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Truth On Diwali Night

Around years ago, Ritesh and his wife Neha were planned to visit Sikkim from Mumbai during their Diwali holidays. They booked a flight ticket to Kolkata and later they book a private car from Siliguri which hardly takes four hours to visit Gangtok.

Exploring one day at Gangtok and later they move to Tarku on the day before Diwali. They seen people were busy for Kali Puja, Ritesh asked manager of the hotel "This time is Diwali why people are celebrating Kali Puja". The manager replied "Every year at this time we are celebrating Kali Puja even specially the Bengalis, you find many Bengalis near to our Tarku Tanak kali temple".

Ritesh and Neha visited Kali Mandir and waiting to watch Kali Puja which started at night around 12:00 am. The priest of the temple told everyone no one will leave from this temple till morning. They didn't care the words of priest and move towards to hotel. In a while, they heard some sound of animals in the dark night of Amavasya. Getting a little scared, still moving forward to their hotel. Suddenly they seen a four large wolves came infront of them, the priest came with few people and throws Gangajal on the wolves. The wolves get vanished.

Later, Ritesh asked the priest of the temple "Why they were vanished?". He replied "Those were not wolves those are monster or we can say devil whose power become double in the day of Amavasya and this is the reason we are doing Kali Puja to destroy the evil from the earth". On the next day, they have a ticket for Mumbai but they can't forget that dangerous night.

Moral: They didn't face that situation if they listen to priest but taking things on a easy way sometimes makes your life dangerous.

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whatsapp ban

Whatsapp banned 20 Lakhs Users In India By August

As per the compliance report, it has been revealed that Whatsapp the largest messaging app has banned over 20 laks of users around India by August.

It has got 420 grievance report and the Indian account identified through +91 phone number. One of the primary reason of those banned accounts tooks place due to unauthorized use of automated or bulk messages.

WhatsApp taken action against the violating accounts as per the reports and also complaints received through the grievances channels.

This ban is essential as many people asking for loans or other kind of funding activities which are generally illegal. Whatsapp being the largest messaging it also maintains privacy and security.

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On The Way Monsoon Trip

Rajiv and his wife Soumya planning for a monsoon trip to Shimla in a rainy night during their weekend after returning back from their office.

It was a Friday night, both of them started their journey around 10:30PM from Delhi. When they came out of the city New Delhi, Rajiv and Soumya saw a truck fallen outside the road. Soumya asked "I am sure this truck took an accident".

They simply ignore the accident and move forward. After certain distance travel,they seen a truck whistling from the back. Rajiv allow the truck to move forward but still the truck whistle.

Soumya look back and saw the truck which took accident in the spot, the same truck with the same number came back to them. Both of them worried and Rajiv speed up the car but their petrol goes down and the car gets stopped in the middle of the road. Rajiv and Soumya came out of the car and seen a truck with no driver. Both of them started pray to God.

It becomes a god grace that they seen a police jeep, Rajiv asking for help and told about the incident. The policeman replied "The truck took an accident due to break failure. Many of us seen that truck and told truck driver actually asking help for his family".

Finally, they cancelled the trip and move back to Delhi.

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Earthquake Hits Xinjiang

A 5.1 magnitude of earthquake strikes the northwest China's Xinjiang on Saturday as per the China earthquake networks center.

The epicenter was monitored and found as 37.87 degrees north latitude and 77.96 degrees east longitude around a depth of 7km.

Prior to this quake a major jolt had occured in some parts of Kashgar and Hotan prefectures.

As per the local authorities, no casualties or any kind of property damage has been reported.The firebrigade has dispatched 37 vehicles in Kashgar and 141 firefighters to the epicenter.

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How Earphones Affect Your Ears?

By avoiding noise induced trauma is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of hear loss. Though everybody knows that the explosive noise like construction equipment or jet engines can damage your ears.

These days most people own a smartphone through which they listen to music. There are many individuals who use earphones as constant companion while travelling, sweating it when out of gym.

Earphones are become an inescapable part for most people but blasting music in one's ear does have it's consequences.Earphones generally damage your ears when it has been used for long period of time at a high volume.
Sometimes the damage can be permanent as the sound from earphones cause the hair cells in cochlea to bend severely.

As per the Journal of the American Medical Association, the use of earphones led a major increase in the prevalence of hearing loss in adolescents and young adults.

Some of the precautionary measures need to be considered:

The human ears can be safe upto 70 decibel(dB) sound.
The normal conversation averages upto 60dB
Sound above 70dB for long period can cause hearing loss
Sound above 85 dB can cause permanent hearing loss.
Sometimes earphones also cause some ear infections.

Note: It doesn't mean that you stop listen to music. Keeping the volume lower and limiting the exposure.

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