5 Essential Healthy Tips On Summer Arrival

Summer arrives & the temperature seems to be rising everyday, as of now it is just a warning bells to start taking precautions for heatwaves.

When we talk about summer season it means lots of sweating, dryness, skin related problems, pimples, rashes & others. During this summer months, you need to know how to look perfect & making your better skin.

Here some of the tips you need to follow to make yourself healthier & stronger during summer season:

  1. Stay Hydrate

By staying hydrated which is one of the most crucial way during summer season that ensures the body keeps functioning normally. Since the temperature rises, it result in excessive sweating that also reduces energy levels from your body.

2. Cool Off Along With Mist

Need to carry a face mist along with you & always you have to mist your face as well as your body while out in sun. For this, you need to take peeled cucumber,strain the mixture with cheesecloth then add some teaspoon of lemon juice & mint juice along with rose water & finally dilute it with distilled water.

3. Eat Light Foods

This season tends to reduce one's appetite due to it's excessive heat.You must have to focus on the light diet say for instance., lauki, squash, cucumber and some other & try to avoid those heat generating foods like meat, eggs etc.

4. Protect Your Eyes

Even you know the summer elements were very harsh on our fragile skin around the eyes. The situation say for instance., travelling through bike,urgently you need to go out from home. The procedure to do this, Must apply some sunscreen near to your eyes. In other way, blend a cucumber & 5-6 mint leaves then pour some small amount of water to thin cucumber juice. Take some dip cotton pads & squeeze them. Finally place the cotton pads, lock the back until it will freeze.

5. Taking Showers

As it has been observed, the hot shower after sun exposure result in further dry skin whereas cool shower result in decrease acne breakouts.


COVID-19: What To Do?

Coronavirus disease(COVID-19) is one the most infectious disease these days & it cause severe acute respiratory syndrome & some others.

These disease first identified in Wuhan but it becomes somehow unclear where these disease came from? As per the report, it came from Wuhan flesh market where others telling someone prepared in Lab. Many of us said it earlier observed in 1960. Even as per report, Doctors told it basically from SARS family & it may be treated with HIV or SARS related SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

So in general way, nothing is final as of now so it's better you must follow the precautionary steps as per the Indian government for your safety.

It has observed this disease mostly spread over the age 40 and above but that's not confirmed as of now. Many of us get panic when they have symptoms like fever, cough or related to COVID-19. It's nothing like that if you take immediate action you can be safe & must have positive thoughts- 'Pray to God','COVID-19 can do nothing to me' & don't get panic but if you are hiding such disease it becomes more dangerous for you & the person who came close to you.

Here some of the precautionary steps as per the government you must have to follow:

  1. Hand washing

Always wash your hand while eating with any antibacterial soap(i.e., Dettol or others). Wash it atleast for 20-30 sec.

2. Social Distancing

Try to maintain some distance from others & if you anyone have the symptoms like cough, cold etc. related to COVID-19 suggest them to be in quarantine.

3. Use Of Masks

If you have symptoms related to COVID-19, use of mask is most important for the safety of others in your society.

These three steps are most important apart from other steps. As you seen the COVID-19 cases are rising, it request to everyone must follow the precautionary steps as per the government which is the only way to stop COVID-19. So always be careful if we all fight then definitely will win over COVID-19.


8 Perfect Natural Ways To Make Your Eyes Healthy

Eye which is one of the most important sense organ & the most prominent feature in human face. It's also very necessary to take care even you know eyes are your windows to the world.

To make the eyes looks beautiful many womens go to great lengths like from heavy eye mnakeup to cosmetic surgery.

Since your lifestyle changes that leads to wrinkles, redness, dryness, puffiness & sometimes it may results loss of vision.

Here discussing some of the natural tips that makes your eyes looks healthy:

  1. Enough Sleep

It's not like beauty sleep or sleeping beauty, this is only to make your eyes healthy. As we have seen the effects of not sleeping- dark eyes, puffiness or tired appearance of eyes.In a days, at least you need to sleep 8 hours to get bigger brigther eyes.

