Mystery Of Christmas Eve Entertainomania

Mystery Of Christmas Eve

This is a story on the Christmas eve, John with his wife Alice celebrate the Christmas at their resort in Dowhill, Kurseong. They visited their resort on 24th Dec 2012 and find their friends were waiting for them whom they invited over there.

By meeting with each other and share their life stories also talk about some enjoyment in college life. At the evening, they all visited the hall room of the resort to celebrate the Christmas eve. Alice doesn't like the enjoyment she feels something wrong going to happen.On the other hand, she find John and his friends were getting enjoyed.

The time is around 12:00am, John's friend Manish puts the dress of Santa Clause.They all getting shocked and ask to Manish "How you get this dress?". Manish "I got this dress from my room". None of them bother about his words and starts enjoying. Suddenly they find Manish in a trouble blood coming from his eyes, everyone get shocked and try to help him but unfortunately he died.

John ask Atul who is the caretaker of this resort but when Atul seen the dead body of Manish he understand the situation and told others "Be alert he came back". John again ask him "What happen? Who came back?". Atul "Five years back a person named Sunny who came here as a Santa Clause but many of them drunk and make a fun of that guy and killed him, from that day no one is wearing the dress of Santa Clause else he will be back again". John "But why you are not informed this to my father?". Atul "I informed him but he told me never tell anyone about this situation else we will be in great loss".

On the next day, John visited at the father's house of the Church for getting some help. He told John that he has only one solution , "put the dress of Santa Clause into fire where his soul get relief from this world". By doing this John saved the life of other friends and his wife Alice.

Moral: Don't hide if you find anything wrong try to solve it early else it might be dangerous in future.

winter foods entertainomania

Healthiest Foods That Keep You Warm During Winter

Winter season is here guys where we enjoying the chilly breeze after some months of scorching months.
But there are fewer foods that are in the winter season apart from that summer season.

Today I am going to discuss some of the foods that keeps you warm and stay healthy during winter.


It is warm in nature and also regular intake helps in keeping the body warm. This is the only reason why excessive intake of honey during summers is not advised. It is also good to get rid from cold, cough and flu as it strengthens your immune system.

2.Root vegetables

This is for those who aren't quite sure of what root vegetables are; it grows below the surface like radish,turnip and sweet potatoes. These vegetables keep your body warm as their digestion is slower that results in generating more heat.


You might even noticed sometimes your mother put ghee on your rotis. But when we are talking about Desi Ghee that is most easily digestable fat which gives the body much needed warmth. You often use ghee in dal as well as in sabzi's.


It contains thermogenic properties which helps to keep your body warm during winter. It also helps to boost your metabolism rate and promoting your blood flow. By intake of hot cup of ginger tea in the morning you are going good to go.

5. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits let's say for almonds,cashew and some other that generate heat in your body. It also helps to cure Anemia and other diseases which is caused due to deficiency of iron and vitamins.


Eggs are in huge demand during winter season which is very rich in proteins as well as in vitamins that helps to keep your body warm.

sooryavanshi entertainomania 2020

The Upcoming Film Sooryavanshi

An upcoming adventure film Sooryavanshi release on March 2020 directed by Rohit Shetty and produced by Dharma Productions.

Here Akshay Kumar in the titular role with Katrina Kaif whereas Ajay Devgan and ranveer Singh will make cameo apperances.

In this film, Akshay played the lead role of DCP Veer Sooryavanshi which was announced towards the end of Simmba.He will playing the cheif of the Anti-Terrorism Squad.

The bigger news came in the form of preponing the release date of Sooryavanshi around a cople of months to avoid clash with Salman Khan's Inshallah which is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali

So finally the film is set to be released on March 27,2020 but the fans reactions to the new release was not at all positive.

whatsapp beta entertainomania

Whatsapp Beta Tests That Letting You Sign In On Multiple Devices

The stable release of the Dart Mode, today here I am going to discuss some of the latest updates of Whatsapp.

Though the latest beta version updates for the Android and iOS apps as everyone knows it is one of the popular instant messaging app in the world. The Whatsapp which is already hinted again at some new features that are already into work. With the stable release of Whatsapp Dark Mode as this is also the most-awaited feature and we don't know when it will be launch. The social media giant Facebook also owned the instant messaging service and is also working on letting users log in form multiple devices at the same time.

According to the report, the new Beta version, is testing whatsapp's new Whatsapp multi-platform support. It is also reported that a Whatsapp chats would continue to have end-to-end encryption as the company is developing new method to assign keys to specific devices.

Now Facebook also might take to further step by integrating this on the splash screen as well. The user may open the app now, the Whatsapp splash screen will greet them "from Facebook".

power of truth entertainomania

Power Of Truth

This is the story of a boy named Pratik who came to Bhubaneswar, India from USA for graduation. Pratik love to dance, singing a pop songs and very friendly with everyone.

Pratik joined 2010 batch of our University in the stream of Bachelor In Computer Application. On the welcome day of fresher everyone feels nervous and not in touch with seniors whereas Pratik become free to talk with everyone even with seniors. When seniors asks Pratik to perform something on stage, he started singing by giving a rocking performance and everyone claps on his performance. He also even proved to be special among others.

Apart from music and other kind of entertainment, he also good in his studies. Even I noticed he always connect with those people who have the ability to do something lets say for playing guitar, good in studies etc. Once he met me in the library talking how he came to India.He narrated his lesson "My birthplace is India and I am from a Odisha family but I am completed my schooling days from USA so according to my look you can't imagine myself as Indian even I don't know Hindi". As being my junior whenever he met with me "Always Handshake" or say "Good Morning".

Whenever he needs help everyone ready to do help because of his behavior and cuteness. According to this boy, I must say this is a very common that every junior learn from seniors but he is the only person in the whole university whenever anyone meet he/she get some good lesson to learn from Pratik which is mostly related to humanity.

Moral: When you meet a positive person and judging his personalities, the negativity which you have may gone. In other words, by looking at the truth the negativity disappears.