5 years ago we were in love but our parents didn’t accept our relationship due to other caste, so finally me and Shiney were planned to die together but we both jumped from the roof of this resort Shiney fall on the ground and died where I fall on the swimming pool though I lost my past memory but someone take me to the hospital”.

Kunal “Ok don’t worry let’s see what we can do”.Kunal visited and ask one of the priest “What is the solution for this and how we can overcome from this problem?”.Priest replied “There are something in that house which connect Shiney and Shweta you need to destroy that thing then you can overcome from this situation”.Kunal visited farm house and started his searching where the ghost of Shiney keeps attack on Kunal, suddenly Kunal gets a ear ring which was gifted by Shiney to Shweta around a years ago. He destroys that ring, the ghost of Shiney gone and he find the Shweta in normal stage.On the next day they both were planned to leave that place.

monsoon foods entertainomania

Nutritional Tips Keeps You Stay Healthy In Monsoon

We are happy to welcome this monsoon after having a experiencing a scorching heat of summer. But as you even also know monsoon brings some certain health challenges. As our body is very susceptible to health problems during rainy season as this season reduces the immunity power from your body.

You may suffering from allergies, infections as well as various digestive problems. Try to keep your body healthy in this season and the humidity
of the atmosphere is too high that may result in sweat i.e., excessive loss of water from your body. Avoid all those street as well as oily foods as there may be possibility to upset your stomach. So here we are mentioning some of the useful tips that keeps your body healthy:

  1. Eat fruits
    Try to eat fruits that helps you to boost your energy. The fruits (let’s say for Apples, Mangoes, Oranges are some of the best suggestible foods). Try to avoid watermelon and muskmelon that may cause pimples.

2.Advantage Of Garlic

These are normally packed with antioxidants but their cloves are rich with high immunity boosting. The one of the tastiest and healthiest way to use garlic by adding a crushed garlic pods to any food of your choice and getting the taste of garlic rasam.

3. Avoid Watery foods

By intake of watery foods like lassi, watermelon and others result in swelling in the body. So better option is to avoid this and take dry fruits
in nature like corn, some amount of gram flour and also chick pea etc.

4.Use Of Turmeric

The one of the golden yellow hued spice powder which is one of the well known immunity boosting agent. Though it is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic agent too. It is also used to keep your levels of blood sugar in control.

5. Stay Away From Skin Allergies

The people those who are suffering from skin allergies must avoid the spicy foods as you even know spicy foods may raise your body temperature and stimulate your blood circulation that results in allergies and various skin irritation problems.

6. Some Of The Well Known Foods

Some of the popular well known foods such as brown rice, oats as well as barley are the well known foods to have in the monsoon. Apart from this, try to drink boiled and purified water to stay away from germs and also drink a plenty of water that keeps your body hydrated.

beauty entertainomania

Awesome Natural Homemade Beauty Tips

Every women around the world will unanimously agree that have flawless and glowing skin which makes for their number one dream. Their main focus is beauty whether that comes through artificial make-up creams or by homemade remedies. Some women’s are getting irritate by artificial make-up as it will destroy the skin.

Apart from this there are lot of factors such as pollution, sun, stress, bad diet which makes our skin looks dull as well as lifeless etc. So these issues play a major role in our journey to achieve a clear skin.

According to the new age has already bought with itself a whole new scope for viewing oneself and that will possibly even changing the way one looks. The latest craziest thing for this generation is well inclined upon how distractedly beautiful one can be and in the race to achieve that people often have opted for various cosmetic ailments that basically a try to make themselves look better.

If you want a clear and healthy skin, we bring some of the amazing homemade tips for you.You never need to go far to incorporate this tips in your beauty routine, in other way simply walk into the kitchen, look around you are good to start.

  1. Have A Good Balance Diet

It is one of the important factor to have a proper balance diet which contains good sources of Vitamins.Along with this vitamins which is generally obtained from nuts(i.e., apricots,cashew nuts and also from some of the ground vegetables like carrot and pumpkins).

2. Use Of Honey

As everyone knows honey is chock full length of health benefits and it is a great amazing tips for clear skin.Try to apply some little bit of honey into your face which is one of the best way to achieving healthy and glowing skin.The antibacterial properties of honey calm skin inflammation as well as defend skin damage caused due to bacterial infections.

Note: Apply a little bit of honey on your face and leave it for 30 minutes then wash your face using cold water and mild cleanser.

3. Avoid Oily Foods

Excessive intake of oily foods can cause the sebum production that may lead to patchy surface. It also cause sun burns due to the excess deposition of oil on the surface. Therefore try to avoid these and should be controlled.

4. Use Of Aloe Vera Gel

It is also used as a homemade beauty tip and it is not known as a miracle plant for anything.The white-goppy gel of this plant is not just any other plant extract. The antibacterial properties of this gel curb bacterial infection and also help us to prevent acne.

5. Having Enough Water

This is also one of the major factor as people doesn’t follow. The proper intake of water leads to proper digestion. By proper digestion it will helps the nutrients from the food to get absorbed in a better way.

6. Keep On Exercising

Exercising in the sense may be yoga or any postures which leads to more blood circulation and also some of the others like brisk walking, running as wll as sprinting.You can also do cyclying that results in better blood circulation.

7. Having A Proper Sleep

This sleeping method relieves the your muscles and gives relaxation from anxiety or stress.Sometimes you may observe enough sleep results in body absorb nutrients.

If you follow this above seven essential you will get your glowing skin within a 2-3 weeks.Apart from this there are some others like cucumbers that helps to relieve congestion and de-puff of the tired eyes and less intake of tea, coffee, alcohol or tobacco that leads to the depositions of toxins in your body.

mini bus entertainomania

35 Killed In Mini Bus At Jammu & Kashmir

It has been observed around 45 people were travelling in the bus was on it’s way from Keshwan to Kishtwar. From which the 33 people were killed and even 22 gets injured when a mini bus fell into the gorge in the state Jammu & Kashmir’s Kishtwar district in this Monday morning.

This incident was happened when the bus was on it’s way from Keshwan to Kishtwar, when it veered off the road and fell into the gorge at Sirgwari and the time was 7:30am. As per the Inspector Of General Police, Jammu, Mr. M K Sinha said “Bodies of those 20 passengers have been recovered soon”.

The Governor Mr. Satyapal Malik has expressed his grief over the loss of lives and he also announced Rs. 5 lakh each to the families of those were killed. As a Governor he also directed the administration to provide best medical treatment to those who are injured. Governor Malik, in the press statement, said that every thing should be properly investigated so that we came to know about this accident.

He also even says “All the reasons for such incidents will be probed thoroughly and strong decisions will need to be taken in the next SAC meeting to ensure strict action against those responsible for such avoidable incidents”. Governor had directed officers of the Transport Department to take away those unfit vehicles and untrained drivers off the road.

Some precautionary steps must be taken to avoid road accidents:

  • Keep your eyes on the road
  • Drive slowly in bad weather conditions
  • Try to check your blind spots when you are switching lanes
  • Pay attention at intersections
long drive entertainomania

Taking Precautions In Long Drive

This long drive basically depends how long you can travel? Normally for one long drive you may be travel for 12 to 14 hours. If you are driving during daytime then you have a good night sleep but if you are travelling during night then 3 to 4 hours is too much.

  1. Try to plan ahead

Always be sure where you are going that will ensure your drive is relaxing and enjoyable. Make a plan for your route and the roads that you are going to take and use GPS or maps.Also be prepare where you will be able to stop for fuel, food, ablutions and safe resting spots along the way. For safety precautions try to be in touch with someone at your destination throughout the journey that will help them to know where you are at all the times.

