Danger In Gangtok : Valentine’s Day Celebration


On the Valentine’s Day eve, Rajneesh and his wife Amrita went to Gangtok, Sikkim, India to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day in the year 2009.

Amrita belongs from Hyderabad and she never visited Gangtok earlier & it becomes exciting for her as she already love to travel hilly areas from her childhood days.

On the other hand, Rajneesh already belongs from West Bengal and this becomes the fourth time of visiting the Gangtok. Amrita asked “Hey, you told me that you had came earlier in this place it’s such a lovely place to stay forever”. Rajneesh “Yes I came earlier with my parents and relatives during my school days. I also like to stay here but my parents doesn’t allow me as they were getting afraid from hilly areas even you know also accidents mostly happens in hilly areas”.

The time was around 09:00 PM, both of them sit in a round table have chit-chat with each other. Suddenly, Amrita seen Rajneesh face looks haunted, she shouted immediately and gone into the faint state of mind. The waiter and other members of the resort came over there to help them. When Amrita gets normal, Rajneesh ask “What happened? Why you have shouted?”. Amrita “I told many lies to you I always like to choose travel in the hilly areas and even earlier I also visited over here from my school. During my 10th std., our school plans some tour at Gangtok. In a while, me and my best friend Kushal plan to commit suicide as our parents doesn’t like when we talk with each other, we both came near to the hill side and suddenly I find Kushal gets jumped but I can’t. Later everyone knows Kushal committed suicide but that was not a suicide”.

Rajneesh “Why you not told me this earlier & what is the reason of hiding from me?”. Amrita “I get scared even I haven’t told this to my parents”. Rajneesh “I have no word but you are wrong in yourself so I think we need to do some prayer and also to say sorry so that his soul will be rest in peace”. On the next day it was 15th Feb, they done everything according to their plan, Amrita accept her fault and say sorry to his soul.

Moral: This mostly happen with the teenager by choosing the wrong direction as they doesn’t understand the difference between good or bad.They were just focusing on what they like as usual those who are innocent, they gets attract immediately on certain situations, in this story Kushal looking for a wrong direction of getting his love.

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