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Google AI Chips Helps Real Estate

Google uses it's machine learning to design the next generation of machine learning chips. The kind of algorithm design has been comparable or superior to those created by humans. According to tech giant, the work takes months for humans which can be accomplished by humans within six hours.

The specific task Google algorithm tackled is the floor planning.This normally done by human by using computer-aided design tools.Google noted that designing of floor plan takes months for users but the AI generated machine learning the best way to tackle this problem.

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Intel's 11th Gen Processor Speed Upto 5.0Ghz

Mostly present with thin and light laptops. Intel already made a announcement with the launch of it's first 11th Gen Lake H-Series processors but the Taipei based International Information Technology named as Computex on 2021, the company announced the U-Series of chipset which marks 5.0GHz clock speed.

Even Intel also announcing a specific set of U-Series chips i.e.,Core i7-1195G7 & Core i5-1155G7.

Both of these new chips operate in the range of 12W to 18W and having a four/ eight thread configuration.The feature of Intel's Iris XE comes with an integrated graphics(Core i7-1195G7 for 96 EUs & Core i5-1155G7 for 80 EUs).

Apart from the processor, Intel also announced it's latest 5G modem solutions for laptops along with M.2 card by which device makers able to incorporate with their designs called Intel 5G Solutions 5000.

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Facebook Testing A Video Speed Dating App - Sparked

The social media giant Facebook is testing a video speed dating app called as Sparked. According to this app which requires a Facebook profile to create an account, developed by company's NPE Team even the Facebook in house team works on experimental apps.

Sparked is the second dating product from Facebook which operates out of the main Facebook app launched in US since 2019 and has been rolling out to various countries.

The Sparked has almost the same features like the other dating apps where people can view a public profile of a potential match and then send like to possibly receive one back and start a conversation.

Video dating apps are going popular these days after the pandemic and the people staying at home and limiting their in-person interactions.

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Learn How Robot Sensing Helps Healthcare Industry

AI build robots can used for a basic healthcare tasks to support the work of doctor and nurses. As per the recent pandemic demonstrates the need to minimize human-to-human interaction.

There is also an opportunity for sensing robots to measure essential healthcare information on behalf of the care providers in future.

Kim along with his team from the Simon Fraser University programmed two robots to measure some human psycological signals working from Kim's Additive Manufacturing Lab.

When a hand touches a person it helps to detect psycological signals from an electrodiogram which used to monitor heartbeat,respiration rate and temperature.

This humanoid robot also helps to monitor oxygen levels in your body which helps to monitor the condition for those who develop severe COVID-19. Such data viewed in real-time on the robot's monitor or sent to the healthcare provider.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The First Impression Of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

A completely wireless buds, Samsung has been doing well in the earbuds segment with their range of Galaxy Buds.

This Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has puts the entire definition of a top-notch audio device & the time it gets active noise cancellation also with spatial audio, like bringing at the level of Apple AirPods Pro.

It also having a touch sensitive feature which you have mistakenly pressed for long time & the Samsung gives you an option to turn it completely off.

According to Samsung claimed this Buds pro runs for 8 hours on the buds with ANC switched off and also the total of 28 hours with charging case. The primary reason being the Buds Pro gets 61mAh battery as opposed to the 85mAh.

However, when you listening to music and if you are playing an online games you must switch off else the accelerometer in the buds detects the jaw moving and turns off the ANC which may result in lower the volume.

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