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Things Never Do After Taking A Meal

As you might know there are certain things which you do after eating that sometimes result in serious consequences to your health.

Even after intake of meal you might going for workout to burn calories, do you think is it really good for your health? This is just a wrong symbol of gaining calories.

Here are some of the things which you never do after in-take of meal:

  1. Sleeping

Many peoples after in-take of meal feels sleepy, most probably the huge in-take of rice results you feel sleepy. By going to the bed results in discomfort, gas pains etc. Even the studies find the peoples who go to bed with a proper bed time after taking a meal less chances of heart attack or heart stroke.

2. Smoking

It is one of the bad idea as smoking is already injurious for health. However, when it will be done after intake of meal the damage will become more intense and might results in lung cancer.

3. Never Go For WorkOut

Your body needs little time for digestion fo foods properly. Going for a workout after meal disrupts the digestive process, even it cause vomiting, loose motion and other stomach related problems.

4. Don't Drink Cold Water

Everyone water is very good essential for proper digestion but by taking chilled water after a meal leads clumping of foods which hampers the digestion process.

5. Never Take A Shower

After taking a meal your temperature gets little high but suddenly taking the shower results the blood tends to rush to skin to regulate the temperature of your body, you may face various digestive problems.

6. Intake Of Tea/Coffee

As coffe slow down your body's ability to absorb minerals or iron but immediately eating is not a good idea.

7. Eating Fruits

Many people taking fruits after meal but fruit is best for empty stomach not after a big meal.Your stomach face troubling of digesting fruits.It very simple, you won't get essential nutrients.

Note: Wait for 30-45 minutes after meal to take the above necessary steps.

Must Try Some Different On This New Year Entertainomania

Must Try Some Different On This New Year

The new year is arriving soon and it is the perfect time to try something that you may be never done before. A new year is a very good excuse to vow to try out new things. By having some new experiences which can positively affect how you get time and lead to fulfillment of happiness.

Here I am discussing some of the best things which you may try something different on this new year:

  1. Make A New Friends

As you can never have too many friends and everyone wants to make his/her life much better. It is one of the best option by building new friends you always become happy.

2. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

By volunteering at a nearby animal shelter where they are always in need of people who are able to help them out.

3. Call Your Parents, Guardian and Your Loved Ones In a Week

As the life is getting hectic day-by-day and the text might be your one of the preferred communication method but your parents and loved ones still loves by hearing your voice.

4. Try Food Which You Have Already Hated

New Year means new things going to happen maybe your taste buds changed. Though it is also a food which you never try before, so taste something new.

5. Ready For Long Drive

Take your new as well as the old friends to embark on the trip of a lifetime. Hop in the car and let see where you end up.

6. Explore New Town

As you may be driven through it thousand times, but you never stopped in.Just see what it has to offer.

7. Know More About Family History

Ask nearby and do some reasearch, you may not know what you might dig up.

8. Foods Delivered At Beach

This is one of the new technique where you might feel something like a modern picnic when you score the food delivery for your favorite eats by the beach. Try those services who can deliver so long as you are in the range and also try to round out your fun by bringing cozy blankets,a good read,bottle of bubbly etc.

9. Show Your Skills On Friend's StartUps

You have a friend who started a small firm. See how you can help out, by giving feeback on ideas or by testing the product and services they offer.

10. Write A Letter To Your Special One Tell Why You Appreciate Them

As there is something left which you have not done let's say for if you can't remember the last time you told someone you cared about them how special they are. By writing a letter to share your feelings and what you
adore about them is one of the great thing you must try this year.

How To Protect Yourself From Cold Temperatures Entertainomania

How To Protect Yourself From Cold Temperatures

It has been a while some love staying at home and cozy during the cooler months but many of them going out to exercise, performing a ice skating routine or simply play with snow and also to give life to the Snowman.

