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6 Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Everyday you learn some new things from yourself or from others. We learn the things quickly but also forget the things at the same rate.

Similarly, most of the times we are trying to remind ourselves of the things we have learned.

  1. Develop Positive Thinking

This is one of the keystone habit which will help you from other habits.I'm sure positive thinking never lead to success but it can motivate you so long & it makes you realize of stop doing negative.

You may find when you think negative always gets fail and started doing bad habits (smoking cigarettes etc.) but squash the negative thoughts and think positive will makes you feel good and showing the steps of success.

2. Spend Time With The People Whom You Love Most

When you share your feelings with family or friends, you always feels someone there who listen to me. Even for others those who don't have family build family make friends with others.

3. Avoid To Start Relationship If You Are Not In Love

Many of us even I also had face the same situation. You might love someone and want to make relationship with them but makes sure other understand the value of relationship. Don't be fool love yourself, trust yourself will definitely lead you a good relationship in future.

4. Exercise Yourself

This will makes you feel better and healthy and more confident in positive changes. It relieves you from stress and give time to think and that leads to good mental well-being in your life.

5. Always Focus On One Goal

While it seems very difficult but focusing on one goal at a time is the powerful way of achieving your goals. When you try for multiple goals, your thoughts becomes thin and also thins your focus as well as energy.

6. Money

How many of you think money will change your life?

If you think like this equals completely wrong way of thinking. Money required for survive your life but when it comes to your weakness it becomes enemy.

The same think "The more you need money, money tries to get away from you". This is the only situation happens when you are not happy as whatever you have and it also makes you doing wrong activities of earning money.
Look at the person having better life is the only one who focus on his work without bothering money while in the same situation many of us try to make them fool and get some work but the one lesson you may know

"The More You Give, The More You Get".

Baba Harbajan Indian Soldier Entertainomania

Unforgettable Journey Of An Indian Soldier

Rakesh who is an Indian soldier travelling from Sikkim to Punjab. Rakesh and other soldier were gossiping with each other as they went for a home by train after a long time.

After joining the Indian army this becomes the first time Rakesh went for a home where he found a blank seat with white sheet cover and pillow along with two luggage. He went to ask his friends "Hey guys, that seat is blank and I find a few luggage".

Manish from one of the soldier replied "That seat has been reserved for our Baba Harbajan Singh". Rakesh asked "Are you crazy he already left the world?". Manish "You don't know about this since from past 40+ years everyone believe that his soul still alive for helping Indian soldier to fight with an enemy".

Rakesh "See I don't care about your stupidity, today I want to sleep beside that seat & I can't believe on these ghost or supernatural stories". On the other hand, many of them requested Rakesh "Don't sleep beside that seat you may be afraid".

By ignoring other soldiers Rakesh seated beside the seat reserved of Baba Harbajan Singh. The time was around 12:00PM, Rakesh started reading book in a while he heard some foot steps but doesn't find anyone. When he returned back and see the Baba Harbajan's shoe replace from the previous position and also the bed sheet looks as it has been used by someone. He got scared and call the other soldiers and told about the situation.

Note: Two times in every year one seat reserved for Baba Harbajan Singh. Many soldiers still believe and find some supernatural activities on the spot even when soldier failed to fight they find something hit their enemy.

Cause Of HairFall & How To Control Entertainomania

Cause Of Hair Fall & How To Control

Are you scared in shampooing or combing your hair?

Many people never get to the root cause of hair fall and started interacting when it becomes too late. See there are several reasons of hair fall sometimes this happens due to change in weather.

The excessive hair loss can be a troublesome problems that result in worry and self-esteem especially in women. However if diagnosed right you can control your hair.

Here I am discussing few precautionary steps that helps you in better hair growth:

  1. Deficiency In Nutrition

As sometimes the essential nutrients may missing from your diets (i.e., iron, znic and also proteins). The deficiency of vitamin D result in hair loss so to avoid this soak up some sun.

2. Massage Your Hair

Try to massage your hair with the combination of pure almond oil or castor oil.You must do this steps at least twice in a week.

3. Do Regular Exercise

Even you can't believe this regular exercise also helps to give better hair growth, it improves the blood circulation helps to remove toxins from the body through perspiration.

