Keep Your Garden Healthy During Summer


In the summer it becomes very difficult to keep the plants in your garden healthy as well as strong. But there are as many reasons to keep your plants cool and properly hydrated. Due to the excessive sunlight you must protect your garden by providing inadequate moisture and shade.

Like human beings and animals, plants is also a living organism which helps you to stay away from pollution and keep your environment green and healthy.So this will be your responsibility to protect the plant by taking some necessary steps:

  1. Use irrigation hoses and soakers
    When there is extreme hot outside, so the best way to put water into the garden by using irrigation or soaker hoses. As it is slightly different from each other but both deliver water slowly to the plant roots which prevents evaporation and saves water.

2. Mulch

As the direct sunlight can wreak havoc on your plants but mulch reflective kinds such as dry grass clippings.By mulching it reduces the maintenance chores and also saves water by reducing evaporation.

Some other mulching options like straw, alfalfa, newspaper, black plastic sheeting.Though wood is one of the popular mulch because it will shade the soil from the sun and breakdown over time.

3. Early morning watering

During the hot summer months, it is one of the best way to water your garden in the early morning before the sun starts beating down. If you wait until midday or even early afternoon, most of the water will likely evaporate before it travels the plant roots. Apart from this, you may also provide watering to the plants in the evening or after sunset which makes your plant hydrated and healthy during night.

4. Shade cloth and row covers

There is another way to prevent the heat stress by protect your crops from the direct sunlight which is a shade cloth or row cover. Though there is numerous range of option but Rimol basically offers a variety of shade structure which is vetted by gardening professionals.So if you cover up your plant too closely, the helpful insect such as bees won’t be able to work their magic as the heat gets trapped and will be defeat the purpose of shading.

5. Keep your lawn 3-6 inches

Due to the longer grass which has a bit of shading effect that helps the soil retains moisture.But to get a effective plantation, keep your grass at least 3 inches long. Due to the extreme heat, it is the best to have the grass closer to 6 inches.

Hope this above information will be helpful to keep your garden strong as well as healthy.

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