ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup: Who will be the winner?


This ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 which has been hosted in England from 30th May 2019 to 14th July 2019.

So there are 10 teams on this ICC Cricket World Cup and will play each other in some round-robin format.Like every time, the top four at the end of the group stage will enter into the semi finals, from there the winner will be chosen who will be playing in the final.

The team Australia were the champions in 2015 when they beat New Zealand by seven wickets.Though England has never won any World Cup despite of reaching three finals. Here is the list of World Cup won since 1975:

  • In 1975, the team West Indies beat Australia by 17 runs
  • In 1979, the team West Indies beat England by 92 runs
  • In 1983, the team India beat West Indies by 43 runs
  • In 1987, the team Australia beat England by seven runs
  • In 1992, the team Pakistan beat England by 22 runs
  • In 1996, the team Sri Lanka beat Australia by seven wickets
  • In 1999, the team Australia beat Pakistan by eight wickets
  • In 2003, the team Australia beat India by 125 runs
  • In 2007, the team Australia beat Sri Lanka by 53 runs
  • In 2011, the team India beat Sri Lanka by six wickets
  • In 2015, the team Australia beat New Zealand by seven wickets

Now we are in 2019, support your favorite team & help them to achieve their goal on this 2019 World Cup.You may share some tips about your favorite team in our comment section that reach in million number of users.During the announcement of the qualification structure, the ICC along with their Affiliate members who are guarantee four spots in the previous two World Cup tournaments were represented by at least two teams.

At the time of Pulwana attack, the several former’s Indian players and BCCI were called for boycott the group match fixture between India and Pakistan as they were planning to ban the Pakistan team from this tournament.But unfortunately after the press meeting held at Dubai, the ICC were rejected the BCCI statement regarding banning Pakistan from the World Cup.

Click Here To Download The List Of Matches On This 2019 World Cup

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