night-trip entertainomania

Find Difference Between Right Or Wrong: A Horrible Night Trip

A group of four friend (Nisha, Ayushi, Aditya, Nikhil) after completing their work at office were planned to visit Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh to create some documentary film from New Delhi.

The day was 24th November 2017, they started moving from New Delhi around 06:00PM night enjoying with each other & discussing after a long time we travelling together during weekend. Nisha "Hey What's up guys! What a rocking weekend".

Travelling through Noida Expressway, saw a woman in the car accident asking for help. They also seen a man standing outside the car just watching the woman but not going to help her. Though Nikhil try to help the woman but his friends request him not to move out of the car.

They even listen the sound of woman saying "We will handover everything to you but as of now please took me at the hospital at this moment". The man doesn't listen to woman & left her. In a while, they seen the car along with woman get vanished. Everyone gets scared & think there is something happened wrong they were plan to move back New Delhi.

On the next day, they still thought about the incident even also done some research by visiting nearby police station & finally came to the conclusion "The incident which they saw yesterday happens on the same day in the year 2008, the man who found outside the car was her husband. They loved each other & married happily but the woman doesn't know he married only because her property as she belongs from good class business family. As per the report, the man put on jail & served for 5-6 years later he found dead inside the jail."

Moral: Human minds always becomes greedy & the person who can control & make a difference between right or wrong, the only person win the race.


Mask Man: The Untold Truth

This is a story of mask man somewhere around the year 2018 at New Delhi, India when five friends (Sahil |Tanmay |Soumya |Joy |Tanu) went back from their office they planning to visit Joy's house.

Joy take a room on rent and living at New Delhi. When they reached at the Joy's house found there is no lock at the door. Joy explain "In the morning, I am sure I locked the door". Tanu replied "Leave it Joy you may forget".

Each of us gossiping and dancing with a loud music sound. In a while, Tanmay found missing. They were searching each corner of the house but still can't find him.

Sahil told "Hey Joy, what's happening in your house". Suddenly Soumya shouted, everyone reached to her & found the dead body of Tanmay. Sahil gets angry and say "Joy I told you earlier there is something wrong in this house". Tanu seen a black mask man outside the house and say "Hey, who is that man?".

They started searching for the mask-man, in a while Joy and Tanu found the dead body of Sahil and Soumya.Tanu take a knife and ask Joy "Tell me what's wrong going in your house?". Joy "See Tanu, I don't have any idea about this man". Mask man came infront of them and ask "I think you people forget me just go back to our college days. During Holi, everyone plan to wear something different & I used to wear a mask but you people put me inside water and even I raise a hand but no one came to help me. Now tell me among both of you who will going to die first?". Joy explain "See I know you are Harry but please try to understand that was an accident". Tanu replied "Ok we surrender and ready to move at jail please leave us". Joy takes a knife from Tanu & started reading "Hanuman Chalisa" which destroys the evil power, finally he throws a knife to that mask man & put him rest in peace.

Moral: If you are not wrong must fight you will definitely win the race.


Unforgettable Journey Of Three Friends

This is a story of three close friends (Anil,Shahid & Maya) who plan to visit somewhere on the day of completion of their graduation from Durgapur.

They started their journey from Durgapur but still it is unknown they ask driver "We planned to visit Purulia, West Bengal but actually that's a town we need some hilly areas to stay & enjoy". Driver replied "Have anyone heard about Ayodhya Hills which is very close to Purulia & there you can stay at hotel". According to driver, they agrred & move to Ayodhya Hills.

After reached Ayodhya, Maya feels she visited earlier this place. Anil "How is this possible? You are from Maharastra & this is just a hill in West Bengal". Shahid "Hey guys see such a nice place & hotel is also really good even you people can try non-vegetarian also".

In a while, both friends Anil & Shahid saw Maya being a vegetarian started eating non-veg. They were get shocked & the way she eats like she hungry for many days. Both of them tries to stop her but it was impossible like someone or some spirits possessed her body.

Other people in that hotel gets afraid whereas Anil wants help from manager to call any priest who can help them.Manager tries to find someone but fails to find. Later Anil reminds that he have Hanuman Chalisa in his bag & starts reading. Maya "Hey you stop reading". Anil "Let us know who you are & why you possessed her body?". Maya in spiritual character explain "We are friends since childhood even we came here during childhood days with our family even I proposed her but she rejects me & finally I get her".