2. Sleep the night before you leave

Think about the exhaustion before your journey and always try to sleep at least seven hours for two consecutive nights before the road trip to build your energy reserves. Avoid driving during night between 1 pm to 3 pm when the body’s temperature is lower and and the people are naturally drowsy.

3. Take a break

By taking a break from driving after every two hours or 200 km which is recommended for a long distance trip. Grab a bite to eat and use bathroom and simply to stretch your legs.
In this way it will help you to boost your energy and get more relax and comfortable still the next stop.

4. Share the drive

By sharing drive with someone else you will be less likely to get tired behind the wheel and it will be recommended that you do not drive more than a total of ten hours in one day.

5. Dress for comfort in the car

Try to wear some comfortable or loose fitting clothes and shoes especially and try to take pillow if back tends to ache when you are behind the wheel for a extended period of time.
As you even know driving during a day it means your arms or legs were exposed to sunlight for long periods of time and always try to stay hydrated as much as possible.

6. Use some good scents

As you are travelling a long distance it always recommends keeping a source of peppermint scent nearby. When you feel that you need a boost, take a sniff that will reduce your fatigue and increase your alertness.

love respect entertainomania

Impressive Factors Of Love

This incident was happened in 2018 a girl named Tanu belongs from Uttar Pradesh, India were came to New Delhi, India for job after completed her post graduation. She started working somewhere in Dwarka, New Delhi, India.

After one month of her job she met with the guy Rohan who is also looking to join in the same organization.Suddenly he gets appointed and they both were started working in the same organization.

Though Rohan was appointed but his office is different.They both were started talking through chat regarding their official discussion. Days are going Tanu started calling everyday and ask “What’s going on? How are you?” in this way they came close each other. Tanu sometimes feels irritate with Rohan’s chat but Rohan always try to make her happy.Once Rohan get angry as sometimes Tanu feels irritate or try to neglect Rohan’s word. Tanu says “Listen I don’t need all this useless values. Do you want if I stop interacting with you?”.

From that day they stop chat with each other.After few moments Rohan gets a call from Tanu regarding some official work. Unfortunately Rohan propose Tanu through SMS in which Tanu gets irritated and complained to her boss.Rohan gets a message from boss “Rohan I can’t expect this from you what going on Rohan this is very illegal. Kindly stop doing this.” Rohan gets scared from that message but he actually love Tanu. After few days he try to send message to Tanu and can’t get any reply back. She call Rohan only for official work.

Suddenly Tanu calls Rohan to sit in their office as per the discussion with the higher authority. Rohan request Tanu “The distance is too far can you arrange any conveyance”. Tanu ignores Rohan word and she replied “This is the last warning you have to come”. Rohan started visiting their office and find Tanu try to ignore him in which he doesn’t like to work over there. When Rohan try to talk with Tanu she giving complained to the higher authority. Suddenly Rohan gets irritated and shouted on the higher authority “You are no one to came between us”.

As per the organization guidelines, Rohan misbehavior is un-tolerable suddenly they were planning to fire Rohan from the organization. Even the Tanu also support the higher authority for this. When Rohan gets a message from Tanu for leave within two days from their message he call Tanu and told “Today is my last day in this organization”.

Moral: Never ignore a person who gives love and respect and if you find they used the word Love in a positive way then make them friends.

mental_hai_kya_photo entertainomania

The Trailer Launched Of ‘Mental Hai Kya’ Was Cancelled

The Ekta Kapoor’s film ‘Mental Hai Kya’ starring Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao’s trailer launch was postponed by the censor board due to various reasons.

As NGO’s were giving complaint regarding this film in which “The word Mental they were using to make fun for mental peoples” said by NGO’S authorities. The NGO’s were thinking whether they show any wrong in this film currently the controversy session is going on.

Due to this the Censor Board Of India were not providing any certification so the film has been postponed to later date. Though everything was ready earlier cutting a portion of the film and making a trailer but unfortunately they got the notice from the Censor Board for postponed.

On March 4th 2018, Ekta Kapoor revealed two posters of the film on Twitter and that poster depicting the a cross-eyed Ranaut and Rao holding up his middle fingers to his eyes.

Similarly on On 11 October 2018, the producers released a new poster which is a composite of the original two posters of a cross-eyed Ranaut and Rao holding up his middle fingers to reveal the film’s release date. Finally they changed the release date to 26 July 2019 decided by Balaji Motion Pictures on 7th May 2019.

The two actors were last seen in the sleeper hit Queen. In this film their new looks show the pair screaming their lungs out. The producer Ekta Kapoor says “This film celebrates the beauty which in term imperfections and in being different and shouts out and the sanity is overrated. I’m really very much thrilled to work with Kangana and Raj on this one”.

nasa entertainomania

NASA Newly Launched Two Missions

Recently the NASA launch two new missions to advance our understanding of the Sun and also it’s dynamic effects on space weather.

From one of the selected missions will study how the Sun drives particles and energy into the solar system. The Sun generates a vast outpouring of those solar particles which is known as solar wind that can create a dynamic system of radiation in the space called as space weather.

Basically the launch date for the two missions is “no later than August 2022,” NASA said in a statement.

Though these missions will do big science, but they’re also special because they come in small packages, which means that we can launch them together and get more research for the price of a single launch,” Zurbuchen said.

The mission PUNCH or Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and Heliosphere basically focus on the Sun’s outer atmostphere, also the corona and how it generates the solar wind, according to NASA.

The second or the another mission called as TRACERS or Tandem Re-connection and Cusp Electrodynamics Reconnaissance Satellites. It basically will observe particles and fields at the Earth’s northern magnetic cusp region – “it is the region encircling Earth’s pole, where our planet’s magnetic field lines curve down toward Earth”. So here those field lines normally guide particles from the boundary between Earth’s magnetic field and interplanetary space down into the atmosphere

rainy day entertainomania

Essential Precautionary Tips During Rainy Day

The rains are very great delight due to scorching heat of summer. The cloudy sky and the rainfall in our plantation area give the scent of monsoon in which we feel relax from the tremendous heat of summer. So we are here to talk about how to stay healthy in monsoon season and it is not just talking about staying away from water logged areas or eating street food. Here we discuss some tips which makes the weather more enjoyable.

  1. Healthy Diet

During monsoon, the body and especially our digestive system are mostly prone to infections.The infections or the diseases mostly caused by water-borne so be sure that you should drink filtered as well as boiled water.
Try to avoid raw vegetables and salads which is unless consumed at home where you can wash and clean them thoroughly. Apart from this your favorite chaat, juices, golas, kulfis and other street food are normally off the menu.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

By drinking a boiled or a preferred clean water help you to prevent from water-borne diseases. Never try to compensate the liquid intake of carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks and also some other beverages as the preservatives and sugars in them act as diuretics.

3. Avoid Walking In Rain

By walking in the rain or getting wet and relax from heat sometimes may results in viral fever named as leptospirosis and can also cause numerous fungal infections at the feet and nails.

Even if your feet get wet or dry them immediately and avoid to stay in wet socks or shoes and sometimes when your clothes are getting wet do not try to sit in the AC environment change them immediately.

4. Clear Your Damp Indoors

The damp walls are normally the home for fungus growth and also the absolute no-no if you suffer from asthma or any other breathing problems.

5. Bath Twice A Day

The rain shower as soon as when you reach home in the evening will insulate you to fight against infections caused by the build up of sweat and dirt due to humidity. By taking a bath twice, it also makes you more relax and comfortable.

love entertainomania

Learn The Value Of True Love

It was the journey of three friends (Rahul, Somya and Sameer) as they are very close to each other. They were study in the same college of some University in Bhubaneswar which is held at Odisha, India.They joined University in 2008 to complete their graduation. Rahul and Sameer were staying in the same room. Rahul was always very excited to do something. He always try to visit others room and make gossip where Sameer likes those excitement but a little bit serious about his career.

