Bitcoin Hit Another Record In 2019


As we all know that Bitcoin or we call as cryptocurrency has hit a new record by surpassing the $8000 for the first time in this year.As per CoinMarketCap, digital currency took the last stood around $8000 in July last year.

Though it has the world most famous cryptocurrency which has reached a new yearly high by pushing the past $5600 earlier this month.It has been very difficult to ascertain what has caused Bitcoin price to surge in recent weeks.

The latest Samsumg Galaxy S10’s cryptocurrency and blockchain features, it is one of the Korean tech giant which is looking to trickle the technology down due to it’s budget smartphones.

As it has been observed that the Samsung will expand the availability of it’s blockchain services after the Korea, United States and Canada.The rumors has been spread that the Samsung has currently worked on cryptocurrency as well as blockchain features for it’s flagship.

Apart from this, those who are new about this cryptocurrency you must know about the steps of using a bitcoin.This are such kind of coins which has been transferred digitally.For them, there is no presence of banks etc. It follows encryption-decryption method to transfer from sender to receiver’s end.The technique of this bitcoin has mostly been used in Singapore, Australia and some other countries.

The advantages of this coin can help lower transaction fees. One may able to send bitcoin and get money anywhere in the world.The system is extremely hard to breach as uncommonly safe due to some mathematical algorithms in which the transaction of Bitcoin based.Now is the time not to worry about crossing border or rescheduling of bank holidays.

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