8 Perfect Natural Ways To Make Your Eyes Healthy

Eye which is one of the most important sense organ & the most prominent feature in human face. It's also very necessary to take care even you know eyes are your windows to the world.

To make the eyes looks beautiful many womens go to great lengths like from heavy eye mnakeup to cosmetic surgery.

Since your lifestyle changes that leads to wrinkles, redness, dryness, puffiness & sometimes it may results loss of vision.

Here discussing some of the natural tips that makes your eyes looks healthy:

  1. Enough Sleep

It's not like beauty sleep or sleeping beauty, this is only to make your eyes healthy. As we have seen the effects of not sleeping- dark eyes, puffiness or tired appearance of eyes.In a days, at least you need to sleep 8 hours to get bigger brigther eyes.

2. Eat Essential Vitamins & Minerals

The vegetables like spinach, broccoli, carrots is most important in your diet. The foods rich in omega-fatty acids. These foods are the main source of vitamins, minerals etc. helps to solve eye problems or vision related issues.

3. Want To Reduce Puffiness?

Must soak the cotton pads in facial treatment & leave them in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, you need to put those pads on your eyes immediately when you wake up.

4. Wear Protective Eyewear

When you are playing sports or travelling somewhere through bike, always remember to wear protective eyewear to avoid any risk.

5. Never Touch Your Eyes Frequently

As you know your eyes always be vulnerable to infection. If anything that irritates your eyes you must clean your hands before touching your eyes & don't rub it vigorously, as it may result in scratched cornea. Try to was it through saline water & if the problem still exits then contact with doctor immediately.

6. Sliced Cucumber

It very common cucumber work absolutely well for tired eyes. Must place two slices of cucumbers on your eyes and take a rest. It's cooling property will help lighten dark circles.

7. Use Tomato,Lime Juice & Turmeric

You have to mix the teaspoon of tomato with a small pinch of turmeric along with half teaspoon of lime juice then apply it on eyelids around the dark circle. Wait for dry and then finally wash it.

8. Use Of Rose Water

The rose water frequently removes your dark circles.Take some dip cotton pads in rose water and place it on eyes for around 10-15 minutes. Must to do this everyday & get rid of dark circles.


Value Of International Women's Day

Like every year Women's Day celebrated on 8th of March which is one of the most remarkable contribution into our society.

This day tells us the inspiring role of women around the world to secure women rights.

How you can celebrate this day?

So every country has some own traditional way of celebrating this women's day. Say for India, the day celebrated by giving women a gift & flowers. Apart from this, people also sharing their get together meeting of women through social media post.

What's the objective of this day?

The main objective of this day is to express your love & gratitude towards women's contribution. It also salutes to the women who broke all the barriers & reached the higher level of success in every sphere of her life. Even now-a-days you can also see women's are actively participate in politics, education, social work, technology & some diverse fields.

How we can represent Women's day?

The color purple which internationally recognized to symbolize women but the combination of green, purple & white is generally meant to represent women's equality.

Finally, this International Women's Day is only dedicated for women's & their role in our lives. It brings a new dimension to the culture & ethnicity where there are some greetings card & gifts which dedicate to celebration of Women's Day & that has become exceptionally popular today.


4 Easy Healthy Tips & Enjoy SpringTime

As the winter turns into spring days grow longer & this become one of the best time to consider yourself how you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Finally the Spring arrives, you are likely ready to shed your cold weather & get ready for the healthy habits.

Here some of the 4 things which you need to do which helps you to stay healthy & jump-start your warmer weather routines:

  1. Wake-Up Early

Though the sunrise get early, by hauling yourself early from bed & getting outside will help you to boost your Vitamin D level which you mostly gain from sunlight to our skin. It also helps you to keep your bones & teeth healthy. By lack of this leads to rickets & some bone problems also include pregnant, breast feeding women, people aged over 65.

2. Take a walk or gym

Since the weather gets warmer, so there are more opportunities to go for a walk with friends, walk for a coffee, gym, yoga & also playing some outdoor games like golf, cricket you can do gardening & outdoor house repairs.

