A Tale Of Unsighted Affection


Once there was a blind girl who always hated herself because she’s blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend who always been there to take care of her.

Her boyfriend helps in each moment of her life. Once her father felt sick and admitted to hospital but hospital refuse to take her father because her family doesn’t have enough money for being admitted to hospital.

Without having any option, she call her boyfriend. Boyfriend family’s gives full support for saving a life of his father. After 15 days of hospital stay, her father returned back to home.

Finally, her boyfriend got a very great opportunity for work. After getting this information, she becomes happy and said if she could see the world, she would definitely marry her.

One day, her parents got a call that someone donated a pair of eyes to her and now she can see everything and that becomes a great moment for her family. She saw her parents, staff at hospital except her boyfriend.

Suddenly gets a call from her boyfriend “Now you can see the world, will you marry me?”. When she saw her boyfriend is blind too and refused to marry him.

After few days, on the day of her marriage she got a letter from her boyfriend –“Take care of my eyes dear”.

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