The Tortoise & The Bird

A tortoise was resting under a tree and on the same tree bird had built its nest. The tortoise spoke to the bird that, “Your home is not fair it is made of broken twigs, it has no roof, and looks crude. What’s worse is that you had to build it yourself. I think about my house which is my shell is somewhat better than your pathetic nest”.

“Yes, it is made of broken sticks, looks shabby and is open to the elements of nature. It is crude, but I built it, and I like it.”

“I guess it’s just like any other nest, but not better than mine”, said the tortoise. “You must be jealous of my shell, though.”

“On the contrary”, the bird replied that “My home normally has space for my family and friends your shell cannot accommodate anyone other than you. Maybe you have a better house but my home is also awesome”..

Moral of the story

Always be better a crowded hut than a lonely mansion.

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