After 7 days of joining in the hostel there class starts from 15th September 2008. The delay of classes caused due to huge rain in the state of Odisha. Though it was the first day of their college Rahul doesn’t like to wear formal. But Sameer requested Rahul “Only few days we need to wear formal and we are getting old then the choice of dress will be yours”. Rahul say “Ok if you are saying then let me try”. They both were visiting their college and find some new friends meet with each other, getting the lecture notes feel sleepy inside the classroom by this way their days were going.

One day in the classroom, the personality development classes has been going on where everyone have to give presentation and it was the 20th day of their classes. Rahul gives the presentation on Mobile Computing in which he was looking smart in his dress and also presenting good. Everyone claps and even the faculty get impressed by Rahul performance. After the presentation session over, the winner is Rahul. Somya who is from Madhya Pradesh, giving congratulations to Rahul and also she told “It is not a easy task but you can do it”. Rahul likes the Somya’s word. Another day Somya meet the Rahul’s room partner Sameer, as they all three were get together at library during lunch time everyday.

Days are going Rahul started chatting with Somya and like this they both were come in a relationship. It was April 2009, their 2nd semester over and also the first year over Rahul and Somya were feeling sad as their holiday starts from tomorrow and they were not in touch for two months. Sameer came over there and say “It is only two months why you both were worry so much you can chat with each other and also if you want can make calls”. Rahul say “You are only the friend who can understand and give value to our relationship”.On July 2009, they back from their hometown meet each other and feel happy that they were in the second year. They follow their same routine meet each other and make gossip and sometimes on Sunday they plan to visit somewhere.

It was 11th September 2011, now they were in the fourth year visited NandanKanan. They seen tigers and other animals. Somya “Hey that Tiger is so lovely I have a biscuit can you make them to eat”. Rahul “Why not dear if you saying then it’s always”. Rahul came near to the tiger net along with biscuit unfortunately Sameer pushed him towards the net. The net does not locked properly Sameer get inside to the Tiger’s mouth. Unfortunately the ring master came and save Rahul. They asked Sameer “Why you are doing this?”.Sameer “Somya is only for me and every time I find you as a winner even though I am sincere and hardworking”. Somya “Have you gone mad Sameer?”. After this incident, Rahul change his room and also some actions taken by University on Sameer.

As the days are going Somya visited the class properly even sometimes she fight with Rahul even Rahul try to make her relax. She was getting depressed and can’t find a path to do something good for both Rahul and Sameer. For her the situation is she can’t left Rahul and love with Sameer but she can’t forget those words and values of Sameer.

The day is 2nd February 2012 and the time around 9:30pm, when everyone takes dinner in the hostel. The news came on the television that a girl doing suicide by intake of poison and her name is Somya which is very disappointed news for Rahul as he cannot save her love. Sameer still in police custody as the University those actions. Rahul now is at Mumbai his hometown running his own business.

Moral: Have a sincere or discipline doesn’t make sense a good person.The mistake done by Somya by doing suicide as she doesn’t understand the value of true love.

plant entertainomania

Keep Your Garden Healthy During Summer

In the summer it becomes very difficult to keep the plants in your garden healthy as well as strong. But there are as many reasons to keep your plants cool and properly hydrated. Due to the excessive sunlight you must protect your garden by providing inadequate moisture and shade.

Like human beings and animals, plants is also a living organism which helps you to stay away from pollution and keep your environment green and healthy.So this will be your responsibility to protect the plant by taking some necessary steps:

  1. Use irrigation hoses and soakers
    When there is extreme hot outside, so the best way to put water into the garden by using irrigation or soaker hoses. As it is slightly different from each other but both deliver water slowly to the plant roots which prevents evaporation and saves water.

2. Mulch

As the direct sunlight can wreak havoc on your plants but mulch reflective kinds such as dry grass clippings.By mulching it reduces the maintenance chores and also saves water by reducing evaporation.

Some other mulching options like straw, alfalfa, newspaper, black plastic sheeting.Though wood is one of the popular mulch because it will shade the soil from the sun and breakdown over time.

3. Early morning watering

During the hot summer months, it is one of the best way to water your garden in the early morning before the sun starts beating down. If you wait until midday or even early afternoon, most of the water will likely evaporate before it travels the plant roots. Apart from this, you may also provide watering to the plants in the evening or after sunset which makes your plant hydrated and healthy during night.

4. Shade cloth and row covers

There is another way to prevent the heat stress by protect your crops from the direct sunlight which is a shade cloth or row cover. Though there is numerous range of option but Rimol basically offers a variety of shade structure which is vetted by gardening professionals.So if you cover up your plant too closely, the helpful insect such as bees won’t be able to work their magic as the heat gets trapped and will be defeat the purpose of shading.

5. Keep your lawn 3-6 inches

Due to the longer grass which has a bit of shading effect that helps the soil retains moisture.But to get a effective plantation, keep your grass at least 3 inches long. Due to the extreme heat, it is the best to have the grass closer to 6 inches.

Hope this above information will be helpful to keep your garden strong as well as healthy.

delhi heat wave entertainomania

Heat Waves Highest Ever In June

It has been reported that the temperature of New Delhi is at 48 degree which is above the temperature recorded in Rajasthan this summer.The North India has been struggling under an unrelenting heat wave.The temperature of Safdarjung has lower which is roughly 14 km away.

The temperature is 48 degree at Palam today. The earlier high temperature 47.8 degree Celsius was recorded in June 2014 at Palam. The all-time record for Delhi is at 48.4 degree Celsius, recorded on May 26, 1998. In May 2016, Phalodi in Rajasthan recorded India’s highest-ever temperature of 51 Celsius.

Some amount of relief is mostly expected after tomorrow night as per the Indian Meteorological Office has predicted thunderstorm.

Heat wave is declared when temperature remains at 45 degree and above for two days running. Basically it gets the “severe” tag when mercury touches 47. Temperature of 48 and above has been mostly recorded in Rajasthan this summer. Churu which has been one of the hottest place for days. The pattern of frequent heat waves in the country is part of the climate change that is making itself felt across the globe.

Sometimes you can treat heat exhaustion yourself by:

Rest In Cool Places : Get into the air-conditioned room, try to find some shady spot or sit infront of a fan.

Drink Cool Fluids: Drinking plenty of glucose water will keep you stay healthy.Try to avoid alcoholic beverages which may result in dehydration.

Cooling Measures: Take a cool shower or soak into a cool bath. Put towel soaked in cool water on your skin.Sometimes soaking into cool pondor stream can help your temperature down.

Loosen clothing: Try to avoid unnecessary clothing and make sure your clothes are lightweight and nonbinding.

manali entertainomania

Unforgettable Journey Of Five Friends

The story is based on five friends(Rohan, Arushi, Tanu, Ankita, Raj) who were study in the same college. Everyday at lunch there is a group meeting, each of them happy to share their personal experiences throughout the day. Sometimes on the weekned they were planning to visit somewhere to get enjoyed and refresh their mind. It was Friday 06-May-2011, they were planned to visit Manali which is around 537km from their source Delhi. Rohan and Arushi were so excited as even they were in the relationship. On the evening of Friday,Rohan and Arushi went for shopping spent few hours with each other and finally they get a call from Tanu “Come for dinner we are going to start our journey within 2 hours”.

