The Sign Of Ego


A story of two friends Anisha & Shriya, Anisha belongs from a high-class family whereas Shriya from middle-class.

Anisha always tries to make a change in Shriya’s dressup even Shriya ask her parents for money to buy some dress. Once there was a birthday party of their friend Trisha, both of them tries for a good make-up. When Anisha meets Shriya, Anisha told her “See look at me and you can see yourself”. Shriya feels upset and went for a birthday party.

They booked a cab while sitting beside Anisha, she always tries to look at her dress and find chatting with many boys. By reaching at the destination Trisha were surprised to see both of them. Ascertain Shriya finds Anisha talks with many people, suddenly a waiter came and ask Anisha “Do you need water mam?”. Anisha “No not now”. The waiter doesn’t focus on her reply and ask again, she just push the waiter and used a slang words on him.

On the next day, when Shriya comes to Anisha’s house and find Anisha keeps shouting on his parents by using a very abusive language. In a while, Shriya ask her “What happened why you are shouting like this, try to understand this is your parents”. Anisha “You keep silent Shriya this is none of your business”. Shriya “Ok, I came here to ask as I am going to temple, do you want to go with me?”.Anisha “You can’t do anything in your life Shriya just go to temple and pray to God. Look at me I get everything in my life”.

When reached the temple, Anisha tries to take ladder steps she finds a few distance from her whereas she find Shriya already cover the ladder steps and sit in the temple. Shriya ask “Hey, what you are doing there? Come here”. Anisha “When I tries to come these steps covers some distance from me”. The priest of the temple told her “This sign represents you have done many mistakes in your life”.

He also tries to make her understand “Before you came here you fight with your parents who is the pillar of giving strength to you even they bring you in this world”. He even told Shriya “Looking others and make a change in yourself is good but not in dress-up, this is just a kind of disease, try to make a change in your talent, your knowledge, think positive, do positive by which dress-up or make-up doesn’t having any value”.

Moral: Like always wearing a good dress is good at some point but when it converts to ego, the end of life is very close to them.

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