Nutritional Tips Keeps You Stay Healthy In Monsoon


We are happy to welcome this monsoon after having a experiencing a scorching heat of summer. But as you even also know monsoon brings some certain health challenges. As our body is very susceptible to health problems during rainy season as this season reduces the immunity power from your body.

You may suffering from allergies, infections as well as various digestive problems. Try to keep your body healthy in this season and the humidity
of the atmosphere is too high that may result in sweat i.e., excessive loss of water from your body. Avoid all those street as well as oily foods as there may be possibility to upset your stomach. So here we are mentioning some of the useful tips that keeps your body healthy:

  1. Eat fruits
    Try to eat fruits that helps you to boost your energy. The fruits (let’s say for Apples, Mangoes, Oranges are some of the best suggestible foods). Try to avoid watermelon and muskmelon that may cause pimples.

2.Advantage Of Garlic

These are normally packed with antioxidants but their cloves are rich with high immunity boosting. The one of the tastiest and healthiest way to use garlic by adding a crushed garlic pods to any food of your choice and getting the taste of garlic rasam.

3. Avoid Watery foods

By intake of watery foods like lassi, watermelon and others result in swelling in the body. So better option is to avoid this and take dry fruits
in nature like corn, some amount of gram flour and also chick pea etc.

4.Use Of Turmeric

The one of the golden yellow hued spice powder which is one of the well known immunity boosting agent. Though it is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic agent too. It is also used to keep your levels of blood sugar in control.

5. Stay Away From Skin Allergies

The people those who are suffering from skin allergies must avoid the spicy foods as you even know spicy foods may raise your body temperature and stimulate your blood circulation that results in allergies and various skin irritation problems.

6. Some Of The Well Known Foods

Some of the popular well known foods such as brown rice, oats as well as barley are the well known foods to have in the monsoon. Apart from this, try to drink boiled and purified water to stay away from germs and also drink a plenty of water that keeps your body hydrated.

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