Tanu’s parents were not so happy as they didn’t like to do any journey during nights.Her parents call and told “Please try to understand don’t go with them as you are my princess”.Tanu replied “Thanks mom but I like you they are also my friends you don’t need to worry”.

It was around 10:00 pm they were started their journey from Karol Bagh, New Delhi. They were playing music inside the car and enjoy themselves. After 150km, they seen a man want lift as they all are getting shocked “Who is that man in the dark night?”.Ankita said“Raj don’t stop the car as I don’t think that this man actually take a lift”. Raj replied “Ankita there is someone who needs helps and if we do a little help then what will be the issue.Please try to understand this”.

They came in front of the man and asked “What you need?”.The man replied “After a few distance nothing is safe it is too dangerous”.Rohan asked “What dangerous and how you came over here? Please come and get into the car”.The man replied “But I don’t want to go on this way please take some other way”. Suddenly Raj feels irritate and say “If you don’t want to go on this way then thanks take some other lift”.Tanu replied “O God what is happening over here”.They ignore that man and move forward. After a few distance they find one car with broken glasses. Tanu say “Don’t wait and move forward”. But Rohan and Raj came out from the car and move forward to that car with broken glasses. When they reach near to that car they find ladies bag and gents purse. When they open that purse they find the photo of that man who want lift within a hours back.

They all are getting scared and get into the car finally they move forward. Ankita and Tanu say “As we are telling the same thing there is something wrong but you guys didn’t listen to us”.Unfortunately they find a town and at the end of that town they find one dhaba. They stop their car and move towards the dhaba and asked that dhaba person “Whether this road is safe to travel or not as we find one broken car a hour back?”. The dhaba person replied “Yes that was the incident around 2 years back there was a couple who are in a relationship who plan to visit Manali before 3 days of the marriage as his girlfriend forced her.
But that was very worst situation for them they died due to accident”.

Rohan say “But how is this possible we meet this person about an hour ago”. The dhaba man say “Yes you are right but that was his evil spirit who always try to take revenge when they found any relationship” .Tanu say “But we all are friends where is the relationship exists”. Raj spoke “Yes there is presence of relationship Rohan and Arushi”.

Finally they were planning to back home, they were started and move towards Delhi and everyone pray God to safe their life. Unfortunately they find something flying over their car with a black shadow. They all are getting scared that black shadow put a hole on the top of the car. Suddenly Tanu judge that black shadow were hole in that place where Rohan and Arushi seats.

After 10 minutes, they found the road has been blocked due to fall of trees. They came out from the car and find that man who wants lift along with his girlfriend. Suddenly they came in front of Rohan and Arushi and both were killed. Tanu, Ankita and Raj were run from that place and they find a lift to go back Delhi. But they still miss their friends and now all are getting married, they meet each other but that incident was unforgettable for them.

super 30 entertainomania

Trailer Super 30 Change The Education System

As this plot is based on the famous mathematician Anand Kumar’s life in which the film has Hrithik Roshan as in the lead role. The film also stars Pankaj Tripathi, Mrunal Thakur, Virendra Saxena and some others.

Thought Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 has been making after a very long time gap. After a months of delay with a huge impatience film is ready to release on July.The makers also launched the trailer for this film today.

The film is based on the mathematician Anand Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and become very difficult to fit in the character if you watch the trailer you can understand this better.

This film is basically on the life of Mr. Anand Kumar from being a mathematics teacher at local tution centre to open his personal institute which not uplifts the oppressed students but it also helps to prepare for an entrance examination. Apart from this, he faced some difficulties from the strong section of the society.

In this trailer it shows that Hrithik Roshan gathers all students from a good background to achieve their target. In some other scenes, he motivating them for good jobs marine architect, scientist on NASA,engineer and some others.

So grab the good things from this film which must help you to succeed in future. In other way, learn the good things, implement it to achieve the target. Look into the depth of success that motivates you to work hard. Understand the life of teacher also focus how a teacher can help their students to achieve their target.

Click Here To Watch The Trailer

relationship entertainomania

Basic Facts To Make Your Relationship Stronger

Relationship mostly refer to family relatives, love relation, relation with seniors etc. as it varies from the kind of relationship. It plays the role of interpersonal relationship which is a strong or close association between two or more peoples which may differ in context of family relation, friendship, marriage, work, clubs and places of worship. So these are regulated by law on the basis of society as a whole.

Every relationship requires both work and dedication. The amount of love also requires but not enough. Many people make their relation as cakewalk which is not easy for them. They are just unraveled the secrets of long lasting relationship faster.

  1. Treat each other as it started today and you wish to keep it forever

Think like every new day you are doing some good for your relationship to make strong which will be kept in the history forever. Show your love and give respect to the other’s love and this makes the weight-age that you are doing something good in relationship for today.

2. Keep Your Romance Alive

As in the case of romance relationship this must be very important to keep your relationship alive.Understand each others problem and try to find a solution for the same problem apart from fight.Whenever any bad situation comes like fight or anything else you must about the past relationship with each other and feel scared “If I fight relationship will no more”. Always try to surprise each other once in a while this makes a relationship larger. The surprise in the sense it doesn’t always mean what you want you get from your partner. Try to accept the surprise to keep longer relationship apart from looking the product in the surprise. Surprise may comes in various format like love,gifts,meeting with someone special etc.You can get all these easily from others but accepting the surprise, make them happy and keeping a good relationship with that person is really matters. Breaking up a relationship is very easy task for everyone but those who keep alive they understand the value of relationship.

3. Always Be Open To Compromises

Compromises in every relationship is one of the important factor. As you even know without compromises or understanding the relationship will be no longer. Understanding the situation, discuss or try to compromise each other with that particular situation. The compromise plays a vital role in the relationship.Apart from this compromise also requires psychology to understand the other’s nature.

Even you might see the person sales person always try to create good relationship with their clients. So they also need to understand the client’s psychology to compromise.

4. Avoid the bitter past dictate

This basically comes under the romantic relationship which may fate your relationship. Avoid telling stories about your bitter past always be focus on the good situation. If you think good and always try to do something good then bitter past or any bad experience in the past will never come to your mind.

5. Never compare your partner or relationship with others

Be positive always about your partner as it doesn’t make the sense of comparing. Sometimes it may happen with whom you are comparing, they doesn’t have those as what you are already got.Don’t judge the look of the relationship which makes the end of your relationship.

cricket world cup 2019 entertainomania

ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup: Who will be the winner?

This ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 which has been hosted in England from 30th May 2019 to 14th July 2019.

So there are 10 teams on this ICC Cricket World Cup and will play each other in some round-robin format.Like every time, the top four at the end of the group stage will enter into the semi finals, from there the winner will be chosen who will be playing in the final.

The team Australia were the champions in 2015 when they beat New Zealand by seven wickets.Though England has never won any World Cup despite of reaching three finals. Here is the list of World Cup won since 1975:

  • In 1975, the team West Indies beat Australia by 17 runs
  • In 1979, the team West Indies beat England by 92 runs
  • In 1983, the team India beat West Indies by 43 runs
  • In 1987, the team Australia beat England by seven runs
  • In 1992, the team Pakistan beat England by 22 runs
  • In 1996, the team Sri Lanka beat Australia by seven wickets
  • In 1999, the team Australia beat Pakistan by eight wickets
  • In 2003, the team Australia beat India by 125 runs
  • In 2007, the team Australia beat Sri Lanka by 53 runs
  • In 2011, the team India beat Sri Lanka by six wickets
  • In 2015, the team Australia beat New Zealand by seven wickets

Now we are in 2019, support your favorite team & help them to achieve their goal on this 2019 World Cup.You may share some tips about your favorite team in our comment section that reach in million number of users.During the announcement of the qualification structure, the ICC along with their Affiliate members who are guarantee four spots in the previous two World Cup tournaments were represented by at least two teams.

