Healthiest Foods That Keep You Warm During Winter


Winter season is here guys where we enjoying the chilly breeze after some months of scorching months.
But there are fewer foods that are in the winter season apart from that summer season.

Today I am going to discuss some of the foods that keeps you warm and stay healthy during winter.


It is warm in nature and also regular intake helps in keeping the body warm. This is the only reason why excessive intake of honey during summers is not advised. It is also good to get rid from cold, cough and flu as it strengthens your immune system.

2.Root vegetables

This is for those who aren’t quite sure of what root vegetables are; it grows below the surface like radish,turnip and sweet potatoes. These vegetables keep your body warm as their digestion is slower that results in generating more heat.


You might even noticed sometimes your mother put ghee on your rotis. But when we are talking about Desi Ghee that is most easily digestable fat which gives the body much needed warmth. You often use ghee in dal as well as in sabzi’s.


It contains thermogenic properties which helps to keep your body warm during winter. It also helps to boost your metabolism rate and promoting your blood flow. By intake of hot cup of ginger tea in the morning you are going good to go.

5. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits let’s say for almonds,cashew and some other that generate heat in your body. It also helps to cure Anemia and other diseases which is caused due to deficiency of iron and vitamins.


Eggs are in huge demand during winter season which is very rich in proteins as well as in vitamins that helps to keep your body warm.

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