Unforgettable Journey Of A Couple


On May 2005, Rakul and his husband Arjun a newly married couple were planned to visit Digha, West Bengal, India.

Rakul belongs from Punjab, India but from her childhood days she always like Bengali foods, Bengali sweets like Rasogollah, Bengali dresses and others. She meet Arjun during her college days & both of them planned to visit Digha after their marriage.

While travelling from Kolkata to Digha, Arjun gets cyclone alert at Digha and told her wife “Hey we need to go back the cyclone at Digha is too dangerous”. Rakul replied “What you mean we already came near to it nothing will happen just move forward”.

On the first day, they both were enjoying at beach & having a pleasant sleep tonight. Next day when Rakul wakeup in the morning she find some dogs were barking, she ignore it & told Arjun “Please do something & make them stop barking”.

Around 4:00PM, they came near to beach & seen birds, dogs & other animals were started making noise. None of them can’t understand what’s going to happen suddenly saw a huge wave from sea of very high altitude washed the beach where few people died. Rakul shouted for “HELP” & unfortunately her husband was missing. Finally marine drivers save her & later she got the information from cops about her husband who found dead.

According to the Weather Forecast, they were unable to answer whether is there any connection with Tsunami earthquake.

Note: The sounds of animals were not nonsense, it has meaningful. Within a week, a cyclone alert called “AMPHAN” which comes from Bay Of Bengal & it may touches the West Bengal & Odisha. Be alert & stay safe.

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