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Woman With An Old Man In Flight

Once the woman having flight from Delhi to Mumbai for official purpose. By completing her working day, she went to airport.

At the counter she booked a window sit, boarding started she took a sit. After few minutes, two middle class old man sit beside her and she started feeling uncomfortable.

She called the flight attendant and ask "I am feeling uncomfortable with these two fellow old man, do you have any seat at business class?". The flight attendant replied "Please wait let me discuss with captain".

The attendant of the flight discuss the situation with captain and finally she back to woman's sit. By looking at the flight attendant she feels excited and ready to move but the flight attendant ask two old people "Sir, sit available at business class please come with me". Woman get shocked and ask "What rubbish is this?". The flight attendant politely replied "Mam, a decision taken by captain as whatever you need".

Moral: Don't try to make others down, sometimes it may come in reverse direction.

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Tale At Grocery Shop

Once a woman went into a grocery shop and asked the manager "I have a very urgent need of some items but I have only 500 rupees". The manager replied "If you have some urgent need ofcourse you must have that amount of money". The woman worried and said "I have five children, after my husband's death it's my responsibility to take care of them".

In a while, another man being a customer listen the whole conversation. Suddenly, a manager calls a boy and told "Keep a look at this woman she doesn't have much money".

The man who listen the conversation came to that woman and asked "Why you came here they didn't give value as a customer". The woman politely replied "I always used to came here earlier with my husband and now they have no respect for me because they think I want to buy more items with low money". The man replied "If you want money I can help you?". The woman said "No thanks, I am happy that I have some amount of money to purchase items".

Each moment woman prays "Hey God, I don't see my children hungry please help me". She buys potato, onion, eggs and when shopkeeper weighs on machine shows only 2kg again she happily added few more items still showing 2kg, machine gets changed but the another machine also weighs 2kg, the manager of the grocery store remain shocked and the woman done with the list of items and the amount came three hundred and eighty rupees but The woman happily paid five hundred rupees amount.

The manager calls the mechanic and look at their weight machine, they perfectly checked with no issue and it's working.

Moral: The woman visited the grocery shop multiple times with her husband but the behavior of manager was not good even he thought she may stolen the items but the reality happens, she covered all the list of items infront of the manager even she can pay more than the desired amount.

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A Happy Family: Message For Every Youngsters

This is the story of Raju who was born somewhere in the state of West Bengal ,India. Raju is the youngest among two sisters. Being the youngest he was the most lovable son in his family.

He always used to eat good foods even everyone tries to make him happy being the youngest. When his father retired, he was 18 yrs old, both the sisters gets married.

Once he used to take lunch and got angry "I don't like these kind of food stuffs". His mother replied "Now your father is retired please try to understand".Raju said "When Ruma and Joya married you have money actually being my parents you haven't done anything for me".

When his father heard this he goes to vegetable shop on the next day and purchase some vegetable and non-veg items which Raju would love to eat but when he returns back to home he took an accident and died in the spot. From that day, Raju forget his favourite dishes and starts eating normal foods.

Note: This is message for those who doesn't know how to respect their parents. In this story, Rahul a 18 yrs old boy doesn't understand his parents, so this teenage(15-18 yrs) is very difficult which turns it will take for your child become dangerous. Rahul is the most lovable son of his parents which he was understand but that was too late.

Hey guys, Avoid such kind of behavior if you have and look forward to help your parents.

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Game Of Death EntertainOMania

An Unknown Invitation: A Game Of Death

Mira and Manish, a couple got an invitation letter from an unknown person. Mira were excited to see what kind of invitation letter, she find the invitation card with awesome decoration, it's like someone birthday, venue at Red Villa resort, Goa but the name of the person is not mentioned.

Even they also find the flight ticket for both of us. In a while, Mira would likely to visit Goa but Manish had lot question in his mind "Who is that person?","How they know us? & "Who's birthday?". By the way they took flight for Goa and visit Red Villa resort.

Mr.Madan, who welcomes both of them at Red Villa resort even they were getting free luxury rooms and allowing them to use swimming pool and food services free of cost. Manish were getting surprised and ask Mr.Madan "Thank you very much but why you are doing this for us, I mean we received a birthday invitation but the name of the person has not mentioned on the card". Mr.Madan replied "You get all the answers but you and your wife need to play some game with us".

Manish tries to get the answer without playing but in a while he get ready to take game challenge.

Round I:

Mr.Madan ask Manish , tell your wife to eat pork. Manish "What rubbish is this she is vegeterian". Mr.Madan said "See this is upto you as you take this challenge by signing our contract & you can't leave from here without playing this game".
Manish find Mira started eating pork and by looking at her, he gets shocked.

Round II:

It is very challenging game, Mr.Madan told Manish , "you have to hold your breathe under swimming pool for 10 minutes". Manish were trying do that but within a 5 minutes, he back from swimming pool.

Finally, Manish understand, Mr. Madan is Anik's father. Manish being a senior in his college, he always used to do ragging with his son Anik.Apart from Manish, Mira also in his group during their college days. Once Anik complain to principal, Manish gave him a punishment same like this swimming pool. In a while, Anik lost his life.

Manish asked Mr.Madan "How you came to know about this that was declared as suicide". Mr.Madan "There is no option for my son to do suicide. Later I ask and I find you are the one who always harassing others in your college, but today is your day. I am not going to kill you, on your back you see someone already came to arrest both of you".

Moral: Everyone knows ragging is crime and it has been punishable as per law. Some people looks different but the truth has been hiding behind them. In this story, Mr.Madan suffering a pain of loosing his child even if he wants can kill both of them but he was focusing on the right path.

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The Weekend Break: (A Trip To Lonavala)

A story of three friends (Anisha, Lavanya & Ishita) who went for a weekend trip Lonavala, Maharastra, India. They were very excited to explore the places in Lonavala.

Already booked the lodge where they reached around 01:00PM. After taking lunch, three of them move forward to explore Lonavala. In a while, Ishita feels she visited this place earlier & something was not happened good.

Now something happens very strange.

What is that?

By returning at lodge Ishita tries to find by asking her parents about her past. At 2:00AM, Anisha and Lavanya found Ishita speak something abnormal in her sleep. Both of them tries but failed, behavior of Ishita got changed. By asking Hotel Manager & other people, problem not resolved.

Finally called the parents of Ishita they explained "Ishita having a disorder which specially happens during her sleep, fear from hilly areas. Every night she used to take medicine suggested by doctor. We understand this when she was six years old, once we came to this place she was getting much afraid so we plan to move back".

Moral: A message to all the parents to take care of their children, this is a common disorder which doesn't have any proper medicine till date but sometimes it gone naturally after 18-20 years or when they fall under adult category, so always hope for the best.

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