The Curse of Kali


Raj and his friends were bored on Diwali night. They had already burst all the crackers and fireworks they had bought and they wanted to do something more exciting. They decided to go to the old temple near the river, where they had heard that people performed Kali Puja, a festival that honours Goddess Kali, the fierce form of the divine feminine who represents the power of destruction and transformation.

They reached the temple and saw that it was dark and deserted. They entered the temple and found a statue of Kali, with her tongue sticking out, her eyes wide open, and her hands holding a sword and a severed head. They also saw a pile of animal carcasses and blood stains on the floor. They felt a chill run down their spines, but they also felt a thrill of curiosity and adventure.

They decided to mock the statue and the ritual, thinking that it was all superstition and nonsense. They took selfies with the statue, making funny faces and gestures. They also kicked the animal carcasses and threw them around. They even smeared some blood on their faces and clothes, pretending to be Kali’s devotees.

They laughed and joked, unaware of the grave mistake they had made. They had violated the sanctity of the temple and the ritual, and they had angered Kali, who was watching them with her fiery eyes.

Suddenly, they heard a loud roar that shook the temple. They turned around and saw that the statue of Kali had come to life. She looked furious and terrifying, and she was ready to punish them for their disrespect and blasphemy.

She raised her sword and swung it at them, cutting them into pieces. She also grabbed their heads and tore them off their bodies. She then threw their heads and limbs into the river, where they were devoured by the crocodiles.

She then uttered a curse that would haunt their families and descendants for generations. She said, “You have insulted me and my worship, and you have brought doom upon yourselves and your kin. You and your offspring will never see the light of Diwali, and you will always live in darkness and fear. You will never know peace and happiness, and you will always suffer pain and misery. This is the curse of Kali, and it will never be lifted.”

She then returned to her statue form, and the temple became silent and dark again. The only evidence of the horror that had happened there was the blood and the bones that littered the floor.

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