How Earphones Affect Your Ears?


By avoiding noise induced trauma is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of hear loss. Though everybody knows that the explosive noise like construction equipment or jet engines can damage your ears.

These days most people own a smartphone through which they listen to music. There are many individuals who use earphones as constant companion while travelling, sweating it when out of gym.

Earphones are become an inescapable part for most people but blasting music in one’s ear does have it’s consequences.Earphones generally damage your ears when it has been used for long period of time at a high volume.
Sometimes the damage can be permanent as the sound from earphones cause the hair cells in cochlea to bend severely.

As per the Journal of the American Medical Association, the use of earphones led a major increase in the prevalence of hearing loss in adolescents and young adults.

Some of the precautionary measures need to be considered:

The human ears can be safe upto 70 decibel(dB) sound.
The normal conversation averages upto 60dB
Sound above 70dB for long period can cause hearing loss
Sound above 85 dB can cause permanent hearing loss.
Sometimes earphones also cause some ear infections.

Note: It doesn’t mean that you stop listen to music. Keeping the volume lower and limiting the exposure.

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