Android Phones To Get Satellite Connectivity


Android phones are set to revolutionize access to communication services in areas with limited or no mobile coverage. With satellite connectivity, handsets can now connect with passing satellites to send and receive messages, allowing people living in remote and rural regions to stay connected even without 4G/5G network signals.

Using this technology, people would be able to stay in contact with their loved ones even if they are outside the reach of traditional cellular signaling networks. Besides allowing for more efficient means of two-way communication, satellite connectivity also makes it easier for off-grid businesses and startups to benefit from the advantages of staying connected.

In this digital age, staying connected all the time is now possible. With cutting edge technology, Android phones are soon to get satellite connectivity, making it easier for users to stay connected even in remote places with no mobile coverage.

This innovation will allow the handsets to connect with passing satellites and send and receive messages, thus enabling information exchange even in places of no mobile coverage. The satellite connectivity will not only increase the reliability of communication but also keep users on top of their game in times of emergencies or when planning for outdoor activities such as hikes or camping trips.

Satellites cover the entire globe and even fly in their low orbit, around 485 miles (780km) above the Earth, and groups of them can communicate with each other, passing data between them.

Partnership between the satellite phone organization Iridium along with chip giant Qualcomm will bring satellite connectivity to premium Android smartphones later in the year.

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