At the time of Pulwana attack, the several former’s Indian players and BCCI were called for boycott the group match fixture between India and Pakistan as they were planning to ban the Pakistan team from this tournament.But unfortunately after the press meeting held at Dubai, the ICC were rejected the BCCI statement regarding banning Pakistan from the World Cup.

Click Here To Download The List Of Matches On This 2019 World Cup

meerut case entertainomania

Know About The Meerut Case : A Suicide or Murder

It has found that a man from a Meerut city were forget to delete his personal pictures with his former girlfriend before selling of that mobile phone.In other way, it was the harmless selling of mobile phone by a man.

But the man who bought the mobile phone took the advantage of it and made those pictures viral that ensued was a trail of suicide and a murder. Basically all this things happens in the Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh.

As per the report, Shubham Kumar sold off his phone to Anuj Prajapati but he did not deleted the intimate pictures of his ex-girlfriend who was married about a years ago. But the Prajapati very badly made all the private pictures go viral. When the woman came across those pictures on social media, she decided to take the drastic step.The 35 year old woman along with 5 year old son committed suicide by jumping from a bridge near to Gang Nahar canal.Anyhow the son saved by the drivers.Before this step, the woman call her husband from the number of a kiosk owner.The police ascertain the identity of the woman after tracing the mobile number of the victim’s husband. Shubham also killed Prajapati May 23rd after knowing on about the leakage of pictures.As per CCTV footage, Shubham and his friends Prajapati in the murder case.Though Shubham was arrested by Sharanpur police after the encounter.

As you have seen in this case that a 35 year old woman were committed suicide due to the mistake made by her former husband.Even it is also very sad to know that she has 5 year old son. According to this incident, it may vary from person to person like Prajapati created the scene which hang to death. If Prajapati delete those private images apart from sharing on social media then everything goes well.Though it is one of the unbelievable incident so check yourself once before you are going to sell your product.

personality development entertainomania

Exciting Hacks To Improve Your Personality

In general terms, personality is defined as a set of characteristics possessed by a person to define it’s persona or the characteristics way of thinking, feeling as well as behaving. One may find the differences in particular personality i.e., sociability or irritability.

As per the research found the personality disorder due to the genetics, abuse as well as some of the other factors that contribute to the development of obsessive -compulsive etc. The psychologists even observe that the opposites attract in couples due to personality disorder.

Many of them think that the personality is something which is completely depend on looks but this kind of perception is not true among peoples. Looks is just the part of personality but your personality doesn’t depend on your looks. Let’s discuss some of the tips that may help you to grooming your personality.

  1. Personality On Dressing Sense

It is one of the important factor in the personality. The perfect dress can makes you look good even your looks are not so attractive.Always try to wear something that makes you feel comfortable as well as confident. Additionally you may focus that your attire must match with the occasion and the environment. You must wear formal dress in formal events and if your personality is attractive and impressive then you must check what to wear which makes you looks smart.

2. Interact With People

This matters a lot in the personality. The way interact makes you attractive and impressive that depends on you.One may improve their interaction by interacting with many peoples.

Apart from this, you may also try to socialize more.Try to meet with those people who are completely different from your nature then only you learn more things and that makes your thinking range wider.

3. Be a Good Listener

Even if you notice that the people always love to talk with someone those who can listen to them properly. It is very common whenever you meet new people try to listen them properly. This listening helps you gain more and more information.

But also notice that listening should not be bored the whole conversation.While listening, you must give value to that person that you are interested in listening to him.

4. Explore more and more expand your interest

As even you know everyone loves to talk with the knowledgable person. If you have lot of knowledge then people get automatically attracted towards you.In other way, we must say keep trying to enhance your knowledge.Try to explore the things and read more so as to make yourself more knowledgable.

5. Show Your Positive Outlook

People do not prefer to someone those who have no opinion. The people always try to get attracted towards those who have positive look. Always try to showcase your positive thinking when you meet people.

mumbai pune expressway entertainomania

Always Knock On The Right Decision

The incident took place in 2010 at Mumbai to Pune Expressway which spans connecting Mumbai, the capital of the state Maharashtra along with the Pune the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The family of Sunil Saxena were planned to visit Mumbai for his daughter marriage as she already have a boyfriend so they were planning to meet with them.

It was 23 Aug 2010, the family of Sunil’s wife(Akansha), Son(Nikhil), Daughter(Arushi) and his father were started travelling to Mumbai and time is 14:00 pm.It is very nearest to the Expressway they packed the some foods from Dhaba and started travelling. On the way Sunil found some shortcut apart from the Expressway, he thinks to go that route but his father and his wife were not agreed to his request.In a moment, Nikhil came out from the car and try to feel relaxed and enjoy with the green jungle.After few minutes staying over there they think to take shortcut as they will reach early to the destination.

Suddenly when they start the car, a old woman came near to car and knock on the glass, everyone get scared but Sunil opens the glass and ask “What happen why you came here?Do you need any help?”.She replied “No I just to say this shortcut road is good to reach early even you find hotels and shops”.Sunil replied “Thanks for the information”.After taking the shortcut, her father seen the woman get vanished.He was getting too much scared and say “The old woman get vanished I told you this is not the right way Sunil please try to understand this even you see here is only jungle no other travelers travelling on this road”.After half and hour they seen a bike-man standing in front of them, the bike-man told “Don’t go further on this as their is a presence of evil spirits better go from the highway”. Sunil and his family ignore that man and move forward on the same road.

Unfortunately within a hour, they found the Tyre of the car get shrink his father and his wife get disappointed and they pray to God to reach home anyway as soon as possible. Sunil told to his family don’t worry let’s see if I find any mechanic. The Sunil found the mechanic and the car gets repaired and Nikhil gets shocked that his phone got the network. Nikhil thinks “What is connection with this car repair and my mobile network”. Arushi said “Please left all this and move to home as it is already too late now it is 5:30pm”. Sunil said “Are you getting afraid or feel shy for your marriage?”. They started travelling but found that road has no ends. Keep travelling and found that the speedometer on the road shown 55 km Mumbai at every half and hour.

Now the actual story begins here, they all are getting scared suddenly Sunil find another way they think to travel on that way. After travelling 3km, they found someone fly over the car and they meet that same bike-man standing in front of their car.The bike-man told “See I am not any bike-man or something else I am a policeman for providing safety on this area as I told you all this place is not good why you all are travelling forward” even he show the list of person who died on travelling into this road and also they seen the mechanic in that same list.They all are getting shocked “How this possible? He repaired our car”. The policeman said “As I told they are evil spirits they can be anywhere with any human face”. Sunil ask “So what we do further to escape from this place?”.The policeman give one little Ganesh sculpture and told put this on your car and follow me will take you on the expressway. They were agreed but not fully as thinks that whether he is right man or not. After one hour Akansha seen a Expressway and everyone gets smile on their face. Giving thanks to that policeman and told “If you are not present then today may be our last day”.

Moral: Always try to understand the good as well as bad then knock on to the further decision.

huwaei mate 20 entertainomania copy

Google Removes Huawei Mate 20b Pro From Android Q Beta

As per the current controversy among the Google,Huawei as well as the US, the model Huawei Mate 20 Pro has been successfully removed from the Google Android Q Beta page.Though it has been unclear from the fact that Google removed the device by the extensive roster or after the Huawei has granted the temporary license.

The Google further adds some uncertainty regarding the future updates of Huawei devices.As it becomes increasingly the Mate 30 as well as the Mate 30 Pro were fall in a shortage of a home brewed OD pre-installed. Apart from this, the Huawei Mate Pro developer page the update is still up and running but the Google claims claims the services like Google Play will continue their work on Huawei’s devices.

