Mystery – A Tale Of Hitchhiker


John loved the thrill of adventure and one day set out the country side to take a camping trip. He soon ran out of gas and stopped by the side of a deserted country road, hoping to find some help. Before he could even make a call, an old truck came into view, it was driven an old man with a long white beard. He offered John a lift in exchange for some company in his long journey ahead of him.

John excitedly accepted the offer, despite his worry about the strange man in front of him. On their drive to the campsite, however, the old man only spoke about dark topics like unsolved mysteries and devastating tragedies. He then asked John if he was afraid and John replied no which made the old man smile deviously.

They soon arrived at the campsite where John immediately got out and rushed off towards his campground. When he turned back around to thank his companion for helping him get there, found nobody was there. John try to search but he was unable to find him. Later, Jhon started interrogating few shops nearby and came to the conclusion, old man seen to many peoples and offering lift to needy ones. Seven years ago, his truck took an accident at the same spot.

On further interrogating, John came to know he was very helpful person.After his death, owner of truck take care of their family members because was only in the family household earner.

Moral: The person attitude never change even after death. It’s better to have a good attitude that represent you as a good person and God always support them. Here in this story, the owner of truck may have the option for not supporting his family but being a good person everyone saw him in a different way.

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