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5 Hacks Of Weight Control That You Never Judge Earlier

When we talk about belly fat which makes your clothes feel tight & that becomes seriously harmful. This type of fat termed as visceral fat that causes major risk factor for diabetes, heart disease & some others.

According to many health organization which uses body mask index(BMI) to classify weight in order to predict the risk of metabolic disease.

Here some of the effective weight loss tips followed by some scientific studies:

  1. Eat Some Soluble Fiber

Let's talk about the soluble fiber that absorbs water & turns into gel which helps slow down food as it might passes into your digestive system.

Some of the soluble fiber foods:

  1. Sweat Coming

When you workout at your own space it not only save your time rather than it will also fit if you find yourself by spare five minutes. You can also do some physical activities at your office say for instance., climbing the stairs or standing up for 10 minutes after each hour.

  1. Avoid Trans Fats Foods

Some trans fats foods are created by pumping hydrogen into the unsaturated fats like soyabean oil. This basically found in some packaged foods but as of now some food producer may stop it. These are such kind of fates that related to heart disease, insulin, abdominal fat etc.

  1. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

By drinking too much alcohol it becomes harmful for your health. As per research, a person drinking too much alcohol results in belly fat. It also increases the chances of developing central obesity.

  1. Keep your record

In order to maintain your body weight you have to keep records of your diets as well as your fitness. Make some plan according to day-wise or monthly. By maintaining this helps you to understand & also improve your health.


Indigo Stops Serving In-Flight Meal After Lock-down

When this lock-down over across India & the passenger flights are permitted again, the airline company Indigo clean it's aircraft more frequently.

The in-flight meal service stop for a certain period & will fill maximum of 50 percent seats told by CEO Ronojoy Dutta.

He also told "We are focusing on safety conscious & also the health conscious. By keeping this on mind, we are looking to change some of our operating procedures. In this situation the company will not manage it's growth but focusing on the liquidity".

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IT Companies TCS, Cognizant helping government to fight with COVID-19

The well-known IT organization TCS, Cognizant have already been emerged on the front line battle to contain COVID-19 outbreak.

These companies helping government & also the drug developers to identify some new molecules in order to combat the pandemic.

The scientist at TCS Innovation Labs in Hyderabad are using the technique of artificial intelligence (AI) to find new molecules to target COVID-19.

As per TCS, AI has significantly reduced the initial drug design process from years.

Cognizant also working along with clients to improve the supply chain in order to make many ventilators & some other medical devices & also to manage clinical data for those drug trials & also for many biotechnology company.


Mysterious Story Writer

Once there was a man Manish somewhere around 1992 who would like to write story books & sell it to the customer. In his family, he had an elder daughter, younger son & his wife.

Days were going he sold around 300+ story books & become little famous for his latest release of book "Power Of Truth". He belongs from the town Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India where he attend as a guest in some book fair event.

It was after 6 months, a newspaper came to his house where he find a 65 year old man died by reading his book "Power Of Truth". He gets shocked & suddenly find a group of cops came to his home for investigation.Within inquiry Manish answered the cops "See this book meant for taking people in positive direction rather than any suicide or murder".

The cops arrested Manish & told "You will be on jail till this case not resolved". He call the lawyer but the situation going worst day-by-day. Later he tries to investigate himself in jail by writing stories & told the cops "Find two people one who love my story & other who ignore". The cops research on many people according to the statement of Manish & came to the solution the person who ignore his story or doing something wrong with his story gets killed.

According to the cops, Manish gets scared as he know about the killer. He started destroying as whatever he writes in jail, suddenly he find her ex-girlfriend in-front of him. He asked "How this possible you already died?". She told "See my soul still present in your stories & why you are destroying your stories". Manish can't find any other option & told "Please stop killing people & stay in my stories as you want".

On the next day, Manish find a store room where he put some of his story books & lock the door with God's prayer. He gets emotional but this becomes the only option for his reader's safety.

Moral: Ghost, appear or not? Becomes a question & if this becomes question then Ghost: Good or Bad? According to many researcher or psychiatrist "Something wrong happens with you & that you look them in a spiritual way i.e., called Ghost whereas something good happens which you called as God".


5 Essential Healthy Tips On Summer Arrival

Summer arrives & the temperature seems to be rising everyday, as of now it is just a warning bells to start taking precautions for heatwaves.

When we talk about summer season it means lots of sweating, dryness, skin related problems, pimples, rashes & others. During this summer months, you need to know how to look perfect & making your better skin.

Here some of the tips you need to follow to make yourself healthier & stronger during summer season:

  1. Stay Hydrate

By staying hydrated which is one of the most crucial way during summer season that ensures the body keeps functioning normally. Since the temperature rises, it result in excessive sweating that also reduces energy levels from your body.

2. Cool Off Along With Mist

Need to carry a face mist along with you & always you have to mist your face as well as your body while out in sun. For this, you need to take peeled cucumber,strain the mixture with cheesecloth then add some teaspoon of lemon juice & mint juice along with rose water & finally dilute it with distilled water.

3. Eat Light Foods

This season tends to reduce one's appetite due to it's excessive heat.You must have to focus on the light diet say for instance., lauki, squash, cucumber and some other & try to avoid those heat generating foods like meat, eggs etc.

4. Protect Your Eyes

Even you know the summer elements were very harsh on our fragile skin around the eyes. The situation say for instance., travelling through bike,urgently you need to go out from home. The procedure to do this, Must apply some sunscreen near to your eyes. In other way, blend a cucumber & 5-6 mint leaves then pour some small amount of water to thin cucumber juice. Take some dip cotton pads & squeeze them. Finally place the cotton pads, lock the back until it will freeze.

5. Taking Showers

As it has been observed, the hot shower after sun exposure result in further dry skin whereas cool shower result in decrease acne breakouts.