Always Knock On The Right Decision

The incident took place in 2010 at Mumbai to Pune Expressway which spans connecting Mumbai, the capital of the state Maharashtra along with the Pune the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The family of Sunil Saxena were planned to visit Mumbai for his daughter marriage as she already have a boyfriend so they were planning to meet with them.

It was 23 Aug 2010, the family of Sunil's wife(Akansha), Son(Nikhil), Daughter(Arushi) and his father were started travelling to Mumbai and time is 14:00 pm.It is very nearest to the Expressway they packed the some foods from Dhaba and started travelling. On the way Sunil found some shortcut apart from the Expressway, he thinks to go that route but his father and his wife were not agreed to his request.In a moment, Nikhil came out from the car and try to feel relaxed and enjoy with the green jungle.After few minutes staying over there they think to take shortcut as they will reach early to the destination.

Suddenly when they start the car, a old woman came near to car and knock on the glass, everyone get scared but Sunil opens the glass and ask "What happen why you came here?Do you need any help?".She replied "No I just to say this shortcut road is good to reach early even you find hotels and shops".Sunil replied "Thanks for the information".After taking the shortcut, her father seen the woman get vanished.He was getting too much scared and say "The old woman get vanished I told you this is not the right way Sunil please try to understand this even you see here is only jungle no other travelers travelling on this road".After half and hour they seen a bike-man standing in front of them, the bike-man told "Don't go further on this as their is a presence of evil spirits better go from the highway". Sunil and his family ignore that man and move forward on the same road.

Unfortunately within a hour, they found the Tyre of the car get shrink his father and his wife get disappointed and they pray to God to reach home anyway as soon as possible. Sunil told to his family don't worry let's see if I find any mechanic. The Sunil found the mechanic and the car gets repaired and Nikhil gets shocked that his phone got the network. Nikhil thinks "What is connection with this car repair and my mobile network". Arushi said "Please left all this and move to home as it is already too late now it is 5:30pm". Sunil said "Are you getting afraid or feel shy for your marriage?". They started travelling but found that road has no ends. Keep travelling and found that the speedometer on the road shown 55 km Mumbai at every half and hour.

Now the actual story begins here, they all are getting scared suddenly Sunil find another way they think to travel on that way. After travelling 3km, they found someone fly over the car and they meet that same bike-man standing in front of their car.The bike-man told "See I am not any bike-man or something else I am a policeman for providing safety on this area as I told you all this place is not good why you all are travelling forward" even he show the list of person who died on travelling into this road and also they seen the mechanic in that same list.They all are getting shocked "How this possible? He repaired our car". The policeman said "As I told they are evil spirits they can be anywhere with any human face". Sunil ask "So what we do further to escape from this place?".The policeman give one little Ganesh sculpture and told put this on your car and follow me will take you on the expressway. They were agreed but not fully as thinks that whether he is right man or not. After one hour Akansha seen a Expressway and everyone gets smile on their face. Giving thanks to that policeman and told "If you are not present then today may be our last day".

Moral: Always try to understand the good as well as bad then knock on to the further decision.

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