A Tale Of Dangerous Witches


This is a story of two photographers (Rajiv & Ajit) who travel from Mumbai to Pune for photo shoot. Ajit is senior photographer whereas Rajiv was his Assistant photographer. After travelling some distance their car gives some trouble as such moment Ajit gets angry and told the driver “You haven’t checked the car properly as we are already very late”. The driver replied “I checked everything but can’t understand what is the problem”. Ajit told to both of them “Find some possibilities soon so that we can reach Pune early. As of now I move on some nearby places to take some better shot of sceneries”. The driver said “Sir this place is not safe at all so be careful”.

Ajit walked on his way and their driver looking for some help, Rajiv getting bored he get out from the car and move some distance unfortunately he heard some sound and within a moment one witch jumped and killed him.On the other hand, Ajit take some shots of the scenes as such he found a girl going deep into the river where she can’t manage herself. Ajit gets down into the river and found the presence of none, when he come out from the river and look back seen a beautiful girl with red saare.Ajit asked her “How you came over here?”. She replied “Hi my name is Anisha everyday I came over here to get some enjoyment”. Ajit “But now it is around 7:00pm in the evening actually I came here to take some sight seen anyways this jungle is beautiful like you”. Anisha “My house is very distance from here come with me and lets get enjoyed over there”. Anisha takes Ajit into their home.

When he reached her home there he met her sister Sukanya. Anisha “Now it is already 9:30pm I think it is the good time to take lunch”. Ajit “Yes sure very nice to meet both of you”. Ajit gets shocked by looking at their dinner which is only Red Wine. Ajit asked them “So only red wine dinner”. Sukanya “Yes today is our special dinner for you”. Ajit feels happy and say thanks to them. Suddenly he seen the car infront of their house. Ajit “I think my driver reaches over here let me check”.

Ajit came out from the house he feels something wrong but can’t get understand. He doesn’t find his driver and returned to their home suddenly he seen both the sisters are witch. They came to him and told “Today is Full Moon Day we both were waiting for 150 years to get someone like us and finally we get it by today. Don’t worry we doesn’t kill you we make you as our king”. They cuts at the Ajit neck and makes him vampire.

Moral: Don’t move when you find yourself uncomfortable as what Ajit does when he shocked by seen a girl in the river at evening.

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