Learn The Value Of Parents In Our Life

Learn The Value Of Parents In Our Life

Once there was a married couple, Vikash and Anu who went Ooty to celebrate their honeymoon. While they were travelling towards their resort Anu find a Hanuman temple beside the road.

Anu told "Please stop the car I will be back within a few minutes". She took some pujas flower, sindoor from the temple. Vikash asked "What is the reason & why you carry all these?". Anu "My mother told whenever we are travelling for a long distance it necessary to keep all these belongings".

They reached resort in the afternoon. Both enjoying their married life & meet with other guests. Vikash finds something change in Anu's behaviour as she would love to stay forever in this resort. He thinks it's funny & ignore it.

At evening, they went for some event which was held in the resort. Vikash busy to talk with the other members in a while he finds Anu eating prawns. He got shocked & asked "Hey what you are doing? Is everything ok?". Anu looked at Vikash with horrible eyes & said "Get out from here & don't disturb me". Vikash told the other guest "My wife is in trouble even she started eating non-vegeterian". The other members tried to help them but everyone get scared as there was some evil spirit took the place of Anu's body.

They call the priest who told them to ready for Hanuman Puja. Vikash checked the Anu's bag & find those belongings necessary for puja where the other members also ready to help them. By reading Hanuman Chalisa 108 times the spirit left Anu's body & they were safe. On the next morning, the attendant told about the situation "Once there was couple who came to this resort whose wife got suicide by jumping from the roof of the resort. Later on discussion with her husband found her condition was abnormal she can't control herself". Vikash "That's I find unfortunately Anu eating non-vegeterian".

Moral: Parent's word always valuable like in this story Anu's mother already told her when travelling for a long distance must carry some good things with you where she got those belongings from Hanuman temple.

Mystery Of Holi Celebration

Mystery Of Holi Celebration

A couple, Amrita and Rajeev who came back to their hometown for the celebration of Holi. They know each other since childhood days.

Rajeev knocks at the door and found his mother, she was happy to welcome both of them. As the discussion was going on, in a while Amrita ask them "I also want to meet my family, you all gossip with each other I will be back in the evening".

Amrita take a leave from Rajeev's home and moving forward to meet her parents. By walking some distance, she feels something walks behind her. She doesn't bother and move forward to her home.

Amrita meets Rajiv and she told "When we came over here something happens very strange with me like someone walks behind me, I hear some spiritual sounds". Rajiv "I think you feel something wrong better you need to take a rest". The time was 12:00AM at night, Amrita found a woman standing outside from the window.

She came from home and ask "Who are you & What you are doing now?". The woman replied "Hi my name is Soumya, I would love to come over here". Amrita "But this time you must be at your home". Soumya "The place which you like most that's also be your home". Amrita "I didn't getting you see now it's too late night better you go to your home".

On the next day, Amrita told about Soumya to Rajiv, whreas Rajiv gets shocked and ask "Where you meet her as she is not alive". Amrita "What you mean and what makes you afraid?". Rajeev "I met her during my college days, the days were going we fell love with each other & also plan for marriage. She like our home & even all our family members, relatives likes her very much. But one night I find she involves in Black Magic, since from that day we started fighting with each other but she can't stay without Black Magic. She doesn't have any option to stop these, on the day of Holi she suicide herself".

Amrita "She give her life to save you and your family from Black Magic that's the reason I find something strange in her words". Amrita ask soul "Now it's your time to leave & I am here for this family". In this way, she also prays God for her soul to be rest in peace.

Moral: The thing like Black Magic will do negative to others but the day comes when it kills you. Beware of this kind of habits as in this story if Soumya doesn't involve in Black Magic, she gets a better life.

valentine day entertainomania

Danger In Gangtok : Valentine's Day Celebration

On the Valentine's Day eve, Rajneesh and his wife Amrita went to Gangtok, Sikkim, India to celebrate their first Valentine's Day in the year 2009.

Amrita belongs from Hyderabad and she never visited Gangtok earlier & it becomes exciting for her as she already love to travel hilly areas from her childhood days.

On the other hand, Rajneesh already belongs from West Bengal and this becomes the fourth time of visiting the Gangtok. Amrita asked "Hey, you told me that you had came earlier in this place it's such a lovely place to stay forever". Rajneesh "Yes I came earlier with my parents and relatives during my school days. I also like to stay here but my parents doesn't allow me as they were getting afraid from hilly areas even you know also accidents mostly happens in hilly areas".

