independence day

A Special Tale For Independence Day

This is a story of an Indian soldier Ajit who gets some helpful message before war. Though Ajit were not a part of war but he some message regarding war when he was at his hometown i.e., Punjab.

On Independence Day, Ajit immediately moves to New Delhi at the Ministry of Defense office and share the details. The phone call which Ajit gets, it was impossible to track. By checking the details of other Indian soldiers and interrogating them still it doesn't discover.

During the war, that message tells the every secret of the enemy soldiers where Indian soldier finally win. Ajit gets shocked but still he was unable to find the truth of the sender.

Once after 6 months, Ajit and his wife were planned for a trip to Gangtok. They were staying two days at the Gangtok and later they move towards Pelling, Sikkim. From there travel agent asking to visit Baba Mandir i.e., Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir.

Ajit knows the truth about Baba Mandir as he already serving in Indian Army for long time where he gets the same letter at the floor of a temple. Ajit feels grateful about his work and finally he discover the truth.

Moral: When talking about Baba Harbajan Singh, it's very difficult to understand, after his death he still serving the best for his country. Baba Harbajan Singh is an inspiration for all of us. Just imagine, if each and every people thinks about the benefit of this country.

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Kasipur mansion

Mid-Day Tale Of Two Friends

Atul and Manish, two friends from Kashipur, a small village in West Bengal, India, Once in the mid-day, when they get back to home from school, they were planned to visit Kashipur mansion.

Both of them heard about the mansion but had never visited it before.

On the way to mansion, they met one man and asked about the distance. The man replied, "It takes 4 km from here; better you can take the shortcut." Manish and Atul started their journey with the shortcut and found a narrow road inside the village and didn't find anyone.

Suddenly, they find a woman and ask about the mansion. The woman with the abaya dress didn't reply for around 5 minutes. Atul asked, "Do you have any problem talking with us?" .The woman removed her burka and said, "I always used to travel on this road everyday". Myself as an actor, and I used to play drama on stage."

Manish asked "Are you feeling comfort to travel on this empty shortcut road?". The woman laugh and said "Hey little child are you getting scared? Just walk few distance more you will reach mansion".

The woman left, Atul and Manish discuss with each other about that woman which they think as a ghost. By walking two miles finally they reached the mansion where they find the statue of goddess Durga. They also find some photos of Panchakot Raj family who is known for 'Zamindari Raj'.

The mansion started shaking for a few seconds both of them immediately came out from the mansion by thinking the presence of ghost and they ran towards home. When they told parents about the mansion shaken, their parents laughed and say "We even feel here also that's a little earthquake son and Durga Puja celebrated every year on that mansion from the time of Panchakot Raj".

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two friends story

Life Changing Story Of Two Friends

A life changing tale of two friends belongs from the same society, Rajiv belongs from a good class family while Pranab from a lower middle class.

Though they belong from same locality, both grew up by playing with each other. After 12th std. Rajiv planned to move for higher studies but Pranab family condition was not stable so he decided to quit study.

When Rajiv’s father heard about Pranab wants to quit his study due to his family condition. He immediately gone to his home and ask his parents "How much money they need for his studies?". Pranab’s father replied "Leave it, everyone in our family after passing 10th or 12th they generally move to farming or some small kind of business".

Rajiv's father keeps smiling and said "If this the situation please allow me once I will prove Pranab one of the best one".

Rajiv's father helps Pranab to take admission at the same college where Rajiv does. Though being good college, everyone is on same track but for Pranab this is the only chance which will never back again. Pranab only knows how to get success. On the other hand, Rajiv same as normal track meeting with friends even he failed in few subjects.

The day when companies came for placements, Pranab having the confidence to crack it and he did it but Rajiv get placed in some medium size organization.

Pranab's parents came to Rajiv's father and said "If you were not then we obviously on a wrong track for our children. Thanks for showing the path."

Moral: It is not necessary to pay for others but can show them right track. If you help others sometimes, they think you as a God whereas many other only take the advantage of you to be on right track but if they have wrong way of thinking, they always will be on a wrong track.

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Kangchenjunga entertainomania

Tale Of The Mountain: Kangchenjunga

Atul and his wife Payal planned a trip to visit Nepal.They booked a flight of Air India from New Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Once they reached Kathmandu, stay at hotel which they already booked earlier. Further they visited Kanchenjunga which takes 278km from Kathmandu. Kanchenjunga is the third high mountain in the world.

Payal asked Atul "Hey, let's move for trekking". Atul shocked and said "It takes too long more than one month. We need to go home within 2 days". Payal behaved madly and say "I will jump if you don't go for trekking". Atul gets shocked even he never seen Payal's before like this.

They move forward for trekking even after climbing few distance with their guide, Atul found Payal is missing. The guide and the Atul searching Payal finally guide said "Sir, I can't move further as we are not into the trekking route sometimes it may be dangerous to avoid trekking route over here". The guide left here.

Atul searching for his wife seen a canal heard Payal's voice saying "I was trapped, please save me". Atul visit inside the canal and found echo of his voice. He reached Payal by walking 2km inside the canal and found a group of terrorist. Atul asked "Please leave my wife she don't know anything". Payal asked Atul "How you know them?". Atul "When I was in the army for four years our team visited here and killed many of their terrorist. Now they need revenge".

Suddenly a group of armies came even Atul gets shocked and save them from enemies. When Atul asked their officer, he replied "Your guide is your saviour. He informed us even he also warned you don't move beyond the trekking route".

Moral: Sometimes we can't take a right decision, if Atul listen to guide and they were into the trekking route and later they file a complaint, is that better or going alone as what Atul did to save his wife? Let me know in your comments.

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diwali entertainomania

Truth On Diwali Night

Around years ago, Ritesh and his wife Neha were planned to visit Sikkim from Mumbai during their Diwali holidays. They booked a flight ticket to Kolkata and later they book a private car from Siliguri which hardly takes four hours to visit Gangtok.

Exploring one day at Gangtok and later they move to Tarku on the day before Diwali. They seen people were busy for Kali Puja, Ritesh asked manager of the hotel "This time is Diwali why people are celebrating Kali Puja". The manager replied "Every year at this time we are celebrating Kali Puja even specially the Bengalis, you find many Bengalis near to our Tarku Tanak kali temple".

Ritesh and Neha visited Kali Mandir and waiting to watch Kali Puja which started at night around 12:00 am. The priest of the temple told everyone no one will leave from this temple till morning. They didn't care the words of priest and move towards to hotel. In a while, they heard some sound of animals in the dark night of Amavasya. Getting a little scared, still moving forward to their hotel. Suddenly they seen a four large wolves came infront of them, the priest came with few people and throws Gangajal on the wolves. The wolves get vanished.

Later, Ritesh asked the priest of the temple "Why they were vanished?". He replied "Those were not wolves those are monster or we can say devil whose power become double in the day of Amavasya and this is the reason we are doing Kali Puja to destroy the evil from the earth". On the next day, they have a ticket for Mumbai but they can't forget that dangerous night.

Moral: They didn't face that situation if they listen to priest but taking things on a easy way sometimes makes your life dangerous.

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