4. Due To Hormonal Imbalance

After the age of 30, most women experience hormonal imbalance that cause the result of hair loss, as this basically caused due to excessive dihydrotestosterone(DHT) conversion. When the women reach certain age,they must begin to convert these androgen's to DHT.

5. Avoid Dandruff

It is most dangerous and result in hair loss, try to control this in the early stage. Avoid using someone's else comb as that will infect your hair. Use shampoo once in a week in warm water to avoid fungus and other infections.

6. Thyroid Issue

When the thyroid gland produce excessive amount of thyroid hormone then the hair growth cycle may change. You may have the symptoms like hair loss, weight gain or loss, changes in heart rate immediately consult with the physician.

7. Birth Control Pills

This also result in hair loss, the hormones in the pills try to suppress the ovulation that result hair to thin. The other drugs associated with hair loss are blood thinner and medicines that can treat high blood pressure, heart disease & depression.

8. Stress

As it is observe the extreme stress result in hair loss. Just to minimize stress through exercise or yoga.

9. Hair-styling Products

The toxic chemicals found in these product result in hair loss. Similarly in shampoos contain toxic chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate which may effect your immune system.Better stick to natural shampoos and dyes.

ego entertainomania

The Sign Of Ego

A story of two friends Anisha & Shriya, Anisha belongs from a high-class family whereas Shriya from middle-class.

Anisha always tries to make a change in Shriya's dressup even Shriya ask her parents for money to buy some dress. Once there was a birthday party of their friend Trisha, both of them tries for a good make-up. When Anisha meets Shriya, Anisha told her "See look at me and you can see yourself". Shriya feels upset and went for a birthday party.

They booked a cab while sitting beside Anisha, she always tries to look at her dress and find chatting with many boys. By reaching at the destination Trisha were surprised to see both of them. Ascertain Shriya finds Anisha talks with many people, suddenly a waiter came and ask Anisha "Do you need water mam?". Anisha "No not now". The waiter doesn't focus on her reply and ask again, she just push the waiter and used a slang words on him.

On the next day, when Shriya comes to Anisha's house and find Anisha keeps shouting on his parents by using a very abusive language. In a while, Shriya ask her "What happened why you are shouting like this, try to understand this is your parents". Anisha "You keep silent Shriya this is none of your business". Shriya "Ok, I came here to ask as I am going to temple, do you want to go with me?".Anisha "You can't do anything in your life Shriya just go to temple and pray to God. Look at me I get everything in my life".

When reached the temple, Anisha tries to take ladder steps she finds a few distance from her whereas she find Shriya already cover the ladder steps and sit in the temple. Shriya ask "Hey, what you are doing there? Come here". Anisha "When I tries to come these steps covers some distance from me". The priest of the temple told her "This sign represents you have done many mistakes in your life".

He also tries to make her understand "Before you came here you fight with your parents who is the pillar of giving strength to you even they bring you in this world". He even told Shriya "Looking others and make a change in yourself is good but not in dress-up, this is just a kind of disease, try to make a change in your talent, your knowledge, think positive, do positive by which dress-up or make-up doesn't having any value".

Moral: Like always wearing a good dress is good at some point but when it converts to ego, the end of life is very close to them.

E-commerce Giants Face An Antitrust Investigation In India Entertainomania

E-commerce Giants Face An Antitrust Investigation In India

The India's antitrust regulation were opened an investigation into Amazon as well as in Flipkart over the allegation that the two e-commerce giants are illegally undercutting local business.

The Competition Commission of India is investigating these two companies. The commission is also looking into allegations by a New Delhi trade group that Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart gave preferential treatment to some sellers on their platforms.

As everyone knows, India is a huge market for Amazon and Flipkart with an approximate of 700 million users with an e-commerce market with e-commerce market that Morgan Stanley projects will be worth around $200 billion in 2027.

Both these companies invested billions of dollars in South Asian country but have faced a growing government barriers. The new regulations were imposed on foreign retailers in the last year which aims to curb many of the practices cited in the antitrust complaint, and legislation in the works could place further restrictions on how overseas tech firms store data of Indian users.