The time was around 09:00 PM, both of them sit in a round table have chit-chat with each other. Suddenly, Amrita seen Rajneesh face looks haunted, she shouted immediately and gone into the faint state of mind. The waiter and other members of the resort came over there to help them. When Amrita gets normal, Rajneesh ask "What happened? Why you have shouted?". Amrita "I told many lies to you I always like to choose travel in the hilly areas and even earlier I also visited over here from my school. During my 10th std., our school plans some tour at Gangtok. In a while, me and my best friend Kushal plan to commit suicide as our parents doesn't like when we talk with each other, we both came near to the hill side and suddenly I find Kushal gets jumped but I can't. Later everyone knows Kushal committed suicide but that was not a suicide".

Rajneesh "Why you not told me this earlier & what is the reason of hiding from me?". Amrita "I get scared even I haven't told this to my parents". Rajneesh "I have no word but you are wrong in yourself so I think we need to do some prayer and also to say sorry so that his soul will be rest in peace". On the next day it was 15th Feb, they done everything according to their plan, Amrita accept her fault and say sorry to his soul.

Moral: This mostly happen with the teenager by choosing the wrong direction as they doesn't understand the difference between good or bad.They were just focusing on what they like as usual those who are innocent, they gets attract immediately on certain situations, in this story Kushal looking for a wrong direction of getting his love.

Baba Harbajan Indian Soldier Entertainomania

Unforgettable Journey Of An Indian Soldier

Rakesh who is an Indian soldier travelling from Sikkim to Punjab. Rakesh and other soldier were gossiping with each other as they went for a home by train after a long time.

After joining the Indian army this becomes the first time Rakesh went for a home where he found a blank seat with white sheet cover and pillow along with two luggage. He went to ask his friends "Hey guys, that seat is blank and I find a few luggage".

Manish from one of the soldier replied "That seat has been reserved for our Baba Harbajan Singh". Rakesh asked "Are you crazy he already left the world?". Manish "You don't know about this since from past 40+ years everyone believe that his soul still alive for helping Indian soldier to fight with an enemy".

Rakesh "See I don't care about your stupidity, today I want to sleep beside that seat & I can't believe on these ghost or supernatural stories". On the other hand, many of them requested Rakesh "Don't sleep beside that seat you may be afraid".

By ignoring other soldiers Rakesh seated beside the seat reserved of Baba Harbajan Singh. The time was around 12:00PM, Rakesh started reading book in a while he heard some foot steps but doesn't find anyone. When he returned back and see the Baba Harbajan's shoe replace from the previous position and also the bed sheet looks as it has been used by someone. He got scared and call the other soldiers and told about the situation.

Note: Two times in every year one seat reserved for Baba Harbajan Singh. Many soldiers still believe and find some supernatural activities on the spot even when soldier failed to fight they find something hit their enemy.

ego entertainomania

The Sign Of Ego

A story of two friends Anisha & Shriya, Anisha belongs from a high-class family whereas Shriya from middle-class.

Anisha always tries to make a change in Shriya's dressup even Shriya ask her parents for money to buy some dress. Once there was a birthday party of their friend Trisha, both of them tries for a good make-up. When Anisha meets Shriya, Anisha told her "See look at me and you can see yourself". Shriya feels upset and went for a birthday party.

They booked a cab while sitting beside Anisha, she always tries to look at her dress and find chatting with many boys. By reaching at the destination Trisha were surprised to see both of them. Ascertain Shriya finds Anisha talks with many people, suddenly a waiter came and ask Anisha "Do you need water mam?". Anisha "No not now". The waiter doesn't focus on her reply and ask again, she just push the waiter and used a slang words on him.

On the next day, when Shriya comes to Anisha's house and find Anisha keeps shouting on his parents by using a very abusive language. In a while, Shriya ask her "What happened why you are shouting like this, try to understand this is your parents". Anisha "You keep silent Shriya this is none of your business". Shriya "Ok, I came here to ask as I am going to temple, do you want to go with me?".Anisha "You can't do anything in your life Shriya just go to temple and pray to God. Look at me I get everything in my life".

When reached the temple, Anisha tries to take ladder steps she finds a few distance from her whereas she find Shriya already cover the ladder steps and sit in the temple. Shriya ask "Hey, what you are doing there? Come here". Anisha "When I tries to come these steps covers some distance from me". The priest of the temple told her "This sign represents you have done many mistakes in your life".

He also tries to make her understand "Before you came here you fight with your parents who is the pillar of giving strength to you even they bring you in this world". He even told Shriya "Looking others and make a change in yourself is good but not in dress-up, this is just a kind of disease, try to make a change in your talent, your knowledge, think positive, do positive by which dress-up or make-up doesn't having any value".

Moral: Like always wearing a good dress is good at some point but when it converts to ego, the end of life is very close to them.