Google Removes Huawei Mate 20b Pro From Android Q Beta

As per the current controversy among the Google,Huawei as well as the US, the model Huawei Mate 20 Pro has been successfully removed from the Google Android Q Beta page.Though it has been unclear from the fact that Google removed the device by the extensive roster or after the Huawei has granted the temporary license.

The Google further adds some uncertainty regarding the future updates of Huawei devices.As it becomes increasingly the Mate 30 as well as the Mate 30 Pro were fall in a shortage of a home brewed OD pre-installed. Apart from this, the Huawei Mate Pro developer page the update is still up and running but the Google claims claims the services like Google Play will continue their work on Huawei's devices.

The analyst said that it has been one of the big problems for the company internationally which is nearly the half of the shipment goes.The U.S tech has suspended the business activity with Huawei that involves the transfer of hardware, software as well as key technical devices.

It has been a huge blow for the Chinese firm whose production of Android smartphones are going to stops the sells outside of China.In China, the company uses the modified version of Android OS which doesn't contain pre-installed apps but the outside market of China the smartphones runs Android completely with Google apps.

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