The analyst said that it has been one of the big problems for the company internationally which is nearly the half of the shipment goes.The U.S tech has suspended the business activity with Huawei that involves the transfer of hardware, software as well as key technical devices.

It has been a huge blow for the Chinese firm whose production of Android smartphones are going to stops the sells outside of China.In China, the company uses the modified version of Android OS which doesn’t contain pre-installed apps but the outside market of China the smartphones runs Android completely with Google apps.

exercise entertainomania

Some Of The Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise

You know exercise keeps your body healthy and it also makes you look good.You even feel energetic.Basically the health benefits of regular exercise are really hard to ignore as everyone get benefit from exercise,regardless of age,sex or any physical ability.

Though from boosting your mood to improving your sex life, here some of the tips you must need to follow:

  1. Exercise controls your weight

Those who want to prevent from the excessive gaining of weight or in other way to maintain weight loss.As it has been observed that when you engage in pohysical activity,you may burn calories.

Regular exercise is good for health but don’t worry if you didn’t get time to exercise everyday.The actual benefit of exercise is getting more active throughout the day.

2. Controls Health Condition and Diseases

Are you worried about heart disease? Do you want to prevent from high blood pressure? No matter about your current weight but always try to boost the HDL cholesterol which reduces your unhealthy triglycerides.This may decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Some diseases you may prevent from regular exercise:

  • Stroke
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabeties
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Many types of cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Falls

3. Improves Your Mood

If you are emotionally stressed or you are feeling depression.The daily physical activity session stimulates your brain chemicals which makes you feel happier, more relaxed etc.
Apart from this, you may feel better about your appearence when you exercise daily and also boost yoiur confidence and self-esteem.

4. Have A Better Sleep Experience

The regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster which get better and deepen to your sleep.Do not exercise which will be too close during bedtime or you may too energized to go to your sleep.

5. Improving Your Sex Life And Be Fun And Social

The regular exercise also helps to boost your sex life.The men who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction and it also enhance the arousal for women.

Apart from this you may have fun in participate in social activities like taking a dance class or join a team or you may find some physical activity to engage.Even if you feel bored, try to do some new things with your family and friends.

bitcoin entertainomania

Bitcoin Hit Another Record In 2019

As we all know that Bitcoin or we call as cryptocurrency has hit a new record by surpassing the $8000 for the first time in this year.As per CoinMarketCap, digital currency took the last stood around $8000 in July last year.

Though it has the world most famous cryptocurrency which has reached a new yearly high by pushing the past $5600 earlier this month.It has been very difficult to ascertain what has caused Bitcoin price to surge in recent weeks.

The latest Samsumg Galaxy S10’s cryptocurrency and blockchain features, it is one of the Korean tech giant which is looking to trickle the technology down due to it’s budget smartphones.

As it has been observed that the Samsung will expand the availability of it’s blockchain services after the Korea, United States and Canada.The rumors has been spread that the Samsung has currently worked on cryptocurrency as well as blockchain features for it’s flagship.

Apart from this, those who are new about this cryptocurrency you must know about the steps of using a bitcoin.This are such kind of coins which has been transferred digitally.For them, there is no presence of banks etc. It follows encryption-decryption method to transfer from sender to receiver’s end.The technique of this bitcoin has mostly been used in Singapore, Australia and some other countries.

The advantages of this coin can help lower transaction fees. One may able to send bitcoin and get money anywhere in the world.The system is extremely hard to breach as uncommonly safe due to some mathematical algorithms in which the transaction of Bitcoin based.Now is the time not to worry about crossing border or rescheduling of bank holidays.

mothers day entertainomania

A Mother Understands What Child Does Not Say

Every year on this day we are celebrating something special for our mother. Many of them stay far from their family they send gifts or gift cards. It is the day to celebrate in the different parts of the world to give regards, respect and love towards moms.

If we are talking about the women empowerment, women have the capacity to brings new born to this world.Today’s we are survey the world population across various countries and it always varies. So this variation is only because of women.Even we are talking about some great human being or the person having great personalities, he/she even come from their mother’s womb.

This Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in the year 1908 which is one of the official holidays in U.S. This day is specially presenting moms with flowers, cards and gifts. Jarvis of West Virgina started “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” to teach local women’s that how to properly care for their children.

Here we are mention some to the ways to celebrate mother’s day:

Bring Flower

Well this is all about the bouquet with flowers that symbolize your relationship or you may simply pick the flower for your own mother.

Give Your Mom A New Plant

If your mom having a green thumb, then you must giving her a new plant for collection.Perhaps it may be a rosewood,orchids etc.

Design And Plant A Garden

Gift her a small garden which you can buy plants and also plant them in the garden basically the spring blooming plants or summer bloomming plants.

Bring Mom Breakfast In Bed

Waiting for your mom to wake uo with some delicious food or you may delight your mom with strawberry crepes.Cut down the strawberry into hear shapes.

road entertainomania

Never Take Wrong Challenge Even If You Know It

It was the story in 2011 both the brothers Arun and Vivek were gone for a long drive and that was unplanned trip. The younger one told to the elder to visit his sister’s home and enjoy over there.

Arun agreed to his younger brother and they plan to visit over there. Suddenly after half and hour, their car gives a trouble. Arun drive the car and reacted “O shit!! such a bad time”.When they came out from the car seen that tyre gets shrink. They both lost their hope and searching for mechanics as in such moment, Vivek also tries to take lift from others.

Within a hour, they seen a white car coming towards them they were trying to take lift and the car stopped.When they visit near to the car they found their sister with husband. They were felt happy and plan for visit Delhi from Jaipur. They start travelling and Vivek seen the Bhangarh Fort, they even talking themselves about the place. Vivek forcing them to stay in the evening, Arun though agreed but his sister Anjali and his husband Karan were not agreed as they even heard about the dangerous things happened in this place. As it was the afternoon time, they were planning to take lunch to the nearest restaurant or dhaba and the time is around 4:00pm. Karan feel tied and think about the Vivek word and finally he told “Ok we have to visit Bhangarh but will left that place before evening”.

They reached over there, take entry and seen some old temples but no murtis. Keep moving here and there finally they plan to left the place and time is 6:00pm when they reached to the gate it was closed . Anjali started crying and say “We all are dying it is your fault Karan”. They have only two bottles of water which is very difficult to stay in the whole night.

Around 9:00pm they all are try to sleep, unfortunately Karan heard some girl is crying. Anjali inquired “what happen?” suddenly they all heard the same sound after 5 minutes. In the whole they all stay together and pray to God as they understand there is a presence of something. The time about to be 3:30 am they heard some loud sound as somebody get killed. Seen some noisy air with a black smoke try to come close as they all worship god so they still safe.

Time is now 5:30am, they were planned to visit near to the gate and found open get into the car and left that place. Anjali keep crying and others were getting scared. Finally they visited their sister’s home.

Moral: It is the thankful to the God that they all were safe.Never visit or taking challenge in wrong place even if you heard that the place is not safe. Sometimes it may be dangerous.

travel entertainomania

Impressive Facts and Features On Travel

As everyone knows that travelling makes you an excitement.Sometimes it may depend on the types of travel as say for instance long drive at night,tour visit or adventurous travel which makes you feel happy it seems to be dangerous.

We are going to talk about the adventurous travel actually this travel are always unplanned and trying to discover or experienced some new things by visiting different places across the world.

This is extremely for those who brave and always be proceed with optimism and confidence that may rewarded you handsomely. Capture the essence as what you experienced and share with others and tell a story that makes other people to travel.

