The Weekend Break: (A Trip To Lonavala)

A story of three friends (Anisha, Lavanya & Ishita) who went for a weekend trip Lonavala, Maharastra, India. They were very excited to explore the places in Lonavala.

Already booked the lodge where they reached around 01:00PM. After taking lunch, three of them move forward to explore Lonavala. In a while, Ishita feels she visited this place earlier & something was not happened good.

Now something happens very strange.

What is that?

By returning at lodge Ishita tries to find by asking her parents about her past. At 2:00AM, Anisha and Lavanya found Ishita speak something abnormal in her sleep. Both of them tries but failed, behavior of Ishita got changed. By asking Hotel Manager & other people, problem not resolved.

Finally called the parents of Ishita they explained "Ishita having a disorder which specially happens during her sleep, fear from hilly areas. Every night she used to take medicine suggested by doctor. We understand this when she was six years old, once we came to this place she was getting much afraid so we plan to move back".

Moral: A message to all the parents to take care of their children, this is a common disorder which doesn't have any proper medicine till date but sometimes it gone naturally after 18-20 years or when they fall under adult category, so always hope for the best.


Know More About Avian Influenza : The Bird Flu Scare

The state like Madhya Pradesh, Indore & Kerala detect the bird flu virus. Amid of the pandemic, report has been found from these three states.

It is a kind of viral disease which is contagious and can spread from birds to birds and animals.

Beware this is a kind of disease that may transmit in humans though the study is still going on this new disease.

The flu named as Avian Influenza in Rajasthan where the 100 crows found dead in Jalawar.

The department secretary Arushi Malik said the Centre guidelines need to be followed on a high priority:

"Though the situation is not alarming but we are vigilant, must ensure that the virus should not transmit to domestic animals."

Every year this occur during March but this time it has been something serious, the report has not found good from these three states, so beware & stay safe.

Best New Year 2021 Ideas EntertainOMania

New Year 2021 Ideas That Gives You A Kick-Start

Who isn't ready for 2020 to end?

Everyone looking for a new hope when there is a new beginning of a year. Although the year 2020 has completely gone under COVID-19 pandemic.
Now we all having a hope for something good to be happen with a fresh beginning of new year.

Here is the list of New Year 2021 ideas:

1.Yoga or Meditation: Yoga is best option to boost strength in your body which gives relax to your mind & body, makes you feel fresh.

2.Learn New Skills: Having a skill-set is always good for getting educated & better employment. Focus on learning and also understand the value of learning.

3.Eat Healthy: Try eating healthy foods which helps you to protect from various diseases. Since 2020 is already a time to avoid street food. It's time to cook food at home & eat with a proper balance diet even it will be better to learn cooking.

4.Give More Time To Your Relationship: You can spent or give value to your relationship as everything come from relationship so make it strong so that you become happy & get a longer life.

5.Quit Bad Habits: The question may comes to your mind "How to quit bad habits?". Well, it's very easy always look for good habits ->search on internet->look person with good habits even you can think for "Best Things To Do","Try To Do Some Good Habits Daily". After few days, you understand the difference between good & bad habits.

christmas celebration entertainomania

Five Ways: Celebrate Christmas (During Covid Pandemic)

Each year Christmas has been celebrated with lots of decoration. Due to the amid of COVID-19 pandemic, many facilities have decided to celebrate individually instead of large groups of people.

I am discuss here few of those steps that may help you to celebrate Christmas during pandemic:
  1. Decorate Your Home

You can decorate your home from inside & outside. Addition of some inspirational pieces & lights along with Christmas tree.

  1. Count 25th Days Of Donation

This become one of unique celebration Christmas in which you can start count from 1st December or 15 days before Christmas & collect some food like Chocolates in a box container. On the day of 25th December you can donate as a gift to the local pantry to the person in need.

  1. Focus On Dressing

Though this year we are already at home, you may try to wear some Holidays Shirt & Pajamas along with Christmas cap.

  1. Sing Karaoke At Home

You can sing any song or Christmas related then mix with Christmas Karaoke & finally you can host it through different channels.

  1. Do Virtual Conversation

This year 2020 around 80-90% people you find online or you may seen report in the next year 20121 i.e., "The year 2020 is the largest data usage year". Even you can talk with your friends, relatives "how they are celebrated, how the celebration has been different from yours".


A Tale Of One Christmas Night

A day before Christmas 24th December evening time, Sunny and his parents were planned to visit a Church which is around 80km from their location.

Like every year, they visited some different churches but this time they plan to visit "The Holy Faith Church" as this church completes 50 years.

They reached the church at 11:00 PM & doesn't find anyone even no celebration and lights. Sunny's family has four members i.e., his father, mother & his sister.

Among them Sunny's father make a loud sound "Hey, anyone here in the church", still no response. All of them started calling someone, a hour passed at 12:00am seen a father came towards the church. They ask him, "What happened today is something special day for this church but we doesn't find anyone and no celebration?". The father replied "What I can say dear, we are planning for this day from last year but two days ago, one boy from this village will put himself on fire so we all are planning for no celebration this year. Like Jesus doesn't want our celebration".

Sunny's father asked a father of church "He's doing suicide but what is the fault of others?". The father explained "No we can't he was the only person who came regularly to this church & praying for his mother who suffer from cancer even he doesn't have anyone in his family except her mother. His mother found dead, the day before his suicide & if we celebrate today then we can't respect his family". Sunny's family were heartbroken and told father "We all need to pray for that boy and his mother soul, so they both will be rest in peace". The father was happily called everyone from the village & also by lighting candles and diyas, all were pray for Sunny family.

The father of the church giving thanks to Sunny's family & told "Jesus need something in a different way, if we celebrate 50 years, we all were getting together but this time we are getting together for one family & actually Jesus want this from us that's why he send you people".

Moral: Many people told we are doing prayers but no response, actually it's nothing like that every prayer has value. In this story, the 50 years of church celebration converts into family peace even that boy can also see this day but due to his fault as he had done suicide can't see the enjoyable day.

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