Mid-Day Tale Of Two Friends


Atul and Manish, two friends from Kashipur, a small village in West Bengal, India, Once in the mid-day, when they get back to home from school, they were planned to visit Kashipur mansion.

Both of them heard about the mansion but had never visited it before.

On the way to mansion, they met one man and asked about the distance. The man replied, “It takes 4 km from here; better you can take the shortcut.” Manish and Atul started their journey with the shortcut and found a narrow road inside the village and didn’t find anyone.

Suddenly, they find a woman and ask about the mansion. The woman with the abaya dress didn’t reply for around 5 minutes. Atul asked, “Do you have any problem talking with us?” .The woman removed her burka and said, “I always used to travel on this road everyday”. Myself as an actor, and I used to play drama on stage.”

Manish asked “Are you feeling comfort to travel on this empty shortcut road?”. The woman laugh and said “Hey little child are you getting scared? Just walk few distance more you will reach mansion”.

The woman left, Atul and Manish discuss with each other about that woman which they think as a ghost. By walking two miles finally they reached the mansion where they find the statue of goddess Durga. They also find some photos of Panchakot Raj family who is known for ‘Zamindari Raj‘.

The mansion started shaking for a few seconds both of them immediately came out from the mansion by thinking the presence of ghost and they ran towards home. When they told parents about the mansion shaken, their parents laughed and say “We even feel here also that’s a little earthquake son and Durga Puja celebrated every year on that mansion from the time of Panchakot Raj”.

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