Autonomous Car Technology: How it works?


Autonomous car is one of the way to reduce number of crashes on our roads.

As per the Government data, it has been observed that more number of car crashes due to driver behavior or error. In other way, self-driving is one of the option which reduces driver error.

Even the people with disabilities are capable of self-sufficiency & this highly automated vehicles can help them live the life as they want.

Technology Used Behind Autonomous Car

There are several technologies used behind this safe and autonomous vehicle , mostly the use of AI is in a wide range which helps to control the robotic car. Though, very soon you may find the use of this technology in train which makes a driverless train. Apart from this, the use of safety and security cameras ,network infrastructure and also the sensor based technology i.e., radar.

How Autonomous Car Works?

It has been very common these days no one can leave home without smartphones or the internet ready devices (smartphones,tablets etc.)

These devices tell us the exact location of the person by using GPS technology. With some level of connectivity by using 5G network, driverless vehicles able to react by prevention measures like braking and automatic steering, which in turn makes the street safer.

It as been widely used in USA for Emergency Medical Care, Public Transportation, Shipping & Deliveries etc. The country India is also focusing on this driverless vehicle to avoid traffic congestion, road safety even plan to use in trains.

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