Never Panic & How To Handle

John is an IT worker at New Delhi but after the announcement of Janta Curfew in India on 19th Mar 2020, John planned to move towards his hometown which is in West Bengal.

On 21st Mar 2020, he booked a flight ticket for 23 Mar 2020 but the situation was still in danger.

It was on 23 Mar 2020, as the CM of Delhi announced everything gets lockdown, John started searching for cabs & other way of transport to reach at the airport but unfortunately after one hour he saw someone came by cab near to his home. John requested the driver of the cab & move forward to the airport.

When he reached the airport got a little panic about COVID-19 & find many flights got cancelled. He get sure & call his mother "Many flights were cancelled & I don't think is anything good for us". His mother replied "Don't panic & look positive even your flight still on time".

John reached the gate as mentioned on his ticket & find a flight already waiting. By asking other crew members he got the message "Since other flights of your destination got cancelled & this becomes the only flight that will reach your destination so we placed the flight 3 hours ago". He reached at the destination & finally meet his parents.

Moral: If the situation gets panic then think positive, every difficulties have solutions which one of the easiest way to achieve whatever you want.

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