Stop Making People Added You On WhatsApp Group

As everyone knows that like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger,Line etc Whatsapp is also one of the famous chat conversation tool in today's market.We are talking about the Whatsapp groups where you get irritable poems or lame jokes and you might be frustrated with the message Good morning.

Though Facebook has also a policy to stop making people added on the groups.Here is now the steps taken for Whatsapp.But just need to say one thing that before follow the steps you must need to download the latest version of Whatsapp.

Some steps to follow:

Just open Whatsapp on your phone

Then visit the Settings tab, then click on the Account tab

When you are on the Account section click on the Privacy

Tap on Groups

Then you see the three option "Everyone", "Contacts" and "Nobody"

By choosing "Nobody" the group admins doesn't send you further invitation in future.

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