Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The First Impression Of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

A completely wireless buds, Samsung has been doing well in the earbuds segment with their range of Galaxy Buds.

This Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has puts the entire definition of a top-notch audio device & the time it gets active noise cancellation also with spatial audio, like bringing at the level of Apple AirPods Pro.

It also having a touch sensitive feature which you have mistakenly pressed for long time & the Samsung gives you an option to turn it completely off.

According to Samsung claimed this Buds pro runs for 8 hours on the buds with ANC switched off and also the total of 28 hours with charging case. The primary reason being the Buds Pro gets 61mAh battery as opposed to the 85mAh.

However, when you listening to music and if you are playing an online games you must switch off else the accelerometer in the buds detects the jaw moving and turns off the ANC which may result in lower the volume.

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autonomous car

Autonomous Car Technology: How it works?

Autonomous car is one of the way to reduce number of crashes on our roads.

As per the Government data, it has been observed that more number of car crashes due to driver behavior or error. In other way, self-driving is one of the option which reduces driver error.

Even the people with disabilities are capable of self-sufficiency & this highly automated vehicles can help them live the life as they want.

Technology Used Behind Autonomous Car

There are several technologies used behind this safe and autonomous vehicle , mostly the use of AI is in a wide range which helps to control the robotic car. Though, very soon you may find the use of this technology in train which makes a driverless train. Apart from this, the use of safety and security cameras ,network infrastructure and also the sensor based technology i.e., radar.

How Autonomous Car Works?

It has been very common these days no one can leave home without smartphones or the internet ready devices (smartphones,tablets etc.)

These devices tell us the exact location of the person by using GPS technology. With some level of connectivity by using 5G network, driverless vehicles able to react by prevention measures like braking and automatic steering, which in turn makes the street safer.

It as been widely used in USA for Emergency Medical Care, Public Transportation, Shipping & Deliveries etc. The country India is also focusing on this driverless vehicle to avoid traffic congestion, road safety even plan to use in trains.

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Time To Get Black Friday Deals

So guys Black Friday is very near & as per US calendar it has been celebrated on November. This year pandemic has shaken things in another way.

Some of the best deals will be happen online with a fewer in-person sales. There are few retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart who started early Black Friday deals.

The brand Apple products which is already in high demand & now you can get those product with most affordable rates. Let say for Apple Watch SE whose price is already affordable but now it has been more cheaper in e-commerce giant sites Amazon, Flipkart & Walmart.

Another brand like Samsung which recently launched Galaxy A7 has 10.4 inch display along with slim bezels even it's design look more than flagship. This is probably one of the good option if you don't want to spend as per the cost of iPad or the above series, but your choice is decent performance.

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Apple iPhone 12 Along with 5G Network

Another year comes with another iPhone. Isn't that? This has been the iPhone last year, Apple announced about it's four model iPhone 12 line on this Tuesday.

If you remember around 2017 iPhone X which introduced a face unlocking & a better screen technology.

But this year they sport array of colors and with some more models with 5G wireless support has already been in lineup.

Apple on it's late 5G network are incorporating the new wireless technology current potential problems for the Apple though it still becomes the big win for the company and the carriers. Even experts were already worry about the new design which may affect on repair-ability.

This feature is applicable for both iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max, pricing starts from $999.

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Bitcoin Chainlinks Breaks Technical Pattern

Bitcoin: The chain-links has been observed some weakness around past few hours but it's price showing downwards at $14.00.

Due to the sharp downturn, analyst were noting down that the bitcoin chainlink may be poised to see further weakness with multiple technical signals result in downside.

Chain-link trading has been down almost 12% of it's current price $ 14.13 but cryptocurrency had previously showing some flash signs of strength where the buyer reaction towards the support level of chainlink & send it backup around $17.00.

Today due to sharp decline of Bitcoin Chainlink had been forming a bull-flag. It basically develops when following link drops from the recent high's.

Hope this weakness will recover soon & bringing back the block-chain into it's current rising state.

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