5 Health Tips To Know During Winter Season


Winter is the season in which you need to boost your immune system and also nurture the body. In this season you may become busy with so many activities like family dinners or holiday parties and so on.

Though, after the holiday season many people start experiencing depression or anxiety. Even we all know during winter season blood pressure rises which may sometimes lead to stroke.

Here few points which may help to stay healthy during winter:

  1. Eat Warm Foods

When we think about slimming down or getting healthier, we often think about cooling food like salads, fruit and green smoothies even if you want to cool your metabolism then go ahead and eat
some food. If you want to burn up your metabolism, you need to pick up more appropriate food.Some of the warm foods are ne nuts, walnuts, cashews, turmeric, mushrooms, and vinegar

  1. Do Exercise

The physical activity is one of the most important activity to keep yourself fit during winter. Follow daily routine of yoga will help to keep you warm and boost the immune system.

  1. Intake Of Water

Drink a required amount of water everyday and stay hydrated. It helps to clean our system and remove toxins.

  1. Balance Diet

Never do over dieting and better to avoid oil based foods that may increase the chances of chlorestrol in your body.

  1. Good Amount Of Sleep

Take 7-8 hours of sleep daily to keep immune system healthy it will eliminate the stress hormone cortisol and burns calories

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