Family Destroyed In Cyclonic Storm


Once there was a poor family staying near to coastal area in Digha West Bengal, India. Raju and Sonu are two sons in their family along with his father and mother.

They were getting alert regarding cyclonic storm named Amphan in the last year 2020 but they doesn’t worried by thinking we already staying at home nothing will happen to us.

Amphan, the cyclonic storm hit Digha on 17th May 2020 with a speed of 180 km/hr. Raju and Sonu were excited to see the cyclone, they came top of their roof. With a blowing speed of wind, Sonu falls from the edges of their roof and broken his hand but Raju falls some meter of distance and died. Their parents keep on searching both of them, finally after the cyclone found one getting injured and another died at someone else roof.

Moral: If they want can protect their children but due to their irresponsible facing such kind of moment. This is a warning for every children and also their parents cyclonic storm is not like a normal rains where your children can play and enjoy the rain. Be alert for the upcoming cyclone “YAAS” most probably between May 24,2021 – May 26,2021. STAY SAFE & PROTECT YOURSELF

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