Apart from this, you must need to take care about your precautions as well as safety here we need to mention few of the travels and also their safety precautions:

1. Skydiving

Always try to use jumpsuits which is very common in skydiving by using this it makes your body warm and protected against the frigid cold air at very high altitudes.
Use helmets that must be fit on your head and should not be heavy.One thing you must sure that your helmet should be open faced.Use Goggles to protect your eyes.Gloves must be comfortable as per the equipment.
By taking all these precautions you must focus on those which you feel heavy that you must remove it immediately.

Use helmets that must be fit on your head and should not be heavy.One thing you must sure that your helmet should be open faced.Use Goggles to protect your eyes.Gloves must be comfortable as per the equipment.
By taking all these precautions you must focus on those which you feel heavy that you must remove it immediately.

2. Rockclimbing

In this scenario, you must check both the climber’s and be layer’s harness buckles must be doubled back.After this consider on the knots that whether it is tied correctly or finished with a backup knot.

Like skydiving, here also you must use a proper helmet as everyone knows that head injuries from rockfalls are serious life-changing events.Try to check the rope and belay device and also use a long rope.Always pay attention to the leader as they are one who take risks of falling.Get properly clip the rope and always try to climb with the rope over your leg.

These are some of the adventorous travelling where one must be always alert.On taking challenge to this adventorous travel you must be ensure that you can do it else never try this.

whatsapp groups entertainomania

Stop Making People Added You On WhatsApp Group

As everyone knows that like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger,Line etc Whatsapp is also one of the famous chat conversation tool in today’s market.We are talking about the Whatsapp groups where you get irritable poems or lame jokes and you might be frustrated with the message Good morning.

Though Facebook has also a policy to stop making people added on the groups.Here is now the steps taken for Whatsapp.But just need to say one thing that before follow the steps you must need to download the latest version of Whatsapp.

Some steps to follow:

Just open Whatsapp on your phone

Then visit the Settings tab, then click on the Account tab

When you are on the Account section click on the Privacy

Tap on Groups

Then you see the three option “Everyone”, “Contacts” and “Nobody”

By choosing “Nobody” the group admins doesn’t send you further invitation in future.

Cyclone entertainomania

Cyclone Hits The Eastern India

It has been observed that nineteen districts of Odhisha, Bengal as well Andhra Pradesh are hit by cyclone.This cyclone occurs around 500 km from Odhisha. The East Coast of Railway has cancelled 22 trains most probably on Wednesday.

Though it has been a extreme severe cyclonic storm, but the Indian Metrological Department said that this cyclonic strom called or pronounced as FONI now it has been moving towards northwards with a speed of 5 kms per hour in last six hours & also been observed that on May 3rd the wind speed must be around 200 km/hr.

Cyclone is formed by the use of warm, moist air as fuel so always try to make your environment free from pollution and always try to planting more trees to make the environment healthy.Due to this it is basically form only over warm ocean waters near the equator.

This cyclonic storm is always dangerous depend on the wind speed sometimes it may result in disaster so better you may turn off the electricity to prevent from various short circuits also you may unplug all the devices. Always try to keep your emergency kit with you. Apart from this you must stay in the strongest part of the house which may prevent you from disaster. Keep listening the radio for latest cyclone updates.

couple entertainomania

Couple At DowHill Kurseong

The incident took place in the year 2015 a newly married couple named Mac & Shweta going for a honeymoon trip in Darjeeling from Siliguri. It hardly takes two half and hour to reached their hotel. Both Mac & Shweta are feeling happy in their travel and finally reached.

On the very second day they were planning to visit Dow Hill Kurseong, so they travel through train.Unfortunately, Shweta love the place and told Mac to stay one day over here.As Mac requested her “As I heard that this place is not safe to stay the whole night even I also heard about the murders”. Still Shweta keep saying her husband then suddenly Mac decided to stay for one day.

They both were searching nearby hotels and they get it with a very good budget.The hotel manager told them not to visit the jungle in night.They asked them “What is the reason behind this?”.The hotel manager replied “This place is not safe as many murders had done earlier it may be dangerous for you so it is better stay over here and get enjoyment”.

At evening around 7:00pm, they both were feeling bored plan to walk for a few distance.During their walk they seen a man standing beside the road and tell them “Don’t go further into the jungle as that place is not safe and it is haunted”.They ignore that man and move forward to the jungle.Mac and Shweta both sitting together in the jungle and talks about their
future plan. Unfortunately they heard a little boy crying, they start searching but doesn’t find anything.After 5-10 minutes they again heard the same crying and Shweta seen some boy near to the tree which is around 10 metre of distance.

They both asking “What happened? Why you are crying?” by slowly they came closer to that boy and found that a person with no head.They both were getting shocked run to their hotel.

On the next day they left the place and came back to the Darjeeling and that was the unexceptional situation.They can’t believe that the place is really haunted.After a few days from that incident Shweta doesn’t feel normal for a few days.

Now they both were happy and enjoy their life.

suicide entertainomania

Depressed Over Unsuccessful Life

The incident took place in the state of Maharashtra , India, “A 30 year old small businessman allegedly committed suicide by hanging
himself in his flat which is just two days ahead of his marriage that was scheduled for Saturday” said by the police.It has been
found on his suicide note that the deceased Nikhil Deshmukh purportedly wrote that he was going to end his life due to his unsuccessful life

“The Deshmukh told to his parents that he would be back in a short while but instead went to his flat, he did notreturn for a long time and unfortunately found dead” as the officials said and that was very sad news for his parents.

stay healthy entertainomania

Tips To Keep Your Body Cool & Healthy During Summer

  1. Try to Eat Pitta Pacifying Foods

Load up with the fruits like watermelon, pears, apples, berries etc.Apart from this pick vegetables like broccoli etc.

2. Avoid Those Foods That Warm Your Body

This foods provides heat to your body and hazardous.The foods like sour fruits, citrus foods, beetroots & carrots and some others that may heat up your body.The intake of garlic, tomato and salted cheese to avoid hamper your system.Try to eat more salads as they are cooling especially during lunch.

3. Try To Eat Always Right Time

Always eat when your digestive fire which is normally during lunch time.Avoid excessive intake of food during summer.Do your breakfast,lunch & dinner on time that makes you stay healthy and perfect.

4. Avoid Hot water or Beverages

Drinking hot beverages will result bad for your health.Try to drink beverages at room temperature in order to balance it & always try to drink plenty of normal water.

5. Avoid Exercise

Though it is always good to exercise early in the morning as it is the coolest part of the day.But engaging in exercise during other parts of the day may cause harm to your body.

6. Avoid Cold Drinks

As you even know that your digestive system causes serious health problems as it provides digestive fire.So by drinking chilled cold drinks result in various health problems.

earth day entertainomania

Celebrate The International Earth Day

It is the day that tells you to make your environment greenery so that we can inhale fresh air and also in this way one may protect the Earth.As everyone knows that Earth is only the planet where their is a presence of living beings, water etc. & we are proud to become a part of our big Earth.

On this Earth Day we need to clean your nearby environment, put water to the plants & also in this way we may also need to protect our species.

It is one of the International Earth Day celebrated across every parts of the world on 22nd of April. It is a day where we love to stay under the greenery trees and also need to clean up the nearby areas.

summer foods for healthy skin

Summer Diet To Make Your Skin Healthy

Maintaining your healthy diets mitigates the damaging effects from the sun.
From dry skin to wrinkles and dark spots, skin damage is a very real issue.
The serums containing Vitamin C which helps slough off dead skin cells and boost collagen.

