Couple At DowHill Kurseong


The incident took place in the year 2015 a newly married couple named Mac & Shweta going for a honeymoon trip in Darjeeling from Siliguri. It hardly takes two half and hour to reached their hotel. Both Mac & Shweta are feeling happy in their travel and finally reached.

On the very second day they were planning to visit Dow Hill Kurseong, so they travel through train.Unfortunately, Shweta love the place and told Mac to stay one day over here.As Mac requested her “As I heard that this place is not safe to stay the whole night even I also heard about the murders”. Still Shweta keep saying her husband then suddenly Mac decided to stay for one day.

They both were searching nearby hotels and they get it with a very good budget.The hotel manager told them not to visit the jungle in night.They asked them “What is the reason behind this?”.The hotel manager replied “This place is not safe as many murders had done earlier it may be dangerous for you so it is better stay over here and get enjoyment”.

At evening around 7:00pm, they both were feeling bored plan to walk for a few distance.During their walk they seen a man standing beside the road and tell them “Don’t go further into the jungle as that place is not safe and it is haunted”.They ignore that man and move forward to the jungle.Mac and Shweta both sitting together in the jungle and talks about their
future plan. Unfortunately they heard a little boy crying, they start searching but doesn’t find anything.After 5-10 minutes they again heard the same crying and Shweta seen some boy near to the tree which is around 10 metre of distance.

They both asking “What happened? Why you are crying?” by slowly they came closer to that boy and found that a person with no head.They both were getting shocked run to their hotel.

On the next day they left the place and came back to the Darjeeling and that was the unexceptional situation.They can’t believe that the place is really haunted.After a few days from that incident Shweta doesn’t feel normal for a few days.

Now they both were happy and enjoy their life.

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