Learn The Value Of Parents In Our Life


Once there was a married couple, Vikash and Anu who went Ooty to celebrate their honeymoon. While they were travelling towards their resort Anu find a Hanuman temple beside the road.

Anu told “Please stop the car I will be back within a few minutes”. She took some pujas flower, sindoor from the temple. Vikash asked “What is the reason & why you carry all these?”. Anu “My mother told whenever we are travelling for a long distance it necessary to keep all these belongings”.

They reached resort in the afternoon. Both enjoying their married life & meet with other guests. Vikash finds something change in Anu’s behaviour as she would love to stay forever in this resort. He thinks it’s funny & ignore it.

At evening, they went for some event which was held in the resort. Vikash busy to talk with the other members in a while he finds Anu eating prawns. He got shocked & asked “Hey what you are doing? Is everything ok?”. Anu looked at Vikash with horrible eyes & said “Get out from here & don’t disturb me”. Vikash told the other guest “My wife is in trouble even she started eating non-vegeterian”. The other members tried to help them but everyone get scared as there was some evil spirit took the place of Anu’s body.

They call the priest who told them to ready for Hanuman Puja. Vikash checked the Anu’s bag & find those belongings necessary for puja where the other members also ready to help them. By reading Hanuman Chalisa 108 times the spirit left Anu’s body & they were safe. On the next morning, the attendant told about the situation “Once there was couple who came to this resort whose wife got suicide by jumping from the roof of the resort. Later on discussion with her husband found her condition was abnormal she can’t control herself”. Vikash “That’s I find unfortunately Anu eating non-vegeterian”.

Moral: Parent’s word always valuable like in this story Anu’s mother already told her when travelling for a long distance must carry some good things with you where she got those belongings from Hanuman temple.

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