Today I am going to discuss some of the steps which helps you to protect from cold temperatures:

  1. Drink & drink- You need to wait never get too much excited about this.Always try to drink lots of fluids, but no alcohol. Most of them think that alcohol heats you up but it's completely opposite. Alcohol lowers your body temperatures and it's the way better idea to drinks lots of water and also some nice soups.
  2. Keep clothes dry- As you might be aware of the fact when your clothes are wet your body loses heat more quickly than when we are dry. Even when you are going outside and there are some chances you may get even a little wet.
  3. Cover up- Your body loses heat through your skin.Similarly, when your skin exposed to the outside air, you lose heat more quickly than
    if it's covered.Cover each of the body part properly. Besides a jacket, it's great idea to wear scarves, face-masks, earmuffs or gloves.
  4. Move Up- Sometimes when you feel extremely cold, you may heat up your body a bit by moving around to stay warm.
  5. Take break- When you find yourself shivering as this may be the sign that your body temperature is beginning to drop.It is an alarm your body releases to warn you of potential danger.
  6. Eat well- Besides your hot soups and drinks, there are also some foods which helps you stay warm this winter. You may try this turmeric, ginger, honey, sesame, dry fruits & eggs.
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Healthiest Foods That Keep You Warm During Winter

Winter season is here guys where we enjoying the chilly breeze after some months of scorching months.
But there are fewer foods that are in the winter season apart from that summer season.

Today I am going to discuss some of the foods that keeps you warm and stay healthy during winter.


It is warm in nature and also regular intake helps in keeping the body warm. This is the only reason why excessive intake of honey during summers is not advised. It is also good to get rid from cold, cough and flu as it strengthens your immune system.

2.Root vegetables

This is for those who aren't quite sure of what root vegetables are; it grows below the surface like radish,turnip and sweet potatoes. These vegetables keep your body warm as their digestion is slower that results in generating more heat.


You might even noticed sometimes your mother put ghee on your rotis. But when we are talking about Desi Ghee that is most easily digestable fat which gives the body much needed warmth. You often use ghee in dal as well as in sabzi's.


It contains thermogenic properties which helps to keep your body warm during winter. It also helps to boost your metabolism rate and promoting your blood flow. By intake of hot cup of ginger tea in the morning you are going good to go.

5. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits let's say for almonds,cashew and some other that generate heat in your body. It also helps to cure Anemia and other diseases which is caused due to deficiency of iron and vitamins.


Eggs are in huge demand during winter season which is very rich in proteins as well as in vitamins that helps to keep your body warm.

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Best Hacks To Supercharge Your Mornings

We all had those mornings when we just can't shake a feeling of exertion, even when we have technically got an enough sleep. With an effort to perk up on tired days where many of us load up on a cup of coffee.

Though there is a better way to get rid of moprning fatigue and get on with the energy you need.Here some of the best hacks to know:

  1. Shift In Attitude

The first and the most important step of a morning person you must necessarily attempt to change the way you odinarily think about waking up.
As this might be the biggest step with the way we approach sleep and also waking up are the thoughts that will bombard both of us before going to the bed and also when we open our eyes.

Before going to bed, many of us have the same variation "I must slept earlier and I am not going to get enough sleep also I am going to be tired all day like tomorrow".

After waking up, you might ususally think some variations "Better if I slept earlier.I don't have energy and I have no idea how I am going to get through this day".

2. Don't Snooze

The beloved button of your alarm clock might not be helpful at all.

By spending the last half hour or so of nighttime rest where the researchers call "fragmented sleep" that has the consequences for your ability to function throughout the day.

3. Drink A Glass Of Water

You may heard the term fatigue which is a classic symptom of dehydration and sometimes even a mild case that can trigger the feelings of sleepiness, changes in cognitive ability and also the mood disruptions.
Take a glass of water that freshen up your entire body before you get moving.

4. Stretch Your Body Doing Yoga
There is some certain reason which feels you good to stretch when you wake up.During overnight your muscles are somewhat literally palarized and also reactivating them releases energy.

5. Splash Your Face With Water

The cold showers reduces the sick day absences from work.Even you don't need to take the full shower,a little splash of cold water into your face and also to signal a temperature change your body.

6. Eat Breakfast To Boost Your Energy

Breakfast is the important meal of the day.As per our said "By skipping this first meal can negatively affect your energy and also have the ability to pay attention throughout the day". Food which is acting like fuel that give your body some calories to put it into action at the start of the day.