killer-party entertainomania

Killer Party: A Game Of Fight

During this lock-down period, most of them using Skype, Zoom & other apps for official meeting. This story is also related to five (Arun, Sonia, Sheikh, Alisha, Jasmine) people who wants to take a break from work & played the game called Killer Party.

Killer Party is a game playing in a group. As they were a team of five people, Arun & Sheikh was in one group whereas Sonia, Alisha & Jasmine were in the other group. Jasmine said "Hey, this game is called Killer Party so why not we need to do some party before our play". Arun "But without gathering how we can do a party". Jasmine replied "Very simple just take a glass of drink & let's play". Everyone gets agreed & take a glass of drink.

The time was around 11:00 PM, they started a game called Killer Party. Each group started fighting with others. After half & hours, Arun shot a bullet to Sonia & killed her in a game. Suddenly, Sheikh finds Arun was not playing & tries to call him but the call was unreachable. Alisha find Arun is not playing she point a shot at Arun & killed him. While after few seconds, Jasmine notice Alisha not playing, she tries to call he but was unreachable where she feels something strange & call to Sheikh.

Jasmine explain to Sheikh "I am trying to call Sonia & Alisha but their call was unreachable I think something wrong happens". Sheikh replied "Yes, I also tries to call Arun but his phone gets unreachable". Jasmine "Ok fine, we will see tomorrow as of now we have to stop this game".

On the next day, Sonia & Arun found dead at their own apartment whereas Alisha gets hypotenuse by someone. Later after the investigation, cops finds the same happens in real as whatever in the game. Sonia killed by Arun & in the same way Arun gets killed by Alisha.


Unforgettable Journey Of A Couple

On May 2005, Rakul and his husband Arjun a newly married couple were planned to visit Digha, West Bengal, India.

Rakul belongs from Punjab, India but from her childhood days she always like Bengali foods, Bengali sweets like Rasogollah, Bengali dresses and others. She meet Arjun during her college days & both of them planned to visit Digha after their marriage.

While travelling from Kolkata to Digha, Arjun gets cyclone alert at Digha and told her wife "Hey we need to go back the cyclone at Digha is too dangerous". Rakul replied "What you mean we already came near to it nothing will happen just move forward".

On the first day, they both were enjoying at beach & having a pleasant sleep tonight. Next day when Rakul wakeup in the morning she find some dogs were barking, she ignore it & told Arjun "Please do something & make them stop barking".

Around 4:00PM, they came near to beach & seen birds, dogs & other animals were started making noise. None of them can't understand what's going to happen suddenly saw a huge wave from sea of very high altitude washed the beach where few people died. Rakul shouted for "HELP" & unfortunately her husband was missing. Finally marine drivers save her & later she got the information from cops about her husband who found dead.

According to the Weather Forecast, they were unable to answer whether is there any connection with Tsunami earthquake.

Note: The sounds of animals were not nonsense, it has meaningful. Within a week, a cyclone alert called "AMPHAN" which comes from Bay Of Bengal & it may touches the West Bengal & Odisha. Be alert & stay safe.

Mystery-Of-An-Unknown-Island- Entertainomania

Mystery Of An Unknown Island

A group of research team find an unknown island at Europe in the year 2003. They were prepared a team of four leaders Ravi, Rakul, Soumya, Prashant & other few members who planned to went for a research.

They took a flight from New Delhi, India & finally reached Rome where they meet some of the people from their team who guide them to reach the island. Rakul & Soumya gets little afraid when they heard the island is invisible. Ravi explain "See we came here to find the truth of that island & if you people behave like this then we can't move ahead".

They moved to Civitavecchia port, a special ship of 20 peoples gone for a research. After travelling a few distance, they saw island & suddenly the weather gets changed.

Rakul told "I just want to see how this island becomes invisible I never heard such a situation". Soumya "I forget my handycam at ship I have to go & bring it over here". Rakul "We already came some distance again we have to go back for your cam. Oh shit!!". Prashant "Ok don't worry, you people carry on I will go with Soumya".

Prashant & Soumya came back to ship & she got the cam. The mystery happens here when they were trying back to the island it get vanish which becomes the eyewitness situation for Prashant & Soumya. Both of them wait 24-hours for the visibility of the island but the island doesn't visible. They were connect with many other research team who saw that island but the same happens with them.

Moral: We doesn't bother little things like in this story when Soumya & Rakul were afraid they even move forward for their research, sometimes a little sign can save your life.


Mysterious Story Writer

Once there was a man Manish somewhere around 1992 who would like to write story books & sell it to the customer. In his family, he had an elder daughter, younger son & his wife.

Days were going he sold around 300+ story books & become little famous for his latest release of book "Power Of Truth". He belongs from the town Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India where he attend as a guest in some book fair event.

It was after 6 months, a newspaper came to his house where he find a 65 year old man died by reading his book "Power Of Truth". He gets shocked & suddenly find a group of cops came to his home for investigation.Within inquiry Manish answered the cops "See this book meant for taking people in positive direction rather than any suicide or murder".

The cops arrested Manish & told "You will be on jail till this case not resolved". He call the lawyer but the situation going worst day-by-day. Later he tries to investigate himself in jail by writing stories & told the cops "Find two people one who love my story & other who ignore". The cops research on many people according to the statement of Manish & came to the solution the person who ignore his story or doing something wrong with his story gets killed.

According to the cops, Manish gets scared as he know about the killer. He started destroying as whatever he writes in jail, suddenly he find her ex-girlfriend in-front of him. He asked "How this possible you already died?". She told "See my soul still present in your stories & why you are destroying your stories". Manish can't find any other option & told "Please stop killing people & stay in my stories as you want".

On the next day, Manish find a store room where he put some of his story books & lock the door with God's prayer. He gets emotional but this becomes the only option for his reader's safety.

Moral: Ghost, appear or not? Becomes a question & if this becomes question then Ghost: Good or Bad? According to many researcher or psychiatrist "Something wrong happens with you & that you look them in a spiritual way i.e., called Ghost whereas something good happens which you called as God".


Never Panic & How To Handle

John is an IT worker at New Delhi but after the announcement of Janta Curfew in India on 19th Mar 2020, John planned to move towards his hometown which is in West Bengal.

On 21st Mar 2020, he booked a flight ticket for 23 Mar 2020 but the situation was still in danger.

It was on 23 Mar 2020, as the CM of Delhi announced everything gets lockdown, John started searching for cabs & other way of transport to reach at the airport but unfortunately after one hour he saw someone came by cab near to his home. John requested the driver of the cab & move forward to the airport.

When he reached the airport got a little panic about COVID-19 & find many flights got cancelled. He get sure & call his mother "Many flights were cancelled & I don't think is anything good for us". His mother replied "Don't panic & look positive even your flight still on time".

John reached the gate as mentioned on his ticket & find a flight already waiting. By asking other crew members he got the message "Since other flights of your destination got cancelled & this becomes the only flight that will reach your destination so we placed the flight 3 hours ago". He reached at the destination & finally meet his parents.

Moral: If the situation gets panic then think positive, every difficulties have solutions which one of the easiest way to achieve whatever you want.