3. Foods To Eat

Some of the vegetables that you may try in this spring season.Asparagus, a highly protein food but low in calories & rich source of vitamin.Another iron based food known as Spinach that helps to keep blood cells transport oxygen around the body.

4. Boost Your Brain

The new season arrives which ensure you are getting right enough of the right foods that helps to aid brains & cognitive functions.You may choose the smart-foods like blueberries for antioxidants, fish which contains omega-3 fatty acids but don't lower the intake of water.


How To Protect Yourself From Debit Card Fraud

This becomes a largest trends in online frauds since last few years. Without bothering others & share your card details leads to such kind of online fraud activity.

If we are talking about credit cards which has two advantages over debit cards "You doesn't have the protection as what you get from credit card" & "There is shorter period of time to report a suspicious transaction done from debit card as compared to credit card".

Be protect yourself from spamming, skimming & various other kinds of frauds by using the following tips:

  1. Keep watching your statement

Always trying to monitor your statement without having any unfamiliar activity is one of the basic advise whether you are doing shopping or any other kind of activity. Criminals always try to steal batches of payment card information that usually sell right away & those buyers used to tend those numbers as soon as possible.

2. Update Your Information

Regularly update your contact information which you gave to the bank (i.e., Name,Email,Address etc.) that will make easy for the bank to notify you of any suspicious activity.

3. Don't share PIN or Password

As everyone but still they share such kind of confidential information through different insecure online channels. Aware of such of things that leads to suspicious account activity.

4. OTP & UPI

When we are talking about these two terms OTP & UPI. Just look at yourself, if you think yourself as a sincere & you can handle UPI then it's good to use else go for OTP. When we are talking about layman, sometimes they share a pin with their close ones that leads to suspicious account activity.

5. Avoid Using Public Hotspot

You become always smart in online transaction & always looks for secure transaction, even you may find lock symbol in a browser & avoid using transaction with public hotspot.

Must be careful of the above steps of online suspicious activities & have a nice day.

6 Steps To Avoid Entertainomania

6 Steps To Avoid & YaY Let's Play Holi

Holi is one of the colorful & most vibrant festival of India.The very popular saying "Bura Na Mano Holi Hai" said by everyone before applying colors to others.

The most significant part of this slogan is to respect the feelings and take care of Holi traditions. In a while, many of them singing & dancing, taking bhang & gujiyas whereas others feels unpleasant suffering from skin rashes, allergies etc.

Here discussing some of these steps that you must avoid to celebrate Holi:

  1. Never Colour Others Forcefully

The lot of people were understand this concent on the day of Holi.Not everyone likes to get coloured by everyone.It leads to a bigger trouble.Just understand putting colour on someone unwilling is not cool.

2. Choices Of Colors

Your skin is largest organ you need to protect it from synthetic colors that often contain ingredients like lead oxide, mercury sulphide and other chemicals. Use some light colors that look good and also easy to remove. Try to avoid these colors Bright purple, Green, Yellow & Orange that contains harmful ingredients.

3. Don't Waste Water

As we know the scarcity of water is burning issue around different places in India. Many people were dying due to lack of water. So don't waste the water for fun. It can be celebrated without water.The dry colors look more radiant and it becomes easy to remove.

4. Never Throw Water Balloons

By filling the water balloons with filthy mud or egg is not a funny, this completely ruins the spirit of the festival for others. Many times I saw people throw water balloons when person walks or travelling through bike, it might cause accident for others. Try to play a safe Holi with natural colors.

5. Don't Apply Colors On Animals

Holi is festival for humans not for animals. In India, many of them tries to find white cows & apply colors on them. What fun you are getting by torture those innocent animals? Those chemicals affect their skin and cause various skin diseases.

6. Intake Of Bhang

This is one of the official drink of Holi when it consumed to a large quantities can lead to increase high blood pressure and also a hike in the heart rate. Try to drink in moderation and avoid mixing with alcohol.