Google Launches 'How To Vote' Feature

Since the election month in US is November. Now you can type on Google "how to vote" or "how to register to vote", it's automatically detect your state along with voting dates.

You can try it by suing Google App or Chrome.Once you type you are able to see some of the specific information say for instance ID requirements, Deadline to vote & some others.

Google will help you provide step-by-step instructions to register in-voting, How to sign up & how to check the status.

Hope this feature will help you for easy voting service like stay at home & register for vote. A person can register anywhere across the world.

tough situation entertainomania

How To Handle Tough Situation

One day everything seems to be great in your world but not perfect but the whole things going according to plan, then it happens something.

Breakup with someone, home problems, lose your jobs & health problems. These are not at all fair you never deserve it even you didn't plan for it.

So there are numerous opportunities if you like to improve which result almost 90 percent of the life as how you respond.

  1. Must accept the situation

When the problem popups you may think like "What?This cannot be happening". You need to shift your thinking that the problem is indeed happen like "This is not a good situation but it's happening". You need to focus on the problem & pretend the negativity which is one best way to solve your problems.

  1. Remove the word "FAIR" from your dictionary

As we learn earlier that life is not fair. You also know hard work gets rewarded, kindness should be reciprocated & when the things doesn't work in that way we feel angry at the world and bad for ourselves.So in this way you can't change the things are often random & beyond your control. When you start going for unfair yourself let's say "It is what it is" then choose the reaction which align the way you would like the world to be.

  1. Find positive instead of negativity

Even I already discuss in my several posts, negativity kills a person always go for positive. Try to create a list of positive action to resolve negative that improves you mentally & you feel better. Let's take a example, in your office one of the employee complained about your management style.Instead of getting angry, you must think as an opportunity to communicate with that person & figure out how you both having positive experience at work.
Sometimes it may happen when you have siblings, we all grow together when the elder one goes for new place for higher studies the entire family get upset but they never think that he is going for good work & even we have the opportunity to travel at new place.

  1. You can always continue from new place

When something or someone throws you my feel disappointed and also be disconnected from who you want to be or what you want to do in your life.

Must remember hurdle doesn't destroy your plans even many people try to motivate you in false direction. I also face when I learn something for achievement they told me "Learning can't help you in achievement.Those are all nonsense.". Such people having ego for your achievement, they always try to block your path.

Be alert & the sooner you focus on finding a new way, the sooner you will turn a bad things good.

hong-kong-tunnel entertainomania

Hong Kong's Rain Tunnel Network

According to the city's most complex drainage system protects Hong Kong from disastrous flooding which is caused by seasonal typhoons. Do you think whether it will be a strong enough to withstand the effects of climate crisis?

Some part of ground breaking,this is $3.8 billion drainage network it nearly the length of Hong Kong Island and has saved the city from floods around decades ago.

Building this network in one of the world most densest cities was not an easy. The Hong Kong Island already crossed by tunnels which carrys the city's subway system & accomodating roads that slice through mountainous landscape.

It has been a true regarding frequent flooding during Hong Kong summer. From June to September, high temperatures are only broken by typhoons & rainstorm.

Offices and schools shut during black rain which has been defined as when more than 70 millimeters per hour.This black rain causes minor flooding- mainly due to the impermeability of tarmac & concrete.Avoiding unnecessary travels due to danger of road accidents or even landslides which is caused by rain in some mountainous part of the city.

rakshabandhan entertainomania

Rakshabandhan: The Bond of Brother-Sister

Rahul who working at USA came to India to meet with his sister on the occasion of Rakhi. His sister Pooja who lived in a small village as earlier she fall in love with a man during her childhood days & later they were married.

It has been after four years, Rahul back to India. Everyone in his family were happy even his mother cooked his favourite food. But when he told mother that he is going to meet with his sister on the day of Rakhi. His mother get shocked & say "See you don't know since from two years no one celebrate Rakhi in this village after the death of Yamini". Rahul speak "Yes I remember Yamini, she had no one in her family except her brother". Mother "Yes my child, but when her brother started his modelling career he always insult Yamini in front of his friends who drunk & stay till late night. Once her brother gets a call from Poland but Yamini doesn't like to leave her brother. It was on the day of Rakhi, Yamini brings Rakhi for him but he throws the Rakhi on fire & move ahead to Poland. After this many of them try to celebrate Rakhi but something happens very strange i.e., road accidents, murder".

Rahul say "See mom why you believe in supernatural things we are now in 21st century". He ignore his mother & move towards his sister's house to celebrate Rakhi. Pooja welcomed his brother & she also arranged many foods but when Rahul ask for Rakhi, Pooja replied "As mother told you we are not celebrating Rakhi since last two years". Rahul "Pooja, you also believe in all these stupid things. Ok not an issue if you don't have Rakhi I have something for you from USA". Pooja refused to take a gift from her brother and told "We are not celebrating Rakhi please try to understand".Rahul "We are not celebrating just keep this iPod with you".

On the next day, everything was fine. Rahul say "See nothing happens because Yamini herself wants to celebrate Rakhi all those accidents or murders of brother & sister happens but it requires investigation". The day when Rahul went for USA, Pooja & his husband came to meet. In a while, Pooja hug him & told you proved to be a real brother. Rahul say Good bye to his family, when he cross the village & came over to the road seen a girl in front of his car. Rahul ask "Hey what you want allow me to move forward". The girl replied "Always I want you to move forward but I have a Rakhi for you please accept this". Rahul thought she is mad & say "Ok you can tie a Rakhi but what's your name & what you doing here?". She tie up a Rakhi & say myself as Yamini.

gmail smart compose & smart reply entertainomania

How To Enable Gmail's AI-powered Smart Reply & Smart Compose

With the leading up of Gmail's on it's 15th birthday last year, the organization Google added a lot of productivity & also the machine learning tools for it's email service.

It has been a bit confusing to navigate some of it's Gmail features. According to this tutorial, we need to focus on Gmail's auto-completion tools Smart Reply & Compose has been designed to save time.

Enabling Smart Reply & Smart Compose

This feature has been allowed to generate responses & email text, you have to opt from the Settings menu. On the Desktop, you have to click on the gear icon which is on the upper right corner & find the Settings page. Secondly, you can scroll down to the separate Smart Reply & Smart Compose options to choose "On" for either or both to enable the automated suggestions.

Finally you can also choose to allow Gmail's machine learning to personalize those suggestions i.e., based on the way you can write your emails by choosing "Smart Compose personalizations". Let say when you greet your colleagues with the message "Hi team" or "Hello everyone", it will automatically drop as whatever you use most often.

This is all about Smart Reply & Smart Compose