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When Indian Economy Will Recover?

India's GDP has been contracted for the second consecutive quarter somewhere around the month of September. As per economist, Indian Economy may see a bounce back probably in the next year but depend on several factors.

Especially in some last couple of years in Indian Economy slowdown. Expectations are the economy will contract, though it will be on much better footing than nearly 24 percent decline in first quarter.

Economist also observed that country could see a growth in the December quarter though which is not enough to be categorized as a bounce back.

Though it has not been enough to save India from the inevitable tag of recession but it is expected to fare the worst among all the global major economies as far the recovery goes.

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Time To Get Black Friday Deals

So guys Black Friday is very near & as per US calendar it has been celebrated on November. This year pandemic has shaken things in another way.

Some of the best deals will be happen online with a fewer in-person sales. There are few retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart who started early Black Friday deals.

The brand Apple products which is already in high demand & now you can get those product with most affordable rates. Let say for Apple Watch SE whose price is already affordable but now it has been more cheaper in e-commerce giant sites Amazon, Flipkart & Walmart.

Another brand like Samsung which recently launched Galaxy A7 has 10.4 inch display along with slim bezels even it's design look more than flagship. This is probably one of the good option if you don't want to spend as per the cost of iPad or the above series, but your choice is decent performance.

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Know How: Precautionary Steps During Winter From COVID-19

We all know during winter season cough & cold are very common. But this year due to COVID-19, cough & cold were higher respiratory symptoms for COVID-19.

Though each countries already taken precautionary steps even they follow the WHO guidelines. Now due to this winter season, their is high chances of spreading COVID-9.

Today I am here to discuss few steps that will help you to know how to stay alert:

  1. Wear Warm Clothes

At this time, the temperature sometimes falls around 15-18 degree celcius. It will be better if you wear warm clothes from now onwards.

  1. Use Of Warm Water

Drink a very little boil water is better for health even the food get digest properly.Apart from this, taking bath with water will help you to stay safe.

  1. Intake Of Vitamin D From Sunlight

The best time to soak yourself in the direct sunlight to get the maximum vitamin D is between 10 am to 3 pm. At this time, the UVB rays are intense and it is also said that the body is more efficient in making vitamin D at this time.

  1. Use Of Room Heater

The use of room heater is very common during winter but the people who stay at hilly areas where the presence snowfall, better to use room heater from now onwards.

  1. Take Sleep & Boost Your Immunity

Take a better sleep during nights & wakeup early in the morning, do regular exercise or intake of tulsi with honey, chawanprash etc. to boost your immunity.

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Find Difference Between Right Or Wrong: A Horrible Night Trip

A group of four friend (Nisha, Ayushi, Aditya, Nikhil) after completing their work at office were planned to visit Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh to create some documentary film from New Delhi.

The day was 24th November 2017, they started moving from New Delhi around 06:00PM night enjoying with each other & discussing after a long time we travelling together during weekend. Nisha "Hey What's up guys! What a rocking weekend".

Travelling through Noida Expressway, saw a woman in the car accident asking for help. They also seen a man standing outside the car just watching the woman but not going to help her. Though Nikhil try to help the woman but his friends request him not to move out of the car.

They even listen the sound of woman saying "We will handover everything to you but as of now please took me at the hospital at this moment". The man doesn't listen to woman & left her. In a while, they seen the car along with woman get vanished. Everyone gets scared & think there is something happened wrong they were plan to move back New Delhi.

On the next day, they still thought about the incident even also done some research by visiting nearby police station & finally came to the conclusion "The incident which they saw yesterday happens on the same day in the year 2008, the man who found outside the car was her husband. They loved each other & married happily but the woman doesn't know he married only because her property as she belongs from good class business family. As per the report, the man put on jail & served for 5-6 years later he found dead inside the jail."

Moral: Human minds always becomes greedy & the person who can control & make a difference between right or wrong, the only person win the race.

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Do You Know: How To Access Internet While Out At Sea?

When you are sailing at open seas, you don't want the Internet connection to be lost. Isn't that? You wish to connect to the outside world & just enjoy some quality time with yourself & your loved ones.

Today I am here to discuss the mode of Internet communication while you are out at sea:

Satellite Communication

This is one of the way providing Internet to ships by means of direct communication with satellite. In this case, some hardware installation has been installed on the ship so that internet signals gets taped from anywhere. It may cost around $600 but it helps you to connect your loved ones from anywhere.

Issue like latency of connection may arises in most cases which may depend upon the weather condition of sea.

Wireless Connection

Wireless devices like routers, modems etc you generally used at home, offices.These devices can access Internet only they near to some ports i.e., where network is easily available.

Dial up Connection

This is another way of getting Internet by means of simple dial up connection of the cell phones where cell phones acts as a modem to access the Internet directly from satellite.

To get a suitable Internet connection, satellite device be the best one.

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