Three Friends Visited Haunted Hill

haunted hill entertainomania

Once upon a time, three brave friends decided to visit a haunted hill. They had heard stories about the hill being haunted by a spirit, so they decided to go and see for themselves. Arrived at the hill in the late evening and started exploring. As they ventured deeper into the woods, an eerie feeling … Read more

The Value of Friendship

The Value of Friendship

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named John. He was always alone and rarely interacted with other children. He had very few friends and was often lonely. One day, a new family moved into town. The family had a daughter named Sarah who was John’s age. Sarah was kind and friendly, and … Read more

A Trip To Haunted Rose Villa

After a long drive from the airport, the group of friends finally arrived at the destination. The sun had already set and darkness was creeping in. The villa looked like a ghost house with windows boarded up and walls covered in vines. “What are we doing here?” One of them asked as they looked around … Read more

A Tale Of Unsighted Affection

unsighted blind love

Once there was a blind girl who always hated herself because she’s blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend who always been there to take care of her. Her boyfriend helps in each moment of her life. Once her father felt sick and admitted to hospital but hospital refuse to take her father because … Read more