Anil keeps on reading & everyone in the hotel support them, sprit left her body & it has been around one week Maya to come in normal position. Later Maya married with Anil who is the saviour of her & were settled at Maharastra.

Moral: Evil, however powerful it is, is always smaller than Good.

rakshabandhan entertainomania

Rakshabandhan: The Bond of Brother-Sister

Rahul who working at USA came to India to meet with his sister on the occasion of Rakhi. His sister Pooja who lived in a small village as earlier she fall in love with a man during her childhood days & later they were married.

It has been after four years, Rahul back to India. Everyone in his family were happy even his mother cooked his favourite food. But when he told mother that he is going to meet with his sister on the day of Rakhi. His mother get shocked & say "See you don't know since from two years no one celebrate Rakhi in this village after the death of Yamini". Rahul speak "Yes I remember Yamini, she had no one in her family except her brother". Mother "Yes my child, but when her brother started his modelling career he always insult Yamini in front of his friends who drunk & stay till late night. Once her brother gets a call from Poland but Yamini doesn't like to leave her brother. It was on the day of Rakhi, Yamini brings Rakhi for him but he throws the Rakhi on fire & move ahead to Poland. After this many of them try to celebrate Rakhi but something happens very strange i.e., road accidents, murder".

Rahul say "See mom why you believe in supernatural things we are now in 21st century". He ignore his mother & move towards his sister's house to celebrate Rakhi. Pooja welcomed his brother & she also arranged many foods but when Rahul ask for Rakhi, Pooja replied "As mother told you we are not celebrating Rakhi since last two years". Rahul "Pooja, you also believe in all these stupid things. Ok not an issue if you don't have Rakhi I have something for you from USA". Pooja refused to take a gift from her brother and told "We are not celebrating Rakhi please try to understand".Rahul "We are not celebrating just keep this iPod with you".

On the next day, everything was fine. Rahul say "See nothing happens because Yamini herself wants to celebrate Rakhi all those accidents or murders of brother & sister happens but it requires investigation". The day when Rahul went for USA, Pooja & his husband came to meet. In a while, Pooja hug him & told you proved to be a real brother. Rahul say Good bye to his family, when he cross the village & came over to the road seen a girl in front of his car. Rahul ask "Hey what you want allow me to move forward". The girl replied "Always I want you to move forward but I have a Rakhi for you please accept this". Rahul thought she is mad & say "Ok you can tie a Rakhi but what's your name & what you doing here?". She tie up a Rakhi & say myself as Yamini.

killer-party entertainomania

Killer Party: A Game Of Fight

During this lock-down period, most of them using Skype, Zoom & other apps for official meeting. This story is also related to five (Arun, Sonia, Sheikh, Alisha, Jasmine) people who wants to take a break from work & played the game called Killer Party.

Killer Party is a game playing in a group. As they were a team of five people, Arun & Sheikh was in one group whereas Sonia, Alisha & Jasmine were in the other group. Jasmine said "Hey, this game is called Killer Party so why not we need to do some party before our play". Arun "But without gathering how we can do a party". Jasmine replied "Very simple just take a glass of drink & let's play". Everyone gets agreed & take a glass of drink.

The time was around 11:00 PM, they started a game called Killer Party. Each group started fighting with others. After half & hours, Arun shot a bullet to Sonia & killed her in a game. Suddenly, Sheikh finds Arun was not playing & tries to call him but the call was unreachable. Alisha find Arun is not playing she point a shot at Arun & killed him. While after few seconds, Jasmine notice Alisha not playing, she tries to call he but was unreachable where she feels something strange & call to Sheikh.

Jasmine explain to Sheikh "I am trying to call Sonia & Alisha but their call was unreachable I think something wrong happens". Sheikh replied "Yes, I also tries to call Arun but his phone gets unreachable". Jasmine "Ok fine, we will see tomorrow as of now we have to stop this game".

On the next day, Sonia & Arun found dead at their own apartment whereas Alisha gets hypotenuse by someone. Later after the investigation, cops finds the same happens in real as whatever in the game. Sonia killed by Arun & in the same way Arun gets killed by Alisha.