Baba Harbajan Indian Soldier Entertainomania

Unforgettable Journey Of An Indian Soldier

Rakesh who is an Indian soldier travelling from Sikkim to Punjab. Rakesh and other soldier were gossiping with each other as they went for a home by train after a long time.

After joining the Indian army this becomes the first time Rakesh went for a home where he found a blank seat with white sheet cover and pillow along with two luggage. He went to ask his friends "Hey guys, that seat is blank and I find a few luggage".

Manish from one of the soldier replied "That seat has been reserved for our Baba Harbajan Singh". Rakesh asked "Are you crazy he already left the world?". Manish "You don't know about this since from past 40+ years everyone believe that his soul still alive for helping Indian soldier to fight with an enemy".

Rakesh "See I don't care about your stupidity, today I want to sleep beside that seat & I can't believe on these ghost or supernatural stories". On the other hand, many of them requested Rakesh "Don't sleep beside that seat you may be afraid".

By ignoring other soldiers Rakesh seated beside the seat reserved of Baba Harbajan Singh. The time was around 12:00PM, Rakesh started reading book in a while he heard some foot steps but doesn't find anyone. When he returned back and see the Baba Harbajan's shoe replace from the previous position and also the bed sheet looks as it has been used by someone. He got scared and call the other soldiers and told about the situation.

Note: Two times in every year one seat reserved for Baba Harbajan Singh. Many soldiers still believe and find some supernatural activities on the spot even when soldier failed to fight they find something hit their enemy.

ego entertainomania

The Sign Of Ego

A story of two friends Anisha & Shriya, Anisha belongs from a high-class family whereas Shriya from middle-class.

Anisha always tries to make a change in Shriya's dressup even Shriya ask her parents for money to buy some dress. Once there was a birthday party of their friend Trisha, both of them tries for a good make-up. When Anisha meets Shriya, Anisha told her "See look at me and you can see yourself". Shriya feels upset and went for a birthday party.

They booked a cab while sitting beside Anisha, she always tries to look at her dress and find chatting with many boys. By reaching at the destination Trisha were surprised to see both of them. Ascertain Shriya finds Anisha talks with many people, suddenly a waiter came and ask Anisha "Do you need water mam?". Anisha "No not now". The waiter doesn't focus on her reply and ask again, she just push the waiter and used a slang words on him.

On the next day, when Shriya comes to Anisha's house and find Anisha keeps shouting on his parents by using a very abusive language. In a while, Shriya ask her "What happened why you are shouting like this, try to understand this is your parents". Anisha "You keep silent Shriya this is none of your business". Shriya "Ok, I came here to ask as I am going to temple, do you want to go with me?".Anisha "You can't do anything in your life Shriya just go to temple and pray to God. Look at me I get everything in my life".

When reached the temple, Anisha tries to take ladder steps she finds a few distance from her whereas she find Shriya already cover the ladder steps and sit in the temple. Shriya ask "Hey, what you are doing there? Come here". Anisha "When I tries to come these steps covers some distance from me". The priest of the temple told her "This sign represents you have done many mistakes in your life".

He also tries to make her understand "Before you came here you fight with your parents who is the pillar of giving strength to you even they bring you in this world". He even told Shriya "Looking others and make a change in yourself is good but not in dress-up, this is just a kind of disease, try to make a change in your talent, your knowledge, think positive, do positive by which dress-up or make-up doesn't having any value".

Moral: Like always wearing a good dress is good at some point but when it converts to ego, the end of life is very close to them.

king entertainomania

The King & His Saviour

Once there was a king who loved his daughter Indumati, days were going Indumati becomes 20 yrs old, the king get tensed as his wife told before her death "Now it's the responsibility of yours to take care of our daughter".

As Indumati was growing, King decided to make her relationship with Arjun who is the saviour of his kingdom. The King has full trust on Arjun but doesn't have the courage to tell him as what he decided.

The other people in the kingdom doesn't like Arjun as King always support him. Suddenly they were making a plan to proof Arjun as wrong infront of the King.

When King listen their message he reacted very badly with Arjun. Arjun asks politely "What happen? Is there anything wrong with me?".The king replied "You are lying to me those dacoits were not leaving the village you just take a leave from my kingdom".

On the next day, King was dreaming and find Arjun fight with dacoits as such those dacoits failed to fight and left the place. Later the King realized the Arjun was not wrong. He send many messenger to find Arjun but they failed to find.

Moral:Before doing anything make sure that you are right in yourself as sometimes you may lost the good ones due to mistake.

Begunkodor entertainomania

The Haunted Railway Station

Begunkodor, which is a railway station of Ranchi railway division where it serve the nearby area of Jhalda town in district of Purulia, West Bengal, India. When anyone heard the name "Begunkodor" it becomes scary since past 40-50 years.

A research team from Kolkata visited Begunkodor around 2009. Rahul- a paranormal expert, Simran-video maker, Harry-paranormal investigator. They were planned to stay at night in order to find the presence of ghost.

The time was around 08:30PM, Simran tries to call her mother but the phone was unreachable. Almost the same thing happen with them as what they heard about this place. After 5:00 PM none of the train stop at the station and also she talked with her mother somewhere around 03:00 PM.

Simran gets scared and say "Hey guys we have to leave this place immediately". Rahul "This is not a game Simran we came here to find something else our research doesn't valuable".

Suddenly the temperature gets down on summer season in the month of May, Harry seen a train coming to the station with a great speed and find a white smoky or cloud moving along with the train, again as what they heard, a girl moving along with the train.

The time was around 6:00AM, they plan to left the place but within this investigation they reported "As we doesn't seen or detect any presence of ghost but there is something which makes you feel uncomfortable".

Note:This place known as one of the haunted railway station in India after the murder of station master and his wife who found dead. Many incidents were happened at this place and none of the trains stop at this station around 40 years. But when Mamata Banerjee becomes the CM of West Bengal, she tries to find some possibilities none of the train stopped after 05:00PM. According to many paranormal expert team- Whether or not but there is presence of something.

new year 2020 entertainomania

New Year Celebration At Lake Villa

On the 31st Dec evening, Arun and his friend Pranab went for a night drive.Both of them looking for a resort to celebrate the New Year party. Suddenly they find a resort named as "Lake Villa". Arun "I think it is one of the best place to celebrate New year".

By meeting with the caretaker of the resort, he welcomes both of them with a great pleasure and told "I didn't stay at night so whatever you need I ready almost all the things". The time is around 12:00 am, when they started celebrating someone knocking at the door.

Pranab open the door and find two beautiful women Kirti and Soumya who told Pranab "Our car took an accident and we can't find any mechanic is it possible to stay here this night?". Pranab welcomes both of them and also introduce with Arun.

Kirti "I think you people celebrate the New Year can we join?". Pranab "Yes of course". They played a challenge game where Kirti took the challenge to went into the jungle alone at night and stay there for 10 minutes and return back. Three of them waiting for Kirti around 15 minutes but she doesn't came back. All of them went into the jungle and found the dead body of Kirti.

Each of them get shocked and return to Villa, suddenly Pranab find Kirti standing near to the swimming pool. When he tries to call she gets disappear. Arun came over there to help Pranab, when they both return back to the room doesn't find Soumya. Arun "Something is very strange I don't think this is real". Somebody knocks at the door when it's open they find both of the girl turn witches.

They ran from that place and went to the caretaker's home, where he narrated the lesson of the two girls "Around five years back both girls came over here to celebrate New year and taking a challenge to went into the jungle but unfortunately found dead".

Moral: Silent place is good and open to celebrate but not always.