Does WFH Makes Easy For Employer And Employee?


Many employers want to recall their employees whereas many employees like to work from home. On the other hand, many employees give resigning to their current job when asking to come office.
Today, here discussing few points that make both employer and their employees easy to understand:

  1. Asking To Come Office

According to employer, this become very common even before the pandemic. Every employees keep working from office no question for WFH. Now when the cases dip, employers keep asking for back to workplace.
Let’s observe, the thing is to understand if employee works properly and stay updated with every work. Some employees give more potential during WFH as compared to office. The time required to dress-up, come to the office, traffic signal etc.
Try to call those employees who doesn’t give value to their work rather calling the good employees. Good employees are the support of your organization.

  1. Startup Looking At MNCs

Many startup founders look at MNCs, they try to follow every news regarding MNCs. When MNCs plan to open their thought changed and recall their employees. Does those MNCs are your investors or partners? even why it become essential to follow others.
By end of the day, every organization need growth. Keep focus, how growth is coming? Focus on who are those persons who brings growth to your organization – “none other than employees”.

  1. Employees Getting Enjoyed At HomeQuestion For Every Employer

As discussed, some percentage of employees are there who gives little value to their work. Few companies planned last year, employees must stay into their job location rather than home town. Let me explain, if your employee is perfect then you don’t need to worry anyhow they will complete your task on time. On the other hand, irresponsible employees obviously need to call at the office rather than the job location.

Let’s share this as much you can and also find a difference between the positivity and negativity for both employer and employee.

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