The Chrome Cast 174: ChromeOS 103 features, gaming Chromebooks

This week the launching of Chrome Cast that can inform us a bit on what we should expect in the future from gaming-focused Chromebooks. On that note, we also found evidence of an Nvidia GPU-powered Chromebook in development, officially moving us into the era of expecting the first, true gaming Chromebook.

Discussing some of the new features arriving with the latest ChromeOS 103 update. With recent photos from your Android phone in Phone Hub, Fast Pair for accessories, Nearby Share for Wi-Fi access, and the new Screencast feature, there’s a lot to unpack as we discuss the biggest update to ChromeOS in the past few months.

Update brings better integration with smartphones:

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Kasipur mansion

Mid-Day Tale Of Two Friends

Atul and Manish, two friends from Kashipur, a small village in West Bengal, India, Once in the mid-day, when they get back to home from school, they were planned to visit Kashipur mansion.

Both of them heard about the mansion but had never visited it before.

On the way to mansion, they met one man and asked about the distance. The man replied, "It takes 4 km from here; better you can take the shortcut." Manish and Atul started their journey with the shortcut and found a narrow road inside the village and didn't find anyone.

Suddenly, they find a woman and ask about the mansion. The woman with the abaya dress didn't reply for around 5 minutes. Atul asked, "Do you have any problem talking with us?" .The woman removed her burka and said, "I always used to travel on this road everyday". Myself as an actor, and I used to play drama on stage."

Manish asked "Are you feeling comfort to travel on this empty shortcut road?". The woman laugh and said "Hey little child are you getting scared? Just walk few distance more you will reach mansion".

The woman left, Atul and Manish discuss with each other about that woman which they think as a ghost. By walking two miles finally they reached the mansion where they find the statue of goddess Durga. They also find some photos of Panchakot Raj family who is known for 'Zamindari Raj'.

The mansion started shaking for a few seconds both of them immediately came out from the mansion by thinking the presence of ghost and they ran towards home. When they told parents about the mansion shaken, their parents laughed and say "We even feel here also that's a little earthquake son and Durga Puja celebrated every year on that mansion from the time of Panchakot Raj".


Jif Peanut Butter Linked To Salmonella

A Jif creamy, crunchy, natural and a fat reduced peanut butters are being recalled because they have been linked to a salmonella.

The Food and Drug Administration said the recalled peanut butter includes the products with lot codes 1274425 – 2140425. Lot codes are included alongside the “best-if-used-by” date.

The FDA defines salmonella as “an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.”

Those with a healthy lifestyle infected with salmonella may experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, the administration said.

Currently, 14 people have reported illnesses and two of those cases have resulted in hospitalizations, according to data provided by the CDC.


Experience Rajasthan On Your Screens

There are a few experiences in life that money can’t buy, they say.

Watching the sun go down over the Great Thar, ankle deep in the cool sand, as the sweltering day turns into a chilly desert night…yes, that’s one of them. If you’re lucky enough to visit the Sam sand dunes on a full moon night, the desert looks like chandi, they say. Like silver.

  1. Sunset at the Thar

But there’s more to Rajasthan than just the desert, although arguably it is the most breathtaking. Just about a 45-minute drive away from Sam is Jaisalmer, home to the Golden Fort, the only living fort in the world. Jodhpur beckons you with the Mehrangarh Fort, as mighty as the city is blue. And for a budget traveller, Zostel is probably the best location to stay, through the winding lanes and into the heart of the old city. It seems as though the fort was built just to watch over you. The promise of Udaipur is its lakes, over half a dozen of them. And through the lakes are the magnificent heritage structures that make this city, quite literally, fit for kings.

2. The City Palace on Lake Pichola, Udaipur

March is considered peak tourist season in Rajasthan. The weather has yet to descend into its summer heat of hell, desert spring is blooming, and the vibrance of Rajasthani folk music and dance can be experienced at every corner. This March, however, was different. As the state grappled with its first COVID-19 cases, which came with Italian tourists, the travel and tourism industry took a massive hit.

