E-commerce Giants Face An Antitrust Investigation In India Entertainomania

E-commerce Giants Face An Antitrust Investigation In India

The India's antitrust regulation were opened an investigation into Amazon as well as in Flipkart over the allegation that the two e-commerce giants are illegally undercutting local business.

The Competition Commission of India is investigating these two companies. The commission is also looking into allegations by a New Delhi trade group that Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart gave preferential treatment to some sellers on their platforms.

As everyone knows, India is a huge market for Amazon and Flipkart with an approximate of 700 million users with an e-commerce market with e-commerce market that Morgan Stanley projects will be worth around $200 billion in 2027.

Both these companies invested billions of dollars in South Asian country but have faced a growing government barriers. The new regulations were imposed on foreign retailers in the last year which aims to curb many of the practices cited in the antitrust complaint, and legislation in the works could place further restrictions on how overseas tech firms store data of Indian users.

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BCCI Hire A Social Media Expert For Under-Fire NCA

According to the National Cricket Academy which is already under fire for the injury management of India like Wriddhiman Saha.

NCA has often been criticised for it's handling of players injuries which is set to get help of a BCCI medical panel and also dedicated social media department as it's a part of social revamp plan.

The all-rounder player Hardik Pandya and preminium pacer Jasprit Bumrah were added to the NCA woes by choosing personal rehabilitation over recovering at Bengaluru.

NCA has been in the news for all wrong seasons and there is no official communication coming out so the social media manager will on board to provide regular updates on the happenings inside the facility. This also maintain the NCA's reputation for going a long way.

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Whatsapp Beta Tests That Letting You Sign In On Multiple Devices

The stable release of the Dart Mode, today here I am going to discuss some of the latest updates of Whatsapp.

Though the latest beta version updates for the Android and iOS apps as everyone knows it is one of the popular instant messaging app in the world. The Whatsapp which is already hinted again at some new features that are already into work. With the stable release of Whatsapp Dark Mode as this is also the most-awaited feature and we don't know when it will be launch. The social media giant Facebook also owned the instant messaging service and is also working on letting users log in form multiple devices at the same time.

According to the report, the new Beta version, is testing whatsapp's new Whatsapp multi-platform support. It is also reported that a Whatsapp chats would continue to have end-to-end encryption as the company is developing new method to assign keys to specific devices.

Now Facebook also might take to further step by integrating this on the splash screen as well. The user may open the app now, the Whatsapp splash screen will greet them "from Facebook".

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TikTok's global Social Media TakeOver Going To Slow Down

TikTok which is one of the popular Chinese social media platform has been approaching the greater heights of it's global popularity.

The platform were launched in 2016 as a lip-syncing app termed as Musical.ly whereas before it has been acquired by ByteDance, which is the world most valuable startup. TikTok also expanded into a unique hybird somewhere between Vine & Youtube which has been captured the cultural zeitgeist among those teenage smartphone owners.

This you may know around two and half years it has also launched outside China, TikTok result in outstanding growth of TikTok by adding more than 500 million users so far this year.

According to the new data from mobile analytics firm SensorTower where the TikTok has just experienced it's firt ever growth slowdown on a quarterly basis.

The drop in user growth may related to the pullback in Facebook ad spending.The growth of it's US userbase has slowed dramatically as a result.

In a while, TikTok remains a globa phenomenon by slowing user growth on top of mounting challenges from lawmakers and criticism from the competitors.

Google Pixel 4 Entertainomania

Google Needs To Do More To Stand Out

You all know the Google's new Pixel 4 phones which will reach the stores soon. The Pixel's hardware features were not much impressive as compared to those high end-devices.

Google must stood out by leveraging it's prowess both in software as well as in artificial intelligence to meet but it's sometimes exceeds than it's competitor's in areas like smartphone photography.

But in this year, the rivals have caught up with Google's camera software. So the latest release iPhones , for instance have added Google-esque like capabilities and also like in the night mode for shooting better photos in the dark.

This Pixel 4 when it has been evaluated in a vacuum which comes into two screen sizes like a solid all-around device. But it's second camera lens that makes Google's excellent camera system that will be slightly more capable than last year's. The screen looks rich and bright and it's also cool that Google's voice recorder can automatically transcribe audio clips.

The Pixel 4 is the best at one thing that integrating Google's software and also the internet services into the mobile communication devices. Unlike those Android phones, the Pixel's are cluttered along with clunky software and the confusing interfaces.But most people are won't enough.

At the bottom line, the Pixel 4 has the few intriguing features like the transcription features that built directly into it's voice recorder. The screen also has a higher refresh rate that makes motion looks smoother. In the meantime, people who enjoy's Google products have a good option : the $400 Pixel 3A. It also include the Google's smart camera and a nice screen.