Unforgettable Journey Of An Indian Soldier


Rakesh who is an Indian soldier travelling from Sikkim to Punjab. Rakesh and other soldier were gossiping with each other as they went for a home by train after a long time.

After joining the Indian army this becomes the first time Rakesh went for a home where he found a blank seat with white sheet cover and pillow along with two luggage. He went to ask his friends “Hey guys, that seat is blank and I find a few luggage”.

Manish from one of the soldier replied “That seat has been reserved for our Baba Harbajan Singh. Rakesh asked “Are you crazy he already left the world?”. Manish “You don’t know about this since from past 40+ years everyone believe that his soul still alive for helping Indian soldier to fight with an enemy”.

Rakesh “See I don’t care about your stupidity, today I want to sleep beside that seat & I can’t believe on these ghost or supernatural stories”. On the other hand, many of them requested Rakesh “Don’t sleep beside that seat you may be afraid”.

By ignoring other soldiers Rakesh seated beside the seat reserved of Baba Harbajan Singh. The time was around 12:00PM, Rakesh started reading book in a while he heard some foot steps but doesn’t find anyone. When he returned back and see the Baba Harbajan’s shoe replace from the previous position and also the bed sheet looks as it has been used by someone. He got scared and call the other soldiers and told about the situation.

Note: Two times in every year one seat reserved for Baba Harbajan Singh. Many soldiers still believe and find some supernatural activities on the spot even when soldier failed to fight they find something hit their enemy.

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