Always try to consume fresh fruits & vegetables like broccoli, prunes, tomatoes, blueberries, cilantro and more

Apart from this you may also need to take 4L-5L intake of water daily.

easter day

Keep Calm & Celebrate Easter Day | Egg Play on Easter Day

Many Christians normally celebrate this Easter Day as Easter Sunday which is the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.As per Gospel of John,the Mary Magdalene visited the tomb where Jesus was buried and found it empty.

Easter found on different dates in each year within a period of 21st Mar to 25th Apr that depends on when there is a presence of full moon in Spring.

Many Christians will spend time at church in prayer and celebration of Jesus Christ life and may get together with friends and family for a special meal.

android q

Android Q The Future Android Updates To Be Delivered Via The Google Play Store

It has been found that the Google’s Operating System Android which is one of the popular software in the world. Their popularity can be justified with the wide variety of compatible devices.

While the Reditt users get claimed which was a relatively small update package. This is one of the new way of pushing changes in software through the Google Play Store would be limited.

This suggests heavier files, like the ones packing major changes to the software, could still be delivered via the settings menu, as the conventional method.

facebook news

Working Again After Outages

This three big giants Facebook ,Instagram & Whats App working again after outages.

Though finally it has been observed that the issue comes after Facebook experienced one of its longest outages in March 2019 when some users around the globe could not access Facebook, Instagram & Whats app for long period of time or it has been like more than 24 hours.

It is one of the good news for all of us as we are already on Facebook for a longer period of time and again after this outages we are continue to use it.

muscle blaze

Buy Muscle Blaze Raw Whey Protein & Stay Healthy

It is one of the unflavored protein supplement which can be used in as per the customer wants in different flavors for each serving Protein cake, Protein bar, Protein smoothie.

Take it regularly most probably after gym.By intake of Muscle Blaze you may need to control your diet plan.It is one of the minimal processing ensures the nutrients of the Whey protein are preserved as in the original Whey Protein powder.

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house on fire delhi

House On Fire

New Delhi 12 Apr 2019: The incident took place on the last night Thursday around 3:00PM, it has been observed that a huge amount of smoke came from the house located at Block C of Shardapuri near to Ramesh Nagar. After a few minutes it finds that the house is on fire.

The police reached the spot with fire engines and it hardly takes around half an hour to stop the fire.As per report “Everyone is safe only few things are getting damaged” said by Delhi police.

karol bagh haunted place

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal in Karol Bagh , New Delhi, India

As we already that Karol Bagh is one of busy market in Delhi, but it has some hidden secret. That particular area has identified by Delhi’s new landmark which have huge Hanuman Statue. Behind right of it there is a presence of Bagga Link, a small road goes deep into the Southern Ridge of Delhi. Even if you advance few hundred meters on this road, a strange structure on your right will cast a spell on you.

So this structure has claimed a most haunted place in Delhi.The only thing that blocks the massive structure is a note written at entrance, which tells people not to visit this place after sunset.

The govt. employees those who have associated with place there is no security guard aligned for this place as there is something suspicious & scary here .

If you want to try visit this place then it is already available on Google Map

Best Friends EntertainOMania

Having A Best Friend

This story is about the two friends were walking through the desert. Around their journey they had an argument in which one friend slapped the other one in the face.

The one who got slapped was getting hurt and without saying anything just wrote in the sand

“Today the best friend slapped me on my face.”

They both were still walking until they found an oasis, where they decided to take a bath. The one who had been slapped got stuck in mire and started drowning but the friend saved him. After getting recovered from drowning he wrote on a stone

“Today my best friend saved my life.”

The friend who had slapped and saved his the life of his best friend were asked him;

“When you hurts earlier, you wrote in the sand and now, you write on a stone, why?”

The other friend replied;

“When someone hurts us we must write down into the sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But, when someone do something good for us, we must cut or carve it in stone where no wind can ever erase it.”

Moral of the story:
Don’t put values on those things which you have in your life. But value who you have in your life.

food bleach tips

Tips To Know How To Use Food As Skin Bleach?

To make a natural skin bleach just mixing together orange juice and turmeric powder. 
Apply this to your skin for 20-30 minutes daily.

You may also mash a papaya and mix it with lemon juice to create a paste that will cleanse and lighten your skin.
Leave it on your skin for 20-30 minutes at least once a week.

Alternatively, rub plain yogurt onto your skin, let it sit for a few minutes, and repeat this once a day for three weeks.

Apply yogurt to your skin

Yogurt contains many natural ingredients that are good for skin.

Create an orange solution

Orange contains Vitamin C, which is one of the popular ingredients for your skin.

Use papayas

Papayas are regularly used in beauty products and can naturally lighten your skin.

Use cucumbers

The collagen in cucumber which makes your skin supple and firm. This features are said to enhance a lighter skin tone.

Exfoliate your skin using oatmeal

Exfoliating your skin encourages the growth of new skin cells by scrubbing it with an abrasive cleanser.

suicide entertainomania

Two girls commit suicide in Hyderabad

This is another incident, a 13-year-old girl, studying class VII, jumped to death from the sixth floor of their residential building on Friday night.

The two teenage girls allegedly committed suicide in separate incidents in Hyderabad after reportedly being told by their family members not use the cell phone excessively and cut down on TV viewing in view of annual exams, police said on Sunday. 

She was asked by family members not to watch TV and use cell phone much, the police said. Cases of suicide had been registered and further investigation was on, they added. 

Apart from this this has been a very serious case of accident which is unbelievable as a very young girl hang to death.This technical gadget are very helpful for users but sometimes it may be dangerous in the sense it may kill the person.

sinful sunday entertainomania

Have A Sinful Sunday!

Learn some new things and get ready to enjoy your holiday.

Make a visit somewhere with your friends or relatives and do some fun related activities.You may visit some historical places take photographs and learn about the places.

Utilize this Sunday by spending more time on your personal work as compared to any other or official work.




The Farmer and the Snake

Once upon a time, a Farmer walked through his field one cold winter morning. At ground the Snake, the Stiff and frozen with the cold. The Farmer know how deadly be the Snake and yet he tried to picked it up and put it in his bosom to warm it back to life.

The Snake soon revived and when it had enough strength, unfortunately bit the man who had been so kind to it. The bite was deadly it makes the Farmer felt that he must die. Though as he drew his last breath and said to those standing around, “Learn from my fate do not take pity on a scoundrel”.

So the moral value of this story is completely based on some who never changes their nature, regardless of how good we behave with them & always stay alert in life and try to maintain the distance from those who are there only thinking about their own benefits.

carnivorous entertainomania

Some True Facts About Carnivorous Plants

you may get some of the true facts of carnivorous plants.This plants derive from trapping and consuming animals or protozoans, typically insects and other arthropods.

Can a carnivorous plant eat a human?

Any of these plant are capable of posing a threat to the human.The largest meat eating plants are like Nepenthes. It basically traps frogs, rat has been found dead digesting in it’s juices.

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boeing ethiopia flight crash

Ethiopian Airlines pilots struggled with Boeing’s anti-stall system

On 5th Mar 2019, the pilots were getting bombarded by the alarms as they fought to fly the plane so in that moment it pulling back into the unison of their control columns which is very desperate attempt to keep the huge jet aloft.

The Ethiopian authorities issued a preliminary report on Thursday 10 March 2019 crash that killed 157 people. They found that a malfunctioning sensor sent faulty data to the Boeing 737 Max 8′s anti-stall system and triggered a chain of events that ended in a crash which was so violent and that reduced the plane into pieces and shards.

Though it happens extremely dangerous due to the malfunctioning of the sensor that sent faulty data to the Boeing 737.This incident has been recorded in the history and further investigation will be still under process.