Unforgettable Journey Of Three Friends


This is a story of three close friends (Anil,Shahid & Maya) who plan to visit somewhere on the day of completion of their graduation from Durgapur.

They started their journey from Durgapur but still it is unknown they ask driver “We planned to visit Purulia, West Bengal but actually that’s a town we need some hilly areas to stay & enjoy”. Driver replied “Have anyone heard about Ayodhya Hills which is very close to Purulia & there you can stay at hotel”. According to driver, they agrred & move to Ayodhya Hills.

After reached Ayodhya, Maya feels she visited earlier this place. Anil “How is this possible? You are from Maharastra & this is just a hill in West Bengal”. Shahid “Hey guys see such a nice place & hotel is also really good even you people can try non-vegetarian also”.

In a while, both friends Anil & Shahid saw Maya being a vegetarian started eating non-veg. They were get shocked & the way she eats like she hungry for many days. Both of them tries to stop her but it was impossible like someone or some spirits possessed her body.

Other people in that hotel gets afraid whereas Anil wants help from manager to call any priest who can help them.Manager tries to find someone but fails to find. Later Anil reminds that he have Hanuman Chalisa in his bag & starts reading. Maya “Hey you stop reading”. Anil “Let us know who you are & why you possessed her body?”. Maya in spiritual character explain “We are friends since childhood even we came here during childhood days with our family even I proposed her but she rejects me & finally I get her”.

Anil keeps on reading & everyone in the hotel support them, sprit left her body & it has been around one week Maya to come in normal position. Later Maya married with Anil who is the saviour of her & were settled at Maharastra.

Moral: Evil, however powerful it is, is always smaller than Good.

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