Art Of Celebrating Holiday Season


Celebrating the new year is a tradition that has been happening for centuries. It is a time to reflect on the past and to celebrate the future.

The ancient Egyptians believed that there were two ways of measuring time: the solar calendar, which was based on an 365-day cycle, and the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar was based on a 354-day cycle, so they added an extra day every four years to keep in sync with the solar calendar.

The new year always starts at different times of year in different countries because it is based on their own calendars. In China, it starts in February or March; in India, it starts in April or May; and in Japan, it starts sometimes as late as June or July

Christmas is a time for family and friends. But it’s also a time for new beginnings. We’ve all got resolutions to keep and promises to fulfill, so let’s make this Christmas the best one yet. Christmases of the past were faithful ones, but this year will be even more memorable when we celebrate it with the promise of a better future with our loved ones in 2019.

A new year is another chance for us to have an even better life.

It is the time of year to be thankful and grateful for all that has been accomplished. It is also the time to wish people a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

People in different cultures celebrate Christmas in different ways. A greeting card from an old friend or an exclamation from a colleague would be enough to make someone’s day. A home-cooked dinner with family, or a dinner out with friends are some of the many ways people can spend their Christmas holidays.

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