Killer Steps Avoid Botnet Attacks


Many cyber criminals are busy in adapting their weapons and attack strategies which is ruthlessly roaming the web in search of the next big score.

The every confidential information let’s say for employee records or customer financial data, all are subjected to relentless threats as per cybersecurity.

There are certain tools used by network manager to successfully guard the severe threats from hackers,malware,viruses and also a botnet attacks, these tools and methods were fit well as per the comprehensive cyber defense strategy.

Firstly you need to know what are botnets?

In a simple way, botnet is one of the hacking weapon through which they infiltrate the networks and unauthorisely access the computers which allow malware to continue it’s operation without disruption of user.

Today I am here to discuss some of the killer steps to avoid botnets:

  1. Make sure your VPN has a kill switch

VPN allows users to access confidential information by connecting the VPN to public network.The VPN switch in place means to keep sensitive data say for IP address get prevent from being trasmitted into the unsecures connection.

2. Develop robust system and block fraudulent emails

As I must say for the JAVA developers, as you people know that Java is one of the robust language through which you can create such kind of system.It has been observe that business emails that is mostly common attack stategy. Be sure you must install the tools to avoid i.e, Websense, McAfee to block receipt of email from unknown source.

For this I am going to share one of the example, during my college days one of my friend’s father facing the same issue. Around 2012-2013, Gmail chat was very popular on those days. Both father and son chat with each other.
Son: “Hi Dad, I want some money.Can you please send me now?”
Dad: Yes of course, I will do a net-banking to you.

By using the botnet technique, attacker seen or access the Dad’s computer and seen all the net-banking details. When they sent the money, it has not been credited into his son’s account. After the investigation, they found someone hacks his son Gmail account. Later on discussion with his son, he doesn’t chat and ask for money.

3. Enable Windows Firewall

As this is a very baseline protection against the incoming security threats.If you have networked computer that has alternative adequate firewall protection, then it become necessary to disable Windows firewall.

4. Use Data Filtering

As many botnet malware works by establishing interactions with at least one remote command and control server. To block malicious interaction use data filtering on the information that exist on your network.

5. Break Domain Trust Relationship

Eliminate your password trust to regain tighter control over your accounts. By cautiously controlling your local administrator account is very essential to cut off threats & eradicating them.

6. Enhance OR Increase Your Network Monitoring

As many IT stay for 24-hour in networking monitoring that should be a policy for employing data collection tools that detect unsual activity.

7. Control Network Access Over Proxy Server

By filtering a content through a proxy server is a very practical option for most networks. By routing outbound information through proxy server can head off cyber-criminals.

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