Upcoming Action Movie Godzilla vs. Kong

The upcoming American monster film Godzilla vs. Kong directed by Adam Wingard.After the sequel of Godzilla: King of Monsters and Kong:Skull Island, it's the fourth film in Legendary's MonsterVerse.

Kong and his protectors undertake a perilous journey to find his true home and with them is Jia, a young orphaned girl with whom he has formed a unique and powerful bond.

The epic clash between the two titans instigated by unseen forces and that's the only beginning of the mystery that lies deep within the core of the Earth.

This film stars Alexander Skarsdarg,Millie Bobby Brown,Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry and others performing a wonderful act in this movie.Hope you would like to watch in theaters.

In 2019, the first promotional one sheet poster was revealed at the license Expo.

This film is scheduled to be released simultaneously in theatres and also in HBO on March 31,2021, United States while being released on March 26 in international theatrical markets without HOB Max.

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How To Build Immunity In Your Body

There are lot of supplements which helps to boost your immune system. Though boosting an immunity is much harder as what you might think for good reason.

If you want to stay away from cold,flu or some other types of infections your first step is to visit a local store and then plan your meals.

Here discussing some of the basic steps to boost your immunity:

  1. Do exercise regularly

Make an exercise a daily routine activity. It makes your immune system stronger as well as healthier.

  1. Intake of fruits and vegetables

By intake of citrus fruits,Broccoli,Garlic,Ginger,Spinach,Almond etc. helps you to maintain your immunity and also your cholesterol

  1. Stay Hydrated

Water plays a vital role in your body that supports your immune system. By intake a lower amount of water slows down the movement of lymph which leads to impaired immune system.
As per medical research, 3-4 litres intake of water requires for adult users.

  1. Avoid plenty of stress

When it comes to the body building activity you must need to understand how stress affect your health.It may weaker your immune system and increase a higher chances of infections and illness.

Whether it may be deep breathing,prayer or meditation you always need to be familiar with these activities to reduce stress.

  1. Diet control

This is one of the most important to consider whether you are taking a healthy foods or other kind of foods to boost your immunity, always focus on your diet control never take an excessive amount of food.
Many people think if I eat more healthy foods it will boost my immunity more it's nothing like that and the things to consider is:

Control your diet
Do exercise regularly but not too much
Completely avoid stress
Stay hydrated as per need , never intake an excessive amount of water

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The First Impression Of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

A completely wireless buds, Samsung has been doing well in the earbuds segment with their range of Galaxy Buds.

This Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has puts the entire definition of a top-notch audio device & the time it gets active noise cancellation also with spatial audio, like bringing at the level of Apple AirPods Pro.

It also having a touch sensitive feature which you have mistakenly pressed for long time & the Samsung gives you an option to turn it completely off.

According to Samsung claimed this Buds pro runs for 8 hours on the buds with ANC switched off and also the total of 28 hours with charging case. The primary reason being the Buds Pro gets 61mAh battery as opposed to the 85mAh.

However, when you listening to music and if you are playing an online games you must switch off else the accelerometer in the buds detects the jaw moving and turns off the ANC which may result in lower the volume.

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Game Of Death EntertainOMania

An Unknown Invitation: A Game Of Death

Mira and Manish, a couple got an invitation letter from an unknown person. Mira were excited to see what kind of invitation letter, she find the invitation card with awesome decoration, it's like someone birthday, venue at Red Villa resort, Goa but the name of the person is not mentioned.

Even they also find the flight ticket for both of us. In a while, Mira would likely to visit Goa but Manish had lot question in his mind "Who is that person?","How they know us? & "Who's birthday?". By the way they took flight for Goa and visit Red Villa resort.

Mr.Madan, who welcomes both of them at Red Villa resort even they were getting free luxury rooms and allowing them to use swimming pool and food services free of cost. Manish were getting surprised and ask Mr.Madan "Thank you very much but why you are doing this for us, I mean we received a birthday invitation but the name of the person has not mentioned on the card". Mr.Madan replied "You get all the answers but you and your wife need to play some game with us".

Manish tries to get the answer without playing but in a while he get ready to take game challenge.

Round I:

Mr.Madan ask Manish , tell your wife to eat pork. Manish "What rubbish is this she is vegeterian". Mr.Madan said "See this is upto you as you take this challenge by signing our contract & you can't leave from here without playing this game".
Manish find Mira started eating pork and by looking at her, he gets shocked.

Round II:

It is very challenging game, Mr.Madan told Manish , "you have to hold your breathe under swimming pool for 10 minutes". Manish were trying do that but within a 5 minutes, he back from swimming pool.

Finally, Manish understand, Mr. Madan is Anik's father. Manish being a senior in his college, he always used to do ragging with his son Anik.Apart from Manish, Mira also in his group during their college days. Once Anik complain to principal, Manish gave him a punishment same like this swimming pool. In a while, Anik lost his life.

Manish asked Mr.Madan "How you came to know about this that was declared as suicide". Mr.Madan "There is no option for my son to do suicide. Later I ask and I find you are the one who always harassing others in your college, but today is your day. I am not going to kill you, on your back you see someone already came to arrest both of you".

Moral: Everyone knows ragging is crime and it has been punishable as per law. Some people looks different but the truth has been hiding behind them. In this story, Mr.Madan suffering a pain of loosing his child even if he wants can kill both of them but he was focusing on the right path.

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autonomous car

Autonomous Car Technology: How it works?

Autonomous car is one of the way to reduce number of crashes on our roads.

As per the Government data, it has been observed that more number of car crashes due to driver behavior or error. In other way, self-driving is one of the option which reduces driver error.

Even the people with disabilities are capable of self-sufficiency & this highly automated vehicles can help them live the life as they want.

Technology Used Behind Autonomous Car

There are several technologies used behind this safe and autonomous vehicle , mostly the use of AI is in a wide range which helps to control the robotic car. Though, very soon you may find the use of this technology in train which makes a driverless train. Apart from this, the use of safety and security cameras ,network infrastructure and also the sensor based technology i.e., radar.

How Autonomous Car Works?

It has been very common these days no one can leave home without smartphones or the internet ready devices (smartphones,tablets etc.)

These devices tell us the exact location of the person by using GPS technology. With some level of connectivity by using 5G network, driverless vehicles able to react by prevention measures like braking and automatic steering, which in turn makes the street safer.

It as been widely used in USA for Emergency Medical Care, Public Transportation, Shipping & Deliveries etc. The country India is also focusing on this driverless vehicle to avoid traffic congestion, road safety even plan to use in trains.

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