Nearly 90 per cent of travel to Rajasthan was cancelled, all events called off, and hotels saw an 80-90 per cent rate of cancellations, according to Shreya Guha, Principal Secretary for Tourism, Art and Culture, Government of Rajasthan. The season had ended before it even began.

But the state is nothing if not resilient. In order to revive interest and keep the morale high during the lockdown, Rajasthan is creating, collecting and curating virtual experiences around its monuments, cities, wildlife and culture. The state’s government wants to proactively provide this service to the people, available for free on their website!

“We have created virtual tours, and will be putting them up sustainably throughout the period of this lockdown, and even after,” said Guha. “The focus is on digital and virtual events for the next three or four months until travel goes back to normal.”

You can cruise through the Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal, take in the art and architecture of the City Palaces in both Jaipur and Udaipur, relish some ghevar and kachoris, experience the hustle bustle of the Masala Chowk and the Gangaur Festival, and even go on a pilgrimage to Ranakpur Jain Mandir and the Pushkar Temple. But that’s not all, the festivals of Rajasthan are also brought straight to your couch (or bed; we don’t judge). You can enjoy the Teej Festival with locals and even stomp some hooves at the Pushkar Camel Fair!

3. Pushkar Camel Fair

“We are also planning on introducing digital walkthroughs of monuments,” said Guha. “These will include exhibitions of our state archives, where we will display photographs, documents and other archival materials.”

And the best part is that this is just the beginning. Hits on the website have doubled in a single day, and the state is all set for more. There are online contests, people cooking authentic Rajasthani delicacies, wildlife films and documentaries, curated events, concerts and tributes in the works.

4. Tigers at Ranthambhore National Park

Recently, the department paid—virtual—homage to Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary and also had different artists from across the country record music at their homes for the state to compile as a tribute to frontline workers.

“We are catering to requests coming from the people,” said Guha. “And we’re exploring new ideas every day.”

Visual Arts organisations are also putting up art camps where both established and up-and-coming artists would pick a theme and interpret it in their own style.

The government has also launched the Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojna, which aims to give back to local artists who reside in remote areas of Rajasthan. As tourism is a large part of their livelihood, the government is encouraging these artists to record videos of themselves performing—while maintaining social distancing protocols, of course—and sending it in. A few select videos will be showcased on the website and the artists will be given a basic remuneration.

“This situation has really been a gamechanger,” added Guha. “The tourism industry will have to change with it. The products and services that we offer, the sanitation standards, social distancing norms, everything will undergo a massive shift.”

two friends story

Life Changing Story Of Two Friends

A life changing tale of two friends belongs from the same society, Rajiv belongs from a good class family while Pranab from a lower middle class.

Though they belong from same locality, both grew up by playing with each other. After 12th std. Rajiv planned to move for higher studies but Pranab family condition was not stable so he decided to quit study.

When Rajiv’s father heard about Pranab wants to quit his study due to his family condition. He immediately gone to his home and ask his parents "How much money they need for his studies?". Pranab’s father replied "Leave it, everyone in our family after passing 10th or 12th they generally move to farming or some small kind of business".

Rajiv's father keeps smiling and said "If this the situation please allow me once I will prove Pranab one of the best one".

Rajiv's father helps Pranab to take admission at the same college where Rajiv does. Though being good college, everyone is on same track but for Pranab this is the only chance which will never back again. Pranab only knows how to get success. On the other hand, Rajiv same as normal track meeting with friends even he failed in few subjects.

The day when companies came for placements, Pranab having the confidence to crack it and he did it but Rajiv get placed in some medium size organization.

Pranab's parents came to Rajiv's father and said "If you were not then we obviously on a wrong track for our children. Thanks for showing the path."

Moral: It is not necessary to pay for others but can show them right track. If you help others sometimes, they think you as a God whereas many other only take the advantage of you to be on right track but if they have wrong way of thinking, they always will be on a wrong track.