2. Eat Essential Vitamins & Minerals

The vegetables like spinach, broccoli, carrots is most important in your diet. The foods rich in omega-fatty acids. These foods are the main source of vitamins, minerals etc. helps to solve eye problems or vision related issues.

3. Want To Reduce Puffiness?

Must soak the cotton pads in facial treatment & leave them in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, you need to put those pads on your eyes immediately when you wake up.

4. Wear Protective Eyewear

When you are playing sports or travelling somewhere through bike, always remember to wear protective eyewear to avoid any risk.

5. Never Touch Your Eyes Frequently

As you know your eyes always be vulnerable to infection. If anything that irritates your eyes you must clean your hands before touching your eyes & don't rub it vigorously, as it may result in scratched cornea. Try to was it through saline water & if the problem still exits then contact with doctor immediately.

6. Sliced Cucumber

It very common cucumber work absolutely well for tired eyes. Must place two slices of cucumbers on your eyes and take a rest. It's cooling property will help lighten dark circles.

7. Use Tomato,Lime Juice & Turmeric

You have to mix the teaspoon of tomato with a small pinch of turmeric along with half teaspoon of lime juice then apply it on eyelids around the dark circle. Wait for dry and then finally wash it.

8. Use Of Rose Water

The rose water frequently removes your dark circles.Take some dip cotton pads in rose water and place it on eyes for around 10-15 minutes. Must to do this everyday & get rid of dark circles.


Value Of International Women's Day

Like every year Women's Day celebrated on 8th of March which is one of the most remarkable contribution into our society.

This day tells us the inspiring role of women around the world to secure women rights.

How you can celebrate this day?

So every country has some own traditional way of celebrating this women's day. Say for India, the day celebrated by giving women a gift & flowers. Apart from this, people also sharing their get together meeting of women through social media post.

What's the objective of this day?

The main objective of this day is to express your love & gratitude towards women's contribution. It also salutes to the women who broke all the barriers & reached the higher level of success in every sphere of her life. Even now-a-days you can also see women's are actively participate in politics, education, social work, technology & some diverse fields.

How we can represent Women's day?

The color purple which internationally recognized to symbolize women but the combination of green, purple & white is generally meant to represent women's equality.

Finally, this International Women's Day is only dedicated for women's & their role in our lives. It brings a new dimension to the culture & ethnicity where there are some greetings card & gifts which dedicate to celebration of Women's Day & that has become exceptionally popular today.


4 Easy Healthy Tips & Enjoy SpringTime

As the winter turns into spring days grow longer & this become one of the best time to consider yourself how you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Finally the Spring arrives, you are likely ready to shed your cold weather & get ready for the healthy habits.

Here some of the 4 things which you need to do which helps you to stay healthy & jump-start your warmer weather routines:

  1. Wake-Up Early

Though the sunrise get early, by hauling yourself early from bed & getting outside will help you to boost your Vitamin D level which you mostly gain from sunlight to our skin. It also helps you to keep your bones & teeth healthy. By lack of this leads to rickets & some bone problems also include pregnant, breast feeding women, people aged over 65.

2. Take a walk or gym

Since the weather gets warmer, so there are more opportunities to go for a walk with friends, walk for a coffee, gym, yoga & also playing some outdoor games like golf, cricket you can do gardening & outdoor house repairs.

3. Foods To Eat

Some of the vegetables that you may try in this spring season.Asparagus, a highly protein food but low in calories & rich source of vitamin.Another iron based food known as Spinach that helps to keep blood cells transport oxygen around the body.

4. Boost Your Brain

The new season arrives which ensure you are getting right enough of the right foods that helps to aid brains & cognitive functions.You may choose the smart-foods like blueberries for antioxidants, fish which contains omega-3 fatty acids but don't lower the intake of water.